Copy This $10K High Ticket Affiliate Marketing HACK For 2023!

In this video I show the #1 ways to do high-ticket affiliate marketing using something I call chat funnels.

I’ve been using for around 8 months now and it’s literally 5xed conversion rate, enjoy!

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So if you're an affiliate looking to Promote High ticket products I want you To pay very close attention to this Video because I think I've discovered The number one way to sell High ticket Products online without doing webinars Without doing a strategy call without Using a challenge funnel and I'm going To prove it to you in this video in fact I started implementing this new strategy In April of this year and my conversion Rate literally 5x overnight which means So do the revenue and sales from this Product that I was promoting and the Best part about this this is something Anyone can Implement whether you're an Affiliate you're selling your own Service you're selling a software or Maybe you're even selling your own Course okay so the first thing I want to Do is I just want to show you some proof Of my earnings to show you how Drastically this increased my sales Without getting more traffic so what I'm Going to do this is the software I use To specifically sell this product and I'm gonna go back here right so I'm Gonna go all the way back to January 1st This is when I first started selling This product Um ever so I'm gonna go to January 1st To today today's November 22nd and as we Can see right you'll notice a couple big Spikes we got here the main big spike

Was here we can see that it kind of was You know capped at this rate this whole Entire time and if you look on this Right this is basically let me just undo This marker you can actually see the Revenue like I was capped at you know a Thousand per day Um a couple hundred per day on a good Day I would have you know two thousand Dollars or whatever and as you can see It never really grew bigger than that uh Just because at the time I was using a Webinar and a challenge funnel which Still made some sales but it didn't do That well and as I said before it wasn't Until late April where I started Implementing this strategy and watch What happened to my cells without Getting any more traffic where I was Getting the same amount of leads alright So as you can see I started implementing This and boom eight thousand dollar day Boom the next day a seven thousand Dollar day boom another seven thousand Dollar day boom another six thousand Dollar day and as you can see it's kind Of gone up and down throughout the you Know the past eight months or so I've Been doing this but as you can see the Average results are way bigger than when I first started selling this product the First four months this year so by now You're probably wondering what this this Strategy is

Right now see what they do is you know They get traffic online whether it's From Tick Tock YouTube Facebook ads Whatever it is and they're sending them Over to an opt-in page where they Collect an email they give away Something for free in exchange for the Email great awesome and then after that They're taking them over to a bridge Page where they have a short little Video recommending a product and they Have their affiliate link on that page And they also take them through their Email sequence or again inside those Emails they have their affiliate links Recommending the product that they're Promoting now that strategy can work and I know that because I used to do that Strategy myself but like I said it just Doesn't convert as high and my number One goal as an affiliate marketer is to Make as much money from the least amount Of traffic as I can that way I don't Have to rely on getting millions of Views every month to make really good Money online I can just get you know a Few thousand views on my videos and Still make that full-time income so Going back to that strategy that pretty Much every affiliate is using right now The problem with it especially if you're Selling something over five hundred Dollars or maybe it's a recurring Software for ninety seven dollars per

Month once you send the traffic over to Your affiliate link they'll go to the Page but a lot of them just won't buy And that's simply because the lead is Not warm enough you see when there's a Higher price point you have to warm up The lead more and this is why so many People use those strategy calls they use Webinars right and they'll take them Through a two hour webinar training just To really warm up the lead to build Trust with the lead to build you know Rapport empathy with a lead the problem With that is no one has the attention Span to sit through a two-hour webinar Anymore no one has this tension span to Go through a 15-day challenge anymore no One wants to go hop on a free strategy Call because a lot of them know that It's just gonna be a sales call and They're going to be pressured into Buying something that they don't really Want or maybe they do go to the page and They have some kind of a question they Have some kind of objection or maybe They feel like you're sending them to Just some random product because they Feel like you're trying to make a quick Buck off of them which most of you guys Are trying to do and this is why using a Chat funnel has made a huge difference Since I started this you see most of the Chat funnel is the same exact process of What all kinds of Affiliates are using

Right now to this day where we get Traffic online right whether it's from Ads YouTube Tick Tock Facebook and then We're sending them to an opt-in page Where we're collecting their email we're Giving away something for free in Exchange for their email you can see This is my opt-in page for my chat Funnel and then what we do is the same Concept right we take them to a bridge Page this is my bridge page for my chat Funnel that's made over a half a million Dollars this year and as you can see It's the same concept we have a short Video with a button on that page now the Only difference with a normal affiliate Marketing funnel and a chat funnel is Instead of the call to action going Straight over to your affiliate link Inside your Bridge page in your emails Instead what I'm doing is I'm sending Them straight over to my Facebook Messenger to message me a certain word Word inside of that bridge page as you Can see there's a button with that call To action and also inside of my emails So now the only place they can go if They do want to go through the next step Of your funnel is they have to message You a certain word on your Facebook Messenger and now you know that anyone Who messages you a certain word on your Facebook Messenger that means they're a Super warm lead because not only did

They just give you your email but now They're taking the time to go and Message you a certain word which tells Me that they're a warmer lead so now Once you get people start messaging you A certain word whatever that word was on Your Facebook Messenger it could also be To your phone number it could be through Instagram DM it doesn't matter where the Chat is happening it matters that we Actually have the conversation and we Chat with our leads one-on-one and this Is where we take them through a series Of questions to understand what their Goals are and seeing if the product that We're promoting can actually help them Achieve their goals all right so now I Want to take you through a real example Of someone who messaged me a certain a Word in this case the word was boss That's what I told my leads to message Me and like I said now we just have to Take them through a series of questions To understand their goals make sure They're a good fit for this product and Then close the sale right then and there So that being said let me show you how This works as you can see they messaged Me boss on Sunday and I replied the next Day saying hey name thanks for reaching Out tell me about your goals with Affiliate marketing so in this case I Was selling an affiliate marketing Course this is my personal boot camp

