NEW Passive Income Side Hustle That Actually Works!

In this video I share a NEW passive income side hustle for beginners that I haven’t see really anyone else talk about!

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Hey everyone Chad here so in this video I'm going to be showing you a brand new Passive income side hustle that you can Start with no money and once it's set up As the potential to bring you in passive Income every single day now just to be Clear this will not be passive when You're first starting out but once you Do get it up and running it can be quite Hands off and continue jittering you Money with only a few hours per week of Work so that being said super excited to Show this to you guys because I haven't Really seen anyone talk about this Before so with that being said let's Dive straight into it alright so Basically what this passive income side Hustle is is using the skill set of Marketing to promote other people's Services which is pretty much just Affiliate marketing and for those of you That don't know fully marketing is the Main business model I do it's what I've Been doing for the past five years but With this instead of promoting the Traditional courses software or you know Products on ClickBank what we're doing Is we're promoting Services instead and That's why marketing is such a good Skill set to learn and have in your tool Belt because it pretty much applies to Any side hustle out there okay so the First thing you're going to do is go to Website like and as you can

See on the top here there's all kinds of Services that we could potentially Market ourselves so you can see there's Anything from logo design to website Design to nftr to you know landscape Design so there's all kinds of different Things out there and you can see there's A whole nother section for digital Marketing so there's local SEO there's Video marketing there's email marketing We can go to this one all right there's Resume writing so there's all kinds of Services that we could potentially Market and make money from so again Music and audio programming in Tech Business right so there's literally Hundreds if not thousands of services on Fiverr that we could potentially sell And each one of these Services I would Define as your Niche so if you guys know Me you know I always say to choose some Kind of Niche when you're starting out With affiliate marketing or any business And that way you're marketing to a very Specific person who wants a specific Service a specific product course Whatever it is right in this case it's a Service so what we're going to do is I'm Going to show you some examples here so What I'm going to do is I'm going to Type in something like interior design So I'm just going to type that in and as We can see there's all kinds of services People are selling where they're

Basically gonna you know give you a Layout of how you can design a room in Your house or something like that so for Example I will Design and 3D render your Commercial space Interior right starting At 55 I will Design kitchen model and Residential interior starting at 30 so This is an awesome service that you know If I was looking to remodel one of my Rental properties or I was looking to Remodel one of the new houses I just Bought instead of having to pay a design Agency what I could do is I can just go On Fiverr get a professional Design Interior design done and then they could Just basically show me what I'll need to Buy and I can just go and do it all Myself but they'll actually do the Designing for me and that's the service They're providing all right so once you Actually find a service or Niche to Promote and market now step number two Is where we actually create content on Social media to attract that audio Audience who's interested in that Service okay so as you can see this is An example of what I would do if I was Promoting these Interior Design Services So to attract an audience who would be Interested in these services so we could Potentially make money what we can do For example is we can go on Tick Tock And we can see that you know there's a Lot of trending videos that get you know

50 plus 100 plus even a million views Sometimes where they show different Things around interior design so let me Just put the volume down you can see This guy just does best kitchen design a Material combination and he shows Different pictures right so he kind of Shows them all together so he shows like Three different options for it so this Is just one piece of content now you can Do best bathroom design best bedroom Design and that alone will give you Three ideas right you can just do all Kinds of different videos like that Which he is doing on his Tick Tock Account so obviously if you're putting Out all kinds of content around interior Design you're going to attract an Audience who maybe wants to remodel one Of the rooms in their house or remodeled Their whole house altogether and again a Lot of the times like this content it's Not going to be easy to make it's going To take you some time to find you know These pictures that kind of go together And you know just put it all together in The video this video will maybe take you 30 minutes to an hour but you know a Video like this getting 56 000 views do You think that could give you maybe a Couple sales maybe a few sales for that Service that costs 600 or 70 dollars so That's one example I can also go back Here and if you just type in interior

Design you can see like this girl's Posting 2022 interior design Trends as You can see she's getting she's just Getting a hook and then she's showing Different images of you know the Different things she's talking about so Backsplash Ledges so anyone can go on Google get those images put them Together in a tick tock video and then Slap a you know a hook that makes people Stick around and watch it so for example Hers was 2022 training designs that's an Example of another content piece and you Just want to keep making it piece of Content around interior design or Whatever service you're doing right Whatever your Niche is and posting that Over to tick tock attracting that Audience who would be interested in These services that we're actually going To be promoting and making money from on The screen here okay so now that you Know the first two steps which is Basically picking a service to promote Creating content around that service to Attract an audience who would be Interested in the service the third and Final step is actually getting paid Right so how do you actually get paid as Far as promoting these Services goes so There's really two different ways to do This the first way is using the Traditional affiliate marketing model Where you basically get a direct

