The TRUE Inflation Rate is EXPLODING (CPI 17.3%)

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The true rate of inflation is much higher than CPI, which was reported at 9.1%.

Consumer Price Inflation came in hot at 9.1% – past the 8.8% expectation, and it’s accelerating.

This is the highest CPI measure since 1981!

At least it’s not in the double digits, right?

At a rate of 9.1%, it only takes 7 years to slice your wealth IN HALF regarding purchasing power. By year 50 at this rate, you’re left with the purchasing power equivalent of just $847.61.

It may not seem like a big number, but inflation is a HUGE stealth tax that most people don’t even realize.

In this video, I uncover what the TRUE rate of inflation is, and it’s much higher than 9.1%.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 – Intro
0:37 – CPI is 9.1% YoY
1:15 – CPI is Heavily Manipulated
2:23 – Inflation Destroys Your Wealth
3:40 – Inflation Eats Real Wage Growth
4:45 – CPI is Smoke & Mirrors
6:19 – Home Price Inflation
7:12 – TRUE Inflation Rate
8:13 – How To Position Yourself
10:56 – How To Protect Yourself
12:25 – Savers Are Losers In One Chart
13:53 – FTX Spot
14:56 – My Thoughts
18:41 – LOL


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Hey everybody welcome back to whiteboard Finance my name is marco and i’m here to Help you master your money and build Your wealth in today’s video we’re going To be talking about cpi hitting 9.1 Percent uh why inflation is a stealth Tax why it keeps you on the never-ending W-2 hamster wheel while you feel like You’re never getting ahead and also this Video is mostly going to be about why The cpi actually isn’t 9.1 and it’s Probably closer to 17.3 percent so let’s Get right into the presentation uh we Titled this the actual inflation rate 17.3 percent and climbing presented by Yours truly and also joe consorty who Put the slides together So consumer inflation is only 9.1 Percent right well this is coming in at 9.1 percent uh past the eight point Eight percent expectation that everyone Was anticipating and it’s actually Accelerating this is the highest cpi Measure since 1981 okay we’re talking About over 40 years here people so at Least it’s not in the double digits Right Well let’s take a look at this next Slide uh and this is a meme that uh we Found online saying uh cpi came in at 9.1 percent that means inflation is only 9.1 percent right and then he stares at Her dead serious and she goes wait Inflation is only 9.1 percent right

Well this is how you measure cpi so cpi Is heavily manipulated For reasons that i’m not going to get Into in this video but what it does is Is that it excludes food and energy Prices which impact the affordability of Most people typically your lower and Middle class right so food and energy Are not included because they fluctuate Too wildly is typically what Government officials say and this is Pretty much a nonsensical reason to be Uh intellectually dishonest so what they Show you is not what they tell you so They’re reporting inflation as you can See right here at 9.1 percent uh this is The unadjusted 12 months ending for june 2022 however the stuff that they don’t Report are pretty much life’s Necessities you have things like energy You have things like energy services you Have all items minus food and energy And then you have you know vehicles Things like that But the biggest ones we’re seeing here Are energy commodities gasoline which is Killing people at the pump and also fuel Oil you can see that it’s almost doubled So the pretty much what this slide is Saying is that the goal posts are always Shifting and the calculations and Weightings are changed so how is Inflation a stealth tax so inflation Dissolves your wealth and it does so

Quickly so listen to this stat you may Want to share this with someone on Facebook or you know whatever social Media you guys use you know twitter Whatever it doesn’t matter but it only Takes seven years to slice your wealth In half at 9.1 percent inflation if that Were to stay consistent yes this is high Yes it’s not going to stay consistently 9.1 percent for seven years but if it Did 50 would be gone in seven years so If you started with a hundred thousand Dollars by year seven you’re looking at Just over 50 grand so by year 50 check This out if you had 9.1 percent Inflation year after year you’d be Sitting at 847.61 In purchasing power this is why i say Savers are losers in my videos i’m not Literally calling you a loser you get Like there’s um it’s unbelievable to me How people still don’t understand this Concept you are literally losing money And purchasing power to inflation okay So a hundred dollars in january of 2000 Is worth 56 dollars 22 years later That’s a real life example I may put that chart up on the screen so This may seem marginal at first but it’s A major hidden tax inflation is a Stealth tax so let’s talk about Inflation negating wages okay so real Wage growth is the lowest it’s been in 60 years you can see these charts right

