Revealing My #1 Strategy To Earn $100’s Daily With Affiliate Marketing

In this video I’ll be revealing my #1 strategy to make money with affiliate marketing.

If I had to start over from complete scratch tomorrow, this is exactly what I would do, enjoy!

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– Chad Bartlett

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Hey everyone chad here in this video i’m Gonna be revealing my number one Strategy to make money with affiliate Marketing which means if i had to start Over from complete scratch i had no Youtube channel i had no email list i Had no money this is the exact strategy I would personally do to scale my income From zero to making over ten thousand Dollars per month and the absolute best Part about this strategy is you don’t Need any authority or experience in the Niche or anything like that and it’s Completely free to start which means Anyone can do this so that being said I’m super excited to reveal my number One strategy to you guys let’s dive Straight into it this is how i made my First ten to twenty thousand dollars in Affiliate commissions with affiliate Marketing and what this is is basically Picking some kind of side hustle Document yourself doing it and then Promote some kind of course that teaches That exact side hustle that you’re Actually doing and documenting online so What this means is not only do you make Money from the actual side hustle you’re Doing so for example let’s say the side Hustle was stock trading right so you’re Trading stocks you’re making maybe 50 Bucks a day trading stocks but you’re Also going to make money from affiliate Commissions from promoting the course

That you took To learn how to day trade socks right Because when all kinds of people are Seeing yourself documenting the process They see you trading stocks and you’re Kind of just showing your wins and Losses every day they’re going to want To learn from the exact course you took Right and they’re going to want to learn How to do it themselves so they’re going To go buy the course under your Affiliate link and usually you can offer Some type of bonus if they buy under you And like i said this is literally how i Made my first 10 to 20 000 In affiliate commissions when i first Started out so to give you an example This as you can see when i first started My youtube channel around five years ago I was making content and documenting Myself doing amazon fba because that was The side hustle that i was doing at the Time right so since i was documenting That process people are starting to Watch these videos getting interested And then i started promoting a guy’s Course that i took to learn how to do Amazon fba and like i said that’s Literally how i made my first 10 to 20 000 In affiliate commissions because Obviously anyone watching my videos they Wanted to learn how to do amazon fba Themselves i’d recommend the course in

Each of the videos i made and every time I got a sale i got a 500 commission Right so even if i only got 10 sales Right if you do the math that’s around Five thousand dollars in commission so That’s what i was making every single Month when i first started doing this Just getting around 10 people per month To buy right which is extremely doable Even if you have a tiny tiny youtube Channel like i did back in the day so Anyways the cool part about this Strategy is there’s literally hundreds Of different side hustles that you guys Can do and document yourself doing so to Give an example that i’m just going to Go on youtube and all you’re going to Want to do is i call this the a to z Strategy uh this is kind of how you come Up with video ideas but you can also do It to find niches right So what you can do is just type in make Money since we’re doing this around side Hustles right and then you’re going to Type in the first letter of the alphabet So as you can see there’s make money app Make money audible okay so maybe you Want to make money with audible right Maybe you want to actually do that side Hustle so we can actually type this in Make money audible we can see there’s All kinds of people who make videos Around how to make money with audible And for example this guy i know he

Actually has a course on how to make Money with audible right so if we wanted To we can actually you know try out this Audible side hustle we could document Ourselves doing it and we can promote This guy’s course now to give you Another example right we’re just gonna You know literally go through the Alphabet so that was a right so what i Actually do is i go a b And then i go ac and i’ll go a d and I’ll go a e right and i’ll just look at All the different um side hustles you Can do Throughout the alphabet so for example We’re at the letter i right now as you Can see airbnb starts coming up oh What’s this airbnb without owning Property that sounds pretty interesting I’m sure a lot of people would want to Learn how to do that because it costs a Lot of money to buy an airbnb So let’s check this out and this is a Side hustle example that i would have no Idea it even existed if i didn’t Actually do the strategy where i was Actually looking at all these different Keywords and all these different side Hustles you can do and again we’re just At one letter of the alphabet so after i Go through the whole alphabet after i Right now i would change this first Letter to b and just keep going through The entire alphabet and you’ll find

