SHOCKINGLY Easy $2000/DAY Method By Copy & Pasting | Affiliate Marketing 2022

I’m going to share how to do affiliate marketing in 2022 and make $2000 commissions!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see inside this Facebook Group just a few days ago I posted that I had already made two thousand five Hundred dollars with this new done for You affiliate system you could see this Other person Jeff right here was able to Make a two thousand dollar sale again Just a few days ago you can see Justin Right here posted two posts on Facebook And boom two thousand dollars directly Into his bank account and what I’m gonna Do inside this video is share with you Exactly how I and all these other people From around the world have been able to Use this brand new done for you copy Paste system to literally start Generating two thousand dollars a day Instantly even if you’re brand new and You don’t have a following so if you’re Excited to learn that be sure to smash The like button right now to let me know And without further Ado let’s go ahead And dive in to the very first step so The very first step is you want to Actually access this system now there’s Gonna be a link directly below when you Click that link you’ll get taken to a Page that looks something like this now There’s different variations of this Page but as long as it looks something Similar to this you want to click get Instant access and you want to put in Your best email okay now it has to be a only email so you want to put

That in there and you want to click Continue okay this is going to allow you To receive updates allow you to receive Information case studies so you can best Use this system just like me just like These other people so you can start to Generate these two thousand dollar cash Payments as well as up to four thousand Two hundred and forty eight dollars in Extra commissions which I’ll touch on in A few minutes so once you do that you’re Going to get taken to this page here now David right here he’s a seven figure Earner he actually created this new System and he’s going to actually tell You a little bit more information in This four minute video if you want to Watch that you can read over this text And then you can go ahead and look at More testimonials you can see Paula Right here was able to buy a Range Rover Okay the system was actually out a year And a half ago and then it went away for A little bit of time they did some Updates and now they’re back and you can See that Jane eleven thousand dollars in First three weeks okay and the Testimonials are endless I’m not gonna You know just keep hitting you over the Head with this but what you want to do Is you want to click okay get on the Webinar now once you do that you’re Gonna get taken to this page here and if Your email address from the previous

Page is not automatically added you want To put it in there and click register Now this is very crucial again because You’re going to be able to leverage this Done for you system to start to make These high ticket affiliate commissions And once you do that you’ll be able to Actually join the webinar in progress Okay so there’s going to be a webinar You want to actually click that and You’ll be able to join the webinar okay And start to learn how we’re all making These sales but again I’m going to share With you all the information right now As well but it’s very important you Watch that webinar after a period of Time a button is going to appear here Where you can actually click and then Create a free account inside of this Profits passport system now once you do That the main thing is you’re going to Set up your income streams okay so with This specific system it has four Different main income streams now income Stream number one is going to be your Biggest money maker that’s how myself That’s how all these other people are Making those two thousand dollar Payments what you want to do is you want To actually activate this income stream By clicking here and then once you do You’ll take your affiliate ID you’ll put It there and then you’ll save it now you May want to watch this video David’s

Going to break down how to sign up the Different affiliate income streams Things like that again there’s more than Enough information to really get the Results with this powerful system but Once you do that you want to go through Income stream number two you want to Activate it income stream number three And income stream number four now this Is how you’re gonna make those four Thousand dollar plus extra commissions As well because as people go through This process you’re going to be able to Start making these commissions now once You set everything up they have at the Very bottom okay how to promote so they Have a lot of information here what you Want to do is realize that it may take 15 to 30 minutes to set up your income Streams but once you set up the accounts Inside the different income streams You’re completely done the only other Thing you ever have to do in the future To make these two thousand dollar plus Instant payments is to copy your coded Affiliate link okay this is mine but you Would copy yours and you would put it in Notepad Okay save it somewhere handy and Your sole goal every single day is to Get as many people to click this link Because when they do maybe you’ve Struggled in the past because you didn’t Have a capture page you didn’t have your Own website this gives you the website