Here uh this i know this x-axis is kind Of hard to read because it’s small we Try to fit this whole thing in on one Page This is 1960 this is 2022 to 2024 okay So the every time you see um these Little dips right here below zero this Is negative real wage growth so this is Wage growth adjusted for inflation um so This is actually worse than 1981 when Cpi was 14.7 percent if you look at 1981 We’re going to be right around here if You look at 2022 we’re right around here So people with no invested assets are Getting crushed again savers are losers The people who are benefiting from all This inflation are the people who own Assets go look at any chart of what Stocks did the past 15 years what real Estate’s done the past 15 years real Estate typically keeps up with inflation Which we’ll talk about here later It doesn’t necessarily gain value but it Inflates it inflates with value and You’ll see what i mean by that later So if we keep going cpi is essentially Smoke and mirrors so what are we talking About here what is the point of this Video cpi is a heavily manipulated Basket of goods weightings and the Methodology are changed often so it is Not an accurate measure of inflation why So including life’s basic necessities Okay the middle class lower middle class

Regular people price inflation far Exceeds 9.1 percent year-over-year so When you go to the gas pump do you feel Like it’s 9.1 percent no it’s almost you Know it feels like it’s 56 because That’s what it is so the middle class Are especially hurt by this hidden Stealth tax wage growth is negative Uninvested wealth rots away and life’s Necessities aren’t affordable this is What i talk about in my previous video With the everything bubble if you put Away a thousand dollars under your Mattress and you woke up you know 100 100 years later 50 years later i promise You that thousand dollars will not buy What it buys today at year zero this is Called the um Time value of money a dollar today is Worth more than a dollar tomorrow Because of inflation so let’s dig into This just a little bit deeper we’re Looking at food and energy uh food at Home rose 12.2 percent gasoline climbed 60 percent uh eggs are up 32 percent Year over year uh this is according to Axios Ground beef prices are up 36 percent From a year ago okay this is not nine Percent you guys this is painful for the Average american family i’m not going to Get into every single one of these line Items you can pause the video for that But if you’re getting value out of this

Video please give the video a thumbs up And subscribe if you haven’t already So let’s take a look at the biggest Inflation this is home price inflation So i talked about my housing bubble go Watch that video if you haven’t already We’re looking at essentially 20.4 Home price inflation this is the s p k Shiller index year over year percent Change if you don’t understand what this Is i explain this all in my housing Bubble video which you should go watch After this video so uh this is an index Comprised of 20 major cities in the United states it provides the most Accurate signal signal from home price Inflation So shelter inflation reported with cpi Is only 5.6 percent this is what i’m Talking about in this video this is Deceptive so real estate historically Lines up with true unskewed inflation Because it’s very financialized okay uh Housing is tied to mortgages which is Tied to the financial system housing is Actually one of the most financialized Products in this country now let’s talk A look at let’s take a look at Unmanipulated inflation this is shadow Stats if you guys don’t know about Shadow stats it’s a website that’s been Around forever this guy’s been Essentially tracking Um the original reporting methods of cpi

From 1980 which they deviated from so The dark blue line is the sgs alternate Cpi it’s 1980 based the red line is the Current cpi so as the current cpi comes In close to nine percent which we’re Seeing right here shadow stats is Actually showing something closer to 17.3 percent that’s the whole point of This video this spread shows the severe Manipulation of the official cpi of 9.1 Percent so i have a question for the Audience here do you feel in your own Life like personally when you’re just Doing grocery shopping you know paying For your kids braces filling up your gas Tank do you feel that um it’s closer to 9.1 or 17.3 comment down below on Whatever you feel the actual inflation Rate is So how can you position yourself today As always we talk about positive stuff In these videos uh yes you know we lead With these titles and these thumbnails You do what every typical youtuber does But this is the realest financial Channel on youtube we only talk about Facts and things how it can benefit you This is not a fear-mongering channel so I know this is crazy and it goes against Everything i say about savers or losers But right now today sitting in cash is Is a good move it seems counterintuitive But inflation is a lagging indicator i Talked about this on twitter uh maybe

I’ll throw the tweet up on the screen Right here or something but cpi is a Lagging indicator so as the fed drains Liquidity from the system your dollars Strengthen against just about everything So after they pivot to easing which i’m Going to show you in the next slide here Which is projected for december of this Year that should be the time to start Deploying capital so basically with this Chart right here explaining the point That i just made this y-axis one is Showing implied policy rate meaning you Know what the fed is aiming for that’s Um on y-axis one y-axis two is the Number of hikes or price cuts that are Being priced in so zero one two three Four five right so we’re thinking that We’re gonna see a peak in december of 2022 that’s this year you can see that They’re already shooting up a higher Rate um or a projected implied policy Rate which is thus increasing this Number of hikes or cuts priced in which You can see right here so i’m gonna go Back to this slide just to finish it up Um i’ve been talking about this for a While if you watch my friend george Gammon he’s been talking about Commodities forever lynn alden she’s Been talking about commodities forever i Missed out on uranium i wanted to buy it Like two three years ago it’s since you Know doubled but commodities typically

