Affiliate Marketing 2022: ZERO to $10K Per Month (Exactly What To Do)

In this video I give a FULL beginners affiliate marketing tutorial on how I’ve built multiple affiliate marketing businesses from zero to $10k per month!

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0:00 – 0:34 – Intro
0:35 – 1:23 – The #1 Thing You Need
1:24 – 2:34 – Niche & Product
2:35 – 6:16 – Lead Generation
6:17 – 8:24 – Lead Capture
8:25 – 9:02 – Get FREE Funnel Templates!
9:03 – 11:27 – Lead Nurture
11:28 – 16:03 – Lead Conversion
16:04 – 18:23 – Lead Ascension
18:24 – 19:43 – Recap

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– Chad Bartlett

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Hey everyone chad here so there’s a lot Of information out there around Affiliate marketing so i want to make Something simple which is giving you a Full beginners affiliate marketing guide Tutorial showing you exactly how to make 10k per month in almost any niche now Throughout my affiliate career i made Over 1.3 million dollars in affiliate Commission so everything in this video Is gonna be showing you what’s working Best for me right now that way you can Implement this and get started for Yourself so that being said i’m super Excited to show this video and really Break everything down as if you’re a Brand new beginner so that being said Let’s dive straight into it so if you’re Watching this video you probably know Affiliate marketing is one of the best Business models out there for beginners Because you only really have to get good At one thing which is learning the skill Set of marketing if you can get that Down really the sky is the limit so what I’ve realized doing affiliate marketing Successfully over the past five years is You really need to follow marketing Frameworks and have those in place that Way you know exactly what you need to do In your affiliate marketing business Every single day and you’re not all Fluttered in the mind when you see a new Video a new affiliate strategy you’re

Not like just completely changing your Business you can see okay which Marketing framework does this strategy Does this new tip actually apply to and Then you can go ahead and take notes on It so that’s what we’re really going to Be focused on today is the framework of How to do affiliate marketing and i’m Going to break it down into five steps Now before we can break down this Marketing framework we obviously need to Find some kind of niche and product that You want to promote as an affiliate so If you’re watching this video you Probably have some idea of what kind of Product you want to promote or what Niche you want to go into if you don’t i Recommend you download my free affiliate Marketing book it’s going to show you Some lists of different niches you can Go into and kind of how to choose a Niche how to find products and stuff Like that so that will be the first link In the description below if you want to Check that out but really the main thing When it comes to picking a niche for Affiliate marketing is you know just Think about what do you have most Interest experience or passion around Maybe you have you know a lot of Interest in personal finance or getting A better credit score and you can Promote credit card products as an Affiliate you can promote credit score

Courses and training programs as an Affiliate and stuff like that right so Really think about what is the niche That you have the most interest Experience or passion around is it side Hustles is it weight loss is the keto Diet is it nutrition there’s not really A right or wrong answer here you really Just have to figure out what niche works Best for you and really just making sure There’s good products to promote in it That have a good affiliate program you Can start with clickbank max bounty or Just type in your niche plus affiliate Programs and find something that way all Right so now i want to dive into the Actual marketing framework right like i Said it’s five steps long and this is Actually what it looks like right so We’re gonna go in depth on each Different step here so it all starts Step one is your actual traffic sources Right these are what i call digital Assets these are the things that are Going to generate you leads and money Every single month so this marketing Framework really applies to any business And this is the first step to affiliate Marketing right is you have to generate Leads people who would be interested in The product you’re actually promoting Right that’s what defines a lead ads so For example um when it comes to traffic Sources or digital assets or whatever

You want to call it the first thing for Example would be a facebook profile Right so you can see that this is my Facebook profile and the reason i define This as a digital asset is because This is something that builds up over Time and as i start to grow it more It’ll start to generate more and more Leads every month just like a regular Asset a business a piece of property Would itself right except this is a Digital asset so as you can see not only Do i have 4.4 000 friends but i also Have 5 000 followers on my facebook Profile and as you can see one of the Main ways i generate traffic is i have This little cover photo download my free Books right this is how i generate leads So what i try to do is get people who Would be interested In affiliate marketing to download my Free book right if they click on this Image you can see i have the link right Here or they can click the link in my Bio and as you can see every day i just Put out different posts around affiliate Marketing attracting that audience to me Facebook also has reels now so this is Another way to really blow up your Facebook profile and this is a traffic Source that a lot of people under Utilize because you can see i put out a Post out here Yesterday around affiliate marketing and

