The Fight Against the Education System – Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki teaches that one of the biggest things parents desire for their children is a good education. For most parents, this means an education that helps their children get a good job, save money, buy a house, and invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Today’s guests discuss what is being taught in schools, and the importance of parents getting involved. 

Jennifer DeStefano says, “I’m happy to see so many parents getting involved. I think for many, they were asleep. They just thought the school system was the system and there wasn’t anything they could do about it.”  A lot of eyes were opened during COVID while students were taking classes online and parents realized what was being taught in school. 

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Jennifer and Brie DeStefano discuss the struggles of parents who have children in the traditional school system, and how they can fight back.

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Yeah This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here's Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosakovic good news and bad news about Money but today is one of my most Favorite uh hot subjects that I get a Lot of trouble with It's a subject called education And if you're at Rich Dad Poor Dad you Know it's this book on education my rich Dad was a man and never went to school And the reason was when he was 13 years Old his father died And he was a small business guy so so Rich had to take over the family Business at 8 13. so he grew up in the Real world of business And my poor dad was an academic genius a Very smart man I mean great guy great Father both men and great fathers tough Guys But my poor dad you know graduated from The University of Hawaii in two years a Four-year School Then he spent his Summers going to Stanford University Chicago Northwestern It never got his Advanced degree so he Had a two-year college degree never got An advanced degree but eventually became A PhD you know because they just said This guy's got so much education behind Him And uh but as a kid growing up in Hawaii

I saw my rich dad getting rich richer And my poor dad getting poorer I'm going There's something wrong So by that time I was 15 or I was pretty Not confused but conflicted And then I I did go to a great school U.S Merchant Marine Academy at Kingsport New York even though I flunked out of High school my sophomore year and my Senior year And it's not that I'm stupid is that I Just disagree with the teachers you know Yeah I just couldn't stand them And the good people but they had their Point of view at my point of view And I go to the merchantment academy in The Arts one of the five Federal schools Navy Air Force Marine Army and Coast Guard and emergent Marine Academy supply Chain by the way And I said I like this better and the Reason I like Kings Point better It was we learned by doing we had to Drive ships So I if you could either drive a ship or You couldn't then I joined the Marine Corps to fly and he either fly or he Couldn't fly there wasn't any Memorization of answers But I think education today is under Tremendous Criticism and just for so so I have two Fabulous guests this morning mother and Daughter team we have Jennifer distavano

And Brianna de Stefano and they're going To talk about what's going on ghoul Systems in such a specific Arizona where We live But it's also a very high-end School So we can't mention the name because we Don't want Brianna You know children feather like you know What they do in schools today So welcome to the show uh Jennifer Thank you thank you maybe a background And how how this whole thing starts Um I've lived in Arizona since 1989 and I've been born and raised through the Public school system out here and had my Own experiences growing up Um had some Uh differences of opinion sometimes that Were taught in school and met those Myself throughout the years so when we Had kids we decided we wanted to Put our children into environments where They didn't have the same type of Political influences Um or that was what we strove for Obviously times change agendas changed We recently switched a couple schools And went from private to public with one Of our two younger children and came Across a school board situation had no Idea what was going on we had just Joined the school system for a couple Weeks at that point in time and got Thrown into the middle of that and

Before you know it I'm on Fox News in The dossier being hunted down by the School board yes Because I opposed some of the things That were going on and then from there I Have two older children that were both In private and how many children do you Have total four four boys girls two boys Two girls same as my family two boys two Girls yeah that's great next my mother Had four kids in four years boy she was Busy I had four kids in five years I feel her pain a lot of it I'll pray for you tonight I can use all the prayers But our oldest uh was at a private School and again the political agenda Took control over the school and so we Had to remove him and put him into a Different school that was more Like-minded of course why did you have To remove them what happened uh it was During when they wanted to make a stand About the vaccines and vaccine mandates And my son has a medical history and That wasn't acceptable So there was no allowances for any Variation to the rule well you take the Job or go yep 100 yep exactly And you know today but for those this Was an international program But today I mean the Department of Justice Merritt Garland the I guess he's The Attorney General whatever he is any

