5 Simple Habits To Make You A Millionaire (NOT CLICKBAIT)

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5 Simple Habits To Make You A Millionaire, without making your coffee at home.

1. Committing To Yourself

Having a vision and sticking to it is one of the most powerful mental frameworks you can set yourself in. Building your net worth is about building a castle brick by brick.

The exact plan can change along the way, but the unwavering commitment cannot: an intrinsic will, irrational optimism, and low-risk aversion are your best assets.

Discipline and good behavioral habits need to be established first, before you build your cash flows, and establish your wealth over time.

Bottom Line: Your habits, emotional control, and discipline are the foundation for building your net worth, so make them robust.

2. Increase Your Marketability

You need to build a skillset worthy of the life you want to live. Marketable skills, line items, degrees, and accolades that will warrant the job, position, and salary you are aiming for.

A set of accomplishments, sought-after skills, accolades, and recognition, make you hirable, but they also make you worldly.

Raising your worldliness and toolbelt of abilities makes you not just employable, but self-employable too – maximum job security.

A multifaceted individual is worth their weight in gold.

Bottom Line: Use your discipline and vision to leverage resources at your disposal to build your overall skill set.

3. Build Your Cash Flows

Cash flowing assets, side-hustles, contract work, online businesses, YouTube channels.

Turn yourself into a productive asset, then turn your returns into productive assets.

“Passive income” is really quite active, and only comes after YOU make a concerted effort.

It starts as a 9-5 followed by a 5-9, but through effort, these assets will minimally impede your lifestyle.

Bottom Line: Leverage your marketability to build multiple streams of cash flows.

4. Structuring The Right Portfolio

Now, it’s time to put those cash flows to work. Investing is based on risk tolerance, age, time preference, urgency, and financial security.

Bottom Line: Invest your cash flows properly into vehicles that will store and appreciate your levels at different risk/return levels.

Stay tuned for the rest of the habits that will make you a millionaire over time, and to hear my thoughts at the end of the video!

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Hey everybody welcome back to whiteboard Finance my name is Marco and I’m here to Help you master your money and build Your wealth today’s video is sponsored By disraptor but more on that later in Today’s video we’re going to be talking About the five simple habits that will Significantly increase your net worth Over time notice that the title says That these are simple habits however These will not be easy to implement Without self-discipline and Accountability every successful Entrepreneur athlete and investor I know Implements a majority of these habits in Their own lives let’s get right into it Stay tuned okay habit number one is Committing fully to yourself committing To yourself is exactly what it sounds Like you need to have a vision for your Life LT stands for long term and you Need to stick with it building your net Worth is about building a castle Brick By Brick and in order to do that we need To start with a strong Foundation which Is you your exact plan to increase your Income and invest that income can and Will change over time because life Events happen that are out of our Control however an intrinsic will Irrational optimism and then also a high Risk tolerance especially at a young age Are going to be your best assets for Building Wealth discipline and good

Behavioral habits need to be established First these are things like emotional Control healthy diet and most Importantly never-ending learning all Successful people that I know are Lifelong Learners and are incredibly Humble they’re the first to admit when They’re wrong or if they make a mistake And they’re the first to admit if they Don’t know something however they will Immediately make an effort to find out And educate themselves commit fully to Yourself and become a lifelong learner To master habit number one okay habit Two is increasing your marketability This falls under my philosophy that Increasing your income will always be Better than increasing your savings rate Obviously you need to do both but you Can’t be a professional athlete that Blows it all but I know this may rub Some people the wrong way but you can Only build your wealth so much by Cutting expenses you need to increase Your marketability because the society That we live in our compensation is Usually directly reflected by the amount Of value that we bring to the Marketplace so more value equals higher Income so how do we increase our Marketability this comes with marketable Skills education creativity and most Importantly problem solving not only do These things make you more desirable and

Sought after these things make you Hireable but they also make you more Valuable as a person to yourself this Not only makes you employable but it Also makes you self-employable which is The ultimate job security in my opinion Use the discipline that we mentioned in Habit one to leverage resources at your Disposal to build your overall skill set To increase your marketability no one Can take from you the Knowledge and Skills that sits within your own head The knowledge that you have is yours to Keep forever okay habit number three is To start building your cash flows so now That we’re fully committed to ourselves From habit one and we’ve increased our Value to the marketplace and habit Number two habit number three is going To be building out our cash flows so how Do we do this so there’s a number of Different ways we can do this we can Invest in cash flowing assets such as Real estate or dividend stocks or we can Use our skills from habit number two and Take on a contract work side hustles or Side projects potentially start an Online business that pays us while we Sleep or even start a YouTube channel For example I know that’s not for Everyone but it is a realistic goal you Need to turn yourself into a productive Asset and then turn your returns into Productive assets so let me repeat that

