Affiliate Marketing + TikTok Ads Is Too Easy To Fail? (MUST WATCH)

In this video I go over how to combine affiliate marketing with TikTok ads!

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– Chad Bartlett

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Hey everyone chad here so today is an Exciting day because i’m gonna be Showing you a brand new method you can Use to make sales with affiliate Marketing now if you’re in this space I’m sure you’ve been told a million Times that posting tick tock videos is The absolute best way to get traffic and Make sales and i do agree with that it’s One of the best ways to start getting Traffic for completely free but what if Instead of having to post a new tick Tock video every single day to get Traffic you can make one really good Tick tock video or have someone else Make it for you and run it as an ad for Weeks if not months while it brings you In passive commissions every single day Like this so that’s exactly what we’re Gonna be doing in this video so i’m Super excited to test this method out For you guys so without further ado Let’s dive straight into it all right so What we’re going to be doing today is We’re going to be combining tick-tock Ads with affiliate marketing now for This method we’re going to be using a Very specific type of tick-tock ads and This is going to be called tick-tock Spark ads now if you don’t know what Spark ads are they’re basically taking One of your tick tock videos and turning It into an ad so it has a super organic Feel to it and it’s really not made to

Look like an ad so what we’re gonna do In this video is i’m gonna show you all The steps i’m gonna set everything up go Inside of my computer so you guys can See exactly what to do and i’m actually Going to launch a real campaign so you Guys can see the actual results in a few Weeks from now all right so the first Step of this is you need some type of Video ad that you’re going to run with Some kind of product that’s going to be Linked to it right so obviously you guys Are affiliates watching this video You’re doing affiliate marketing what Product are you going to promote and how Can you make a tick tock video or find Another person’s tic talk video that’s Going to be a good video to promote that Product now tick tock actually has a Saying for their ad creators it’s Basically says you know don’t try to Create ads create tick tocks because the Secret to advertising is not to be Annoying and just sell and you know try To get them to buy right away it’s to Provide some kind of value in the ad Make it entertaining right everyone on Tiktok is there for entertainment maybe To learn some stuff right so make the ad Like that so the best approach to this Is go on your tick tock account see what Video did best right go to the most Viewed video on your tiktok account and Honestly just use that and you just have

To make sure it has some kind of call to Action at the end so maybe you can Remake that video if you don’t have a Call to action but anyways i’m going to Share my screen here and you can see This is one of my accounts right it’s a Work from homegirl account now basically What i do is i pay a freelancer to Create all these tick tock videos for me So this is another option you can use if You don’t have a tick tock account or You don’t want to create tick tock Videos yourself you can actually go on Fiverr type in tick tock video and There’s a bunch of freelancers that will Make your tick tock ads your tick tock Videos for you and they’ll basically you Know do whatever you want on the video So Um anyways this is the account here and As you can see we’ve we have a decent Amount of videos on here we have a Decent amount of views and followers so What i’m going to use is i’m going to Find a video that i want to use for this Ad so for example i’m going to click on This video right here and as you can see The hook of this video is the easiest And highest paid online jobs and Basically During this ad we’re not selling the Product right away we’re going to Provide some value to them right we’re Going to hook them in

So anyways she kind of walks through you Know the different ways to you know Basically just earn an income online so She has freelance writing right all These different ways and then as you can See the very end the call to action Is click the link in my bible to learn The best work from home jobs and yes you Guessed it the product we’re promoting Is a work from home jobs product right It takes them to a quiz funnel that’s my Affiliate link and that funnel Eventually goes to sell them a product Where we actually make a commission if They buy so i think this is a good video It has a good amount of engagement has a Good amount of views good amount of Shares so i think this would be a good Video to actually use as our ad for this So once you find a good video you want To use for your ad you know you Basically just want to make sure it’s Already done good in organic right so i Can see this video has already gotten 51 000 views just from organic so if i run It as an app it’s probably going to do Well on there too and the second thing Is you just want to make sure it has Some kind of call to action for whatever Product you’re promoting all right the Next step here is we’re actually going To set up the ad inside our tick tock Ads manager so the first step you need To do if you don’t have this already is

