Brand New FREE Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing (2022 Version)

In this video I share a brand new FREE traffic source for affiliate marketing.

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Hey everyone chad here so today i got Something i’m super excited for which is Showing you guys a brand new free Traffic source for affiliate marketing Now i just started doing this around a Week ago i’ve already made thousands of Dollars from it and i think this is Going to be one of my favorite traffic Sources i use down the road and the best Part about it is it really doesn’t take A whole lot of time you can do this in Pretty much any niche so i think you Guys are going to really like this one So that being said no more time wasted Let’s dive straight into it alright guys So what this new free traffic source is Is gonna be using a professional Facebook profile and i used to use this Traffic source a lot when i first Started affiliate marketing like five Years ago and this is literally one of The things that helped me get to that 10k per month mark now the reason i’m Calling this a new traffic source is Because they recently added all kinds of New features to this traffic source that Not only makes it way easier to get Organic traffic but it also makes it way Easier to actually monetize and make Sales build connection with the leads You have and all that good stuff so from My experience with this free traffic Source if you really want to make a lot Of money a lot of sales from it you

Really need three things the first thing Is you need to attract leads to your Facebook profile the second thing is you Need to nurture those leads which i’ll Explain more of what that means later on In this video and the last thing is you Need to convert those leads right Actually turning them into sales into Commissions into your pocket so those Are the three things you need to Actually make sales now before we get Into attracting leads and nurturing Leads let’s first talk about how we can Actually convert the leads you know Because we could attract all the leads We want but if we don’t have a way to Convert the leads it’s kind of useless Right so anyways the first step of this Process is really just turning your Profile into a funnel so let me show you An example of what i mean right instead Of just a regular old facebook profile What we’re doing is we’re actually Turning it into a funnel so when people Land on this page my profile almost acts As a landing page right as a funnel it’s A way to convert the leads so as you can See the first thing you’re going to need Is just a profile picture of you again We’re using a personal facebook profile And there’s actually a setting you’re Going to need to do where you can turn Your profile into a professional account Right and that way when people come to

Your profile there’s going to be this Little follow button it’s not showing it Right here but if i actually go to this Person for example you can see on her Profile there’s a follow button right I’m already following her so it says Following but this will say follow or You can add friend message her but you Want to make sure you have this follow Button so you can start building up a Whole audience of followers on your Profile funnel so that’s the first thing You’re going to need to do is turn your Profile into a professional account so You have that fall button now to do that Just go into your settings and there’s Actually a switch where you can actually Turn it on it’s kind of similar how you Would do it on instagram or on tick tock If you’re still having trouble just Google a tutorial but anyways that’s the First thing right the second thing is When people come to your profile they Need to see what you’re about what you Do why should they follow you uh what Value can you add to their life what Problem can you solve to them so for me I’m just trying to capture a lead right So i’m trying to get them on my email List that’s kind of my goal for every Traffic source i have is to get them on My email list so the first thing we’re Offering is just my lead magnet in this Banner cover photo as you can see it

Says download my free book the five Permit says to quit your nine to five Job with affiliate marketing since That’s what this account is about so Anyways if we click on this we can see That you know it says download the book Here and then i have the link to the Actual to my actual opt-in page which Basically just takes them to this page And this is how we actually start Building our email list from my profile So anyways let’s go back here so that’s The first way so you’re going to need Your cover photo there you’re going to Need a profile picture and then really Important here is to have some type of Bio so it’s the same concept as having a Tick tock bio and instagram bio so for Me i just put free book how i make 1k Daily marketing other people’s stuff Right and then i have the link right Here and really that’s all you need to Do right you just need to show people What your profile is going to be about When they see mine they obviously see It’s going to be about affiliate Marketing it’s going to be about Marketing other people’s products you Can see some other examples this girl Does it she has a cover to join her free Facebook group right so that’s another Option maybe you want to send them to Your facebook group instead because You’re trying to build that asset up as

