Is Flipping Phones A Good Side Hustle?


Is flipping phones a good side hustle?

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Testing popular side hustles on youtube So you don’t have to part number one So this is a popular side hustle i found As you can see has 45 000 views how to Start a phone flipping business he walks Through exactly how to do it So let’s go and try it and see if it Works So the first thing i did is i went on The facebook marketplace as you can see This iphone is the eight 64 gigabyte Selling for a hundred dollars and now if We go on ebay you can see the same exact Phone selling used is selling for 160 on Here Okay as you can see i actually ordered The phone i actually got it for 80 Dollars so i talked him down a little Bit there’s no scratches or anything so The phone looks pretty good condition So that being said let’s go and list This on ebay and see how much profit we Can make Okay so i listed on ebay around five Days ago and i woke up this morning as You can see we finally sold the phone For 155 dollars so after the ebay fees We made a profit of around fifty five Dollars

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