COPY/PASTE Way To Promote Affiliate Links WITHOUT Website! (2022)

I’m going to share how to promote affiliate links without website!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

In this video i’m going to reveal how You can post very simple videos just Like this in about 10 minutes a day to Start to generate some serious income as You can see on the screen right here now The cool thing about these videos is You’re not going to have to create the Videos yourself it’s totally copy and Paste using a little known free tool That i’ll reveal later in the video and It’s totally worldwide now you can see Some people doing this method right here In many different niches this works in Whatever niche you want you can see Right here in the paleo niche this Person was able to generate 10 million Plus monthly views just imagine a Fraction of that seeing your affiliate Link on a monthly basis clicking it and Sending you money you can see someone Right here in the health wellness and Fitness niche they’re generating 436 000 monthly views on average and they Can promote you know their link right Here in their bio or their link in Another way that’s going to be totally Passive as you’ll see as you keep Watching you can see right here in the Golf niche okay this person is Generating and posting different posts Right here and they’re able to get 251 000 monthly views and like i said even If you just get a couple thousand Monthly views going to the affiliate

Link that i’ll share how to do a little Bit later you’re gonna be able to Generate income promoting affiliate Products now if you’re excited to learn This be sure to click the like button Right now that tells me you want me to Make more videos like this one and Without further ado let me go ahead and Start breaking down the strategy so the Very first step is we need to have an Affiliate product to promote there’s a Lot of places you can go to find Products one of them is digistore24 i’m Actually going to include a link Directly below to my number one Affiliate program it pays you instant 100 commissions so you can use this Strategy and promote that just like i’m Doing and start to generate some serious Income okay so the very first step after You find an affiliate product to promote Is you want to create a pinterest Profile okay if you don’t already have a Pinterest profile we’re going to be Doing this method on pinterest it’s Incredibly powerful totally free and Once you create an account you want to Ideally switch over in your settings to A business account okay you can see Right here business the reason is it Shows you way more statistics what type Of posts are working so you can go ahead And duplicate that and scale this as you Continue with this method okay now it’s

Also good to put a good cover photo i’m Going to make money online niche for This profile you can see i put a cover Photo a profile photo right here and Then i put a title here okay so you just Want to make it relevant you can see how These are very relevant to this niche You know this one right here health and Fitness it’s showing a woman working out And then it has a bio that’s related to That okay so we just want to make it Relevant so when people go here they’re Gonna be able to decide to follow if They’re interested in that topic now What we want to realize is they have all These videos on pinterest a lot of People don’t know that you can actually Post videos on pinterest and get quite a Bit of views you can see this one right Here 6600 views now once your video is Posted And you start to rank it for certain Search terms as i’ll share a little bit Later you’re going to be able to Generate passive traffic for months if Not years to come now you may think Garrett you know i don’t want to create These videos myself i don’t want to put My face out there and i don’t know how To create these videos well what i want To do is i want to share with you an Incredibly simple strategy anyone can do To start to generate these videos with a Click of a button well we can go to a

Site like tick tock okay chances are you May have tick tock downloaded on your Phone what a lot of people don’t realize Is we can actually use tick tock on Pinterest as you’ll see okay so we want To go to the very top and you want to Type in a few words that have to do with Your niche followed by quotes so if you Created a niche on pinterest in the golf Niche you could do golf quotes or health And fitness quotes success quotes now Once you do that you want to search and We want to filter by top this is going To show the the top most popular quote Videos in that niche okay you can see This one right here now once we find one We can even go to the profile and see if They’re posting a lot of these which Chances are they are okay so we can see Yes okay it’s just a photo or video with Some text okay very simple videos and You can see they’re getting some decent Views now we can even look for which of These are getting the most popular Results okay so this one gets 12 000 Views this one has 20 000 views so i Would open up the one that i see with The most views okay this is 154 000. i Would open this up and what i want to do Is i want to go to the very top okay and I want to copy the url of that video Okay now you can do this on your phone As well but i want to copy the url to This popular video in the niche that my

Pinterest profile is in and what you can Do is go to a little known free tool That most people don’t even know about It’s called snap tick dot app forward Slash en there’s gonna be a link in the Description that will take you here when You go here what this does is this Allows you to remove the watermark from The video from tick tock and it allows It to download to your phone or your Computer so you want to paste in the Link to that tick tock we want to click Download now this is going to take a few Seconds what it’s doing is removing the Watermark and then i can just click Download and download this okay wherever You know if i’m on a phone or a computer So now that video is downloaded the Video that we just found on tick tock That has a lot of views is now Downloaded without the watermark on my Computer okay now once that’s downloaded We want to go back to pinterest okay Right here we want to click create we Want to click create pin now what we Want to do is click right here and want To upload the video from tiktok we just Downloaded onto pinterest so let me go Ahead and do that now okay you can see It uploading right there very very fast Because these videos are very short now For add your title you want to go back To pinterest another tab and we want to Click this magnifying glass and we want

To type a few words that have to do with The niche our pinterest profile is in so For me it’s health and fitness okay so As that loads okay right there we want To type that in and hit space and we Want to see these drop down suggestions These are popular keywords people are Searching in and the reason we know They’re popular is because pinterest is Suggesting that that means that other People are searching so we can just Choose one of these okay so i could do Health and fitness motivation and i can Copy that and now go back to our pin we Want to make that the title the reason Is this keyword will allow this video to Rank so when someone searches this Popular keyword they’re going to see our Popular video and this can start to get A lot of views now when it says right Here tell everyone what your pin is About right here we can type in Something like you know i hope you enjoy This video for my best way to lose Weight or make money online or meet my Ideal lover whatever your niche is my Best way to lose weight click the image To find out and the image in this case Is the video okay so then all we have to Do is under add a destination link you Can either put your affiliate link okay But what we can also do is we can go to A website and we can go ahead and create A site that looks something like this

Okay now this is a very professional Website and what is cool about this is You can actually put multiple buttons Leading off to different offers Different social media platforms you Want to promote all in one page so to do This all you have to do is go to a site Called And you can go ahead and sign up it’s Totally free to sign up and once you’re Inside your account you can see what my Page looks like but what you would do is Go to the links section and you can just Literally add a link okay you can see And i can type in a title so you know Best way to lose weight and then i can Go ahead and you know add in my website Right here let’s say let’s Say that’s my affiliate link okay and You can see it right here best way to Lose weight so if someone goes to there They’re going to go to that affiliate Offer and then all you have to do is Take your link okay right here go back To the pinterest pin and then put that As the destination link and then we just Go up here to publish now once that’s Published this video will start showing Up under this keyword and then people Will click and they’ll get taken to your Beacons page and they’ll see all these Different buttons that will lead to your Affiliate offers well there we have it My friend very very simple straight to

The point method totally free worldwide Again i’m gonna leave the link directly Below to my number one affiliate program To promote that pays you instant 100 Commissions when you decide to join that And i hope you got value until next time My friend be sure to subscribe hit that Bell icon so you’re always notified of My latest videos and i look forward to Seeing you on my next training

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