This Clickbank HACK Made Me $114 In One Hour (FREE TRAFFIC METHOD)

In this video I’ll be showing you a Clickbank free traffic method that ended up making me $114 in commission in just 1 hour of implementing it.

If you do affiliate marketing on Clickbank you’re going to want to watch this!

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Everyone chat here in this video i’m Going to be showing you one of the best Clickbank free traffic methods to exist Right now On the internet in fact i actually use This method just last week and i end up Making around 114 in a single hour from This so not only will i be showing you The traffic source in this video but Also be showing you the best way to make Sales using that traffic source because As you may know the worst thing ever is Seeing clicks to your affiliate link but No sales come in which is kind of like Opening a present with no gift in it It’s not the best feeling so anyways Guys that being said let’s dive straight Into this clickbank free traffic method Alright guys real quick before we get Into this if you guys want a shout out In my next video be sure to subscribe And comment nodey gang down below and Like i said i will shout you out in my Next video so anyways let’s dive Straight into this clickbank hack this Free traffic method and this whole Strategy that used to make 114 dollars In a single hour so as you can see i’m On my clickbank account right here and You can see we had a decent amount of Sales come in from this now keep in mind The product i’m promoting on here right I haven’t done a lot of promotion for i Actually just started ramping it back up

Again and this is why you’re seeing kind Of like an influx of sales on the past Few days so let me just refresh my Screen so you guys can see that this is Real um so anyways as you can see right On june 10th on friday we did 114 Dollars in around an hour and on this Specific clickbank account i only Promote one product on here so all these Sales came from one specific product and Traffic source that i’m actually using To make sales on here so what that Traffic source is if you guys can guess It it’s gonna be using tick tock now Like i said in this video i’m not gonna Just be going into the traffic source And telling you guys what it is i’m Going to be showing you some of the best Ways to actually make sales with this Traffic source because like i said the Worst thing ever is Seeing clicks coming but not seeing Actual sales so we’re really going to Dive deep into tick tock even if you Don’t want to make videos yourself I’m actually making all these Commissions without recording a single Video myself and the way i’m doing this Is from this account right here so this Account right here i actually own i’m Not signed in in my computer that’s why It says follow but this is my account And basically i hire this girl and i pay Her you know around 20 bucks per tick

Tock video she makes me To make all my content for me now what’s Crazy about this if you look at the Fourth video um on my account you can See The last this video was posted march 23rd and right now it’s june 14th right So this is a while ago so as you can see I stopped posting on it for a while just Because i got really busy with other Business ventures and stuff like that Because this account was making me Anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars Per month in profit so again it’s a Decent amount of money but it’s Personally not worth my time to always Be doing this but i recently hired Someone to actually manage this account For me so we start posting on this Account again and as you can see the First video i posted was around a week Ago from today right and as you can see Just from this one video it got around Uh 4 000 views this is how we initially Made this 35 dollars and then this 114 And then we’ve gotten around one sale Every day now believe it or not this 114 Dollars is all from one single customer Because they literally bought every Single upsell in the funnel so that’s Just one thing to keep in mind with you Know affiliate marketing and just sales In general is sometimes you’re gonna Have someone who buys all of your

Products and it’s kind of like the 80 20 Rule 80 of your revenue will usually Come from 20 percent of your customers So this is why it’s so important to be Consistent because if i just saw these 17 days 17 a day 17 days right you might Get a little discouraged right but all Of a sudden you’ll have a 114 day and Then you’ll have another three seventeen Dollar days and you’ll have another Hundred dollar day right it’ll bring Your whole entire average for the month Way way higher now the crazy thing about This is this video only has 4 200 views Right so just from 4 000 views on tiktok Which literally anyone can do anyone can Get that amount of views even if you’re Horrible at making videos it’s not that Hard to get four thousand views on your Tick tock account you can start making Over a thousand dollars per month you Know with such a little amount of views So that’s like the cool thing about this Now like i said before i’m sure you know Pretty much any of you guys watching This video right now you’ve generated Some kind of clicks some kind of traffic To your affiliate link before and if you Haven’t and you’re a brand new beginner And you’ve never done affiliate Marketing or you’re just getting into This be sure to click the first link in The description below and download my Affiliate boss cheat sheet it’s