So your affiliate link if I go to mine It’s going to take me to the page right Here which is another variation of that Capture page okay remember this capture Page here this is another version and When someone clicks there and they put Their email address in now my lead is Going to go through this process even While I’m relaxing at the beach while I’m spending time with my family this System gives you the capture page it Gives you the upsells it gives you the Instant paying commissions so you can Just focus on getting clicks to your Affiliate link so if I go back here once You get your affiliate link you also Want to realize that David right here Will start sending follow-up messages to Your leads for many many weeks okay he’s Going to relentlessly follow up with Your leads so whenever someone puts Their email address in they’re going to Start getting messages sending them back To the webinar sending them back to Testimonials realizing how powerful the System is and when they buy all these Emails are coded to you that’s right Inside this free system the system’s Free to use you’re going to be able to Get sales coded to you and that’s how so Many people including you know Jeffrey Here and all these people here are able To generate rate this amount of money Now the last thing you’re probably

Wondering is after you click the link Below how do you get people to your Affiliate link because that’s your only Job once your income streams are set up Well they have free and paid strategies Okay so for the instant traffic this is The paid traffic so if you have some Money and you just want to pay and have Instant traffic getting sent to your Affiliate link what you want to do is Think about using income stream number Four now income stream number four is Actually traffic Authority traffic Authority basically provides you with High quality top tier traffic you can Buy different packages okay so let’s say You want to start with the gold which is Very popular you would get 850 to 950 Clicks real people from Top tier Countries with money that are open to Joining an online business you would Just click on the package you want go to Other website you would take your Affiliate link okay you would put it in Right there and then you would just add A card agree to terms and then place Order and then what happens is in this Tab under active orders you’ll start to See your clicks now you can see I Actually did an active order that’s Running currently and you can see I’ve Gotten 32 high quality clicks and every Single day like clockwork I’m getting Clicks from real people and they’re

Going through the process they’re buying And I’m making these instant 100 Commissions now if you want to promote In a freeway what you can do is you can Go here and they have these different Subject lines okay so if you have an Email list you can just take this Subject line here you can copy this link And it already pre-populates with your Affiliate link right there and you can Just send that to someone you can also Use this on Facebook so I’m going to Share with you how I was able to get a Ton of traffic for free on Facebook just Using this system okay so what I did was I went to my Facebook profile now I have 3 600 friends you may not have that many Even if you have a couple hundred or Some friends you’re going to be able to Get people interested in wanting to Check out your affiliate link so what I Did was I made read this post right here Very simple you can see I posted it a Few days ago at the time of recording I Found a way to make two thousand dollars A day paid instantly to your bank Account no MLM no crypto this is too Easy now I had a 122 comments of people Commenting yes please right info info Info okay and what I did was I just Replied to their comment hey there’s a Free webinar just register here and Check it out and when they go to my link Again they’re going to my profits

Passport capture page I’m just sending Them to this link here so this is one Way that you can do that now I’ll share With you if I just copy this I go down Okay and I find a new comment which I’m Getting every single day and you can too Right I can just go here and then enter And then now that person will get Notified and they’ll go to the link They’ll start to go through the process And they’ll start to get signed up and Then I’ll start to make these instant Commissions so go down below again put Your email in this is exactly how you Can start making two thousand dollar Cash payments it’s not too good to be True again check out all the Testimonials that’s what all these People are using and this system is now Revamped it’s back it’s better than ever And this is the time to get in now okay So if you’re seeing this we just Relaunched okay the system just came out Again you want to get involved right now It’s ground floor it’s only getting Better and you can be the next success Story so if you got value in this video Be sure to click the like button I Really hope this made sense this is the System that I’m personally running with Right now also subscribe the Bell icon So you’re never miss out on my latest Affiliate marketing training I’ve Covered a lot of ways to get traffic you

Can use those traffic strategies and Point it to this system here point it to Your affiliate link and until the next Time my friend thanks for watching and I Will see you on my next training Thank you

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