COPY-PASTE $300+ Per DAY FREE Method For Newbies (Affiliate Marketing 2022)

I’m going to share how to do affiliate marketing for beginners 2022!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So before I dive into this exact simple Strategy I want to share with you some Proof so you can see that I know what I’m talking about and you can listen to Me in this video so you can see right Here total paid I’ve been able to Generate over 32 000 with more money on The way just in this one affiliate Program and what I’m gonna do inside This video is reveal an incredibly Powerful 10 minute totally free traffic Method that will allow you to generate 300 or more per day with affiliate Marketing which will be perfect if You’re a total beginner we’re just Getting started now every video I give Away the chance to win three night stay In a luxurious hotel to one lucky viewer The winner from the last video is Max Okay so if you have the channel name Matt be sure to email me at Garrettsvacationgiveaways so I Can verify and give you your prize now To enter for this giveaway subscribe to My channel like the video and comment The word freedom and then check out my Next video where I announce the winner So the very first step of this powerful Method is we need a product to promote Now if you already have a product that You’re promoting that will totally work For this method okay it works in every Single Niche but for the sake of this Video I’m going to be using ClickBank

Now all you have to do is go to if you don’t have an Account already you just click Start Here and you can go ahead and go through The sign up process it takes just a few Minutes and it’s actually totally free You just answer these simple questions You go through the process and then You’ll get set up now once you’re inside Your back office you just want to go to The tab under Marketplace okay so this Is going to list all the different Categories of products that you can Actually promote again with this method You could do arts and entertainment you Can do business and investing it really Doesn’t matter now for the sake of this Video we’re going to go to the health And fitness category and we’re going to Click that okay now what you want to do Is on ClickBank specifically you want to Sort results by gravity because what This is going to do is this is going to List the best selling products at the Top of the page now we want to promote Products that are already selling well For other people because we know it’s Converting and if we promote it there’s A great chance we’ll make money too so You can see the gravity score for this Specific top product in the health and Fitnessness Niche is 752 which is insane Normally anything about 30 is good so This is incredible you can see the

Average dollar per conversion is 149 Which is very good also again anything Above 30 for that as well is going to be A good product now what we want to do is We want to actually click promote and we Want to create hop link okay so this Right here is going to be our affiliate Link on ClickBank so we just can open up A notepad we can put that in there and We want to use this in a little bit to Start to get traffic totally free clicks To this link so we can start to generate Sales now the next thing we’re going to Do is we’re going to go over to a Website not many people know about it’s Actually totally free and it’s called now what this site Does is this gives you tons of keywords That real people are searching on sites Like Google that we can actually find And Target content to start to make Sales based on the traffic we’re getting Now the cool thing about the content I’m Going to share how to make in this video Is it’s literally copy paste you’re not Gonna have to film a video you’re not Going to have to write your own articles I’m going to share with you how to Totally free click a button and get that Content created for you okay so on Answer the public we want to type in a Few words that potentially someone would Be searching in order to want to buy our Products so you can see right here this

Product here if I go back is actually About losing weight okay so if you don’t Know you could just open it up I’ve Actually already looked at it it’s a Weight loss supplement okay so it you Know gets rid of belly fat so once we Know what it is we can go here and just Type a few words like how to lose weight Okay something like that based on Whatever product you’re promoting we Want to search that now an answer to the Public it’s going to list all these Different keywords as I’ve said okay so It’s actually getting the data it’s Loading so we want to wait a few seconds Okay so you can see right here that it’s Listed this circle here and it’s all These different keywords so you can see What exercise to lose weight what to Lose weight quickly what to lose weight Without exercise okay so that’s in the What keyword they also have the how how To lose weight how to lose weight in Seven days okay so once we start Understanding what our potential Customers are searching for now we can Give them value in the form of content And then ultimately lead them to our Affiliate link to buy okay so when you Look at this you want to look at the Keywords that have the darker green Circles these are the ones that are the Most popular okay so we want to Target The most popular which will give us the

Most traffic so this one how to lose Weight without exercise that’s really Popular okay so I can actually click That it’s going to share with you you Know what’s already showing up in the Search engine for that keyword but we Just want to copy this keyword right Here and what I can do is I can actually Put this in the notepad under the Affiliate link to keep everything Organized now the next step is we want To go to another free site called now all these links are Going going to be in the description Down below now you can actually click Start writing for free and what you want To do is create an account put in your Email a password now once you’re logged Into your account as I am right here They have all these different things you Can do now what right Sonic does is it Gives you all these different things Such as Instagram captions tweet Generator and with just a click of a Button it literally spits out done for You content that you can just swipe and Deploy on social media platforms okay It’s absolutely incredible but what we Want to do in this video is go down to The AI article writer 3.0 okay so just Go ahead and click that now once it’s Open for the topic right here we want to Open back up our notepad file we want to Copy that keyword we want to put it in

