No-Face Clickbank Tutorial 2022 – FAST Ways To $100/Day

In this video I share my TOP 5 strategies to do clickbank affiliate marketing without showing your face.

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Hey everyone chad here so if you’re just Getting into affiliate marketing i’m Sure you’ve been told a million times to Start putting out videos in your niche And start posting them to social media And while i do agree that is a good way To get started it’s not the only way to Make a full-time income with affiliate Marketing which is why today i’m gonna Give you a full tutorial on how to do Clickbank affiliate marketing without Showing your face now these strategies I’m gonna be showing you today not a lot Of people talk about and i’ve personally Tested them all myself and have Personally made money from them so i Know they can work for you too so Anyways guys i’m super excited to reveal These strategies to you guys so without Further ado let’s dive straight into it Alrighty guys so like i said i’m gonna Be showing you my top five strategies to Do clickbank affiliate marketing without Showing your face so you guys can just Watch this video see what strategy best Fits you and choose the one that you Want to go ahead and dominate and start Making commissions from so the first Strategy i’m gonna be showing you is Hiring a freelancer or partnering with Someone to make all your content for you So basically the way this works if i Share my screen here you can see this is One of the accounts that i own it’s

Called work from homegirl and as you can See this is not me filming the videos i Hire this freelancer to make all the Videos for her and i usually pay her Anywhere from 20 to 25 dollars per tick Tock video that she makes me and i could Spread these videos across all kinds of Different platforms so anyways this is What she does basically i’ll just give Her a video to make she’ll remake it She’ll do all the editing inside the Tick tock app and then she’ll actually Send it over to me inside of a file and We’ll basically just do 15 videos at a Time and i’ll just pay her once a month So basically that’s how i run this Account and as you can see we have our Affiliate link inside the bio of this Account where we actually take him to a Free quiz showing the best online jobs For them and just from this account Alone we make anywhere from five hundred Dollars to a thousand dollars per month From this account not a bad source of Income i don’t put all my focus on it But if i had you know eight hours a day Just to focus on this i could probably Turn this alone into a full-time income So all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna Go over to and you’re just Gonna go to video and animation this Category here and you’re gonna go down Where you see spokesperson videos so all We’re gonna do is click on that and as

You can see there’s all kinds of people Who are willing to make videos for you So keep in mind a lot of these people Aren’t specifically marketing their Services as i’m going to make tick tock Videos for you a lot of them will make Advertisements for companies user Generated content so that’s another Thing you can type in is user generated Content so Let’s check that out and as you can see You can find a bunch of people here who Are willing to make videos for your Brand for your company for your ads Right so if they’re willing to make Videos for ads chances are they’re also Willing to make videos for tick tock Account so what i personally did is i Just messaged them so you can actually Private message them on fiverr and as You can see i just said hello i’d like To hire to make content for my tick tock Account so it’s technically not an ad It’ll just be a video post on tick tock Is this okay with you i’ll provide you With the exact script and everything you Need let me know that’s all you say and She agreed to that so again if they Don’t agree just message a few people See which one would be the best fit for Your budget and that’s how you can hire Someone to make all your videos for you And like i said all you have to do is Find a freelancer to make your videos

For you give them videos to make you’re Going to post those videos over to your Chick talk account and you’re going to Start building leads you’re going to Start building followers and eventually You’ll be able to put that link in your Tick tock bio and start making Commission so as long as your account Can make you more money than what you’re Paying them right you’re gonna be in a Profit so the goal is to make you know a Couple thousand per month with this Account and have it cost you around four To five hundred dollars per month to run And obviously you’re going to make a Profit for that you can do this for Multiple accounts and scale it up However much you like now the second Strategy to do clickbank affiliate Marketing without showing your face is Something i just talked about in a Recent video so i will link that up Above in just a second but this is just Basically looking at your tick tock Videos seeing which one that is doing Really good organically for example this One with 76 000 views to get organically This one with 68 000 views did pretty Good organically so what you want to do Is find one of these videos that did Good organically and you can run them as An ad on tiktok and not only can you Gain more followers from the ad but you Can also send them straight over to your

Landing page which eventually leads to Your affiliate link for the product You’re promoting so again like i said i Just did a full tutorial on my youtube Channel about tick tock ads just last Week so if you haven’t watched that Video already and you’re interested in Doing tick tock ads i’m going to leave a Card up above where you can go and click On that and watch that video if you want To use tick tock ads which is strategy Number two and by the way if you want All kinds of landing page templates that You can use for these strategies to put Your affiliate link in and start Collecting emails with i’m gonna leave a Link below to our affiliate club as you Can see if you sign up it’s completely Free as long as you create a build your Account using that button in the link Below like i said you’ll get all kinds Of pre-built funnel templates that you Can use and download for yourself right So we have all kinds of them Manifestation we have keto diet crypto Travel social media jobs all kinds of Different niches that you can actually Download and we just added around six More templates just last week so anyways That will be the first link down below If you guys are interested in Downloading these landing page templates For completely free alright so the third Strategy you can use to do clickbank

