Someday you’ll own NOTHING, and you’ll be happy 🙃🤨 #shorts

Is we’re going to shift to you Ubi Universal basically totally agree with Them T which is Marxism someday you’ll Own nothing and you’ll be happy and I Just want your audience to think about This for a moment I really want to beat This dead horse you know we are Experiencing Global Consumer Price Inflation right now this is a huge huge Problem a problem Global crisis since World War II yeah Absolutely and their solution is to do What Ubi let’s give people more money And let’s restrict the supply of goods And services even further by making it Harder for the producers to actually Produce so what they’re doing they’re Trying to sell this to the general Public the way we solve Consumer Price Inflation is by creating more money and Producing less stuff it’s it’s the Complete opposite we need less money and We need more stuff

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