As the topic we want to do language English and for Quality type premium um You could do good just like that and Then I can click generate so once I do That what it’s going to do is use that Keyword and it’s going to generate three Different articles so what you can do is You can actually click and choose what One of these so seven weight loss tips That don’t require exercise 10 home Workouts you can do without setting foot Outside okay so these are all great I’m Gonna use this middle one here so you Just want to click that now once you Click that you just want to click Generate as I’ve done here and it shows These articles now this is a 152 words This is a 125 words okay so I can just Choose this top one right here and when I open that up and then we just hit Generate again like that okay so it has The different outlines now you can look Over this and or you can literally just Again Choose You Know choose one Randomly click generate okay and once You do that you can see that it’s gone Through these four steps okay get ideas We click generate they get an intro Generate and then it goes through and You’re selecting it as you go and now it Gives you this whole article done for You article that you can literally just Copy and paste and use as content that You didn’t even have to write yourself

Okay this is incredibly powerful now the Next step once we’ve created this Article that has to do with content that Our potential customer would be Interested in a keyword that people are Searching for the next step is we want To go to a website called Okay now again the links are below once You go here you want to create a free Account in the top right I’ve already Done that and then once you do that you Just want to click create story now what This site does is it basically allows You the ability to post articles for Free that people will stumble across for Months if not years to come and what Will happen is these articles will not Only show up here where people will Start reading and then ultimately being Interested in our product as I’ll share In just a few minutes but also these Articles can start ranking in Google Okay just like these how to lose weight Without exercise and people will start Seeing our articles again for months if Not years to come and ultimately buy so We’re going to be able to make money on Autopilot okay so once we go here we Click create story this will take us to A page that looks something like this Now for the title we can actually just Go back here and I can copy that title Like this now for sub title I can go Ahead and just copy like the first

Paragraph and I can put this in here now I just want to remove you know a lot of This because it’s just a subtitle okay So you can go ahead and do that and then What we can do is we can actually start To paste the article that we’ve had Created for us into so I can Copy all of this like this copy this go Back here and then just paste that in Just like this okay so it has the title It has a little subtitle and then we Just go right into it now the next thing You want to do you don’t just want to Post this because you may be wondering I Understand I’m posting content it’s Totally free this is incredible it’s Copy paste but how do I start getting People to click my affiliate link to Make these sales okay so after every few Paragraphs you just want to enter and Then we want to give a call to action so You can say something like click here to Discover the easiest way to lose weight Today and then we just want to copy this And then click this little paper clip And we want to go go to our notepad and Then we want to put in our affiliate Link right there okay and then just Click there and now when someone clicks That they’ll get taken to our affiliate Link so now I can copy this and I can Just go through and every few paragraphs I can go ahead and paste that in and we Just want to go down and do this a

Couple more times okay and you can do it At the very bottom as well and there we Have it okay so again to understand this So far we’ve created a article within a Click of a button this article is very Valuable for people it has a keyword That people will start seeing in Google Okay because this is a website is a high Authority website So when you post an article it has a Good chance of showing up in Google as Well now one of the last steps you want To do is you just want to go up here to Unsplash image and we want to search in A few words that have to do with our Article so I can type in weight loss and Search that and what’s going to happen Is it’s going to share with us photos That we can actually use for our article Okay so I’m just going to use this one Right here and you can see that it has An image and now it has this article so Again within a matter of minutes you can Literally create a totally valuable Article to start to get free traffic to Whatever affiliate link you want to Promote now before I get going just the Last few tips to make this even better Number one you want to post as many Articles as possible okay if you stick To a routine you could do one article a Day also to get double the traffic Rather than just posting this article on you could also go to a very

Similar site called and you Can go ahead and sign up and post Articles here as well last but not least My friend ClickBank is not my favorite Place to find products to promote I’m Going to leave a link directly below When you click that link you’ll get Taken to a free training revealing my Number one way to earn 100 instant Paying commissions and I really think You’re going to be blown away by that Anyway my friend thanks so much for Watching and I will see you on my next Training Thank you

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