Well you can also see her bio so she’s Also offering a free book right and it Goes over to her opt-in page i’m Guessing so if we click on this We can see it goes over to her opt-in Page so that’s another example right Another example is this guy um his kind Of goes up here but anyway he says learn The simplest way to start an online Business in your spare time he has the Link right here and then he also has it Inside his bio as well and you can see That this guy has 666 thousand followers so now that we Got a way to convert the leads right we Have a way to get them inside of our Funnel get them on our email list now That you’ve got that down let’s go into Step number two which is actually Attracting the leads to our profile okay So as you saw before you can see people With you know over 600 000 followers you See me with 9 000 followers you see this Girl with 51 000 followers how do we Actually build up that audience how do We actually attract the leads to our Profile so we can start building our Email list promoting the products we Have so what i’m going to do is i’m Going to go on my phone here because the Way we’re attracting leads is we’re Using facebook reels so as you know After tick tock got super popular Instagram launched their own reels now

Just recently facebook launched their Own reels and you can post reels on a Personal facebook profile now and that’s How people are building up their Followers on these profiles so dang Quickly so anyways i’m gonna go on Facebook on my phone now the reason i’m Going to my phone is because you can Only see facebook reels on your phone For some reason so anyways i’m just Going to go over to my facebook profile Right here uh we can actually go to Reels here so there’s a little option For reels and as you can see some of the Videos i’ve been posting right are Getting a couple thousand views a piece So like i said i’ve only been doing this For around a week or so now i only have Around seven reels posted so i’ve just Been posting one per day and the best Part about this is all these videos i’m Posting on here i’m not even making them Right these are just old tic-tock videos That i made you know a couple months ago A year ago even and i’m downloading them To my phone and i’m just posting them And uploading them to reels right so What’s cool about this is now if you Already have a tik-tok account you Already have an instagram account now You have to think of it as not just Creating a tick tock video you have to Think of it as okay i’m creating a short Form piece of content for the day and i

Can distribute this piece of content to Tick-tock to instagram and to facebook Reels and then you can even add it to Youtube shorts as well right so now you Can get four different traffic sources Just from one piece of content so this Is how you’re gonna attract the leads to Your profile right all the followers you Get all the people following you on your Facebook profile it’s all going to come From the reals and you basically just Want to see what is going viral in the Niche go find viral tick tock videos in Your niche and apply them to facebook Reels so for me personally i’m not Really seeing a huge difference between Like what goes viral on tick tock and What goes rival on facebook reels just Because i just started posting on here i Only have you know seven videos posted So i’m trying to see if if there’s Certain videos that go more viral on Facebook versus tick tock because again Facebook is an older demographic so that Might be interesting to see i’ll have to Update you guys on that but if i just Look at other viral people in my Industry right so i’m gonna go to this Girl we had pulled up earlier And as you can see if i go to her reels Right we can go down here and you can See okay so you can see videos getting 28 000 views 13 000 views 276 000 views 65 000 views so let’s look

At 65 000 view one right we’re going to Click on this Okay so it looks like most of our videos If we actually just scroll through them Right here you can see that she’s not Talking inside the videos she’s mostly Just having you know text captions come Up on the screen and she’s kind of just Making trends around them right and She’s kind of pointing to different Things so for example this one she’s Just pointing to stuff she’s not saying A single word in the video so that might Be something i need to test out because All of my videos i posted so far is me Actually talking to the camera just Because i think it’s easier so this week I’m actually being testing these kind of Videos where i’m pointing to the screen More and what’s cool is by the time you Guys are watching this video i will Already have those videos posted so go Check out my profile and see if any of Them went viral go learn from my tick Tock account but anyways this is kind of Just what she’s doing is just making Different topics um you know a good tip I could give you on here is try to make Them kind of controversial so if they’re About side hustles you know people will Talk about how much money people make And you know in my niche believe it or Not money is a controversial topic right For some reason people just always like

