QUIT Your 9-5 Job With Affiliate Marketing (Step by Step Plan)

In this video I give you a full step by step guide to quit your 9-5 job with affiliate marketing.

And since your working a job and have a busy schedule this video give you the absolute best strategy to get results even if you only have a few hours per week to work on your business.

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Hey guys chad here so when i first Started affiliate marketing around five Years ago i was going to college Full-time and working a job so i know How hard it can be to have a busy Schedule while you’re trying to build Your online business which is why in This video i’m going to give you a full Step-by-step roadmap to quit your Nine-to-five job with affiliate Marketing even if you only have a few Hours per week now the plan and the Strategy that i’m gonna be showing you In this video is something that’s Working really good right now and it’s Pretty much something anyone can do and You don’t even need a website to get Started with this that being said i’m Super excited to show this to you guys Like i said this is going to be the Perfect plan for someone who is on a Time budget so that being said let’s Dive straight into it alright guys so The first thing i’m going to do is i’m Going to show you the 10 000 foot Overview of the strategy of the road map You’re going to follow to eventually Quit your nine to five job if i share my Screen here you can see this is kind of Where it starts so the first step of This is to pick a niche and some type of Product you wanna promote and in this Video i’m just gonna walk you through Literally each step and every green box

You see this is going to be the Checkpoints that you’re going to hit Right this is going to be your first Couple goals and eventually you’re going To be able to quit your job and scale to That six figure mark now if you want to Follow along this road map with me i Will leave a link in the description Below where you can download this Roadmap for completely free there’s no Email required or anything like that so Go ahead and download that if you want To follow along with me now obviously The first step of this like i said is Your niche and the product that you want To promote as an affiliate so if you Don’t know what this is already i’m sure A lot of you watching this video you Already have an idea of what kind of Product or what niche you want to Promote in but for those of you who are Brand new and just have no idea there’s A couple different things you can do if You search chadbartlet and then niches On youtube you’ll see a couple of my Videos come up or you can go over to a Website like clickbank and just go over To the marketplace and on the left here You’re going to see all kinds of Categories with different Sub niches inside these categories and If you click on any of these right You’re going to see all kinds of Products that you can promote in these

Different niches right so we have stuff Like you know health and fitness right And inside of here we have specifically Diets and weight loss or exercise and Fitness meditation nutrition if we keep Going down here we specifically have you Know self-help or spirituality so this Is more you know like manifestation Stuff or there’s another category like E-business and e-marketing so this is More you know make money online stuff Anything around online marketing so you Know you kind of have to decide what Industry what niche uh what kind of Products you want to promote to because Keep in mind you’re going to be making Content around this niche you’re going To be writing emails around this niche And ultimately you’re going to be Promoting products around it so my Suggestion is always pick something that You either have interest passion or Experience around right one of those Three things that’s the niche you’re Going to want to go into the next step Of this if we go back to our roadmap Here Is the actual lead magnet so this is Going to be the free thing that you’re Going to give away to your niche right Two people in your niche you know in Exchange you’re gonna get their email Address and they’re gonna get the free Gift that you offer so this is super

Important because you know one of the Things i always preached on on this Youtube channel is to build your email List right build digital assets because This is what’s going to consistently Make you money every single month and Especially if you’re going to quit your 9 to 5 job right you want to have Consistent income you want to have you Know different assets that you can rely On that’s going to make you money you Know every single month right so one of Those is going to be your email list so You know as far as a lead magnet goes What is that free gift that you’re going To be giving away well there’s a couple Different things you can do right and it Kind of depends on your niche right so For example one of my free gifts that i Give away on this youtube channel is i Have a free affiliate boss cheat sheet That shows you the five steps to quit Your nine to five job with affiliate Marketing right kind of similar to this Video So what i did is i put those five steps Into an ebook into a cheat sheet and if People want to download it right all They have to do is give me their email Address so that’s one example another Example let’s say you went into the Manifestation niche this is a lead Magnet where we’re giving away a free Meditation audio mp3 right so if people

Want you know to get an audio mp3 of a Meditation they can download this and All they have to do is enter their email Address and we’re gonna send it over to Their email or another example this guy Is in the stretching niche right so Basically flexibility and stretching He’s giving away a eight minute routine That can relieve tension build core Strength and enhance your flexibility And basically this eight minute routine Is shared inside of a video right so Sometimes this lead magnet it doesn’t Have to be a book it doesn’t have to be A audio right sometimes it can just be As simple as a video right and we ask For their email on where where should we Send that video now the cool thing about This is a lot of times especially when You’re promoting products on clickbank That have some type of video sales Letter on it so Your affiliate link basically takes them To a video Is you can leverage that video as your Lead magnet so you don’t have to create Your own lead magnet yourself so for Example on this page this eight minute Routine when they enter their email it’s Not me creating the video it’s not this Person who has this funnel creating the Video so if we just enter the email here Basically what happens is they get taken Over to the sales page and this is the