Parent that questioned the school board Was called a terrorist now yep It's shocking yeah so in the dossier They actually had a screenshot of my Facebook page my Facebook was broken Into it was hijacked I had to start a New Facebook page and they took a Screenshot so they had an alias that They were using to try and gain friends With me on my Facebook as well as they Had my background report they had my Great Grant they had my grandmothers her Great-grandmother's address they had uh They're trying to find what cars we own What houses we own an entire background Search on me it's that vicious that Vicious after only being in the system For three weeks Wow this is a very I didn't know it was That bad so that's why we invited them On both Jennifer and Brianna mother and Daughter we met at Eli Crane's political Event and then my friend Harriet Hageman Out of Montana I mean she is one tough Woman and so it's fabulous Eli's of you Know it's Navy SEAL so we're all Fighting back right now so Brianna You're uh 15 years old yes and what was What's your because you go to a very Very good private school we're not going To mention the name because of obvious Reasons but what's been your experience Of school it's 15. you know so Following my parents path I've always

Wanted to be an entrepreneur so you're In trouble already it's gonna be a tough Road for you you know I was taught the Game cash flow a few years ago growing Up you know reading your book so I Really wanted to take some classes to Learn to become an entrepreneur and see What they like offered for me I tried Last year but you know Um they didn't let any freshmen in for The first few years for entrepreneur Classes or business or anything so I was In high school yeah so I had to wait Till this year to get into the most Basic level and Um And I'm going in and you know I'm ready To learn like what I need to know and Some skills and it's just it's the most Basic level of Things you need to know and they're Teaching kids that like I'm an introvert Myself and they're making us take tests Online to tell us if we're an extrovert Introvert and you know if we're not an Extrovert it won't be we won't be a Successful entrepreneur and if we were An introvert apparently we need to find People that will help us That are have like those extroverted Attributes to become our business Partners and I'm sitting here and I'm Like this is not true like I've been an Introvert most of my life and I I am too

Exactly yeah most of most most Successful entrepreneurs are introverts You know they they spend time by Themselves or you know they that's how People like grow and think is spending Tons by themselves and and um So in class you know she's teaching us That if we're not an extrovert then you Know what we just it's too much of a Risk and we need to find a job that will Suit our attributes and so she's making Us like pulling up literal tests like Online that tell us like who we need to Be or like what career path we need to Go down and I'm like I'm not taking this Like I know who I want to be and what Career I want to go down like I don't Need a test online to tell me what I Need to be and then she goes on to tell Us like all the famous entrepreneurs and Like you know she tells us that Bill Gates defines his success off of like Foreign vaccines rather than his own Business and and I'm sitting there and I'm like so the indoctrination Exactly you know and she teaches like The school will teach us that Um or in the right now she thought that We were going into a um instead of a Recession she thought we were going into A um what's it called she thought that We're A recovery a recovery so she's teaching Our class that we're going into recovery

And I'm like we're about to go into like Depression a depression like a recession Even if like and and everyone's she's Like she didn't know like after covid Like now we're going into recovery the Economy is coming back and I'm like what Is going on like I'm just sitting there I just don't even want to listen anymore I don't want to do any of the Assignments like because I'm actually in This class most kids you know they're Not even in this class because they want To learn they're in this class because You know they were told it's an easy a They get some easy homework yeah I was Signed up for that And I'm over here and I'm like I'm Talking to the counselor and I'm like Can I get into like any other business Class you know like personal finance Like I'll take the most basic level of Entrepreneurship but this is just like Not working for me And um you know that's what that's what The school is teaching us right now and You know um my favorite book of yours is Um the book you wrote called fake you Know it's all about I love this girl I love her I love her You're a very smart young lady Definition of intelligence if you agree With me your intelligent you disagree With me you're not Exactly you know

And the book you wrote um on fake it's All about like fake teachers fake assets Fake money and I'm sitting there and It's a wonder I'm not getting tired and Feathered right now In the the book in the back of the Classroom I'm reading as the teacher Walks back it has plastered on it what The school system doesn't want you to Know with fake teachers And so Um I really love how you know and let me Defend myself now Now with the reason I call them fake is They teach subjects they don't practice Oh exactly you know that's it that's Exactly the issue is the teacher doesn't Have an entrepreneurship background so She's really coming at it from a Perspective of of never having to Practice or understand exactly what it Is she's teaching and they tell you Don't make mistakes how can you be an Entrepreneur or anybody if you don't Make mistakes mistakes 100 if you're not willing to take the Risk then you're never going to learn or Grow and how many businesses fail in Order for you to find something actually Is successful yeah once again this is November 2022 you know Halloween just Passed was your teacher driving a broom On Halloween Well what mine were as far as I was