Completely free and it’ll show you the Five proven steps to quit your job with Affiliate marketing so it’s a full Step-by-step guide anyways if you do Want that ebook completely free just Click the first link in the description Below so anyways like i said a lot of You guys have probably generated traffic To your affiliate link but getting People to buy and getting people to Consistently buy is a whole different Story so i have a couple crucial tips For you to help you actually get sales And not just get clicks over to your Affiliate links specifically using tick Tock and really These tips i’m going to share with you Are going to work on pretty much any Traffic source you’re using so the first Crucial tip i have for you is to make Content very similar to the offer itself That way you’re gonna be attracting the Right audience from the start and They’re way more likely to buy when they Do click on your affiliate link so to Give you a couple examples of this uh The first thing is like the product i’m Promoting is this one right here so it’s Basically Um this initial funnel it takes them to An online social media jobs that pay 25 To 50 per hour no experience required Work at home right so this is basically For people looking to work from home

They’re looking for online social media Jobs right So the content that works best and gets The most sales i’ve noticed kind of a Trend here so when i originally started This account if we go way back we can See that like for example a couple of Our videos went viral For example like this one right here That got 766 000 views and this video Alone made me probably at least 800 in Commission so it’s still a decent amount But the topic of the video wasn’t Completely relevant to the product i was Promoting it was still relevant because It was about like making money from home But um it could have been a little bit Better the conversion rate could have Been higher or this one 750 in two Minutes with proof 73 000 views again Still kind of similar to the offer but It wasn’t completely relevant because The hook was just so strong that it Pretty much let anyone watch it right Anyone was willing to watch that video So i noticed the videos that did way Better and i’m not just talking about Views i’m talking about converting Better on my affiliate link which means It made me more commissions right Is the videos where i actually talked About jobs right so for example Top five most paid jobs for teenagers Best jobs for 2022 um or specifically

This one did really well this video Alone has made me well over you know a Thousand plus dollars in commissions and Which was laziest jobs that pay really Well part one as you can see has 262 000 Views so this is why we did a part two To this video not only because it did Good in views but also Converted good to my affiliate link and Made me a lot of sales right so even Though this video had way less views 262 000 then um we go back to this video Right here right this video got like Three times the amount of views but Believe it or not this video with 262 000 views actually made me way more Money in commissions right so sometimes It’s not always about views on your Videos sometimes it’s really about the Topic of the video based on the specific Product you’re promoting on your tick Tock account or whatever traffic source You’re using now let me just give you Another example of this so you can see This in like another niche so if we just Go over to clickbank marketplace right Here and i’m just going to press the Search bar and all i’m going to do is I’m going to go down here And we’re going to scroll let’s pick a Product right so let’s say this one uh Soulmate sketch so this one’s supposed To be converting good on tick tock and Social media so basically this offer

They’ll basically like sketch you what Your soul mate is supposed to look like They’ll kind of sketch you a picture Like this of like who you’re supposed to Marry or something like that so that’s The offer right so think about what kind Of content do we want to make to really Attract an audience who is interested in Getting their soulmate drawn out right Like who would be interested in that Offer me personally um i would never buy Something like this but again that’s Just me personally right so as a Marketer you can’t judge every decision Based on what you think right because You are not everyone else right everyone Else thinks a lot differently so if i Just think about this as a marketer Right the best way to promote an offer Like this and get people as many people To buy from my affiliate link to this Page is probably making content around Soulmate and attracting that audience Right so if we just type in um soulmate Over into tiktok Right let’s just see what comes up So we can see uh soul mate facts right So this might be an interesting one okay So it looks like this account just Shares different facts around You know maybe relationship this one Specifically around soul mates So this could be an interesting one Where you can just make a video like

This and what’s cool about this is you Don’t really have to show your face in It um you can kind of run this as a Faceless account let’s see if they’re Promoting anything looks like they’re Not so looks like they just share a Bunch of different facts around Relationships and stuff like that so a Video like this could potentially be a Good type of content piece for promoting A product like this right Uh let’s look at what else there is so If you’re comfortable with being on Camera or if you want to partner with Someone hire someone like i did for Example i hired this girl to make all The content for me um what you could do Is actually you just speak to the camera Like this guy’s doing so you won’t find Your soulmate until this happens so he’s Actually talking to the camera and Talking about you know soulmate um i Don’t know what this video is Specifically about right but i would Watch the video see what it’s about kind Of take the messaging of it and make Your own version of that same video Right so if we go this guy’s account Let’s see spiritual alignment right so That makes sense the account is around Spirituality soul mates stuff like that So again you got to think of it right he Is specifically a spiritual life coach So i wouldn’t make the same exact