Free free video that they get to watch And this is actually my affiliate link So right when they go into the funnel it Actually takes them to my affiliate link So basically we’re leveraging the Product as the lead magnet and i’ll show You one more example of the lead magnet So this is a lead magnet in the travel Niche so again for this one we’re in the Travel niche we’re attracting people who Are interested in traveling and Specifically we’re attracting people who Want to learn how to travel the world For free or on a budget so this is like A free travel hacking guide so show us How to pick a travel credit card how to Earn miles and free flights on hotels And then they also get a free community With other travel hackers and again if They want the free guide all they have To do is enter their email and we’ll Send it there so hopefully those Examples will give you a clear outlook On what a lead magnet is and how to Create one for your niche okay so now The next step of this roadmap as you can See is going to be to create a facebook Group now if you recall back to what i Said earlier in this video you don’t Need a website to do this entire Strategy so we’re going to do this Without a website and basically what We’re going to be doing is using a Facebook group as your sales funnel as

Your website and also as your community For anyone who’s interested in the Product you’re promoting and is in your Niche so i created this funnel map to Kind of show you how we use facebook Groups as a sales funnel and how we also May make a ton of money from a facebook Group so we have a facebook group right Here and this is like the actual funnel Flow of it now this is like a road map So the steps you should follow but this Is what the funnel looks like so once You have a facebook group right so You’re going to create a facebook group Around your niche so maybe it’s a travel Hacking facebook group maybe it’s a Manifestation facebook group maybe it’s An affiliate marketing facebook group Whatever your niche is you’re going to Create a facebook group around that so What happens when people join your group Is we have these membership questions so If you ever notice when you go to join a Group they’re going to ask you a couple Questions so what i like to do on my Group is i like to collect emails and Also implement a chat marketing strategy When they join my group so basically how This looks like is if i go to my Facebook group you can see the first Question is just that you know a basic Question this group is for aspiring Entrepreneurs affiliate marketers Individuals who are staring at serious

About starting online business does this Sound like you so you can kind of apply The same question to Um you know any niche so my group is Specifically around affiliate marketing So that’s why i have it around this and The second question is this is where i Have my lead magnet that free gift that We just talked about earlier in this Video so pay attention here it says Would you like a free copy of my Five-step cheat sheet to quit your job With affiliate marketing give us your Best email to get instant access from Our team so what happens here is i get You know anywhere from 50 to 100 new Members in my group every single day and We get all kinds of people entering Their email into this question because They want a free copy of this cheat Sheet and what that does is it helps me Build my email list so this is why you Don’t need a funnel for this we’re using A facebook group and what i’ll do is I’ll just once a day i’ll have my va Manually enter those emails into my Email sequence into my funnel and then They’ll immediately start getting my Follow-up emails and that’s where i Eventually promote products and make Money so if we go to this back to this Funnel chart right we can see this is The second question where we give away This free lead magnet and that’s where

You know they give us their emails and Then like i said i have a va put them Inside of my 15 day email sequence and Inside this email sequence right the First email we delivered that free gift So in this case we delivered that free Cheat sheet and then throughout the next You know 14 days where the emails that’s Where we start promoting products and That’s one of the ways we make money From our facebook group now the second Way we make money is question number Three right so What’s cool about this question is i can Swap this out with whatever i’m Promoting right now so Right now i’m promoting a new case study Group offer as you can see it says i’m Starting a new craigslist group this Month and i’m looking for a handful Affiliates to partner with who want to Make an extra 3 to 5k per month online Are you interested in joining us Financial and time commitment required I’m just basically putting you know what Whatever my core offer is right now and What’s cool about this is i can switch It out so if i do you know if i have Another product launching or i’m Promoting something else I can just i can just change the Question to a different headline and Then i also make it clear that there’s Going to be a financial and time

Commitment required so i make it clear That in order to join this group it’s Going to cost money so this is where you Know people can either click yes or no Thank you and if they click yes Basically what we do is we actually Implement a chat marketing strategy so This is where this third question comes In and this is where we actually add Them as a friend we reach out to them on Facebook messenger we ask them a couple Questions and we eventually sell them That product right so you can pretty Much do this with any product or service That you’re promoting it’s the same Exact concept so this is another way we Make money from your group and since You’re actually like chatting with People and marketing with them it’ll Actually make your conversion rate super High right because instead of just going Through an automated email sequence Which still works it still makes you Sales you know when you’re actually Chatting one-on-one you know you’re able To build a lot more trust and report a Lot faster and you’re able to answer all Their objections all their questions and Usually that’s going to result in way More conversions way more commissions For the product you’re promoting so Typically in this third question i’d Recommend promoting some type of high Ticket product uh whether that’s you

Know five hundred dollars a thousand Dollars two thousand dollars and that’s Going to make it so you only need a Couple sales per day to make that Full-time income so you can quit your Nine-to-five job and then the last part Of this thing is you know not only are We collecting emails and also Implementing a chat marketing strategy But you know anyone who answers these Questions i accept them into my facebook Group and they get inside of my Community they’re able to see all our Other members they’re able to ask Questions i do a lot of posts in my Facebook group as well right so they get To know me more they get to see my Profile and once every couple weeks i’ll Do some type of promotional post where I’ll have a discount or a new lead Magnet a new offer coming out and this Is where again we implement a chat Marketing strategy for anyone who Comments on these posts and i’m Eventually making money from them as Well right so no matter what happens Even if they you know let’s say they Don’t enter their email and they click No on this third question you know some Of these people i’m still able to make Money from them in the long term because They’re inside of my community all right So once you have your facebook group Started and you have like a clear

