How to Promote Affiliate Products WITHOUT Website Or Following! (7 WAYS)

In this video, I’m going to share how to promote affiliate products in 7 ways!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see right here hello garrett This is one of my email autoresponder Accounts you can see that all time i’ve Been able to generate 110 723 leads and as you watch this video I’m literally gonna reveal seven Different incredibly simple traffic Strategies you can use for affiliate Marketing even if you’re brand new even If you don’t have a following and even If you don’t want to show your face out There online now some of these Strategies are going to be totally free And then a few of them are going to be Paid but very cheap and affordable so You can choose which of these traffic Sources you want to use to start to rake Up a ton of leads which will ultimately Lead to a ton of sales and commissions So if you’re excited to learn that be Sure to smash the like button right now To let me know to make more videos just Like this and without further ado let’s Go ahead and dive in right now okay so The very first traffic strategy is Actually going to be free and it’s going To be using facebook okay so chances are If you’re watching this you probably Have a facebook profile what you want to Do is you want to think about what Product you’re actually promoting what Niche is that product in now if you’re Watching this you don’t have a product Or program you’re promoting i’ll include

A link directly below to my number one Affiliate program that pays you 100 Instant commissions but let’s say for This video you’re doing health and Fitness okay so you just want to go here And you want to type in a few words that Have to do with the niche like health And fitness in this example now you want To sort results by groups and what you Want to do is you want to look for a Group with a lot of members and that’s Very active so you can see this one Right here has 32 000 members and 10 Posts a day okay that’s a very active Group and you want to go ahead and join That now once you join this group okay You want to actually go into the group Right here and what we’re going to do is We’re going to actually make a post to Generate leads and traffic now you don’t Just want to go in here and spam your Link that’s not going to work you Actually want to get people responding Commenting asking you for more Information so here’s a template okay That i posted recently you can see that I got 20 likes and 50 comments i told People that i had just found an instant Paying 100 commission opportunity and i Told them to comment 100 for info okay So the structure is you want to have Excitement you want to leave information Out so you could say something like wow I just found a really quick way to lose

Weight comment yes for info okay so take The structure of this and then you’ll Have all these people commenting and Then what you want to do is just open up Their profile and then you can message Them your affiliate link because they’ve Now asked you for information so this is The first strategy totally free you can Do this in a lot of different facebook Groups and it works incredibly well now The second traffic strategy is going to Be something called udemy now udemy is a Solo ad resource you can use now solo Ads is basically where you can pay any One of these people to send out an email To their list of email addresses Promoting whatever link you want to Promote in our case an affiliate offer Now i’m gonna link to a card where i Walk through much more detail on how to Choose the best sellers on udemy i have A full solo ad tutorial if you want to Check that out after this video but a Very quick overview with solo ads with Udemy you just want to look at these People make sure they have a good Positive rating okay so a lot of thumbs Up right here you can also look at this Right here 57 of people have been repeat Buyers which is really good and then Once you find someone that has a good Rating you can open their profile and Then what you can do is you can actually Scroll down and you can purchase clicks

Now if you just select only link you can Literally just put in your affiliate Link right here okay in that box and Then you just choose how many clicks and You literally just pay per click so this Is a paid traffic source it’s 40 cents For this person per click so i would Start anywhere from about 200 to 300 Clicks that’s enough to test but you Don’t want to go too much and you don’t Want to go too little because you want To see with enough traffic is that gonna Convert your affiliate offer and you can See the total for him is 123 for 300 Clicks and you can just pay with paypal Or a debit or credit card and that ad Will start running usually um the next Day okay so this one actually has a bit Of a wait it will start running in about A week but most people you know you can Look if you do less you could do you Know the fourth but most people are Going to be able to run that very next Day so this is a very very powerful Traffic source now the next traffic Source i want to share with you is Totally free and it’s called launch Jacking okay now i actually use this in My journey for a long time to make a ton Of affiliate commissions very quickly And easily what you want to do is go to A website called And you want to understand that on this Site they list the upcoming products