Hundreds and hundreds of different side Hustles you can make money with and Potentially promote a course around Another one i found i thought this is Pretty interesting it’s actually a Pretty popular side hustle that a lot of People have interest in so i would Actually do this if i was starting from Scratch tomorrow i’d probably go into This niche it’d be pretty fun to do this Is basically make money power washing Right So such a simple side hustle such a Little tiny thing that you probably had No idea about but a lot of people make Good money with this and not only that a Lot of people are interested in learning How to do this themselves anyways There’s this one channel he goes by all About pressure washing right so he has a Whole youtube channel basically just Talking about pressure washing so this Is one of his videos teenager makes 250 In 30 minutes pressure washing side Hustle so if i actually go to this guy’s Channel as you can see he just makes all Kinds of content around Basically how to make money with Pressure washing with power washing and If we actually go to one of his videos For example how much money can you make With pressure washing part time right You can see he has An inner circle that he sells right so

If we actually click on this link it Takes us to this page and as you can see Basically an inner circle a coaching Group that teaches you how to start a Pressure washing business it gives you All the ins and out how to set up all The legal stuff how to do the marketing Pretty much everything you need to know Around Starting a pressure washing business Right if we go down here as you can see He sells this inner circle Membership for around 149 per month now A lot of times these inner circles these Um coaching programs will have a Recurring affiliate program and usually They’ll pay you know 30 40 commissions So let’s say this guy was paying 35 Commissions so we’re going to do 149 Times 0.35 so basically every sale we Get we’re gonna make fifty dollars per Month every single month as long as they Don’t cancel let’s just say we get a Hundred people to buy we can make fifty Two hundred dollars per month and that’s Recurring commissions that come in Literally every single month think about That you can make five thousand dollars A month if you just get a hundred people Signed up to his inner circle that shows You how to start a pressure washing Business right such a niche little side Hustle but as you can see there’s still Tons of opportunity if you can get 200

People right your income is going to be 10 000 per month and basically all you Want to do is you want to reach out to This guy and see if he has an affiliate Program so if you actually go to his Youtube channel you can find his email If you’re signed into your youtube Account and just send them a simple Email saying hey i really like your Channel i saw your inner circle coaching Product and i think my audience would Get a lot of value from that product i Was wondering if i can get an affiliate Link to promote that product so we can Both make some money from this right if You say something like that i’m sure He’ll get back to you and he’ll give you Some type of affiliate link for this Product if not right find a different Guy that has a pressure washing course This is not the only person there’s tons Of them or just going to a completely Different side hustle okay so once you Find a course that you want to promote As an affiliate for that specific side Hustle you chose right the next step of This is to create a tick tock account And document yourself doing that side Hustle so if i share my screen here you Can see that if i just type in pressure Washing into tick tock right you can see There’s all kinds of videos that have Gone extremely viral around the side Hustle you can see 28 million views

Another one with 23 million views we got 5 million views right so these videos Are going absolutely viral around Pressure washing because you know it’s a Cool way that teenagers can make money Or people in their 20s or even people in Their 30s 40s right doesn’t matter this Is a great side hustle that you can make A couple hundred bucks a day with right And you don’t need a college degree you Don’t really need any skills right it’s A pretty simple business model and it’s Something a lot of people need so these Videos go absolutely viral and what i Would do is literally just buy some Equipment to start your pressure washing Business or whatever side hustle you’re Doing it doesn’t have to be this side Hustle right there’s literally hundreds Of them and i would literally just look At these videos and see what’s going Viral why were they going viral and make Similar videos to this right so if we Just click on this one for example you Can see uh basically they just have a Text-to-speech and it’s basically a guy Just saying i’m about to show you how to Make a thousand dollars per day uh with Pressure washing Anyways they go first go around your Neighborhood look for dirty driveways And then they just put in some text After you have a few potential customers Go knock on their door and ask if they

Can clean their driveway blah blah right Schedule three jobs a week five days a Week create a good reputation in your Local area and that’s how you can make a Thousand dollars per day right so that’s Basically the whole video and as you can See like this guy doesn’t even have to Talk to the camera right it’s just a Voiceover there’s just text on the video And if we actually go to this guy’s Account right you can see the account is Just called the pressure bros and it’s Basically just all about pressure Washing and he just basically documents His process so if i was personally do This i would just literally document Myself every single day doing the Pressure washing side hassle i get some B-roll i get some footage and then once I get all that footage for the day i Would just show how much money i’m Making each day with my pressure washing Business i’d be transparent with them i Would probably do some voice over text And then i would just have a simple call To action saying hey if you want to Learn how to do this click the link in My bio so anyways this is what i call a Bridge funnel if i was personally doing This niche and this strategy for really Any side hustle i would personally use a Bridge funnel so if you don’t know what A bridge funnel is it’s the most basic Affiliate marketing funnel you can use