Affiliate link for whatever Fiverr Listing you're promoting so for example I could go on Fiverr and we can see this One right here seventy dollars I will be Your architectural interior designer I Could go get an affiliate link Specifically for this listing on Fiverr Through fiverr's affiliate program so What I could do is basically just have a Link in my Tick Tock bio saying get your Room custom designed here and that link Would basically just go to a simple One-page website where you have a video Explaining how to get your room designed And then below that video you'd have a Button and that's where I'd have my Affiliate link for the service you're Recommending and on that page like I Said you just have a short video you Know two to five minutes long just Introducing yourself explaining how you Can get some custom interior design and The service you're promoting show the Service on Fiverr show what they do show The pricing and maybe you can actually Try that service out for yourself and You can show the design you got from That listing and then you can have an Affiliate link for the fiber listing Below that video and obviously anytime Someone clicks that link and buys the Service that you're recommending you Would make a commission of that sale so If you come to Fiverr Affiliates and you

Go to their commission plan as you can See they have two different options you Can choose from so you could either do a Ten dollar CPA plus a 10 rev share so Basically what that means is they're Gonna give you ten dollars no matter What if someone buys a service and then They're gonna give you ten percent of Whatever that service costs so if it Costs a hundred dollars you're gonna get Another ten dollars or the other option Is a flat 15 to 150 CPA so for example It kind of depends on the service but Let's say you sell a service that costs A hundred dollars they're probably going To give you a nice fifty dollar Commission so again if you sell around Two Services per day you're gonna make Around a hundred dollars per day and Commissions through the Fiverr affiliate Program so that's the first option of Getting paid is just doing direct Affiliate marketing to a Fiverr listing The second option you can use is you can Go more of the drop servicing route Where you're actually creating your own Website and it could be a simple website Just talking about you know a service That you're selling so for example going Back to let's say uh this one right here Says I will Design kitchen model and Residential interior he has nice reviews And he starts at a pretty low part price Right so thirty dollars so what I could

Do is I could basically just make a Simple one-page website marketing this Service right so I could just have a Simple website you know showing you know Basically what we do if I actually you Know know go on to the service right This will give me content for my website So for example I could just kind of Share about the gig and stuff like that And kind of what they do and then we can Have different pricing models right so He has a basic 3D modeling then there's A detailed 3D 3D model and then there's A premium for 300 uh this is 3D model And rendering so I would make a very Basic website summarizing his listing And basically what the service is and Then instead of charging you know the Same cost of you know what he charges so He charges 300 130 what I would do is I Would charge 60 200 and 500 something Like that and again you can just have a Checkout link you can take them to PayPal however you want to collect Payments and they would pay for that Service and then you can basically just Take them to a page where you ask them All kinds of questions the same concept As this guy would do so if you go and Buy this package once you actually Purchase it they're gonna ask you all Kinds of questions about what you Actually want what you're looking for so I would actually to buy the service and

See what those questions are that way You can ask your questions those same Clients and now anytime you get a sale For let's say you know that 200 price Point now you can come over to Fiverr And get that work done for the client For a hundred dollars so that's all We're doing it's kind of like Drop Shipping where instead of you know Buying a product from China for a dollar And selling it on social media for Twenty dollars or fifteen dollars right We're doing the same exact concept with The service because a lot of people on Tick Tock they might have no idea the Service exists so we're kind of giving Value in a way where we're showing that You can get a service done like this but We're gonna mark up the price a little That way we can actually make a profit And keep on making content for you know Our audience right people who are Interested in this interior design and It'll be the same concept if they went And bought the most expensive package on Your page on your website for five Hundred dollars again you go here on Fiverr go on the service and Outsource It for 300 dollars and you would keep The 200 profit in between so that's Going to be a little bit more profitable Model compared to the affiliate Marketing way of making money with this But again I think they're both great

Options and I think you can make a lot Of money because you know most these Niches mostly Services no other Affiliates or freelancing is really Putting out content around this so it Has way less competition which means There's way more room for you and me to Actually make money from this so anyways Guys if you do want to learn more about This and how to do this not only for Services but also all kinds of different Products as an affiliate like I said It's the main business model I do it's Just using that skill set of marketing To make money through social media you Want to learn more about this I have a Free 15-minute training video I recently Put together so if you want to watch That it's completely free it's going to Go over in depth on how to do this for Pretty much any product service Niche Out there online so again it's a brand New training I just made it a few weeks Ago so if you want to see it all you Have to do is click the first link in The description below or just go over to This link right here with that being Said I hope you guys enjoyed this one if You did just drop a like And subscribe If you're new let me know you want more Videos like this that being said I hope You guys have a great rest your day and As always I will see you in my next Video

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