Affiliate Marketing Strategy Makes $4k/Mo With FREE 10 Min Method! (2022)

In this video, I’m going to share an INCREDIBLY simple affiliate marketing strategy for 2022!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

So you can see right here that in one of The affiliate programs i’ve promoted I’ve been able to generate 29 000 with 520 Still a reserve coming in in the next Few weeks and what i’m going to do Inside this video is i’m literally going To reveal a totally free 10-minute Method anyone can do to copy and paste Your way to affiliate commissions even If you don’t want to show your face and Even if you don’t have a following Online so if you’re excited to learn This entire step-by-step method be sure To smash the like button right now to Let me know and let’s go ahead and dive In right now now before i get to the Method i want to invite you to actually Follow my tick tock i’m going to include A link directly below the reason is i’m Actually taking your questions and i’m Answering them in these simple videos Okay so if you ever have any questions You can go to my tick tock you can Comment under the videos and i will take Your questions that you want answered And i will answer them in my next tick Tock videos to help you get the answers And results you truly desire so with all That being said the first step with this Powerful method is we want to go to a Site called okay and all the links Referenced in this video are going to be

Down below munchai is a little-known Secret website that most people don’t Know about and what this site does is it Shares with you products that are going To be launching soon in the upcoming Weeks now why is this important because What you want to understand is when it Comes to affiliate marketing if you can Learn when products are about to launch And you can create content whether That’s a video or an article targeting The product keyword okay the name of the Product you can get ahead of other People and once it launches you will be Able to get a flood of massive traffic Going to that piece of content Ultimately leading to your affiliate Link and generating massive sales now Don’t worry you’re not gonna have to put Your face out there like i said it’s Actually totally copy paste so what you Want to do on munchie they have the big Launches and they have all launches now The big launches are typically when the Product creator has a very large email List or when they’re gonna pay you a Good amount as you can see 297 dollars So you can look at the big lunches but If you want to do this method and you’re Just getting started you can also look At all launches so this is gonna depend On what time you’re watching this video But it’s always gonna share with you Products that are launching in a few

Days to a few weeks so what you wanna do Is you wanna pick one that’s going to Launch at least tomorrow okay don’t do One that’s going to launch today because You don’t really have enough time to Rank the content as you’ll see but what We want to do is we want to find Something so this is going to be Actually tomorrow okay so i can find one Of these products so you can see this One right here is going to be you know 27 At 50 Now you can see that the w plus icon Means that this product is listed on the Warrior plus affiliate marketplace and This one’s on jvzoo so both of those Work really well i’m actually going to Open this up right here whenever you see A product that’s going to launch in a Day or two open that up again we want to Look at so the average commission is Going to be 27 Or that’s the price and then the average Commission is 50 okay so that would be About you know 12 Or so 13 which is not bad okay for this Method and what we want to do is we want To open up the jv page whenever we find A product and we want to click get your Link because what this is going to do is It’s going to allow us to get our Affiliate link of this product that’s Launching soon so we can get a massive

Amount of sales okay so because this Product’s listed on warrior plus it’s Telling you to sign in or register now If you don’t have an account with Warrior plus it’s actually totally free To join you can go ahead and register i Already have an account so i’m just Going to sign in okay so i logged in and The first thing it’s going to say is Typically you must be approved so we Just want to request approval that’s why Again it’s important to pick a product Launching in a few days so you have time To actually get approved now request Notes you can add some notes in there to Improve your chances of getting improved To promote this product so i can say Something like i am an experienced Online marketer and would love to Promote your product to my list okay Something like that request offer and Then again within you know an hour to Sometimes up to a day you should get Approved now once you get approved You’ll actually just come back here and You’ll be able to see your affiliate Link and then we can actually copy that To a notepad file like this and you will Be able to use this method now for the Sake of this video i will just use let’s pretend that this is my Affiliate link after i got approved and I’ll share with you how you would use This method so the next thing you want