Concerned you know I mean no I had I had Like five great teachers and three were Men two were women they were just they Inspired yeah but the rest were just Witches and yeah I had some wonderful You know what you saying that there's Some wonderful teachers out there I Really do appreciate and Champion for a Number of teachers that Put their neck out on the line right Really do love the children really do Want to see the children succeed and um We've been very grateful to those Teachers who've been those Champions Throughout time and then there is the Other side of it too where you Definitely have the teachers who are There because whether they're tenured or Agenda or an agenda exactly and so the Problem is is that education has become Infiltrated with the agenda or with the Apathy Um that comes along with tenured so uh You know it's such a hard mix because It's hard to label as a generality but At the same sense too like you're saying Before if they don't have a background In the subject matter that they're Teaching as well Where are we growing with this and so When she came home and she's sharing With me about entrepreneurship and what She's learning in the class she's like I Watch you guys I know this isn't true

Like her father's an introvert too I'm like so you know we would sit and we Geek out when we were younger and we Would just do market trends that's what We did on a Saturday night is we Literally sit and Trend different real Estate zip codes and markets and and you Do grow that way and so to label and Classify these young kids at such a Young age it's already kind of breaking Them down before but you can even build Them up right that's personal Development you know if you you want to Learn to be an extrovert you can learn That yeah yeah anything can be learned That's why I have to learn public Speaking because that's fear greater Than death for most people yeah and when I you know when Kim met me she's I had To do like a two-minute introduction of My CPA And um she said I never saw a guy at Practice so hard but that's the U.S Marine Corps you know we had great Teachers and you knew who the great Pilots were do you know what I mean that We knew we knew who could fly and who Couldn't fly and we always wanted to fly With the best Pilots just coming back From Vietnam And so but you could tell the guy or we Had no females at that time Pilots we Knew the guy could fly or not you know You could just watch him say the guy

Can't fly there were guys who couldn't Fly so what upsets you the most about That whole what's in your gut what was Going on with you why why am I here why Am I being taught this or what upsets me The most is so I used to just sit and Read your books during snack or break I Tried I tried to you know my friends Would be sitting there looking at me They're like Brianna what are you doing And I'm like I'm like I'm trying to Start this business right now and you Know it's easy and Um infuriates me the most is actually That like these kids they won't Understand what being a true Entrepreneur is if all they're taught is That like it's too risky they can't do To have these attributes you know it's Just not worth it you should just go Find your high paying job your biggest Degree you know get the most income you Could possibly get and it's like but People don't understand the benefit of What being an entrepreneur is if they Like are being taught this in school so What was the upset that's when I get That's that's the logic of it where they Think what it goes what goes on inside Of you you know like mine was just rage Almost I'm going oh yeah I'll be yeah I'll be sitting there and I'll be so mad Especially if it comes from students Because I've been told so many times I

Don't know what I'm talking about you Know because I'm younger so apparently Like since I'm younger and I don't know What I'm talking about the teachers do And Um it just annoys me so much that like Kids automatically just they take them Like what the teachers say and they just Automatically believe it rather than What I just say for coming off of your Books and it's not just like my opinion It's like real logical facts it's what My parents do it's everything and and at Least you were reading in the back of The classroom I went to my my high school reunion and I took him with me and I said hey Kim This is Sylvia this is Sylvia and the Key to success for I was a surfer you Know key to success is always sit next To the smartest girl and copy And I said oh Kim this this Sylvia that And I sat her all through class she goes See if it looks at Kim she goes he never Sat next to me he climbed out the window And go surfing While he sits there you can see the Waves going why am I here you know you Could Once a surf passed like six feet Tara goes up because six foot waves it Just depends on how you measure them in Hawaii a six foot whatever the 20 foot Wave in California you know I mean