Just type in a google tic talk business Manager account and then just create an Account and then obviously you’re going To have to add some funds to it to Actually run the ad so anyways once you Do that you’re going to be able to go to Your ads manager account right so once You’re actually on this screen you Created your tick tock business manager Account you’re going to want to go over To assets and then we’re going to go Down and we’re going to go to creatives All right next thing we’re going to do Is we’re going to go to the left here And we’re going to go to spark add post Because we’re running tick tock spark Ads and this is where we can actually Set up that video that we chose that we Wanted to run as an ad over to our ad Account right so we’re basically just Linking it over to our ad account so Your screen is not going to look like This because you don’t have any videos In here yet so all you’re going to do is Click on this button that says apply for Authorization and now you’re going to Want to get a code from that video that You have on tick docs so are you going To do here is you’re just going to want To go on your phone go on the tick tock App i’m going to record my screen um all You’re going to do from here is you’re Going to press on the top right icon And you’re going to see creative tools

Just click on this and then you’re going To go to the very bottom and you’re Going to see this add settings right Here so you’re just going to click that On so mine’s already on so i’m going to Leave it like that if yours is off just Click it on and then what you can do From here is you can go to the video That you want to promote as an ad right So we’re going to go to this one that i Had in here and then we’re just going to Click on the three dots towards the Bottom here and then we’re going to go All the way to the right And you’re going to see this icon that Says ad settings we’re just going to Click on that little icon And as you can see where it says add Authorization we’re just going to want To click that on we’re basically just Giving permission that uh businesses can Run this as an ad and we’re basically Acting as the business for our account Running that ad so anyways we’re just Going to click that on add authorization And then from here you’re going to get a Code i’m just going to press copy code And then you’re just going to want to Email that code to yourself so this is The code that you’re actually going to Want to use so i’m going to copy this Code and then we’re just going to paste It into here we’re going to press search And as you can see the video shows up so

All we do from here is actually press Confirm okay so now that we actually Have the video that we want to use Inside our ad account now we can Actually go and create a campaign and Actually get this launched so all you’re Going to do here is you’re going to Press campaign all right so now we’re Just going to press create campaign and You just want to make sure you’re going To go on this custom mode um on the Right right here and then for the Advertising objective we’re just going To click on traffic for this first one And then we can actually name this okay So i just named it work from home and From there we can press continue uh we Can name the ad group right here and Then from there we can do uh website and Then for placements i’m gonna go to Select placement and i’m going to Uncheck um these two right here so we Just want to be on tick-tock for this And then we’re going to go down more and We’re going to go to um here’s all the Targeting options so if you have like a Super clear understanding of who you’re Going to be targeting for the product You’re promoting and for the video ad Itself uh you could do custom targeting Or you could do automatic targeting and Kind of see how tick tock’s algorithm Does as far as targeting goes so i’m Actually going to test out automatic

Targeting and just kind of see how it Works And then obviously we can always test This stuff out later so the whole game With advertising is to see what works And see what doesn’t and cut out what Doesn’t work and spend more money to What does work right do more of what Does work that’s basically what Optimizing means right so we’re going to Optimize the ad once we actually start Running it so for now we’re going to set Up the budget so um it looks like you Need at least 20 to do ads so 20 a day I’m going to run it there then we’re Just going to start this ad right away And then we’re gonna keep going down Here and we’re gonna keep it like this And we’re gonna press next okay so now We’re actually at the ad part so i’m Just gonna name this online jobs because That is basically what my video ad was About so that’s the first thing if we go Down here you can see there’s identity We want to click on this box because We’re using tick tock spark ads so for This part here’s where we can actually Link that ad that we set up in our Assets tab so anyways i’m just going to Click on this as you can see the work From homegirl account shows up so i’m Going to use that and now i can scroll Down here and we can actually go to tick Tock post and then we’re just going to

Want to click right here and as you can See the video ad that we pulled up in Our assets is going to show up on here So we’re just going to click on this And now we can press confirm now another Thing that’s really cool about spark ads Is as you can see this is what the ad is Going to look like notice how we’re Actually going to gain followers for our Tick tock account right so this is Actually really cool because now instead Of just running an ad as like a regular Business brand now we can actually not Only use the video ad from our organic Account that we already have on tick Tock but we can also make it so we’re Going to get more followers right so if They see this obviously it says Sponsored at the very bottom here if They see this and they want to you know Follow us they can do that right they’re Just going to click on this little icon So it’s a really organic ad it almost Blends in with their feed a lot of times People won’t even know these are ads so That’s what i really like about these Spark ads and then another thing i want To say here is this text bar notice how It’s just hashtags now so It’s going to use whatever text is in The caption of that video on your tick Tock account so if you want to change The caption so for me i just have Hashtags on here so it’s probably in my