But it works really well right so in This case as you can see we’re starting Out with a tick tock account and we’re Just taking them over to an opt-in page So our opt-in page would be the link in Our bio right so an opt-in page would Look something like this where you’re Basically just having some type of free Incentive for them to actually learn More about what you do so in this case The headline could be something like how To make an extra hundred dollars per day With the pressure washing side hustle And you can have a little email form After they opt in right i would just Take them to a bridge video and this is Like a three to five minute video where You basically just introduce yourself You talk about the side hustle you do And you basically just show how much Money you’re making with it and where You learned how to do it so you got a Hook you got a story you got a call to Action and the call to action would just Be something like if you’re interested In learning how to start a pressure Washing business you want to learn how To do all the setup you want to learn All the equipment you need you want to Learn how to get clients all that stuff It basically walks you through a to z i Personally took this pressure washing Course um it helped me get started if You’re interested in taking the same

Course i took and if you sign up using That button below i’ll give you a free One-on-one call or something like that Or i’ll give you free one-on-one support So you can add on your own bonus if they Actually buy the course through your Affiliate link right so anyways that Bridge page would eventually take them To your front end your main offer right So this would be your affiliate link Which would be that inner circle Mastermind that we’re promoting and then Keep in mind since we’re also collecting Emails on this initial opt-in page right We can also have an email sequence Talking about pressure washing talking About you know how much money you can Make talking about this course we’re Promoting and this email sequence would Send them over to that course again also In my email sequence another thing i Like to do is send them over to a Facebook group so i would literally just Start a facebook group called how to Make money with pressure washing Something simple like that get all kinds Of people in there start to build the Community around pressure washing and Then eventually you can have back-end Products you sell you can also be an Affiliate for different pressure washing Equipment or you can start promoting Other side hustles that are similar to Pressure washing maybe it’s window

Washing so you can start to kind of Expand and that’s why i’d actually Promote on the back end to that email List that you’re actually building up And like i said guys with these videos Getting literally millions and millions Of views and especially if you’re Posting you know even three times per Week on your tick tock account if you Can just get a tiny little fraction of The views maybe your videos are only Getting ten thousand views like i said Before you only need a hundred people to Make five thousand dollars per month Every single month in recurring Commissions if we’re promoting that Course for example right so it’s not Like we need millions of followers it’s Not like we need millions of views to Make a full-time income from this you Know if you can just get like 20 to 30 People per day entering their email on Your opt-in page within a month you’ll Be at that full-time income mark right So the opportunity is really there and If you can get to a point where you Start getting millions of views on your Videos that’s where you can start making 30 40 50 60 even 70 thousand dollars per Month once you start getting you know a Huge amount of views in this match so This has potential to scale to a seven Figure business alone literally just Documenting yourself doing pressure

Washing and selling a course to you know A couple hundred people every month this Is what i think is the number one Strategy to make money with affiliate Marketing this is exactly what i would Do it doesn’t have to be pressure Washing it can be a different side Hustle but the whole concept of this is Document yourself doing a side hustle Don’t just tell people how to make money With pressure washing right actually Document yourself doing it it’s gonna Sell way better it’s going to be more Transparent your videos are going to get More views it’s easier to make those Kind of videos and then promote a course That teaches them how to do that exact Side hustle so for this case it was Pressure washing so anyways guys i hope You enjoyed this number one strategy to Make money with affiliate marketing this Is personally what i would do if i serve From scratch tomorrow so real quick Before you guys go like i said if you Want a free copy of my philly boss cheat Sheet it’s going to show you pretty much Everything you need to know the five Steps to get up and running with your Affiliate business just go to the first Link description below or just go to This link right here to download it Again it’s going to talk about all kinds Of different niches and products you Could promote so

If you don’t like the idea of Documenting a side hustle right we’re Going to show you all kinds of other Niches you can actually go into in this Free chi-chi so again that’ll be the First link description below with that Being said guys if you enjoyed this Video all i asked you to drop a like and Subscribe if you’re new let me know you Want more videos like this with that Being said guys i hope you have a great Rush today and as always i will see you In my next video

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