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In this video, I’m going to share how to promote affiliate links with FREE traffic!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see my name right here Gary Berry and I’m logged into one of my Affiliate accounts that I’ve created Recently and just in the last few weeks Or so you can see I’ve been able to Generate 12 350 using mostly free traffic and in This video I’m going to reveal an Incredibly powerful five minute totally Free traffic method for affiliate Marketing that will allow you to copy And paste your link to thousands even if You don’t have a following or any Experience online now in this video I’m Also going to be giving away the chance To win three nights stay in a luxurious Hotel in Las Vegas to one lucky viewer To qualify you just have to subscribe to My channel like the video and then Comment the word Freedom down below now I’m going to be announcing the winner on My next video so be sure you stay tuned So without further Ado let me go ahead And dive right into this strategy so What you want to understand is there’s Actually a website online called now what this website Is is it’s tons of different ads or Advertisements that you can post online Now you can see that there’s Vehicles There’s Services there’s for rent There’s real estate so no matter what Affiliate product you’re promoting Online you can post an ad in that

Category and then people can actually See that now the cool thing about this Site is it’s actually totally free to Post an ad now I went to a site called what this site does is You can put in any URL and it will tell You how many visitors are going to that Website what type of traffic are going To that website now you can see right Here if we go here and We scroll down you can see that in the Last few months or so they’ve been Generating close to 1 million views okay So that’s one million real people that Could potentially get in front of your Ad which we are going to lead to our Affiliate link and they can start to buy And you can start to make tons of sales Totally for free now if I go down here You can see top countries this is where Most of the traffic’s coming from you Can see that close to 50 percent okay 43 Percent is coming from the United States Which is great because that’s a top tier Country so people have a lot more money And they can afford to buy the products We promote okay so we just want to click Post and ad for free and that’s going to Take you to a page that looks something Like this now you want to choose Category you want to choose jobs and Then you want to choose business Opportunities because for this video We’re actually going to be promoting a

Business opportunity type of site now I’m going to include a link directly Below to my number one affiliate system To promote now it actually will pay you Up to two thousand dollar instant one Hundred percent commissions so all you Have to do is go to the link in the Description below it will take you to a Page that looks something like this if There’s a button you want to click there And then you want to put in your best Gmail account and that’s how you’re Going to be able to receive emails Updates commission notifications and all That and more so go ahead and do that Now you’ll ultimately be able to watch a Free webinar revealing how to set up Your system Now setting up your system Is very easy you can also watch this Video here but once you watch the Webinar David the creator of this Affiliate system is going to be able to Tell you how to set things up very Simply you can see there’s four main Income streams you put your affiliate IDs here you save that okay so now once It’s set up you just have your affiliate Link here and if you get people to go to This link they will ultimately be able To get followed up with on autopilot With the system and you can start to Make these high ticket commissions okay So I’m going to go ahead and paste that Link in right there now what you want to

Understand also is if you go down to This page which again you’ll be led to As you follow through the process you Can see right here that they actually Have email ads so what we can do is we Can actually take one of the subject Lines okay right here and I can go back To this and I can go add title and I can Go ahead and do that now for asking Price you can actually put in free okay Because this is a job that you know We’re not going to be costing anything For them to go to the affiliate link and Now for description again we just want To go back here and we can just copy in This email body now the cool thing is With this system it actually already Pre-populates your affiliate link right There so what we can do is we can Actually go back to this page here and We can paste it in right there okay so You can go ahead and paste here okay and There you go boom it already puts in now It says solo ad here what you can do With this system is you can after the Equal sign I can put in classified ads Because what this does is this tells you The source so once we start getting Clicks to this link and someone decides To buy and we make those big commissions We can actually look and see that oh This came from this specific site so Let’s go ahead and promote more now you Can put your name in right there so I’m

Going to suit Garrett and that’s pretty Darn good okay you can put your name Your email your email again to confirm Okay your phone number this is just Basic information Um you can do keep phone private okay so People don’t message shoe this is Basically just kind of putting Information in so you can go ahead and Post that ad City town or neighborhood Okay you can actually put a large town You can actually look up you know Big Towns you can type in you know big Cities in the United States if you want To promote in the United States and you Can actually look okay says New York City you can also look at you know big Cities United States ZIP codes okay so You can go ahead and see and it says you Know Houston Texas so that’s a zip code In Houston Texas you can go ahead and Paste that in right there type in the Code okay so right there and then for Image you can actually attach an image To your ad so to find good images we can Go to a free site called now All the links are going to be directly Below in the description now once you go Here you want to think about what type Of AD you’re posting what type of Product you’re promoting because this is A business opportunity and it’s all About making money passively what I did Was I searched in laptop Beach okay

Because this is a good image you know People want to make money they want to Work you know on the beach so we can Actually just download one of these Photos okay so if I scroll this one’s Pretty good I can actually open this up And I can do free download and these Photos on pixels are free to use okay They’re actually copyright free so what I can do is now I can go back here and I Can go ahead and choose that file that I Downloaded and upload it to this ad okay So you can see it’s uploaded there we Have the ad right here we have the ad Title and all you have to do next is Just click post this ad and that ad will Go out to thousands and thousands of People remember this site gets close to A million visitors per month okay so There’s a great chance tons of people Are going to see your ad they’re going To click your affiliate link and because You’re promoting using this system right Here it will do all the selling all the Following up for you and you can start To generate these commissions like I Said this was just in a few weeks of Using this new system and this is just An income stream number one now the last Thing I want to share with you is how You can actually scale this what you can Do is there’s many sites just like that First one here is you can go

Here you you can go ahead and post an ad Right there you can post the same exact Ad you can also go to this site right Here the free ad Forum you can go ahead And publish your ad here so again the More sites you join the more ads you Post daily the more people that are Going to go to your link okay so I Really hope you got value again I’m Gonna include all the links directly Below also be sure to subscribe like the Video and comment Freedom I’m going to Be selecting one random person that’s Gonna win a three-night stay in Las Vegas and I will announce on the next Video so be sure you stay tuned anyway My friend thanks so much for watching And I will see you on my next video [Music] Thank you

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