You’ll start getting people who are Asking questions like hey how can i Start building my email list right and We’ll have other people say join chad’s Program and build rail so she’s actually Promoting the product for me so she’s Kind of acting like social proof and Anyways other people commented like do You teach affiliate marketing i said Yeah i have a free book in my bio you Can download that to get you started Right because obviously i know that he’s A person who’d be interested in the Product i’m promoting right so he’s a Lead which is why i’m telling him to go Download my free book so what you’re Going to do on here is put out reels and Different posts to actually attract the Niche the audience that you want to Track for the product you’re promoting That’s one example another example is my Youtube channel right this is for my Personal brand again you can see i have The same uh free affiliate box cheat Sheet and i just put out all kinds of Videos around affiliate marketing Different things around that i do Different challenges around affiliate Marketing all kinds of stuff to attract People who would be interested in Affiliate marketing because that’s my Niche for this channel you can see i Also have an instagram account same Exact thing i’m putting out reels and

Different posts around affiliate Marketing getting people interested in My free lead magnet right we’ll talk About that in step two same thing i have A tick tock account as well same concept Notice i have the same call to actions And all of my digital assets all Pointing to that same lead magnet i’m Offering because basically the whole Goal here is get people from my digital Assets right so social media and take Them on to my main digital asset which Is my email list because that’s traffic I own tick tock can shut me down at any Time youtube can shut me down at any Time so i’m always trying to build my Email list because that’s what not only Gets me a lead but it also makes me the Most amount of money as i start Monetizing it and you can pretty much Build these digital assets and use them To generate leads in any niche whether It’s building a digital asset around Helping people buy a car or building a Digital asset around personal finance Building a digital asset around credit Cards keto diet nutrition travel the List goes on and on the second step to Your marketing framework is going to be Actually capturing leads this is this Box right here and this is basically Just building an affiliate funnel so Anytime you get a tip around building Funnels or anything like that just apply

It to this framework right here which is Actually capturing the leads right so Now that we are actually generating Leads through our digital assets we need A way to capture them that’s all an Affiliate funnel is so the way we do This is through that lead magnet right So what is the free gif what is the Freeing system to get people on the Internet onto your email list right so My free incentive in my affil in the Affiliate marketing niche for my Personal brand is my philly boss cheat Sheet so as you can see it’s completely Free and if they click this button we Just say where should we send it and we Get their name and email and boom we get The cheat sheet so that’s all there is Here and then after they actually opt in And give us their email we take them to A bridge page saying your free cheat is Now being sent your email and then we Just have a short video kind of Introducing who i am and this is where i Do a live promotion of the product i’m Actually promoting so this is optional This is called the bridge page if you Want to just do a thank you page and you Know just take them straight to their Email you can do that but usually more Advanced affiliates will like to put a Video on this thank you page and just do A light promotion of whatever product They’re promoting because some of the

Leads might be ready to buy right away Where Other leads might need a little bit Nurturing might need to get to know you More might need to actually make sure You can solve their problem so obviously Not everyone will buy right away on this Page so to show you another example of An affiliate funnel this is in a Completely different niche this is going To be in the keto niche as you can see We have a download my free keto diet Plan kickstart your weight loss journey With these healthy and tasty keto Recipes so obviously anyone who’s Interested in starting the keto diet is Going to want to see these keto recipes And if they enter their email here as You can see they get taken to this page Thanks for signing up check your inbox In a few minutes and then while you’re Waiting watch the short video below to Learn how to crush your goals even Faster we have a free video kind of Showing them and then we upsell a keto Challenge we also introduce them to a Keto facebook group as well so that’s Another example of an affiliate funnel And if you don’t know how to build these Funnel pages and you would like to Download templates where you can Basically just change out your niche and Your lead magnet and your video i Actually offer all kinds of funnels for

Completely free that you can download as Long as you have a builder all account So this is part of our affiliate club Not only do we do weekly trainings in There for affiliates but we also have Dozens of funnels that you can actually Download straight to your builder Account and actually use for yourself And we have templates in all kinds of Different niches so anyways if you do Want to access these pre-built funnels And just pretty much use them for Yourself and kind of save time from Actually building them from scratch you Can access it in the description that Will be the second link in the Description below okay so the third step For your marketing framework is gonna be Lead nurture right so like i said not Every lead is going to buy right away Some of them will need to be nurtured Right just like um kind of the analogy Of growing a plant in order to grow it You have to nurture it you get the water You have to give it sunlight it’s the Same thing with your leads so anyways as You can see what i put on here is Basically just this is your email Sequence right so obviously we collected The lead We got their email now they’re gonna go Through our automated email sequence and This is where you know the way we’re Gonna nurture those leads is by