Content that all this guy is making Because again We’re promoting this soulmate offer so i Would specifically only make content Around soulmate especially when you’re Starting out and you’re just trying to Get some traction on your account and Especially because you just want to Start making some money right any of you Guys watching this video i know you guys Just want to start making you know a Thousand bucks a month 100 a day right So start making content super relevant To your niche to the product you’re Promoting and then you can start to Expand more and grow like a bigger Audience like he’s been able to do um so That’s what i do is i would just find All kinds of videos around soulmate and Make an account right around that right Whether it’s going to be a faceless Account or account where you actually Partner with someone to make the videos For you or you’re just creating the Content yourself there’s zero cost to it And all the commissions you’re making Right is gonna be a hundred percent Profit all right so the second crucial Tip i have for you for getting more Sales over to your affiliate link is Actually build a funnel around the Product you’re promoting but basically What this looks like is just building Some kind of opt-in page so it could be

Something like this so this is where you Give some type of free gift or you have Some type of free hook to get them Interested in what you have to offer so Maybe that’s the soulmate sketch drawing And on this often page the whole point Of it is so you can collect their email Address and then after they opt in you Take them to a bridge page and that’s Where you have like a short little video Where you actually recommend the product You’re promoting and then you have an Email sequence that follows up with them And continues to sell that offer that You’re promoting and inside the email Sequence you can send them over to your Facebook group you can send them over to A chat marketing strategy or you could Just send them straight over to your Affiliate link as well so this will help You make more sales because you’re Building that email list and most of the Time the money is in the follow-up only 15 of people will buy right away the Majority of people won’t buy until you Know a week later two weeks later a Month later three months later and this Is why it’s important to build that Email list so you can continuously make Money um every single month from that List you’re building up so again if you Want to learn more about how to build The sales funnel for your affiliate Marketing business i go way more in

Depth into this and give you all kinds Of examples inside my affiliate boss Cheat sheet like i said you can download That in the first link in the Description below now the third and Final crucial tip i have for you for Making more sales to your affiliate link Is gonna be just staying consistent and I’ll give you an example of that so this Account right here as you can see we’ve Been posting these videos this week and You might be saying like chad yeah but They’re barely getting any views it’s Even worth it to even do this anymore You’ll have those thoughts like when you First start posting videos you’re going To have the thoughts you’re going to see A hundred views or 50 views and you’re Like again is this even worth it maybe i Should change the niche maybe i should Change this right and what i say to that Is just stay consistent right because I’ll give an example When i first posted this video that has 262 000 views now when i first posted That After a week or so it only had like 10 000 views or 20 000 views so this video Literally keeps on getting views pretty Much every single day right so it’ll Continue to rack up views over time and It’s the same thing with youtube for Example i posted this video around 10 Months ago i had no idea this video

Would get 170 000 views or i posted this 48 hour google ads challenge um just a Couple months ago i had no idea this Video would almost be at 70 000 views Right i thought i’d get maybe 10 000 Views so you know really stay consistent Sometimes your content will surprise you If you just stay consistent you keep Posting right you’ll be surprised what Content pieces start to pop off and the Content pieces that do pop off right That’s where the majority of your money Will come so again with the online Marketing game with online marketing in General it’s all about really staying Consistent and constantly doing more of What is working best for you so anyways Guys i hope you enjoyed this video if You want to see how i actually partnered With someone and hired them to create All my videos for me on my takedown Account I actually did a series on this on my Youtube channel around six months ago Just click right here and you’ll be able To watch that video and anyways guys if You want more in detail about how to Build your affiliate marketing business And you want to see real examples of Different niches different funnels right Like i said be sure to download my Affiliate boss cheat sheet that will be The first link in description below Where you can download it for completely

Free so anyways guys thank you so much For watching i hope you have a great Rest your day and as always i will see You in my next video

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