They're different measurable you see a Six foot wave and they could see it out The window going why am I here so I just Jump out It was like after I graduated college And I finally had my degree and I had my Corporate job and I'm going to do the Corporate world and I'm sitting there in This cubicle looking out this little Window watching it rain going why am I Here and I learned real fast and exited The corporate world about 10 months but That's when you know you're an Entrepreneur 100 and I left and that Never looked back okay so I'm gonna come Back we're going more into these two Beautiful young women here Jennifer DiStefano and Brianna de Stefano we're Talking about what's going on our school System because Um my friend says this is not it's not Education it's indoctrination And I wrote about it in my book Capitalist Manifesto you know we now Have what's called uh I've got the name Of the education system but it's really Indoctrination into Marxism we're right Back Robert's been mourning us for years his Golden Rule invest in real assets that's How he didn't just survive the last Period of catastrophic inflation he Thrived turning one property into an Empire of over 7 000 inflation be damned

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Robert Kiyosaki is the best-selling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad over 40 Million people have taken Robert's Advice now it's your turn attend Roberts Free virtual wealth building event claim Your free access now at Don't wait access is limited go to that's Welcome back rapid kyosaki the Rich Dad Radio Show good news and bad news about Money today we're very spectacular guest Jennifer DeStefano she is the mother of Brianna Des Stefano and we're talking About the most important subject of a Person's life and it's called education And as if you're an adult over 20 I Think you know now that education Doesn't take place only in school you Know it takes place in real life and all This and so we're talking about it we're Being very critical yet education is the Most important subject Unfortunately many of our teachers are Also indoctrinated because You know I couldn't be a school teacher I mean I just would not put up with that Stuff yet education is very important We've all had great teachers You know one of my one of my best Teacher was so old she forgot how old She wasn't my father was I'm not kidding You she was one of the best teachers I Ever had because she put up with me and Um I mean my father said I I hate to

Tell you this Miss so and so But he went past your retirement I loved her man because she understood Me you know what I mean she was a great Great spinster no never had never had a Husband and all that hair in a bun like The other teachers And I thought they drove I thought the Other teachers drove Brahms on Halloween You know I'm going holy America I'm just Being punished all the time I'm a boy Anyway so that's what but we're not Saying education is bad as it was turned To indoctrination no longer education So do you have any suggestions or you Know you you took them on and you got Nailed for that one So would you suggest parents take on the School boards Um I would suggest that parents Definitely get involved Um the thing that I see a lot of is Um so I'm I'm I'm kind of a curriculum Snob so I get very involved in what are What's a math curriculum what is the Social studies curriculum I asked for The curriculums I read through the Curriculums Um and I've selected schools based off Of their curriculums Um but a lot of other parents and I Don't want to I don't want to like make it seem Negative but they just trust the system

And so they don't get that involved and They're like well they're the Educators So they know better and then when they I Think a lot of eyes were open during Covid when we were homeschooling and They started to see some of the stuff That were being taught or they started To evaluate and why can't I teach my Third grader basic math this makes no Sense then they started to get more of a Voice and then that voice started to be Heard at the school boards and then the School boards didn't like the voice and Then the school boards tried to dampen The Voice by having closed meetings when They're supposed to have open meetings And then that made a group of parents Speak up even more and so now we've got The election coming up right when we've Got two school board members in Scottsdale School District turning over And for I'm happy to see more parents Getting more involved now more people More community members becoming leaders To try and take back our school to try And Champion for our children and Because we we were all asleep very much Asleep that we just thought that the Educational system was the educational System we didn't realize the political Inventory station that had been going on We hadn't seen it subtly with math but Not so much with the other things my Kids would come home we'd play cash flow

Literally thank you thank you thank you And I will never forget this my they Were in middle school at the time Brianna was in seventh and Ellie's was An eighth and um when you have a baby Right it becomes a liability it is an Expense and so that I caught hell for That one on my game board what do you Mean a baby is a liability I said you Ever have one I have four so yes I'm Very aware of that one um so but uh Brianna had a baby in the game and Alex Said well you know you can just have an Abortion and and absolve the liability And my husband I both looked at him and Were like where did you learn this and Meanwhile our youngest was born you said You could have an abortion my my eighth Grader at the time 13. uh yeah well I at The time also didn't I agree with that Because that's what my school was Teaching me too you know like that was What we found out so their youngest Brother was born premature uh he almost Died from a genetic disorder order so I Pulled out photos of him as they went Through that and they watched The Suffering I'm like this could be your Brother this gestational age could have Been your brother and so we had that Whole conversation and the kids eyes Opened and but they had been taught at School that that was another form of Birth control yeah completely but so