Providing value to them and actually Showing them that we can help them solve Their problem that’s our whole goal as An affiliate is recommend a product That’s going to help them transform Their lives in some way so we have to Prove that we can do that because you Know obviously there’s a lot of false People on the internet so anyways the Way you do this is for one through your Lead magnet make sure your lead magnet Provides a ton of value number two is Through your value emails and number Three is through your facebook group Right so the facebook group is an Optional thing you can actually like Have a call to action in your email Sequence to join your facebook community And that’s where they can kind of get to Know you they can ask questions more in Your facebook group and you can really Start to build up a community for your Niche as you can see i have my facebook Group it’s called affiliate bosses so Anyways as far as the email sequence Goes let me show you this right here so This is my free lead magnet that i offer To pretty much anyone who wants to Download it and as you can see this lead Magnet actually provides a lot of value Right it goes in depth on what affiliate Marketing is it shows how to pick your Niche the product the funnel it shows Examples right so this lead man if

Someone reads this and they’re brand new To getting into affiliate marketing They’re gonna save this guy they’re Gonna go back to it whenever they’re Feeling stuck or overwhelmed and Obviously if they get a ton of value From this guide right that’s part of the Nurturing process they’re gonna trust me More they’re gonna be more likely to Open my emails and most importantly They’re gonna be more likely to buy the Products i recommend to them so your Leading magnet is a really important Part of the process to actually build up That trust factor and as far as your Emails go if you guys don’t know how to Write emails inside this affiliate boss Book we actually give you frameworks on Like what to say in your emails what to Do in each of your email sequences so if You just don’t know how to write emails At all i would recommend downloading This guide we’ll give you some examples In here and give you my exact framework I used to write my entire email sequence All right so the step number four to This marketing framework is gonna be Actually converting your leads so this Is lead conversion now this is an Exciting part because again this is Where you actually make money right so a Lot of people think you know you can Just send traffic straight to an Affiliate link and make money and sure

You can do that but you’re gonna make Way less money from your audience right This is what i said earlier in this Video some people have tons of followers But they’ll barely make any money Because they don’t have the right Marketing framework and system to Actually monetize their leads so what I’m all about is not only building your Digital assets but also making the most Amount of money from each digital asset You have that way you don’t have to rely On getting tons and tons of traffic just To make a full-time income so anyways When it comes to lead conversion right This is gonna be how do you actually Convert the leads to get them to buy the Product you recommend so how do you get Them to buy well part of this is the Email sequence so throughout your email Sequence there’s three types of emails You’ll have you’ll have value emails That’s nurturing you’ll have hybrid Emails this is nurturing and converting A little bit so the hybrid emails is Basically where you just give a bunch of Value then you have a like call to Action at the end of your email Recommending the solution to the problem Or the product you’re promoting the Third type of emails you have in your Sequence is going to be offer email so This is where you’re actually promoting Maybe you’re showing testimonials of

Other people who went through the Product maybe your testimonial of the Product you’re promoting so you’re Promoting that way or you can do Different types of scarcity promotions You can also offer free bonuses as an Affiliate if they sign up to the product You’re promoting so if they buy the Product they’ll get bonuses from you for Completely free so this is another thing We talk about in my affiliate box cheat Sheet so be sure to download this if You’re stuck on writing your emails Anyways another approach you can take to Converting your leads and i would only Do this if you’re promoting more of a High ticket product so this is anything Like above 500 let’s say in your emails Your call to action could be instead of Just sending them straight to your Affiliate link in your emails you can Say hey message me the word start to see If this Solution or this product would be a good Fit for you right and this is where you Can implement a chat marketing strategy And you can take them over to facebook Messenger you can ask them a few Questions to see if they’d be a good fit And then you can send them your Affiliate link through chat and that way You know instead of them just feeling Like you send an automated email and You’re trying to make money from them

You’re actually chatting with them One-on-one you’re able to answer all Their questions all their objections Right there and i’ve seen the conversion Rate way higher for when i do this with My own products as well so i definitely Recommend doing chat marketing if you’re Selling more of a high ticket product For your affiliate business another Thing people do is they’ll in their Emails right they’ll have a call to Action to schedule a zoom call with them And that’s probably one of the best ways To convert a lead is actually hopping on A video call one-on-one that’s probably The second best way the best way is in Person obviously we’re doing affiliate Marketing we’re not going to meet with Them in person so you can do zoom call Right obviously this takes a lot of your Time because you’re doing it with them One-on-one but it’s the ultimate way to Build trust right because you’re Actually communicating with them One-on-one the third best way i’d say is Chat marketing and the fourth best way Is an automated email sequence so you Kind of have to decide for yourself like How passive and active do you want to be In your affiliate business so some People are like okay i’m completely fine With just being active and hustling 24 7 And they’ll hop on like 20 zoom calls a Day with people other people like me