That are actually going to be released To the marketplace okay so a lot of These products are going to be in the Make money online home business niche And what you can do is you can actually Open up one of these okay so let’s say This one at the time of recording this Is actually going to be releasing in two Days okay so you can see the dates and You want to find out when these products Are launching before they actually Launch so you can do this powerful Method so once you see that okay i could Choose this one right here i open up the Link and what i can do is actually open Up the jv page okay so you can see right Here this is the page where they share Information if you want to be you know a Joint venture partner with them if you Want to be an affiliate and what you can Literally do is just record your screen Walking through this page okay or the Sales page okay so if you get your Affiliate link you can go to that link And just give an overview give a review And just share your opinion and then at The end of the video you want to put Your link to your affiliate offer in the Description so people can buy it okay so You can see right here i looked up these People are actually doing it for the Product that’s going to release in a few Days and you can see they’re actually Doing this so these people have created

A simple review okay they’re just Recording their screen and then they Actually have the link in their Description okay so if you don’t know What to say in your video you can just Watch other people’s videos put it in Your own words and go ahead and upload That video to a youtube channel now the Next traffic source is going to be paid But it’s going to be very cheap and Affordable and what we’re going to be Using is instagram so instagram is great But with this method you don’t have to Create your own profile you don’t have To build followers you don’t even have To show your face what we’re going to be Doing is going to a website called okay now what this website Does is it allows you to go up to this Influencer tab and what it does is it Lists all these different instagram Profiles so it has 132 000 followers This one has 1.6 million followers and What you can actually do is you can Purchase a shout out on their profile Okay so you want to make sure the Category you select is actually the Category that your product you’re Promoting is in okay so let’s say for my Example it’s fitness so i can select That and now it’s going to list all These pages that are in the fitness Niche and you can actually open up their Account find out more information you

Can message them and what you can do is Pay okay if you want to do a 24-hour Post if you want to do a reel you add to Cart and each one is going to cost Slightly different but it’s very Affordable normally it’s in around 10 15 Depending on how many followers to post A shout out and then you want to let That feed post let that real post link To your affiliate link okay so that way You’re able to literally promote without Having a following yourself so that Works incredibly incredibly well now the Next free method i’m going to share is Actually quora now recently i posted a Full quora tutorial i’ll put another Card on this video as well so if you Want to go through my quora works you Create a free profile and what it is is A question and answer site so what we’re Going to be doing is answering questions And then leading people to our affiliate Link so we can start to drive traffic For free okay so you want to go to the Very top you want to type a few words That have to do with your niche such as Health and fitness you want to search That and then they have all these Different questions okay we want to make Sure we filter by questions and then you Can go ahead and open up one of these Questions and then you can just give a Valuable answer okay so you can write an Answer now in that tutorial that i put

The card on if you watch that i actually Share how you can answer tons of Questions per day without even writing Them yourself and then how to get away With linking to an affiliate link Because you can’t actually just direct Link quara will actually block your Account if you do that so if you want to Watch that full tutorial but you just Answer questions giving value and then You link to your affiliate offer so Quora is incredibly powerful it’s free And as you do it you’re planning seeds So you can generate tons of free passive Traffic for months if not years to come And the last traffic strategy is going To be using traffic authority okay now Traffic authority is a little bit more Expensive than some of the other ones But it’s very very high quality and what You do is if you’re promoting a make Money online an online home business Type offer this works incredibly well What you want to do is go to the traffic Store i’ll include a link directly below In the description so you can go here And what you do is you choose a package Of clicks so you can see from 170 190 All the way up to the diamond which is Literally right around 8 000 clicks okay So these clicks are from real top tier People people from top tier countries America canada australia new zealand etc And you can see the price right here so

Obviously the more clicks the more money It’s going to be and it delivers from Two to four weeks so if you want a lot Of traffic the gold is typically the Most popular that’s a thousand dollars And all you would do is just select that Package go other website and put in your Affiliate offer now if you have a Capture page or a funnel ideally you Would send it to the funnel and then the Offer but for this video you can Literally just do it without a website Put your affiliate link go ahead go down Here put attach a debit or credit card Put in the code agree to the terms and Then place order and within a day or so You’ll see your active orders right here And the cool thing about traffic Authority is you can actually pause and Edit the link you’re sending traffic to At any point which is really really cool So there we have it my friend i really Hope you enjoyed learning these seven Powerful traffic strategies you can use Without a following and even without a Website full in-depth quora tutorial but Basically again i’m gonna include a link Directly below to my top affiliate Program to promote using these traffic Methods and if you got value be sure to Smash your like button subscribe the Bell icon so you’re always notified of My latest videos and until my next Training i hope you enjoyed it and i’ll

Talk very soon [Music] You

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