Getting more involved in that you know I Think the parents stepping up the Parents having a voice the parents Asking the questions the parents Questioning things Um and then also getting to know the Teachers you know I've unfortunately There's a number of teachers that feel Pressured into perpetuating the Conversation right exactly and their Concerned for their livelihood as well Um so the more we can support them and The more that they know that we're on The same side instead of being their Adversaries the more we can accomplish With our kids right and that's one of The reasons I became a major decision Which I can be entrepreneurship when I Came back from Vietnam my poor dad Wanted me to fly for the airlines you Know oh yeah as a helicopter Gunship Pilot you don't want me as a pilot of Your aircraft and then you want to be Like day and I said I wind up like him And then I realized what trapped my dad Was the paycheck and a pension yeah and I went okay so I'm I was like 25 at the Time and I said I'm never going to need A paycheck I'm never going to need a Pension and Dennis when I Was I've been studying for my Rich Dad Since I was 10 anyway then I said okay I'm gonna follow him yeah but not go to Get my PhD or become a pilot for the

Airlines you know not that I would mind Of that but I was I better take the risk Now because I will fail Well to your point exactly um some of The moms that were being pursued by the School board there was a story of the Nurse where uh the actually contacted Her employer and filed a complaint and Got her to lose her job and so there was A number of uh even with out to Scottsdale Unified School District with One of the other schools that was going On I had Parents calling me as well Saying they were going to lose their Jobs that they had a voice and so they Were asking me because I chose not to Have the pension and chose not to have The liability of someone else Controlling me to if I would speak up Because I wasn't at risk of losing my Livelihood like they were yeah and That's why you know I one of my first One of Rich Dad Poor Dad came out I saw You know Trump and I were we've written Two books together we saw recommending People getting into network marketing Because it's a low entry you can fail All you like and you don't lose that Much you know you lose some time and Lose some ego and lose some friends But network marketing will teach you how Lifetime income and then you're free so That's why we endorse and that's we Caught hell for that one too but anyway

But that's why I have tremendous respect For the former president Donald Trump And I would vote for him if he ran again But he would be disruptive as usual I Come From New York so when he ran for President I was like yes Fight back so um what do you recommend Parents do to You know in in the Marine Corps is a Flight cover for us so like when the Troops were on the ground our most Important job was to fly cover for the Troops and so if somebody popped up we Take care of them Hammer them but anyway so how does uh How what would you say to parents how to Fly cover For the students Well it all depends on the type of Parent S no that that doesn't answer the Question as a kid you ain't got any Choice there Well but what you say to your parent who Was ambivalent or not committed either Way Well speak for all the young people out There I would just say that be more aware of Like what the teachers are teaching in The classroom you know like get involved Like ask what the curriculums are like She did you know really try like look at The homework understand what the

Teachers are teaching in class you know And if it's not right you make a Statement about it because That's what your your kids your kids are Being taught so either way like if you Don't like it and you you don't either Way if you don't know what they're Teaching like if you never like Look what they're teaching in class You're never going to know what your Kids being taught So it's always good just to see what They're teaching in class to always know Like if you want your kid to be taught That and That's what I would say to my mom but She already does that so yeah but let me Ask you this question you also have peer Pressure right your classmates Completely what happened there because You had the you know the goody two shoes Are just the teacher's pet and all that Which obviously never was but anyway What do you say how do how does a young Person handle peer pressure Um well For me growing up peer pressure always Played like a big role in my life until I started to find like friends that Actually just taught me that it's better To just not care and do what you love And wow me too you had friends tell you That your age yes once you find good Ones once you go through enough you'll

