How to Promote Affiliate Links on Quora With FREE Tool! (Copy/Paste)

In this video, I’m going to share how to promote affiliate links on quora!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see that this answer right Here got 196 000 views you can see this one right Here 245 000 views on this one answer and you can See right here 2.7 million views what I’m going to share with you inside this Video is exactly how you can go to create a free account post an Answer for free and start to get massive Amount of free traffic to whatever Affiliate link you want to promote Without even having to write the answers Manually yourself i’m going to walk you Through every single step of this Powerful strategy even a free tool that Most people don’t even know about that You can use to copy and paste answers to Rake in sales and money for months if Not years to come so if you’re excited To learn that be sure to smash the like Button right now and without further ado Let’s go ahead and dive in right now so The very first step is we need to find a Product to promote now there’s a lot of Places to go one place is Now actually i have a number one Affiliate program that i’m gonna leave a Link directly below that first link That’s gonna take you to my favorite Affiliate program to promote it pays you 100 Instant commissions but in this video I’ll use clickbank just for an example

You can go here go ahead and start if You’re brand new or you can log in now You want to go to the marketplace on Clickbank and you want to choose a niche No matter whether you use clickbank the Link below or another affiliate offer You want to choose a niche so whether That’s business and investing whether That’s cooking whether that’s health and Fitness for this video i’m going to use Health and fitness so i’m going to open Up this category and then on clickbank Specifically we want to sort results by Gravity this is going to list the best Selling products at the top and we want To promote the best-selling products so This one right here has a gravity score Of 100 or 813 which is absolutely Incredible 151 Average per conversion so once you find A good product you want to get your Affiliate link if you’re using clickbank You just click promote create hop link And then you copy this link down here Now i’m gonna open up a notepad file to Keep this handy because i’m gonna use This a little bit later in this video Now once we do that we wanna go to quora Now if you’ve never used quora for free Traffic you’re really missing out Because this is an incredible platform You can use again with just 10 minutes a Day to start to get massive targeted Traffic now once you answer a question

That answer will stay up there for Months if not years to come so it’s very Effective now the first thing you want To create a profile okay when it comes To quora if you don’t have a profile You’re not going to be able to answer Any questions you can put your name or You can make up a name i mean it really Doesn’t matter you can add a profile Credential okay so this is how you can Increase your answers credibility so you Can you know if you are in the health And fitness niche you can say you know Health and fitness expert okay or if You’re in the you know forex trading Niche you could say someone who trades Forex for a long time okay something That’s gonna add some credibility to Your answer okay so i’ll say you know Health and fitness expert okay because i Have personally studied a lot of health And fitness so that’s true okay so i’m Gonna do save and now if i answer a Question this is what’s gonna show up Okay so that’s gonna again make my Answers more credible okay so people are More likely to read it now the next step Is we want to go up here and we want to Find questions that people have asked Because quora is a question and answer Platform so we’re going to be answering People’s questions now i can just go up Here and i can start typing a few words That have to do with the nips such as

Health and fitness and i can go ahead And search that now it’s going to share With us random things okay so we want to Make sure we go on the left side and do Questions so we’re just seeing people’s Questions now notice how these questions Have the keywords i’ve put in what are The best health and fitness tips what’s Your approach to health and fitness now You can actually answer a lot of these Questions because if we go back to this Product we can see exactly what type of Product this actually is okay so this is Support healthy weight loss so this is Gonna be a supplement that helps people With weight loss okay so this is very Important so if i go back here now these Questions are not necessarily buyer Intent questions okay so if you really Want to make a lot of sales with wara Very very quickly you want to really Look for questions that have buyer Intent now what that means is if i go to An article here there’s different types Of keywords so there’s informational Keywords okay these are like how what You know tips so if we go here and Someone is you know looking for what’s The best health and fitness tips okay This is what’s called informational Keywords these people may not Necessarily want to buy today they’re Just looking for information but if we Go to commercial keywords okay where it