Outlook of how we’re using our facebook Group as a sales funnel how we’re gonna Make money from it instead of having a Traditional funnel or website the next Step is getting members into our Facebook group right getting members Into our funnel because that’s what our Facebook group is so the way we’re gonna Do that you know you can do this Multiple different ways but the way we Have in this video is starting a tick Tock account this is going to be the Absolute fastest way to do this so again Your tick tock account is going to be Around you know whatever niche you chose Right you’re going to start researching And make viral content in your niche Right so This is where you know you go over to Tick tock so if your niche is around Side hustles you’re gonna search side Hustles and you’re gonna see the most Viral videos around side hustles and You’re gonna model these right you’re Gonna make similar videos to these and Just change it up a little for your own Brand right so this is my tick tock Account chad’s hustle so i make all Kinds of videos around side hustles and Affiliate marketing because that’s my Niche for my personal brand so anyways If your niche is let’s say travel hacks Right and you have a travel hacks Facebook group you’re just going to

Search travel hacks into tick tock right And you’re going to you know look at Some of these videos you’re going to get Some ideas and you’re going to remake Some of this content and put your own Spin on it and as long as these videos Are getting up to a million views right These are viral videos and they’re Proven to work so you know if this video Is getting 11 million views for five Travel hacks most people don’t know About chances are your video can at Least get 10 000 views 5 000 views and That alone is going to get you all kinds Of followers so if we go back to this Roadmap the first goal you have here the First checkpoint is get to a thousand Followers and put your facebook group Link inside of your tick tock bio right So again on tick tock in order to put a Link in your bio you need at least a Thousand followers so that’s going to be Your first goal of this road map now Like i said once you have a thousand Followers and you’re able to put that Facebook group link in your bio now what You can do is all of your tick tock Videos you can make a call to action to Join your facebook group right so the End of your video let’s say you’re doing You know the top five travel hacks most People don’t know about at the very end Of the video just be like hey if you Also want to join a free community of

Travel hackers click the link in my bio Right so you can say something like that And now You’re gonna start getting all kinds of Members to join your facebook group so Going back to this funnel right this is Kind of what it looks like it starts With tick tock it goes to your facebook Group and now you can start collecting Emails right and implementing a chat Marketing and building up your community So basically from here right if we Follow the flow chart you know your Second goal once you have a thousand Followers and really you should be able To make your first thousand dollars in Commissions with your first three to Five hundred members joining your group That’s really all it takes to make at Least a thousand dollars especially if You’re implementing a chat marketing Strategy into your facebook group so Again that should be your first goal is To get your first thousand dollars Commissions that’ll make you believe That you can make money online you can Do this And really the only step from there is To keep ramping up how many member Requests you’re getting per day in your Facebook group so if you want to scale To let’s say 3 to 5k per month that’s Probably your first goal so you can Potentially quit your 9 to 5 job and you

Know be able to put a lot more time into Your business so if you can average you Know 20 to 30 member requests per day in Your facebook group as long as you know How to monetize right and you’re using Chat marketing you have a good email Sequence right there’s no reason you Can’t make three to 5k per month from Those 20 to 30 leads per day and again The way you’re going to get 20 to 30 Leads for days you’re going to keep Posting content on your tick tock Account you’re going to keep making Those viral videos and having call to Actions at the end of those videos to Join your facebook group for a free Community and it’s a really easy call to Action to make because people aren’t as Skeptical as they are when you send them To your own website or your own funnel When you’re just saying hey join my free Community right there’s no skepticism so Um it’s actually pretty easy to get 20 To 30 members per day and again once you Apply the email marketing they’re going Through your sequence they’re you’re Doing the chat marketing right after a Couple weeks or so doing this really Consistently i guarantee you’re going to Start seeing that you know 100 200 per Day mark and over time right if you do That for a month or so that’s gonna add Up to that three to five k per month Mark and that’s where you’re able to

Quit your job and i’ll tell you what Guys like i said when i first started i Was on a busy schedule too when i first Started my affiliate business i was Pretty much working 12 hours a day Between you know my part-time job going To college and working on my affiliate Business Now once i started making 3 to 5k per Month because this is exactly what i did I not only did i drop out of college but I also quit my job and literally within A month i scaled to six figures because I had so much more time i had so much More freedom to work on my business and That’s how i was able to scale to that Six figure mark so anyways guys hope you Found this video super helpful and you Know giving you a full road map and step By step process to quit your Nine-to-five job with affiliate Marketing like i said if you do want to Download that roadmap for completely Free that will be the first link in the Description below and also if you’d like To join my facebook group for completely Free and get a free community of other Affiliate marketers that’ll be the Second link in the description below so Anyways guys i hope you enjoyed this Video if you did only ask to drop a like And subscribe if you’re new let me know You want more videos like this as always Guys thank you so much for watching and

I will see you in my next video

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