Affiliate marketing without showing your Face is going to be starting a facebook Group keep in mind starting facebooker From scratch if you don’t have an Audience already it can be kind of tough So i’d recommend if you have any sort of Budget for this because i’ve personally Done this in the past and it was a lot Easier to start making money super Quickly is you can actually buy a Facebook group around a certain topic And you can use that facebook group to Collect emails to build your list you Can use that facebook group to do chat Marketing and messenger and sell Products through there so i think Facebook groups is a really powerful way To make money so anyways this is going To depend on your niche a little bit so Obviously you can just type in you know What your niche is into facebook and Then you’re just going to go over down To groups and you can see all kinds of Groups around keto diet for example Let’s say you want to buy this keto diet Fit for beginners as you can see as 90 000 members so we’re just going to click On this And all you really have to do is you can Kind of look in the group and see the Engagement in here see how well you know So like this post got 76 comments and Just kind of see how often people are Posting making sure there’s not a lot of

Spam in there and stuff like that and if You feel like it’s a pretty good group What you can do is you can actually go To the member so i’m just going to click On the members and as you can see There’s admins in this group so we can See there’s two different admins and What do i do is i would add these people As a friend and just be like hey man Listen i love your keto diet facebook Group i was wondering if you’d be Willing to sell it for me for a fair Price let me know you just send them a Cold message like that and most of the Time these people will not be making Money for these groups they’ll they just Kind of created it for fun and so if you Give them a good offer like 500 a Thousand dollars and if the group is Good enough and it’s gonna make you a Couple thousand per month within you Know three months from now i would offer Two thousand dollars three thousand Dollars and a lot of them they’re gonna Be like oh i can’t pass it up right That’s extra money if they’re not Monetizing the group at all chances are You can get it for like 500 depending on How many members there are so anyways That’s one example of a niche another Niche example is credit repair there’s All kinds of credit repair softwares and Courses you can promote As an affiliate and anyways for example

Let’s say we wanted to do this group i’m Not a member in this group so i’d have To join the group to actually see who The members are and reach out to the Admins but that’s another niche example You can also go into nutrition niche for Example so we have exercise diet and Nutrition and again right you just go Over to members see if there’s a lot of Spam in there see how the engagement is And reach out to these admins and ask Them if they’d be interested in selling It for a fair price so now once you Actually get one of these groups and you Actually bought one of these the way You’re gonna monetize it is actually Really easy so i’m gonna go over to my Affiliate bosses group and by the way if You guys want to join this group that Will be the third link in the Description below the way i monetize This group is You’re gonna go over here to manage and You’re gonna go down and you’re gonna See this tab called membership questions So i’m just gonna click on this and as You can see we have some questions for When people join our group so for me we Get anywhere from 40 to 50 member Requests every single day kind of just Comes in passively facebook promotes my Group once you get some traction on it So a lot of times with these keto diet Groups or these credit repair groups

When they already have 90 000 members You’ll get all kinds of free traffic Every single day of new members coming In without you sharing the group because Facebook will promote the group to all Kinds of people on facebook that they Think would like that group anyways we Get all kinds of members for free and The first question we have is you know This group is for aspiring entrepreneurs Affiliate marketers and individuals who Are serious about starting an online Business so just a basic question just Making sure that anyone we accept is People who want to learn affiliate Marketing entrepreneurship do the same Thing for your niche the next question Is really important this is where we Collect emails so it says would you like A free copy of my five step cheat sheet To quit your job with affiliate Marketing give us your best email to get Instant access from our team and what You’ll notice is this is your lead Magnet so anyone who wants a free copy Of whatever lead magnet you have for Your niche they’re going to enter their Email below so typically my opt-in rate The amount of people like let’s say i Get 50 members a day usually around 25 To 30 people will actually enter their Email so it’s actually a really good Opt-in rate and again this group alone Collects me anywhere from 20 to 30 leads

Per day on complete autopilot and once i Get the email i have a va basically just Put them into my funnel they’ll start Going through my email sequence and Eventually buy the products that i’m Recommending to them that’s the second Question that’s how you’re going to Build your email list the third question Is for me and again this question you Can kind of change out at any time and It says i’m starting a new case study Group and i’m looking for a handful Affiliates to partner with who want to Make an extra 3 to 5k per month online Are you interested in joining us we make Sure it’s noted that there is a Financial and time commitment required So this is a paid product but again it’s Just for those who really want to Jumpstart right so you could do the same Exact kind of messaging in a keto diet Group in a credit repair group inside of A nutrition group right whatever the Niche is and obviously they can just Check yes or no if they check yes this Is where you can actually manually reach Out to them through your personal Facebook profile and you can ask them a Couple questions make sure they’re a Good fit for the product you’re Promoting and if they are that’s where You send them your affiliate link make Sure you answer all their questions and You can make a lot of commissions