To argue and bicker and fight about Money and like inside the comments if You post anything about money that’s What you want right when people comment And argue in the comments and there’s All kinds of engagement that’s what make The videos go viral right and the people That hate you they’re going to hate you No matter what but the people who like You and you know love your content and They want to learn more from you and They you know see what you’re doing and They want help in their own life those Are the people that are going to stay Attracted to you they’re going to follow You and they’re eventually going to Become a lead and a sale so don’t worry About the haters on the comments because You’re going to get them you’re going to Get them on tick tock you’re going to Give them on facebook only worry about The people that you’re actually trying To help which is the people who actually Follow your account and continuously Watch your videos they opt into your Email list and all that good stuff okay We’re going to look at one more example Here this is the guy that’s gone super Viral on here if we go to his reels you Can see it has over 600 000 followers And you can see right he’s doing the Same exact thing he’s basically just has All kinds of text on the screen and he’s Pointing to the text or he’s just doing

A weird thing it looks like he’s petting His stomach so anyways he’s just talking About different topics around you know Working a job around making money around Retirement around investing all this Different stuff he’s trying to attract That audience to his profile so Again a lot of these videos are going Viral you can see his videos get really Good amount of views it seems to be Videos where people are just pointing to Different texts and just have text on The screen so maybe the older Demographic on facebook likes those Types of videos more so again i’m gonna Go test that this week and see if it Actually ends up working better alright Guys so now that you know how to convert The leads which is turning your facebook Profile into a funnel i showed you how To do that now that you know how to Attract the leads which is posting a Facebook reel every single day or even Twice a day now the last step of this Which is a step that so many affiliates Forget about and i think this is the Main reason why so many affiliates don’t Make as much sales as they could and This step is basically just nurturing Your leads so listen right some people Who watch your facebook reels are gonna Go and check out your facebook profile They’re gonna go click the link in your Bio they’re gonna go opt into your email

List and some of them are gonna buy Right away but that’s gonna be a small Percentage of people right there will be A certain percentage but it’s going to Be a small percentage the vast majority Of people are going to sit on your email List and wait till you prove to them That you can solve their problem they’re Going to sit around they’re going to Follow your account they’re going to see Your different posts they’re going to See what you’re about they’re going to Make sure that you know they can Actually trust you before They actually buy anything you recommend So it’s kind of like growing a plant Stupid analogy but if you have a plant It’s not going to grow if it doesn’t Have sunlight and water and all the Things it needs to actually grow the Water the sunlight that’s the nurturing Process so in order to get a lead to buy It’s the same exact thing you have to Nurture them in some way so uh the first Way to do this is through email Marketing right so like i said a lot of Them are gonna go click on your bio They’re gonna click the link they’re Gonna sit on your email list right so if They are reading your emails every Single day and they’re getting a ton of Value for them and you’re actually Proving to them that you can help them Lose weight you can help them get a

Better credit score you can help them Invest their money you can help them Make money right whatever the niche is That’s the first thing you can do to Nurture leads is email marketing the Second thing and again this is one of The reasons why i love this traffic Source so much using your facebook Profile is using a short form post this Is by far one of the best ways to Nurture the leads this is one of the Reasons i use a facebook group i have a Facebook group Which is again another way to nurture Elite but nowadays Right since we have this professional Facebook profile and we have all these People who follow me now what i’m doing Is along with posting reels every single Day i’m also putting out a short form Piece of content on my facebook profile So you can see i posted this one an hour Ago it just said people don’t understand Uh just how big affiliate marketing Really is last year affiliates were Responsible for 12 billion in sales for All kinds of companies across the globe You only want need a tiny sliver that pi To replace your job forever the products Will be sold regardless you just need to Be the one promoting them so again for Affiliates or people who follow me who Are like struggling with affiliate Marketing you know they’re going to see