To realize is because this product is Launching soon what will happen is once This product launches affiliate Marketers will start promoting this Product to their email list to their Audience and that audience is gonna be Skeptical okay they’re gonna wonder is This legit and they’re gonna start to go To youtube and google looking for Reviews so what people are gonna do is They’re gonna take the name of this Product they’re gonna go to google okay And they’re gonna type in the name Followed by reviews and what’s gonna Happen is people are gonna start looking Now you can see right here people have Already started reviewing this so this One is 16 hours ago so what we want to Do is we want to find someone’s review Okay and we want to open it up like this Because what this is as you can see so Someone has actually created this Website and they’re giving a review of This upcoming product so again when Someone sends an email promoting this Product when this launches in a day or So people are going to come to this page They’re going to read it and this person Is basically going to recommend this Product and they’re going to include Their affiliate link so now how do we Actually create a page just like this so We can siphon massive targeted traffic To our website and start to get tons of

Sales whenever this product launches Well what you can do is you can go to Google and you can search in google Sites now this is a another little known Site that’s totally free and what you Can do is go here and you can just click Blank and what this does is this creates A blank website now you can actually Start to create this so the first thing We want to do for the title is we want To type in the name of this product okay Webpage we want to type in the name of This product followed by review now we Can go ahead and make this a lot bigger Play around with it a little bit i can Drag this okay i can make it centered Like that i can also change the font Okay if i want to you know make it Different like that i can change the Text color you just want to play around But that’s looking pretty good now what We want to do is we want to insert a Text box by just clicking there and what You want to do again rather than having To write all this review yourself what You can do you don’t just want to copy And paste this to your site because you Know it’s plagiarizing and that’s that’s Not good what you can do is go to Another free tool and all the things are Going to be down below in the Description all the links and what this does is if you Actually take this if i copy most of

This here i can go to spinbot i can Paste that in and i can hit basic spin And what that does is that literally Spins the text so what it does is it Changes it slightly so you can see Introduction webpay review presentation Web page review so you can see firstly You have to know what is this webpage First and foremost you need to realize What is this weapon so it makes it Different without you having to write it Yourself so then you just copy text you Go back to your google sites and you Just paste it in okay like this okay do You see how simple this actually is and Then you just you can make this bigger And you can you know change this again Make this bold you can center it you Know make it slightly slightly better Looking okay but this is basically it Okay so you can see right here in the Way google works the way you can rank These different sites on google is by Putting keywords so the fact that web Pays review and cons you know you can Make that the title webpage review okay So once you publish this this will start Ranking and showing up into google and Because this is google sites google Likes its own platform so it will favor This in the search engine and it will Start showing your website here and Because you’re doing this before it Launches there’s very little competition

And your website can start ranking right Here first so once this product launches In a day or so and people start Researching reviews they will see your Link and then the last thing you want to Do is you want to at the very end you Want to type in you know my verdict this Is where we’re actually going to give Our call to action we’re going to Recommend that people buy this product Okay and this is how we’re going to be Making tons of money very passively and Very automatically so we want to make This here and then you can say something Like all in all i believe this is a good Product worth buying click here to Access it now okay something like that And then what you can do is once you get Your affiliate link here okay so let’s Say that’s our affiliate link Once you get the affiliate link all you Would do is highlight this link here go To this little you know paper clip put That in apply and now it’s clickable and Now all you have to do is click publish And you can make the web address you can To make it even more likely to rank we Can go ahead and take the name of it Okay and make that the name of the Domain it’s a web page now if it’s Already taken you can say webpage1 okay Just add a number to make it unique Publish view just so you can see what This looks like webpage review welcome

To my webpage review you know it gives Valuable information then at the bottom Click here to access it now they’ll Click here it takes them to our Affiliate link and they will decide to Buy this is incredibly powerful again It’s gonna start showing up here now how Do you scale this method do more Products okay go back to munchie you can Literally crank out tons of these they Have endless products launching you can See for weeks this method takes 10 Minutes you could do one a day and you Could get tons of passive traffic for Months and months to come so if you Liked this method and you want me to Make more step-by-step strategies be Sure to smash the like button and Subscribe at the bell icon i have way More strategies coming i haven’t even Scratched the surface last but not least Before you get going be sure to follow Me on tick tock and also when you’re on Tick tock comment under one of my videos A question you want answered about Affiliate marketing it could be related To traffic how to have the right mindset How to get leads on specific platforms I’m going to be answering these Questions in upcoming videos and you Don’t want to miss out anyway my friend Thanks so much for watching and i will See you on my next video [Music]


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