Make $1,000’s MONTHLY With This New Affiliate Marketing Method

In this video I’ll be sharing a NEW affiliate marketing method that works especially well for beginners.

Which means to do this you don’t need any authority in the niche or experience to start making sales, enjoy!

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Hey everyone chad here so if you’re Someone who’s worried about not having Authority in your niche or maybe you Don’t have experience so you don’t feel Like you can sell the products that You’re trying to promote well this is Gonna be a super helpful video for you Because i’m gonna be showing you a very Simple method you can use to literally Make thousands of dollars every single Month with affiliate marketing without Having any authority or experience in The niche that you’re promoting so in Other words you can do this as a Complete beginner so that being said i’m Super excited to show this to you i know You’re going to get a ton of value from It and this is something i don’t hear a Lot of other people talk about here on Youtube let’s dive straight into it so Since this method is all about having no Authority or experience in the niche Which most beginners don’t have in the First place this is going to be all About trying out products and document Yourself using them within a certain Category and the reason this works so Well if you don’t have any authority or Experience in your niche is because this Concept is all about being relatable Right putting yourself in the audience’s Shoes the people who are thinking about Maybe buying a stock trading course or Thinking about buying a radar detector

Or thinking about buying a certain Software it’s putting yourself in those People’s shoes who are thinking about Buying getting ready to buy and you’re Basically just trying out the products Yourself documenting yourself using them And you’re promoting them in a very Unique way that not a lot other people Are doing so in other words instead of Being the expert telling them what to do Telling them how to do this right like Most videos on the internet what you’re Doing instead is like i said being the Relatable person who tries stuff out for Them and i’m going to show you all kinds Of examples of this in just a second but Just to give you a quick one right if You go over to my tick tock account you Can see my most viral videos are the Videos where i test side hustles for People because my account is all about Side hustles right and you can literally See when i do a how-to video showing People a certain side hustle versus me Actually testing it myself and putting Myself in their shoes and actually doing It from scratch The video gets a hundred times the Amount of views and like i said it’s the Same exact concept when you’re promoting Products when you’re actually doing Affiliate marketing using this strategy So now let me show you some real Examples of people who are actually

Doing it and crushing it with this Method and this is where it’s going to Start to really click for you guys okay So for example let’s say you’re doing This around courses right So one example this is this video right Here you know this is just one little Example of what you can do so testing Millionaire courses from tick tock so Obviously this guy um he has a bigger Youtube channel so he has more money he Has more capital to spend with so he Probably you know had a budget of let’s Say two thousand dollars for this video He bought a couple courses test them out And you know kind of just showed how They work and whether they’re worth it Or not so what i would do is just start In one category right so maybe it’s Specifically just day trading stocks Right so look at this example testing The biggest tick tock day traders course So a lot of people on tick tock they Sell a little bit lower ticket courses Maybe it’s like a 47 a 297 a 397 dollar Course right so what this guy did was Just bought a couple of those courses And actually tested out the strategies Right and as you can see the video got 889 000 views just five months ago now Instead of just being the philly who Promotes the course right and tells them To buy it what you’re actually doing is

You’re putting yourself in their shoes So people who are thinking about buying Day trading courses you’re actually Testing it for them so you’re providing A ton of value by doing that And you’re showing all the different Courses you’re trying out all the Different strategies from the courses And once you’ve implemented all the Courses right you can actually show the People what worked best and be an Affiliate for the course that helped you The most with day trading stocks or Whatever course you’re promoting Whatever the business model is or Whatever the product is and if we just Did the math on this let’s say the Course was 500 And it was giving out 50 commissions so Each sale made you 250 now let’s say Your video just got like 10 000 views Let’s say over the next three six months Or so after you start doing this for a While so if your video gets 10 000 views Right let’s do the math on this so let’s Just say a half of a percent of people Buy right so we’re gonna literally do Ten thousand times point zero zero five Right so half percent and you can see That’s still 50 sales guys that’s 50 Sales if we do the math so 50 times the 250 commission and you can see that one Video alone would make you 12 500 if Just half of a percent of people