Find the good ones all my friends were All drug dealers but I don't know I grew up with a bunch of characters all Surfers you know and they they had their They were growing pakalolo marijuana They saw their future that lifetime Income and all this well they're all Sitting on nice businesses now because It's legal yeah but you know that I said Well what what business are you in this We're in tropical agriculture I said Marijuana yes And they said we'll spend some time in Jail but that's part of the price I said Okay you guys I'm not I'm not gonna Follow you you know yeah Friend but you don't have to go along With them yeah completely but I was Gonna say um going along with the peer Pressure it also made it so difficult Like for me trying to explain to my Friends you know what I wanted to do With my life and being an entrepreneur And you know after a while they like Started to realize that like I was Really serious about this and they Started to listen to what I had to say And started to like understand and Um but it's really difficult if you just Go up to like a random kid in high School and you and like in your class And you try to explain to them like what You've been taught like they they won't

Listen and so peer pressure plays a big Role in that especially like if you get Bullied for it or judge like people just Don't even try to understand what other Kids are saying there's a lot of Bullying going on I I got it bullied Also you know but that's growing up yeah Exactly it's growing up it's part of That so I'm going to ask you in a couple Of things when I ask you a question why Did you recommend the cash flow game and Then what did you learn but before I go On you look some of the greatest Entrepreneurs in the world ever went to School the Lord didn't finish school Walt Disney Steve Jobs Apple Michael Dell Bill Gates Richard Branson and you Look at some of the great entrepreneurs They saw no need for the final education I'm not saying drop out of school But that's a big decision you know I Thought about dropping out many many Times but it was flunking out anyway so But I fought back which was the best Thing I didn't fight back I mean um with The teacher I just buckled down and Studied yeah yeah you know and my last My final exam at the Academy was eight Days long It was a coast guard exam to get my License it was the hardest exam and the Threat was if I didn't pass the Coast Guard exam for my third mate's license To sell the sale the Seas I didn't get a

College degree either So it all came down to eight days of Testing And I passed you know and I was I didn't Smoke but I got out I took a cigarette I Was so nauseous you know I couldn't Believe it but when the guy looked up to Me and says congratulations Mate third mate you know Wow I made it I got that I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Transportation which is supply chain With a minor in oil you know so it was a Great education but I'm glad I buckled Down to study to get that So why did you recommend the cash flow Game to your uh to Brianna Um so when cash flow first came out we Used to do the groups that would be Downtown and you get together and play Oh good yeah way back Um so absolutely fell in love with the Game so when we had kids what were you Learning when you're playing the game What was I learning Um I was like I hear so many parents Like how come I didn't know this you Know Um well at that time I had just Graduated college and that's when I Decided I didn't want to do Corporate America anymore and so I knew actually What happened was is when I was Traveling around I was an outsides

Acquisition sales I was training a new Sales rep and he was just a businessman To no degree he had cattle in his Backyard so he can write his house off As a ranch he collected manure at the Zoo and turned them into molds and then Sold them to gardeners and what not to Fertilize their garden with an old Washing machine well he was hired by the Company I worked for and I was training With him and so and we would uh go down To the courthouse he took Kyle and Turned it into overboard animals she Sold the business for twenty five Thousand dollars yeah I don't want to Say something so yesterday that's my Kind of Entrepreneurship actually That goes back to yesterday it was on my Sister's birthday and Um you know we wanted to get her a funny Gift so we went to this store and you Know there's literally selling rocks as Pet rocks yeah and they're making a Market out of that and just selling Rocks well that's what got me into the Entrepreneurship we had the pet rock Yeah and this guy's making it a fortune He finally realized he didn't need the Rock he just sold a box yeah holy moly That's an entrepreneur So I was one of those Alternatives and I Knew of our children as we grew up and We learned all these Alternatives and Different types of Investments and

Whatnot that we wanted to continue that With our kids so they could continue on And learn you know how different types Of revenue streams and how to support Themselves without the conventional ways So so the title of the game is how to Get out of the Rat races yes because Otherwise you're heading into the rat Race yes right out of college yes Exactly yeah and I realized really fast I was not where we wanted to be and Fortunately that's not where we are Today so we got out of that if you don't Mind what kind of businesses are what What do you guys do Um we have a bunch of different Businesses everything from Healthcare to Manufacturing to importing to technology Real estate we pretty much are Angel Investors so Um we go around and we just find Different opportunities we'll capitalize Them Um where we'll add intellectual Capital To them and then grow them and sell them There's lots of opportunities in there Yeah Yeah that's that's why as we we're Cruising into a depression this is 2022 And uh The Biden crime family has taken my Background is oil and the moment he cut Up the Keystone it was his first act I Think he cut off the Keystone XL