Best interest to change the caption to Some kind of call to action right click The link below to learn the best work From home jobs that would be my call to Action so i was actually just going to Tick tock and actually edit that post Edit the caption on there and then it’ll Show up on the ad automatically so Anyways now we’re going to go down and This is where we actually want to send Them to some kind of website so Obviously i wouldn’t send them directly To your affiliate link what i’m going to Do is i’m going to send them straight to A landing page first and inside that Landing page i’m going to have an Affiliate link for the product i’m Promoting on that button so anyways Here’s where it’s going to want to paste In that landing page so what i’m going To do is i’m gonna go grab a landing Page real quick so i’m actually inside My affiliate club if you guys want Access to all kinds of pre-built funnels And landing pages for affiliate Marketing we have like over 15 different Funnels in here and landing pages that You can use so if you guys want Completely free access to these funnels All you have to do is click on the Second link in the description below You’re going to be able to join our Affiliate club for completely free as Long as you have a builderall account

Because that’s where all these landing Pages are built and we also do free live Trainings every single week where you Can actually hop on the zoom call with Me i can answer any questions you guys Have so if you guys want to join the Philly club we provide massive amounts Of value with all these different funnel Templates we give tutorials we do free Calls with you all kinds of things like That again that’ll be the second link in The description below so anyways once You do get access to the affiliate club Just go over to done for you funnels and Then we’re gonna scroll down here and i Already have one done so i’m just gonna Use the social media jobs funnel i’m Just gonna press download and i’m just Gonna press download the funnel Variation here and as you can see it’s Going to download straight over to my Builder account i’m going to press Confirm go to site dashboard now i’m Just going to go to unpublished websites I’m going to press edit site here and This is where we actually have the Landing page so for this test right here I’m not going to collect emails just Because i want to see if it actually Converts first if i see it converts and It’s making good commissions and it’s Actually turning a profit then i’ll Actually add on collecting emails and Start working on the more longer term

Strategies but again when you’re first Testing out ads i would recommend just Sending them straight from the ad to a Landing page to your affiliate link and Then once you actually prove that it Works right and you get the ad dialed Down then you can actually add on email Lists facebook group all the longer term Strategies so anyways i’m just going to Press edit page right here and this is Where i’m just going to go this is the Landing page for the products so it’s Basically already done for this product All i’m going to do is put my affiliate Link inside this orange button where it Says take the free quiz so i’m just Going to press set link and we’re going To go to web right here and i’m just Going to get my affiliate link okay so i Got it right here i’m going to paste That in i’m going to open in the same Tab we’re going to press select and now I can actually save and exit then i’m Just going to publish the page right Here on the right okay so now we can Actually go to the website page and we Can actually grab this link so as you Can see this is the landing page and Then obviously if they want to do this They’re going to press take the free Quiz now and boom it’s going to go Straight over to my affiliate link where They eventually sell a product to them So anyways now i’m going to go back to

The tick doc ads manager and i’m going To insert that landing page url okay We’re going to go down here and now i’m Actually gonna press submit and we can Actually launch the ad so as you can see The ad is in review so it’s probably Gonna take 24 hours or so for them to Actually approve it and from there the Ad will actually start running so now What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna let The ad run for a few days i’m going to See you know what is working what is not Kind of see the data maybe optimize the Ad a little bit and i’m going to make Another video in a few weeks from now Actually updating you guys on the Results of the ad you know seeing if We’re actually making commissions seeing How profitable they are all the stuff That you guys want to know so if you’re Not already be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can see that Update for me in the next coming week so Anyways guys i hope you enjoyed this Video i hope you enjoyed this strategy And also guys before you go make sure You join our affiliate club it’s going To give you all kinds of free funnel Templates you can download like i showed You earlier in this video you’re also Going to get free weekly live trainings With me every single week where we do q A on zoom calls so i can actually look Over your guys’s videos look over your

Emails pretty much everything you want On those weekly calls so anyways if you Guys do want to join that affiliate club That’ll be the second link in the Description below it’s completely free To join as long as you sign up to a Build your all account using the button On this page right here and with that Being said as always i hope you guys Have a great race your day and i will See you in my next video

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