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In this video, I’m going to share how to do affiliate marketing on pinterest!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

Okay so you can see in my stripe account Right here I’ve been able to generate These commissions on a daily basis right Here okay even as much as two thousand Five hundred dollars and in this video I’m gonna reveal an incredibly powerful 10 minute free method using Pinterest to Promote affiliate products on autopilot Which will allow you to generate 247 or more per day even if you don’t Have a website a following or any Experience online now before I dive into This method I’m going to include a link Directly below to find out info on my Number one affiliate system to promote With this free traffic method that will Actually pay you 100 instant commissions Up to two thousand dollars but for this Video we’re going to be using ClickBank Just so you can get an idea of how this Works so if you do want to use ClickBank For this method the first step is you Would go to and if you Don’t have an account you can create an Account but I’m just gonna log in and Get right to the point in this video now Once you log in if you’re using ClickBank you want to go to the top tab Under marketplace now what this does is This lists all these different niches And different categories now with this Method you’re going to be able to use Any Niche you want so if you already Have a product maybe it’s in the weight

Loss Niche maybe it’s in the dating Niche you’re going to be able to use That but for the sake of this video We’re going to go to health and fitness Now once you do that it’s going to list All these different products now for a ClickBank you want to sort results by Gravity because this is going to share With us the top selling products at the Very top of the page and if you promote A product that other people are making Sales with chances are you’re going to Be making sales as well so you can see Right here exit pure has a gravity score Of 786 which is insane anything above 30 Is usually pretty good so this is just Crazy and you can see right here the Average dollar per conversion is 148 Dollars which means that’s the average You’ll make if someone goes and buys Through your or affiliate link so once We find a product we want to click Promote and you want to create hop link Right there and we want to copy our Affiliate link and I usually like to put It in a notepad file so if I just open It up right here I can paste set in like That now what we want to do is we want To actually open up this page so we can Actually just go here and we want to Look at it like this now this method Works best if it’s a sales letter okay So you can see right here that it’s Actually a letter it’s a page rather

Than just having a video okay so make Sure it’s a page like this which will Work best and then we went to actually Now go to a free website to actually Create a PDF from this page so let me go There and show you what I mean so if you Go to there’s going to be All the links directly below in the Description what you can do is you can Actually take your affiliate link okay Like this and I can paste that in here And I can click this little circle and What happens is it’s going to convert That sales letter into a PDF which is Absolutely amazing so now what we can do Is we can download the converted file to Whatever platform you’re on using this Method now once we download that PDF now What we want to do is we want to Actually go over to another free website Called sejta now what this Site does is this allows you to actually Edit PDFs so we downloaded the PDF which I can share with you right here so I Just opened up the PDF that we created You can see that it’s exactly like the Sales letter okay but it’s just in a PDF File so again this is very very Important when you create a PDF people Think it’s more valuable so if you Actually give them a PDF and it leads to A sales letter that’s going to be better Sometimes than just directly linking to

A sales letter especially if you don’t Have a capture page or website that You’re using so now let’s go back to Seja and now what we want to do is we Want to click here and we want to Actually upload the PDF file that we Downloaded okay so let me go ahead and Do that right now okay so I went ahead And uploaded it like that now you can See that this is the exact PDF now what We want to do is we want to go through And wherever there’s a button or a call To action okay so we just go to links And if you click on the page you’ll see That it actually highlights okay so I Had already clicked on there you can see Right here you know it will highlight There okay so let’s click on the first One since there’s a button and what we Want to do is we want to actually not do Link to internal page we want to link to External URL and paste that in right There and then just close out so now That’s linking to our affiliate link Then we want to do that the same with Here the same with here okay anywhere There’s a button we want to do that okay So you can go ahead and go down okay so That’s pretty good so it looks like There’s only three buttons so then we Just click apply changes okay now once The changes are added we want to click Download and now download the updated PDF to your computer or your phone so

Now that it’s downloaded let me open up This PDF and share with you what it Looks like okay so you can see this is The PDF here they scroll okay okay they Read over it it’s enticing especially if They’re wanting to lose weight which is What this product helps they say oh six Bottles okay they click there what Happens is now it redirects to the Actual sales page now the reason we want To do this is like I said in the title We’re going to be using Pinterest as the Free traffic Source now Pinterest you Can’t really direct link to an affiliate Link but you can share a PDF which leads To a sales page so this is a great Workaround as well as a way to give Value to people so now that we’ve done That we want to actually go now to Another free site called again All the links are directly below we want To go to the search bar and we want to Type in Pinterest pin and we want to go To here and now we’re going to be able To create a Pinterest pin that will Ultimately lead to our PDF so you can Click create a blank Pinterest pin here Now it has to do with whatever Niche You’re in for the sake of this it’s in Weight loss so I can actually go to Google okay I can go to Google Images And I can type in weight loss results Now based on your Niche you could type In other things right money making

