Real estate gave me my freedom 🏡 #shorts #realestate #passiveincome #financialfreedom #kimkiyosaki

I love real estate and I started back in 1989 with a little two bedroom one bath House you know and back then it was Forty five thousand dollars and I had to Put down five thousand dollars which I Didn’t have and I was scared to death What if I lose money and what if I make A mistake but once I got through that First property and kept buying more and More properties I understood real estate I understood the game but I also Understood the freedom that real estate Specifically cash flowing real estate Could deliver and that’s really the love Of real estate it’s not so much the Property although I love properties I Love to figure out how to make the Properties better how to create a better Environment for our tenants I love all Of that but the number one thing is the Freedom that comes from the cash flow of These rental properties

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