Outperform most other asset classes During inflationary periods uh this is Because energy is required in every Product regardless of market conditions It’s basically trading fiat dollars for Real stuff if that makes sense okay So we’re going to skip this slide So how do we position ourselves after The deflationary burst so uh this slide I will credit joe with um these are his Ideas right here i’m always super Transparent with that i agree with a lot Of them There are good videos on deflation if You watch my buddy george gammon he’s Got a good video on this check that out After this video so number one is owning Real estate so this typically keeps up With real inflation owning a home will Help you track your wealth near one to One with the inflation rate during the Next inflationary boom so housing uh Doesn’t necessarily gain value it just Inflates with value i talked about this In a video like two years ago i’m going To try and find it if i can But if you look at housing prices they Go through bursts and or Inflations and bursts if you look at Like the bay area inflation burst Inflation burst if you look at like a Denver it’s a little bit more steady if You look at like a cleveland uh it’s Been steady for years okay it just

Typically keeps up with inflation So invest in equities the market is Pricing in aggressive fed interest rate Hikes through december risk assets will Likely bottom before this making for a Solid buying opportunity what does this Mean in fancy terms or in layman’s terms Buy stocks dollar cost average i’ve Talked about dollar cost averaging for Years on this channel i’ve been doing it For 16 years dollar cost average you’re Not a genius stop trying to time the Market Number three is buy bonds so i have not Been a fan of bonds however i understand Joe’s point in this slide You have to be careful of what bonds You’re buying so i literally just bought Ten thousand dollars worth of i bonds I’m probably gonna buy twenty thousand Dollars more by the end of this week um You can buy ten thousand dollars per Year per social security number per ein Number per trust per whatever you know Get your dog to buy ten thousand dollars Of ibots I’m just kidding the dog doesn’t count Um but i’m doing it for me my wife and My daughter So uh What joe is trying to say here is that It’s a good bond buying opportunity as Prices will find a floor soon they may Seem boring but they produce cash flows

Yes i agree however Be careful what kind of bonds you’re Buying are you buying corporate bonds Are you buying municipal bonds are you Buying i bonds are you buying savings Bonds Be careful with the corporate ones That’s all i’m going to leave you with So this is going to be the last slide Before we get into my thoughts and There’s also going to be a word from Today’s sponsor which is ftx but let me Explain this slide first so this is the Ultimate savers or losers chart in one Chart literally so if you take a look Since basically the 50s The red line is the Cpi uscpi purchasing power of the Consumer dollar okay you can see here it Started up here it’s basically lost most Of its value and it’s going to continue Losing most of its value we’re in an Inflationary system goods that you can Buy in 2022 will not be the same as Goods you can buy in the year 2072 okay Makes sense your dollar purchases a lot More today than it does 50 years from Now in an inflationary system so the Blue line is the s p 500 real real price Inflation adjusted so you can see here Basically since the 80s or we have a Confluence right here you can see where The blue line explodes up here And the red line goes down here this

Essentially shows you that if you were To put money in your mattress right here Uh you are going to be losing money if You put money in the s p 500 you’re Going to be gaining money okay above and Beyond inflation so again people that Own assets people that invest are better Off typically historically than savers Who are hoarding all their cash in the Walls of their house or in the mattress You know under their bed right or under The mattress on their bed so let’s get Into today’s sponsor ftx today’s sponsor Is ftx check them out in the link below Ftx is one of the largest cryptocurrency Exchanges in the entire world and you Can trade crypto and ftx with up to 85 Percent lower fees than their top Competitors you also get no fixed Minimum fees no ach transaction fees and You can also set up recurring buys to Make dollar cost averaging really easy i Personally dollar cost average into Bitcoin every week and ftx makes it Super easy to do that they have a great User interface and design that makes it Incredibly easy to use they even have Partnerships with people like steph Curry tom brady marco whiteboard finance And miami heat arena ftx has recently Partnered with block fight to help them Navigate the market from a position of Strength and ftx is excited to partner With blockfy to offer industry-leading