Pipeline And I was selling oil at thirty dollars A barrel this is in 2000 and it went to 130 a barrel I knew what he was doing he Was destroying the poor already toast But he was now going after the middle Class And that's why I called the Biden crime Family with all the Greenies and all This stuff and going holy moly You know that's where what capitalist Manifesto we've got to fight back with With financial education so thank you For doing that So what what did the cash flow I mean The cash flow game must torque your Brain a little bit too because you can See a different Avenues right in life Yeah um completely so you know when my First my mom first suggested the game With me I was like no I don't want to Play that like some game about like life Like I'm nine years old I don't want to Play this Yeah exactly and you know as soon as I Started to understand it I was like wait This is this is exactly what like my Parents do now like understand like I Never really understood what they did Before they were always just like we're Entrepreneurs I'm like what does that Even mean like so this game kind of Taught me exactly how they generated Passive income and turned that into

Investing and then you know they got out Of the rat race with it and and I love How the game um emphasizes too that once You like reach your goal and you're out Of the Rat Race and you have the passive Income you have you have a dream and you Can achieve it and you can return that Money back to charity and so I really Emphasized that when I did a Presentation in school too about how how Was that received Well um the presentation you know the Kids loved it in my classroom afterwards They're all like that was an amazing Presentation my teacher was not so fond Of it Because you know I did the presentation Um on the game cash flow and Um one of my biggest points was about How Um I would rather end the game as a Janitor rather than a doctor because a Doctor has more liability than a janitor So it's easier to get out of the Rat Race and Um yeah so she did not like that of Course I was putting when Kim and I'm Making that game I said let's get let's Let's put that in there to really upset All the teachers yeah because it's not How much money you make it's how smart You know the as we go into this Great Depression which we're going into Globally because we have a liquidity

Crisis I mean actually there's not Enough money out there it's really quite Interesting But anyway the greatest asset a person Has is between the left here and the Right ear and it's a responsibility as To what you put in it and you can blame The schools you can believe everybody Else but your greatest asset is your Brain between your left ear and right Eric is also your greatest liability Because if you've been programming you Have to have job security and a steady Paycheck and you lose your job like my Poor dad did it's over Because you don't have the next brain Cells to get to the next level so what Else so what in the final word so what So when you talk to your friends about The cash flow or whatever you talk about Them about what do you see your future Going to be Um when I talk to my friends about the Cash flow game you know well my future I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur You know I'm about to take over one of My dad's businesses Um actually with someone in my school as Well because Um there are some entrepreneurial Minds That want to know more outside of Education I think a lot of young people Today are yeah exactly yeah they just Don't have the

Um resources to learn or like understand So yeah I definitely want to be an Entrepreneur when I grow up you know Learn investing real estate I do some With her now and it's exciting isn't it Yeah it's really fun once you understand And it's it's not as complicated as it Looks once you start to understand right You know the basic cycle of it but it's Like learning to walk you'll fall down a Number of times exactly yeah it's just The risk that's involved with it and That's what teachers tell you not to do Yeah it's all fall down yeah you know They teach you that there's you can't Make mistakes there's only one right Answer you exactly she's so much Opportunity well the final words you Know I talk to people about the cash Flow board game is that we have a book Called a uh we have a we have a video That goes out That we've put together from the bridge That companies there's two types of Paper you know my poor dad wanted his PhD And my rich dad wanted his financial Statement And so cash flow basically teaches the Financial statement and when you go to Your bank or your Bankers never my Bankers never asked me oh what was your GPA you know what college did you Graduate from they've never asked me

That all they want to see is my Financial statement yet the academics Think it's their PHD and unfortunately I Hate to say this but when this next Depression Comes This is 2022 will Probably be in it hard at 2025. I hope I'm wrong But there's a lot of people going to Realize our PhD didn't protect them and That's what my poor dad found out So I thank you Jennifer and Brianna for Being Having the courage to speak out we Won't mention the schools you have gone To and may have to keep going to to keep Running running from the academics but Anyway thank you for your courage to Speak out of course yeah I'm happy to be Here and we'll be right back

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