Results something like this something That’s a photo but the weight loss Niche Is great if it’s a good before and after So I can just look over and find Something that’s you know really good You could also go to the sales page okay And sometimes they have good before and After photos here but let’s just find One here so you know that could be a Really good photo here now once you find A good result space photo you can just Go ahead and save this to your phone or Your computer then go back to this blank Pinterest pin and go to uploads and then We just want to upload that photo to This canva profile okay you can see it Right here uploading and then we just Want to click that and then we want to Actually drag it okay and make it bigger So it fills I can zoom in a little bit And now what we want to do also is we Want to actually put in a title so we Can click here we can first make it Black okay black usually stands out I Can go to Text Okay add a heading and I Just just want to drag it up to here Okay now I can make the color you know Green let’s say okay or I can you know Edit this but what you want to do is you Want to make this a little bit bigger Okay so you can actually drag it like That and we want to say something like Click here for weight loss tips okay or Click here for money making tips click

Here for dating tips okay whatever your Niche is now what I can do is I can Actually edit this color a little bit Okay to make it pop a little bit more Like that and what I can also do is I Can change the font okay so I can play Around with this so that’s actually Looking pretty good now I can actually Click on this photo and I can go to edit Image and I can go to adjust and I can Actually edit the contrast as well okay That usually helps it pop more I can do The brightness The Tint okay you just Want to kind of play around with this Make it look good and that’s pretty good Right there and then once you’re happy With that image with that Pinterest pin We can go to share and I can just go to Download and download that image okay Now that that’s downloaded we now want To go to to Pinterest now Pinterest is Incredible it’s free it takes just a few Minutes each day to actually create a Pin and post it and you can see right Here that I’ve actually created a Profile now I barely use Pinterest Because I use you know a lot of other Traffic methods but you can see I’ve Gained you know over 5000 followers and I still get 993 monthly views to my Affiliate links every single month Without doing anything okay so once it’s Set up it’s very powerful so then you Just want to go to create and you want

To create pin and then what we want to Do is we want to click here and we want To upload the pin that we just created With canva okay so you can see right Here that’s looking pretty darn good Click here for weight loss tips and it Has a very good before and after photo Now for the title what you want to do is You typically want to add in some Keywords that will help this Pinterest Pin rank when someone goes to this Search bar so you can type in you know Weight loss tips and you can see if There’s any keywords that appear so you Can see that there’s all these you know Weight loss tips for women in okay so That shows up so I can actually type That in you can see these are actual Keywords weight loss women weight loss Tips best weight loss tips for women so Let me use best weight loss tips for Women because that’s a keyword showing Up so you know if Pinterest is showing You that keyword other people are Searching that in so best weight loss Tips for women that’s the title so now When we publish this will start showing Up for that keyword so when people Search it it will show up right tell Everyone what your PIN is about you can Just say if you want to discover the Best way to lose weight for women click This image okay something like that now Add a destination link again we can’t

Just put in our direct affiliate link on Pinterest so we want to link to our PDF So if you go to Google right here with a Gmail account and you go there you can Actually go to Google Drive okay like That and then what you want to do is go To new and then you want to upload the PDF that has your affiliate links so Just go to file upload here okay so the File uploaded here and then we just want To show file location okay so you can See it right here and then we just want To right click we want to go to get link And we want to go to anyone with the Link okay so that allows anyone with This link to actually be able to access This file and then we just want to click Copy link now the reason we’re using Google Drive is this allows us to direct Link to the PDF so then we can go back To Pinterest for the destination link Put in that Google Drive and now we can Just go ahead and publish okay so it Created the pin right there I can see my Pin okay so you can see right there People are going to see that best weight Loss test for women if you want to Discover click the image they click the Image right there it’s going to go to The Google drive file okay the PDF They’re going to read over it it’s going To be amazing right wow because it’s High converting and then they click There and then it takes them to our

Actual affiliate link so this is a great Workaround with Pinterest now before I Get going I highly recommend that on a Daily basis you create at least one pin If you’re serious this is a numbers game Okay the more pins that you post on Pinterest on your profile leading to Your affiliate link the more clicks You’re going to make the more sales They’re going to make okay so be Consistent and do this on a daily basis Well there we have it my friend I really Hope you enjoyed watching this again go Down to the link below check out that Free video revealing my number one Affiliate system to promote with this Powerful strategy that will literally Pay you 2 000 plus commissions and until Next time my friend be sure to subscribe At the Bell icon and I will see you on My next video [Music] Thank you

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