How I Went From ZERO To $100K Per Month At Age 25

Here’s how I went from ZERO to making $100K per month online at age 25.

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– Chad Bartlett

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Hey everyone chad here so when i first Started my online business my goal was Just to make around a thousand dollars Per month and i always told myself if i Make that amount i’m gonna drop out of College move to bali indonesia since the Cost of living there is pretty low now At the time i was 19 and i was just Trying to figure out any way i could to Basically not have to work a job and not Go to college because i absolutely hated It at the time now i was trying all These different business models for the Next year or so and i bought dozens of Different courses and all kinds of Things like that and i didn’t end up Making a single dollar for over eight Months so my dreams of making a thousand Dollars per month and moving over to Bali was starting to disappear but it Wasn’t until i found the golden business Model of affiliate marketing where my Life completely changed and in this Video i’m gonna be showing you how you Went from struggling to getting a single Sale to now making over a hundred Thousand dollars per month by age 25 and That way you can see my entire journey And hopefully implement some of this Stuff for yourself so that being said This is gonna be a little bit different Video but it’s gonna be super valuable For anyone looking to get into Entrepreneurship so with that being said

Let’s dive straight into it okay so i’m Gonna break down my entrepreneurship Journey in three stages now i think Anyone getting into the space anyone Getting into entrepreneurship is gonna Go through these three stages at some Point so i think this would be really Helpful to kind of see where you’re at Now and give you a plan of where you Want to be or where you’re going in the Future so i would say the first stage of Getting into entrepreneurship especially If you’re doing an online business model Is basically just being in the learning Phase and trying a bunch of different Side hustles right so when you’re in Stage one this is where you’re learning About all the different opportunities Online or just you know out there in the World right starting some kind of side Hustle whether it’s affiliate marketing Drop shipping doing a marketing agency Learning a high income skill set like Copywriting or video marketing or Facebook ads whatever it is right you’re Learning all the opportunities there are To make an income you know for yourself Now in this phase it gets really hard Because a lot of times you know you’re Still working a job or maybe you’re Going to college full-time like i was i Was also working a part-time job as well So it really makes it hard to you know Go all in on one thing but again stage

One is all really about picking what you Want to do long term right what online Business do you want to stick to and Really get good at right what do you Want to master so for me the first thing I ever started was something called drop Shipping and at the time i was selling Elephant bracelets i was selling them Through instagram i made a few hundred Dollars but i didn’t really make Anything in profit because i was Spending money on shout outs and Influencer ads and then after that i got Into doing a marketing agency doing Facebook ads for clients setting up Their website stuff like that again Maybe made a few hundred dollars maybe a Thousand dollars at one point but i Spent so much on courses and you know Other things to get it running that it Didn’t end up making any profit or Anything like that and then eventually i Started amazon fba where i actually Started selling on amazon and through That i was making around 500 per month Or so and that eventually led me into The business model that completely Changed my life which is affiliate Marketing which i still do to this day Now if you’re a subscriber of this Channel you probably are already Finished with stage one right you Probably already know which business Model that you want to go all in on and

Get really good at and make a full-time Income from so most of my subscribers You watching this video right you Probably want to do affiliate marketing That’s like your core main business Model uh that’s what i talk about on my Channel because that’s what i do and for Those of you that don’t know which Online business model which side hustle You want to do yet you know do some Research on all of them see the pros and Cons of all them and see what’s going to Be the best fit for your lifestyle for Your personality and what you like best For me personally that’s affiliate Marketing for you it might be starting a Marketing agency or selling on amazon Right so whatever it is figure out what You want to get really good at and do Long term for the next five 10 15 years To come so once you figure that out now We can move over to stage number two all Right so like i said stage shoes where You figure out that business model that You want to stick to the side hustle That you want to go all in on and use it As a way to quit your job eventually Right so like i said i was selling on Amazon at the time i was making around 500 to a thousand dollars per month so It was a decent amount of money at the Time uh but it wasn’t anything where you Know i was fully convinced i could drop Out of college and it really wasn’t even

Enough to move to bali yet because again You had to save up for like flights and Then you know your you got to put a down Payment on an apartment right so at the Time i was still living in my mom’s Guest room so i was really just trying To save up and make as much money at the Time so The way i started affiliate marketing Was kind of on accident when i was Selling on amazon right the way i found Out about how to sell on amazon was from A guy i used to watch on youtube he made Videos around him selling on amazon Because that’s what he did and he had a Course that taught people how to sell on Amazon and he showed how much money he Was making with this course and it Absolutely blew my mind right he had Like under 100k subscribers and he was Making around 300 000 per month so I was like man what if i document my Journey of selling on amazon and i just Become an affiliate of his course right Because i noticed his course that i Bought and i personally used to make Money had an affiliate program so i Decided to start making videos and Started making reviews on selling on Amazon just kind of showing people what I did to make you know a few hundred Bucks a month and even though my videos Were only getting a couple hundred views Within two months i made my first ten

Thousand dollars in affiliate Commissions alone From promoting that guy’s course in Addition to what i was already making on Amazon so when i figured that out and i Saw how much money you can make so Quickly with affiliate marketing without Any startup costs you know it kind of Completely blew my mind and i decided to Go all in on affiliate marketing so After that happened a few months later i Basically dropped out of college i quit My job i moved out of my mom’s guest Room i got my own apartment out by the Beach and within six months of starting Affiliate marketing and making my first Ten thousand dollars i was making over Eight thousand dollars per month which Is around six figures per year now again I was only around 20 years old at the Time and this completely blew my mind And i didn’t know how long it was gonna Last so i just really stayed focused i Tried not to spend a lot of money i Tried to save up everything and i really Just tried to work as much as i possibly Could in case this were to go away Sometime and literally within one year i Actually became the number one affiliate For a massive software company called Builderall and i really just focused on Promoting that software along with a few Other products because that main Software was promoting builderall right

