We live in a dysfunctional world, are you prepared to face it? 🌍

And the question I ask people if we go Into a depression so I set it up since 1971 when I saw Nixon take the dog the Goals did it and I started getting Smarter so I'd say I don't trust my Government I don't fight the fed and I Was like in the FED plant oil can it Print gold can I print water can I print Food so the thing I always say is in a Worst case scenario how will you do so That's why I own oil wells not all stock I own cattle for the food I own gold Mine I own my own company I never stop Studying it's the most important thing I Can do is I think it was a Russian guys There's a problem with Americans is Where dysfunctionally optimistic you Know we live in a don't worry be happy World and you know that's not the real World

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