Money is secondary, mission is first #kimkiyosaki #mission #drive

Well that’s a very bold statement aren’t You kind of full of yourself to think You can Elevate the of humanity you know All this we’re like yeah we think we’re Going to give it a shot and so we’ve Always stuck to that mission always Today you know we traveled the world and I’m always so humbled when somebody Comes up and says thank you for Rich Dad Poor Dad thank you for a rich woman Thank you for you know the board game Because of this we’ve done this and to Me that’s the mission the only time we Get in trouble with that mission is when People come in who don’t understand the Mission come into our company they don’t Understand the mission but they Understand the money and that every Single time it never works when people Come in because of the money instead of The mission there’s a failure so we’re Crystal clear that every time we stick To the mission just do what we know what To do money is secondary mission is First

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