Actually bought with only around 10 000 Views and you can kind of see to do this You don’t need any authority so you Don’t need to be an expert day trader Right you actually don’t want to be Because you want to be relatable you Want to be in the audience’s shoes and Two you don’t need experience right Because a lot of the people who are Trying day trading for the first time They don’t have experience right so You’re being more relatable by having no Experience or authority in this niche Because you’re actually just testing it Out for them you’re providing a huge Amount of value because instead of other People having to try out all those Courses and spend all their hard-earned Money you’re doing a couple of those Courses for them and you’re giving your Take on the best one that you can be an Affiliate for and you’re gonna promote That towards the end of your video but I’ll go more into that later let me show You a few more examples of people doing This so for example if we just type in i Tried day trading right you can see Um people are doing this right i tried Day trading with a thousand dollars so Instead of instead of putting like Course i tried day trading courses in The title You could just try the actual business Model or whatever it is if you’re

Specifically doing like courses around Making money right so for example um This girl did a good job with this and She said i tried day trading with a Thousand dollars here’s what happened so I think what she did in this video is She just bought one person’s course Right and she tested it out and she Tried day trading with a thousand Dollars right so you know this is Specifically for day trading so you can Do this with affiliate marketing you can Do this with shopify you can do this With a power washing business you can do This with a fish breeding business right There’s literally thousands of thousands Of these different side hustles that you Could have a whole channel around Promoting these different courses and Testing them out and leaving your Affiliate links for the best one or your Whole channel could just be around day Trading specifically or just be around Fish spring specifically right and you Could just make all kinds of videos Around you testing different strategies In that specific ditch right so you can See people do this in affiliate Marketing i try to fill it marketing With zero dollars right so if you’re Doing this as a beginner and you’re Doing you’re making a video like this Right just make sure you’re transparent The video that you’re saying like listen

I’m a beginner i’m just trying affiliate Marking out i just bought this guy’s Course i’m going to test it out for the Next week or so let’s see how it works Right and obviously if you end up Getting some results with the strategies From the course anyone who sees you do That anyone watching this video they’re Going to want to go and buy that same Course under your affiliate link Especially if you offer some bonuses if They sign up through your link and stuff Like that right this is kind of how i First started promoting an amazon course When i was first doing amazon fba Over five years ago so to kind of change It up let me show you a whole different Niche that you can actually do this in So actually last weekend i just bought One of my dream cars it’s a corvette z06 And this is a fast car i bought a radar Detector so it can like scan for cops You know trying to give you tickets and When i first got it i didn’t really know How to use it right so what did i do i Went to youtube and i typed in how to Use the radar r3 right and i watched This video right here this is posted Four years ago has 274 000 views And you know i noticed something Interesting on this guy’s channel right He has a whole entire channel Just around radar detectors right and What he does is he’s an affiliate for

Radar detection and it’s really Fascinating because i guarantee you this Guy makes well over ten thousand dollars Per month probably way more Just talking about such a specific Category of products right like Something that a lot of people don’t Even know exists right so if we actually Click on his channel you can see his Name is a vortex radar and he just tries Out all types of different radar Detectors right and he makes videos on Him he makes tutorials on he makes Reviews on them he’s the go-to expert Around this specific category of Products and he tested out all kinds of Different radar detectors he leaves Reviews on them and you can see it’s Just a normal guy who you know probably Knows more than the average person about Radar detectors and if you go to the Link in this description right you can See All the places where he’s actually Making money right best radar detectors Best laser jammers best dash cameras Right and these are all affiliate links Or they actually go to his website where He reviews all the best ones and then Inside the website he has his affiliate Links to those different radar detectors Another service i use in my personal Life is a hellofresh and i also use Daily harvest and you know hello fresh