Says you know reviews best so what is The best weight loss supplement Transactional keywords where to buy Weight loss programs online right buy Now keywords coupon discount if the Question has these specific keywords These people are looking to buy so They’re going to be way easier to Convert into sales okay this is the Thing that a lot of people miss out when It comes to quora so then what we can do Is go back here and i can actually add One of those words in okay health and Fitness i can say supplement okay Because what i’m promoting is an actual Supplement health and fitness supplement And then i can search that make sure Question what are the most effective Health and fitness supplements okay so This right here would be a perfect Question for promoting this product that Is a supplement so i can go here i can Open this up now what we want to do is We want to answer This question but like i said in the Beginning you’re not going to have to Answer this question by manually writing Okay so what you can do is literally and This is an incredibly little known Secret and if you’re getting value be Sure to smash the like button let me Know to make more videos just like this Copy someone else’s answer copy someone Else’s answer on the same question

Didn’t we go to a website called Okay you want to paste in Their answer here and then we want to Click spin it now there’s going to be a Little capture typically we just want to Make sure we put the puzzle piece in the Right place and then what it does is it Literally spins their answer so it’s a Brand new answer now you can see all the Fat burners weight loss patches every One of the fat terminators weight Reduction patches so it’s very similar But it’s different okay so we can just Copy the new answer go back here and Then just click answer and we paste in That answer right here okay this is Incredibly simple and anyone can do this Now i highly recommend you add an image Okay because most of these answers do Not have images and if you want to stand Out you want to add an image so you can Go to google google images and then you Can actually search in a few words that Have to do with the niche you’re in so i Could say well this question has to do With supplements so i can do weight loss Supplement okay and see if it has like An image so we don’t want any like Specific brand so we can see you know This one could be a really good image Okay so i can download this to my Computer or if i have a phone that i’m Doing this on i can save that and then i

Can go back here and i can just upload That image from where i downloaded it so Let me do that right now okay there we Go photo is uploaded you can see this is An incredibly simple way now we have the Photo that’s going to make our answer Stand out we have the spun text so we Didn’t even have to write the answer and Then all we want to do so we can start Making money is we want to say if you Want to See my number one supplement for weight Loss okay or my number one way to make Money online my number one way to find My ideal lover whatever your niche is Okay this is the call to action click Here now now you can’t just highlight This okay and you can’t just go here and Then click here and then add the Affiliate link because quora does not Allow you to direct link to affiliate Links so the way to get around that is You can go to google search google sites And then you’ll get taken here like this Is where you can actually create a blank Google site and then all you have to do Okay i’ll share with you what to do in a Second all you have to do is add a text Box okay right here and then say go here For my number one weight loss supplement Okay now i can make this bigger okay by Highlighting this and then now we can Actually insert the link now we can link To our affiliate link okay because on

Google sites it doesn’t matter apply and Then i can publish and then you just Want to give it a name you know at the End of the link okay so usually a lot of It is already taken because people use This site a lot so you can do the date Followed by you know weight loss right Or whatever the niche is just so it’s Unique it doesn’t really matter no one Really sees that but basically there and Then we just want to view it okay so This is what it looks like this doesn’t Really matter you can edit that okay if I or you could even delete it honestly You can go here and i can go ahead and Just click the trash can and then Publish okay so once it’s published we Can view that again and then boom now That’s what it looks like okay so it Just has the link they go there it’s Going to go to our affiliate link now we Just go to the top copy that link now we Go back to quora and now we just want to Put in the link there okay so we’re Highlighting this text we put in the Link we hit add now we post it boom so You can see right here look how powerful This is okay health and fitness expert So when someone sees this they’re gonna Think oh he’s an expert obviously he Knows what he’s talking about what are The most effective health and fitness Supplements for achieving your weight Loss goals supplement okay they’re

Literally looking to buy because you Have to buy supplements this is a buyer Intent question which is absolutely Incredible then we have our answer okay And it’s valuable the reason you want to Put an answer is because you don’t just Want to pitch you want to give value This is absolutely incredible right here And then we have the image to make it Stand out and then we have the link okay And this link is going to allow us to Promote our affiliate link right there This is incredible and if i go back okay To this question i can go here and you Can see most of these are boring they Don’t have any images and then people See ours which stands out and we’ll be Promoting our affiliate link again for Months if not years to come as this Answer gets more and more upvotes right Here okay so i really hope you enjoyed Learning how to promote affiliate links On quora again be sure to click the First link directly below to check out My number one affiliate program to Promote with quora it reveals how to get Paid instant 100 commissions so you can Literally get paid today i really hope You got value be sure to subscribe the Bell icon i have way more strategies Just like this that are free that are Easy i don’t require you to put your Face out there anyway my friend thanks So much for watching comment below if

This helped you let me know and i will See you on my next training [Music] You

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