They kind of want a hybrid of it so i Like to use chat marketing because it’s A hybrid of both of them so it’ll really Convert the leads i can you know message More people at a time and then there’s Other affiliate marketers who are like Nope i don’t want to be active at all i Just want an automated passive business Now if you’re just using an email Sequence and you know you’re not using The chat marketing you’re not hopping on Zoom calls you’re going to make less Money you’re going to have less Conversions but obviously it’s more Passive it’s less work so you kind of Have to find what works best for you What works best for your schedule and it Really ultimately depends how much money You want to make right if you’re making 5 000 per month with just an email Sequence and you’re fine with that cool But if you want to make ten thousand a Month right maybe add on chat marketing And that will actually double your Conversions and get you there so kind of Depends on what you wanna do there but That’s the step four is actually lead Conversions now obviously lead Conversion is where you sell it’s where You make money so in the chat marketing You’d be sending your affiliate link Same thing with zoom call same thing With the emails this is where you Actually send them to the product you’re

Promoting and you actually make a Commission now there’s a fifth step to This marketing framework which is lead Ascension so after they go through my Email sequence which is usually around 10 to 15 emails i’ll take them over to My broadcast list so this is just my Email list so after all my leads go Through my sequence they’ll be get put Into my broadcast list this is where if I wake up tomorrow i’m gonna send a Real-time email so i’m actually gonna Type an email out and i’m gonna send it Live to my broadcast list so this is Where you can start promoting backend Products so as you know the best Businesses in the world they don’t just Sell one product they sell multiple Products right they make their money in The back end so for example apple they Don’t just sell iphones they also sell Laptops they sell ipads they sell apple Watches they sell Air pods they sell apple music right so They have all these back-end products That’s related to their main product so That’s kind of what you want to do in Your affiliate business think about your Audience and think about you know the Niche and what else would they need Other than you know the main product You’re promoting in your email sequence So that’s kind of what we do in our back End so to give you an example here let’s

Say you’re in the keto niche right so Let’s go back to this funnel example and As you can see we’re promoting a 28 day Keto challenge so this would be our main Product a 28 day keto challenge it’s a Digital product we usually make around Fifty dollars per sale if they buy that Challenge right that’s great well what Can you sell on the back end on your Broadcast list to your keto niche well If we just type in keto affiliate Programs and we just type that into Google we can see all kinds of other Products you can promote in the backend So let’s go ahead and look on here so We’re going to scroll down and you can See the first one is keto geek so this Is actually like a keto food so it’s an Actual physical product so obviously if They’re taking the keto challenge they Want to start the keto diet now we’re Going to upsell them things they’re Going to need on the keto diet one of These might be energy pods Another one could be the keto chef meals Another one could be the keto box Another one could be Real ketones right so there’s all these Different back end products that we can Promote to our niche that they’re Probably gonna end up buying anyways Because they’re doing the keto diet so If anyone’s gonna make money from this Right it might as well be you to

Actually recommend the products because You’re the one who got them interested In the keto diet in the first place so Anyways guys i hope you enjoyed this Video me really breaking down the Five-step marketing framework because You know over the years you know the the Traffic strategies might change a little Bit for example when i first started Tick tock did not exist instagram reels Did not exist youtube shorts didn’t Exist so there’s all kinds of new things That might come up in the internet Marketing role but the framework i gave You today the five-step framework i have Listed right here that will never change Right no matter if there’s a new traffic Source and knew this and knew that this Framework will never change so Screenshot this save it write it down And anytime you get overwhelmed or Confused just go back to this framework And see okay where does this actually Fit in my framework or where do i need To work on why am i not making sales What is the bottleneck in this framework What do i actually need to work on so Anyways guys like i said if you haven’t Already be sure to To your phone you can download it to Your computer also if you want all kinds Of pre-built funnel templates remember To join my affiliate club again that Will be the second link in the

Description below so that being said Guys if you did enjoy this video all i Ask drop a like and subscribe if you’re New let’s me know you want more videos Like this i hope you guys have a great Rest your day and as always i will see You in my next video

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