They had a recurring affiliate program So that means if i got 100 sales i’d be Guaranteed to keep on making recurring Commissions every month from those Hundred people as long as they didn’t Cancel their account with that software Right so i really like the idea of that Of using in a referring affiliate Program because it made my income feel More safe it made it feel more stable And i wouldn’t have to worry as much if All my sales or traffic were to Disappear the next month or next week or Something like that so i really like the Idea of recurring um i really focus on That for the next two years or so and For me personally i was in stage two for Years so i defined stage two as making Anywhere from a thousand dollars per Month to thirty thousand dollars per Month with that side hustle with that Business model that you picked from Stage number one now when you start Making thirty thousand dollars per month Especially at a young age you know it Feels like it’s a ton of money which it Is right even with inflation nowadays 30 000 a month can still give you an Amazing lifestyle it’s still a ton of Money and you’re almost in the top one Percent of earners in america for Example so you know when i was making That amount i kind of got complacent With that i was kind of okay with that

And there was kind of a limiting belief In my head where i couldn’t really make More because i was stuck at you know Around you know 15 to 25 k per month i Was stuck at that income for around two Years or so but eventually i heard this Quote and i completely changed my Perspective on the amount of money that I was making and that quote was Basically your business is either Growing or dying and that really hit me Because i worked so hard to get to that Point and my worst fear was to lose Everything that i worked so hard for so It wasn’t until last year early 2021 Where i really decided to step it up and Advance over to stage number three so in Saturday this is where i realized that Focus is absolute key when you’re trying To grow a business so what i started Doing is outsourcing a lot of the busy Work i had on my plate and started Hiring my first few employees and this Allowed me to put all my time and Attention on the things that was most Important in my business for it to grow So this is stuff like putting all my Focus into my facebook group my emails My youtube videos this youtube channel You’re watching my tic toc accounts and What that allowed me to do was get more And more traffic more and more people Over to the things i was selling as an Affiliate now when i hired my first

Employee it actually saved me tons and Tons of time and all the stuff i was Doing right my facebook group my youtube Channel my emails all of that only took Me around 10 hours per week once i hired My first employee so with all that free Time i had instead of just doing Affiliate marketing i finally decided to Start making my own products and Building up my value ladder in my Business so if you don’t know what a Value ladder is it’s basically you know Just as you get clients you start Selling them higher and higher priced Stuff right so this is be like for Affiliate marketing this is for a Dentist but for affiliate marketing i Was giving away like a free gift and This is how i’d build my email list Right so a dentist uses like a free Teeth cleaning and then we start selling Them actual stuff so we have like teeth Whitening and then we have a retainer so Retainers give them recurring income so I was already doing that at the time With my with the main software i was Promoting i was getting recurring income So i had that down and like i said in Stage 3 when i had more time because i Started outsourcing a lot of my busy Work this is where i started selling the More high ticket stuff and this is what Basically brought me from making you Know 30k to now over a hundred thousand

Dollars per month so once you’re making Six figures online with whatever side Hustle you’re doing the only way you’re Gonna be able to scale to you know pass 30k per month or to seven figures Eventually is you’re gonna need to Outsource a lot of your busy work you’re Gonna need to start building up a team Of people you trust and people that can Do a lot of the work that you’re already Doing for you and what this allows you To do is focus on the most important Things in your business that’s going to Make you more money right and this is Going to be stuff like copywriting Creating content getting more traffic Building different offers in your value Ladder optimizing your sales funnel and Working on all the important stuff which Is basically the product itself in your Business and the marketing for your Business so you can get more sales to The products that you’re making and Selling now i’m sure there’s gonna be a Stage four and a stage five to business But this is where my entrepreneurship Journey has brought me to so far and i Look forward to continue to grow over The next few years so whether you’re in Stage 1 stage 2 or stage 3 right now in Your entrepreneurship journey just know That there’s always going to be people Ahead of you so never compare yourself To myself or others focus on growing

Yourself each year focus on growing your Own income each year and that’s Something i got caught up into just Comparing myself to others you know Sometimes i was thinking like oh he Started his business way after me and Now he’s making more money so never get Into that mindset there’s always going To be someone that looks better than you There’s always going to be someone that Makes more money than you there’s always Going to be someone that’s better than You in general because there’s so many People on this reel and the last Important thing i want to say is you Know just no matter where you’re at Right now no matter how dumb you think You are or you know maybe your situation Is really difficult where you’re really On a budget or maybe your family and Friends don’t support you right whatever It is just get through that you’re gonna Grow you’re gonna you’re gonna develop Into a new person as you start to make More money as you push yourself every Single day inside your business because I tell you what when i first started at 19 i was a completely different person And i had absolutely no idea what i was Doing i was just trying out different Things and eventually found what worked And continued to make it a little bit Better every single day which eventually Brought me to where i am today making

Over 100k per month at age 25 which is Pretty damn good so anyways guys i hope This video brought some value to you let Me know in the comments below which Stage are you at right now in your Entrepreneurship journey i would love to Hear from you guys and see where you Guys are at with that being said if you Guys did enjoy this video just drop a Like and subscribe if you’re new let me Know you want more videos like this and That being said i hope you guys have a Great race today if you want to join the Number one free community for affiliate Marketers you want to get started into Affiliate marketing be sure to click the First link in description below to join My free facebook group community with All kinds of other affiliate marketers And other people going through Entrepreneurship right now so anyways Guys that being said i hope you guys Have a great day and as always i will See you in my next video

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