Through there just this question alone Makes me a couple thousand dollars extra Per week all right so the fourth Strategy you can use to do clickbank Affiliate marketing without showing your Face is gonna be something called native Ads so this is something i tested around A year ago and i did okay with it i end Up making around 500 in a few days from This but the catch is i spent 500 to do That so i broke even on it so if i Really put more time into it i probably Could have succeeded with it the only Thing i don’t like about native ads is There’s not a lot of training on the Internet around it and it’s typically Pretty hard to build your email list With native ads so for me i’m all about Building digital assets so that’s your Email list that’s your social media That’s your facebook group that’s you Know anything that builds up over time And you can continue to make money from Every single month so that’s the only Thing i didn’t like about native ads but For some people who love paid Advertising and you’re really analytical This may be a good strategy for you so Let me kind of share what it is and how It works so what native ads are are Basically advertisements on news Websites so as you can see we’re just on This little medical news Website this article is specifically

Talking about sleep and as you can see On the side here there’s this little ad That comes up so this is what a native Ad is and i guarantee you this ad is Promoting a clickbank product so as you Can see it says says if you have a Toenail fungus try this tonight it’s Genius so typically with native ads They’re super clickbaity they’re super Attention seeking because the whole goal Of native ads is to get people to click Right so you’re really focused on click Through rate let’s go ahead and click on This ad and kind of see where it takes Us i’m guessing it’s going to take us to Some kind of landing page as you can see So this is literally just a landing page Right as you can see one page nowhere Else to go besides this as you see it Just has a headline watch this video has A little bit of um text here it says Watch this video to understand why big Farmer doesn’t want you know about the Simple treatment and as you see if we Press watch now This is going to be his affiliate link So i’m just going to press on this and As you can see it goes straight over to A video sales letter and again this is a Clickbank product you know they Originally hooked people with the Toenail fungus they took people to a Free video this is their landing page And again it goes over to the philly

Link related to toenail fungus and this Is where they get a commission if they Actually buy on this page so that’s Native ads for you like i said i did do A video on this like a year ago if you Guys want to check that out i’ll leave a Card up above it kind of goes into more Detail and also um you’re gonna need This software called addplexity again a Little bit expensive i believe the Software is like 99 a month or something Like that it may even be more and this Will help you spy on ads so you can see All kinds of proven ads that are running So again you probably will need the Software if you’re going to do this Strategy so native ads you’re gonna need A budget you’re gonna need anywhere from At least a thousand to two thousand Dollars to start testing out ads and Stuff like that so again that’s the Native ads for you not for everyone but It is still a great strategy it works i Know people who make thousands of Thousands of dollars a day with this but Again you will need a budget to get Started with this okay and the last Strategy to do clickbank affiliate Marketing without showing your face These are my top five strategies like i Said the last one is going to be using Faceless theme pages on social media so If you don’t know what a faceless theme Page is it’s basically a instagram page

Or even a facebook page kind of like This where there’s no face behind it so For example this one’s around law of Attraction and they kind of share all Kinds of law of attraction posts as you Can see they get a decent amount of Engagement 8 000 likes 185 comments and This is where you can promote different Clickbank products around manifestation Around law of attraction i’ll throw some Up on the screen here but anyways that’s An example of some obviously you can Market the product through your Instagram stories you can market the Product through the link in your bio Right so having your landing page link In your bio building your email list From it you can also tell people to Comment a certain word on your post and Go and dm all those people and you know Kind of just chat with them and Eventually sell them a product so There’s all kinds of little things you Can do to monetize these instagram pages Uh kind of the same concept with tick Tock accounts right so you can see this One’s pretty successful manifestation 86 1.2 million followers as you can see They’re promoting the soulmate what your Soulmate looks like clickbank product It’s a pretty popular product on Clickbank and as you can see they’re Just posting all kinds of videos around Manifestation they’re just getting video

B-roll and putting text into it as you Can see they’re getting pretty good Amount of views obviously they’ve been Building up this account for a while now So when it comes to these theme pages You can either build them yourself you Can rent them out what i mean by renting Them is actually paying them to do a Shout out for you so you could actually Reach out to these people message them Be like hey can i do a shout out and you Can promote your landing page there or You could buy them right so if you don’t Want to start them from scratch you Don’t want to build them up you don’t Want to rent them you can actually buy Them so you can actually do this through A website called and they Have all kinds of different theme pages That you can actually buy on there and You can get pages anywhere from you know 100 To 50 000 right so there’s a huge range Depending on the engagement the Followers everything like that i Personally bought a few theme pages Myself on that website so i do trust Fame swap and it might be a good way for You to make money so keep in mind if you Want to make a full-time income with These you’re either going to need one That has a lot of followers like this One for example or you’re going to need Multiple of them right so you’re going

To need maybe two of them three of them For them and if you wanted to you could Have dozens of these pages anyways That’s gonna be the fifth strategy to Make money with clickbank without Showing your face all right so i hope You guys enjoyed this video on the best Strategies to do clickbank affiliate Marketing without showing your face if You guys want a full guide a free book On affiliate marketing it’s going to Show you all the best niches it’s going To give you a funnel template examples It’s going to show you the exact Formulas i used to write all my emails Basically everything you need to know to Get started with affiliate marketing be Sure to download my free affiliate Marketing book that’ll be the first link In the description below or just go to This link right here with that being Said guys i hope you enjoyed this video If you did just drop a like and Subscribe if you’re new let me know you Want more videos like this as always i Hope you guys have a great rest your day And i will see you in my next video

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