This is how we sell it because we want To make sure every student who comes Through and buys the course is actually A good fit for the product and making Sure that people who are buying it Aren't looking to get rich quick we want To make sure we're working with real Action takers who will take the product Seriously so we don't have to deal with A bunch of you know bad students and it Turns out when we started doing it this Way the conversion rate went up Dramatically because it just works Better and you'll see why in a second we Can answer all their questions right Away they don't feel pressured into Selling and it shows them that you know We can actually help them more which Makes them Buy AI the course right by The program so anyways as you can see uh Hi first of all thank you for the Introduction I've come across it Previously but never gotten in depth um So he's just trying to explain his Ultimate goals and this helps us Understand how to help him best and Recommend a product that's gonna be the Best for him so anyways after watching Your videos I thought a lot about Potential Niche right and you just got It kind of goes into all the niches and His goals and a little bit about himself And keep in mind if you're an affiliate Doing this for another person's course

Or doing this for a software it's going To be the same exact process you're Going to start by asking them what their Goals are with whatever the niche is Then they're going to reply and then now We're going to go to the next question So just keep this in mind and seeing how You can apply this to your own product Your own Niche alright so anyways I said Awesome goals Philly marketing is a Great way to place your current income And work for yourself what do you think Is the biggest thing holding you back From getting started anything specific Or just the overall process so this is Our next question is you know okay we See you have a goal what do you think is Holding you back from that goal where Are you struggling what do you think is Holding you back and that way if they Reply something like oh I just don't Know how to build my funnel or I need Something to keep me accountable if the Product we're promoting can help solve That problem for them we know it can Help them get to their goal which makes It a super good fit for them so once the Lead answers back whatever is holding Them back that's where you go on to the Next question and you basically just ask Them you know one out of ten how big of A priority is it for you to hit your Goal by the beginning of the year so the Reason I'm asking this question is

Because I want to see how serious this Is for them for example if you're Selling a bodybuilding program you'd Want to see like is this person kind of Serious about it or is this all they Think about maybe they're trying to get Buffed for a girl or whatever it is Whatever that deep desire is for them You know they're gonna answer an 8 9 or 10 people who are really serious about This or same thing with my program a lot Of people are trying to quit their Nine-to-five job which is a huge Priority for a lot of people especially If they're living paycheck to paycheck Or they just want to spend more time With their family at home so I want to See how serious they are about this to Make sure they'd be a good fit for this Now if they answered a two or a four or A five I probably like yeah you're Better off just you know watching my YouTube videos Um I don't think this would be a good Fit for you but as you can see this guy Answered a 10 and this is where I said I Think it would be a good fit for this do You mind if I send you over a quick Video going over all the details and he Said yeah and this is where we send over That video now in this case if you're an Affiliate this is where you can send Them straight over to your affiliate Link so notice the difference here

Instead of going from an often page to a Bridge page straight over to your Affiliate link now what we're doing with This chat funnel with this chat strategy We're sending them from an opt-in page To a bridge page to chat asking a few Questions seeing what their goals are Seeing how serious they are about their Goals and really seeing if they they'd Be a good fit for this product if this Product can even help them and then We're sending them over to affiliate Link so in my case I'm actually sending Them to over to my own video since this Is my product and this is a 15 minute Video and what we're doing on this is We're basically just saying watch this Video to the end then go back to our Chat and let me know if you're in out or Have any questions in your case if You're doing this as an affiliate you Just send them straight over to the Affiliate link and just word it a little Bit differently so as you can see he Replied back I'm in Austin but here You're in I'll drop the link and this is Where we literally take them to the Checkout page where they can go and buy The high ticket program so as you can See he said I've signed up so notice how Crazy it is where I don't even need a Sales page I don't need some fancy Little sales letter that all these Marketers talk about we're literally

Sending them straight over to a short Video and then straight over to the Checkout where they put in their credit Card details and purchase the product And this is where I think so many big Marketers have why to us you know trying To say how it's so important to have a Sales page and a high converting video Sales letter and all this fancy Copywriting and all this stuff when in Reality what really makes conversions And really makes people buy is people Trusting you in conversations being able To answer their questions right then and There in the chat and if there's one Phrase to help you remember this ladies And gentlemen it's going to be more Conversations equals more conversions And like I said before you can apply This to pretty much any High ticket Product out there whether it's a service A software a course and another Niche Whatever it is you just gotta ask them What their goals are what's holding them Back from achieving their goals and Showing them that the product you're Promoting can help them overcome those Goals and really just seeing how serious They are about achieving their goals and Then recommending that product answering All their questions all their objections And closing that sale versus just having An automated email sequence sending them Straight to your affiliate link and

Crossing your thing finger for a sale so Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this High ticket strategy real quick before You go you want to grab free access to My affiliate marketing book it's going To show you how to pick a niche how to Get traffic to this chat funnel how to Set up a funnel for this how to write Your emails really everything you need To know to get started with affiliate Marketing I show you the exact framework I use inside this book if you want to Get free access to that that'll be the First link in the description below with That being said guys I hope you enjoyed This video if you did all I ask you to Drop a like And subscribe if you're new It lets me know you want more videos Like this that being said I hope you Guys have a great rest your day and as Always I will see you in my next video

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