Actually has a really good affiliate Program And what’s cool about this is they send Me a new like three new meals every Single week so what i could do is i Could have a whole tick tock account or Even a youtube channel just around Reviewing each of the meals i get every Single week so i like i said i get three Meals per week so i could get literally Three videos per week i don’t have to Think of the videos i don’t have to come Up with the content i’m just documenting The products that i’m already using and Getting and i can have a whole tick tock Account around that right and you can See people are making videos around this So like this girl an honest opinion of Hellofresh right 900 000 views so you Can see these videos get tons of views And i guarantee you right when people See you getting meals every week and They see like a meal that looks really Good to them they’re gonna go buy off Your affiliate link especially if you Give them some type of bonus incentive Added when they use your link and i Believe hellofresh has like an affiliate Program where if you refer a friend they Get like three free meals so there’s Actually a real incentive for them using Your affiliate link versus going Directly just to hella fresh right so That’s another category of products you

Can promote just meal delivery services And just documenting yourself actually Using them and making content around That Another example i’ve showed this before My youtube channel this is a channel Called central media right so we’re Going back to youtube now and you can See they just try all kinds of different Softwares around the digital marketing Space right so whether it’s you know WordPress whether it’s godaddy website Builder um a big commerce tutorial Whether it’s just shopify right so they Just make videos around pretty much Every popular software there is when it Comes to digital marketing right wix Squarespace shopify mailchimp so if you Want to go into the more of the software Category what you could do is just make Really high quality tutorials around all These different softwares and just you Know sign up to them all and learn them And if you’re ranked on this keyword for Godaddy website builder right those Videos will continue to get views for Months if not years and years to come And inside all these videos right all These softwares have affiliate programs That you can leave your affiliate links To And the best part about this is mostly Software’s have recurring affiliate Programs so you can keep on making money

Every single month that those clients Stay signed up to the software so in Your content whether you’re doing these Videos on tick tock or youtube or both You want to make sure you have call to Actions at the end of the videos for the Products that you’re actually Recommending them to buy this is a big Mistake i see content creators make so Much is they feel like they’re not Allowed to make a call to action in Their videos right you should be doing That this is not only how you’re gonna Make sales but if you actually truly Believe in the product and you believe That this product will help them change Your lives or solve their problem in Some way right the more call to actions You make the more people you’re Ultimately going to help so basically The way it looks like the way i Structure all my videos whether it’s Tick tock or youtube is i have three Things so the first thing is the hook so In this case if you’re doing these Strategies where you’re testing things Out for them right you would basically Do something like what you’re testing Out and why and then after you have the Hook of what you’re testing out and why You actually do the story so this should Actually be you trying out documenting The process or giving the tutorial Whatever it is or showing yourself

Actually cook the meal that you’re doing For the week if you’re doing hella fresh For example and the last part of the Video is your call to action so this is Where you give your honest review of the Product you’re promoting and you Actually give some type of call to Action saying click the link in my bio Or in my description with your affiliate Link for the best option that’s going to Help them the most based on whatever They’re watching in that specific video So anyways guys i hope you enjoyed this Strategy of seeing how you can actually Get started with affiliate marketing and Make some serious money without having Any special expertise or authority in That niche because i know that’s a Common question i get a common problem a Lot of beginners have with affiliate Marketing so hopefully this will solve This for you and real quick before you Leave if you want to make an extra three To five thousand dollars per month with Affiliate marketing as a complete Beginner i’m looking to partner with a Few more people who are interested in Learning how to do that i’m only looking For action takers we’re starting up like A new case study group so if you are Interested in learning how to make an Extra 3 to 5k per month with affiliate Marketing just go and click the first Link in the description below and it’ll

Give you some more information on how to Get started with this we’ll just have Some questions for you to see if we’d be A good fit to actually partner and work Together so that will be the first link In the description below so that being Said if you guys did enjoy this video Always ask you drop a like and subscribe If you’re new let me know you want more Videos like this that being said guys Hope you have a great rush today and as Always i will see you in my next video

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