If you want to be rich, you need to know these two things 💰

And the first thing my rich dad said to Me if you're going to be a rich man you Better learn two things right now be an Entrepreneur but he says you've got to Learn how to sell and secondly you've Got to know real estate because real Estate is debt and taxes what do you Mean debt and taxes so in 1974 I took my First real estate course and Opened my eyes up because you don't need Money to buy real estate and you pay no Taxes on top of it so just before I get Out of the Marine Corps you know I get a Job with Xerox learn how to sell so I Got sales and then I understood real Estate so why am I rich man today Because I took two courses learned how To sell and learn about real estate and My poor dad the PHD says go back to School get your MBA and get your PhD Then it wind up like you

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