This post they’re going to get some type Of value from it or another post i did Right this is kind of just sharing more About my business and my life so i just Said i just crossed 500 000 revenue for 20.2 i’ll probably do another four to 500k before the year is over blah blah Right as you can see this post got 204 Likes 69 comments so all kinds of people Were just you know communicating and Saying congrats and again i’m just Trying to show up in their feed and Remind them that i’m here if they want To start affiliate marketing come to me Go to my profile click the link on bio Um a lot of them will end up messaging Me on messenger and i can start to chat With them on there uh so that’s another Thing about this another thing you can Do on this post is post you know about Your life what you’re doing what hobbies You like try to get the people who Follow you to get to know you better Right that’s going to build trust right So the way you nurture those leads is You want to build trust with them the Way you do that is you have them get to Know you more you provide value to them You maybe have some authority and that’s Ultimately the three things you need to Build trust right you they have to like You right let’s just put it that way so Anyways that’s one example i can go to Another person right the girl was showed

Earlier she’s doing the same thing right She’s doing these short form posts along With her reels every day and she’s just Talking about different things around You know making money or this one she Has a selfie of herself and she’s Talking about maybe just giving some Advice here right so she’s basically Just taking pictures of herself and Giving different tips around that so That’s kind of what you want to do on These short form posts now another thing You want to add to these short form Posts and i would only do this around Once or week or so or maybe once every Two weeks Is doing what i call promotional posts Right so i haven’t done this yet just Because i just started doing this Strategy around a week ago but like i Said when i used to do Profile funnels back when i first Started five years ago i would do these Promotional posts all the time i still Do them to this day inside my facebook Group and i’m gonna start doing them Again on my actual facebook profile You’ll actually see one for me uh this Week if you follow me now let me show You someone who actually does this who’s Done this recently so this is this guy As you can see he’s still posting short From content And this is what i mean by promotional

Posts right so check this out who wants To see a complete behind the scenes Walkthrough of how i help my Brother-in-law take my business and make It his own and less than an afternoon Comment walk through and i’ll send it Your way as you can see right he got 1 000 people to comment walk through which Means he just got a thousand leads so as You can see everyone who comments walk Through right he’s replying back with The link so if we actually click on this As you can see it takes him to another Opt-in page and this time um i believe He’s gonna actually have a training Where he’s actually making a training Video so as you can see he is actually Collecting emails so that’s an example Right so this is how you kind of nurture Those leads is you kind of just you know You do post where you’re sharing more About your life you’re giving value You’re giving tips maybe you’re showing Results that you’re getting with Whatever product you’re promoting right So you’re doing that and then once in a While like i said you can do trainings You can do that kind of stuff and you Can Integrate that with these promotional Posts and the whole goal is to get People to comment a certain word and What that does is it creates massive Engagement on your post because everyone

Who comments walk through they’re Commenting and now facebook sees it as This post is getting more engagement so They’re gonna show it to more people and The more people who comment the more People who see it the more people who See it the more people who comment right It’s just this huge flywheel that keeps Going around and this is why these posts Are not only able to get so much Engagement so many comments but also Make you so much freaking money when you Actually implement them trust me guys i Do this in my facebook group all the Time and it’s one of the biggest money Makers for the group so this is Something i’d highly recommend you doing For your facebook profile as well is These four types of short form post Right here so anyways guys i hope you Enjoyed this brand new free traffic Source for affiliate marketing before You go i want to make sure you download A free copy of my affiliate marketing Book so now that you watch this video You know how to get traffic right you Know how to get massive amounts of free Traffic this book is going to help you Monetize that traffic we’re not only Going to show you how to pick a niche Pick a product to promote but it’s also Going to show you how to set up your Funnel examples of funnels examples of Lead magnets how i write all my emails

My framework everything you need to know To actually monetize your traffic so Anyways if you do want to download this Book like i said it’s completely free All you have to do is go to this link Right here or just click on the first Link in the description below so anyways Guys that being said if you want to see More videos like this maybe i can update You on how this traffic source is doing In a month or two now just give me a Like on this video and subscribe if You’re new it’ll let me know that you Want more videos like this so that being Said guys as always i hope you have a Great rest your day go try this traffic Source out for yourself hope you guys Have a great wish today and i will see You in my next video

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