Products make sure to head down below And use my code whiteboard to sign up if You aren’t comfortable diving into Crypto just yet ftx is coming out with a Stock exchange platform as well so if You’re trying to diversify like i’ve Been talking about on this channel for Years you can do this all within one app And one account check out ftx down below Okay thank you for sitting through that Spot that’s how i pay the bills and That’s how i paid joe so he can eat and Provide more research for us in our Channel All joking aside let’s get into my Thoughts so What am i going to lead here with so the First point i want to make is that Inflation is different for everybody What do i mean by this i just taught you For the past you know 10 15 20 minutes About cpi how it affects everybody Middle class all that stuff right but Think about it logically say you’re a 20 Year old kid or 21 year old that just Graduated got his first big boy big girl Job you still live at home with your Parents you don’t have any dependents You don’t have any kids you don’t have a Girlfriend you don’t have a wife you Don’t have anything right it’s literally Just you you’re sustaining yourself your Cpi is obviously going to be different Based on the goods and services that you

Need and purchase compared to a guy with A family of four you know a wife and two Kids right The reason i say that is because the guy With the family of four he has other Things that he needs to buy in order to Support this family of four you know Let’s think about braces uh you know Meat going out to eat energy shelter Water fuel all that stuff it’s going to Be much different than the 21 year old Kid with no dependents so my quick Analogy there is just to make the point That cpi is different based on the Situation of life that you’re in makes Sense number two is stick to a process But keep your ears to the streets what Do i mean by this so i’ve been dollar Cost averaging for a very long time i’ve Been investing since 2006 since i was 18 Years old i’m 34 now i’ve been investing For over 16 years i’ve been through all This stuff you guys i have a lot of Experience i’m not saying that to toot My own horn but i’m saying the time that I became a mature investor is when i Stuck to a process for me that process Has been dollar cost averaging into core Holdings that i research very thoroughly And i have a high conviction in stick to A process follow it believe in it However keep your ears to the streets The reason i’m saying this is because Things change the macro landscape

Changes geopolitics change uh things in The world change right things that are Out of our control changes the landscape So uh be rigid but flexible at the same Time if that makes sense in your Investment philosophy and then finally Savers are losers in a high inflationary Environment i need to keep beating this Dead horse because some people don’t get It i got a comment the other day on my Channel that says marco you say people That save are losers that’s not like They think i’m literally calling this Person a loser i cannot like i cannot Stress this enough i’m a saver my Parents are savers they’re immigrants Like i am a saver naturally okay However what i’m saying is which i’ve Conveyed pretty clearly in this video is That savers are losers in an Inflationary environment okay your your Purchasing power is being eroded every Day the higher cpi is and the longer it Stays so what i’m trying to say is you Need to become an asset owner and you Need to invest that may be different for You than it is for me maybe i want to be Diversified maybe i want a little bit of Stocks a little bit of real estate a Little bit of bitcoin a little bit of Precious metals a little bit of guns and Ammo i don’t know some people invest in That stuff maybe you’re just into real Estate i don’t know but that’s different

For everybody the point is you don’t Want to own nothing and be happy okay That’s what they’re trying to do with This world is that you want they want You to lease they want you to rent they Want you to borrow they want you to ride Share they don’t want you to own Anything asset owners are the ones that Win in inflationary environments if you Got value from this video please share It please give it a thumbs up uh the Algorithm is finally starting to realize That this channel is awesome um i’ve Known this since 2017. i’ve known this Since 1987. 10th 1987 i’ve known I’ve known that this channel is awesome I’m just talking smack uh please share The video it really helps thank you so Much for watching and i hope you got Value from it have a prosperous day Dude who is calling i’m going to call Hey Joe doesn’t know i’m doing this i’m Going to call joe right now i swear on Everything he has no idea i’m doing this I’m going to just surprise him Let’s see Why is this not working There we go It’s gonna be funny he has no idea i’m Calling him Good afternoons morning Sir this is the irs um i’d like to audit

Your books I’m not again oh god Honest to goodness i wouldn’t i wouldn’t Be surprised if i actually got that call Within the next couple of months my tax Return last year was hey Okay hey just so you know full Disclosure i’m actually finishing up the Video and this is at the end of the Video So uh maybe i’ll have to beep this out Hey real quick real quick just to the Audience what is your i just finished Presenting the whole video what is your Elevator pitch on this entire slide you Have you have 20 seconds go Absolutely so uh cpi is highly Manipulated uh essentially what you want To be doing right now you want to be Waiting for uh everything to go Extremely bust if that’s tightening Right now um after that get yourself Some investable assets that way you can Outpace inflation uh primarily real Estate right real estate historically Tracks inflation pretty well get Yourself some equities get yourself some Value stocks uh get yourself some bonds Even i know it’s boring but when you’re Protecting yourself from inflation you Really want to uh you know go for these Instruments above all else love it love It all right bro i’ll call you later Thank you

All right bye

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