For the people in the back you need to Turn yourself into a productive asset Then turn your returns into productive Assets by investing so this myth of Passive income does not exist until you Actually develop a critical mass or an Investment Nest Egg passive income is Really quite active and only comes after You make a concerted effort to bring it Into your life so take this YouTube Channel for example I’m still making Money from videos that I made five years Ago and that work is done and over with I only took the time to do it once so Creating passive income from your for Yourself usually starts as a nine to Five followed by a five to nine but Through effort these assets will grow Over time I didn’t make a single penny From this channel for the first year and A half now it’s a full-time income the Bottom line is to leverage your Marketability to build multiple streams Of cash flows over time habit four is to Structure a solid Investment Portfolio Since my viewers range in age income Geography and other important factors I Can’t possibly recommend one size to fit All when it comes to investing investing Is based on risk tolerance age time Preference and financial status however I will say that the major asset classes That most people will benefit from are a Long-term mix of equities AKA stocks

Real estate some form of precious metals Some form of cryptocurrency specifically Bitcoin in my case and some form of Scarce assets such as Collectibles land Things like that so as the market is now Shifting from growth back to Value it May make sense for people to start Looking at dividend stocks again as Opposed to high-flying growth stocks so Real estate may start to correct over The next year or so it may make sense For people to start saving up money in Their War chest to take advantage of a Correction in real estate all of those Different asset classes will serve a Different purpose depending on where You’re at in your wealth building or Wealth preservation Journey the point is To consistently invest over time in Order to have your assets work for you As opposed to you working for your Assets this comes in the form of a solid Investment Portfolio which is why this Is number four so as you are younger You’re able to take on more risk and Some of the biggest returns have come From investing in private companies such As SpaceX for example with that being Said here’s a word from today’s sponsor Does raptor on how to do just that the Key to increasing your net worth is your Ability to look wider in addition to Boring real estate investing popular Stocks and ETFs there are dozens of

Innovative Industries and companies that Grow faster than others this is where Disraptor a private Market investing app Can help you here’s one for you the Space industry is rapidly growing Outpacing the global GDP growth rates But space is too complex to invest in Which company or at least which area of The space industry is better to choose SpaceX is literally dominating private Space exploration it has it all reusable Rockets transportation of people and Cargo global satellite internet deep Space exploration and more a good option If you don’t want to choose among Hundreds of space startups according to Morgan Stanley most institutional Investors believe SpaceX to become more Valuable than Tesla over the long term SpaceX raises the largest rounds in the Market its capitalization is growing in Big leaps and it already has surpassed 120 billion dollars are you ready to be Part of this growth but how SpaceX is in No hurry to go public but I will show You a great opportunity to invest in SpaceX right now this Raptor app allows You to invest in private companies as Easily as you would trade on stock Market choose an offer read an in-depth Analysis of the company tap the invest Button pass verification that’s it you Are able to invest in breakthrough Tech Giants even before they go public

Investing in private companies is no Longer the privilege of millionaires the Offers on this Raptor app are available To accredited retail investors some of Them start at only one thousand dollars All the offers you see are hand-picked By disrupter analysts from hundreds of Private companies right in the app you Can build your own strong private Equity Portfolio and clearly one of the hottest Offers on this app is SpaceX this is the Private Market icon so don’t miss out And hurry up before this offer is closed You can download this Raptor app and Apply for this investment via the link Below habit number five is don’t compare Yourself to others I see this from a lot Of people of all ages whether you’re in High school whether you’re a senior Citizen I tend to see this all the time In one form or another when you start Your first job making more money you Look up to your colleagues and bosses Who make more money than you and you Want to be like them for example so your Co-worker gets a nice car car you want To get a nice car your neighbor gets a Boat you want to get a boat stop Comparing yourself to others comparing Yourself to others is one of the Quickest ways to get down on yourself or Even become depressed this is a huge Confidence killer okay because it will Derail all of the progress you’ve made

Up until this point from steps one Through four a huge perpetrator of this Is essentially social media in a Nutshell because people are always Posting a highlight reel of their own Lives by building habits one through Four mentioned throughout this video you Don’t need to worry about habit number Five or avoid habit number five everyone Is on their own journey in life and they Will get there on their own pace as long As they truly practice habits one Through four once you get through habits One through four and you start to see Success habit five is a natural human Characteristic I mean comparing yourself To others I mean practice habit five by Not comparing what I’m trying to say is Don’t compare yourself to others you Want to keep up with the Joneses once You start making a little bit of money And compete with others which in my Opinion is one of the most fruitless Endeavors that you could possibly take On as a human being if you have friends That are only your friends because of The things you have then these aren’t Your true friends to begin with a good Measuring stick is to be loyal to people Who are loyal to you before you found Success or before you achieved anything That’s how you know these people don’t Have any ulterior motive for wanting to Be in your life

So bottom line is don’t compare yourself To others when on your wealth building Journey now we’re going to get into my Thoughts to end the video okay so here Are my thoughts to end the video so step Number one we committed to ourselves Fully and truly committed to ourselves Step number two we increased our Marketability and the value that we Bring to the marketplace step number Three is we built out our cash flows Step number four is that we started to Invest those cash flows right number Five is where it kind of starts to get Tricky we don’t want to start comparing Ourselves to others okay so this is a YouTube video obviously you’re either Listening to this at the gym in your car On a walk you know walking your dog on a Bike ride whatever it doesn’t matter This is easy to understand and concept And that’s why it’s called the five Simple steps you know to Building Wealth Or increasing your net worth because They really are simple but the Discipline and the accountability is the Hard part doing this consistently over Decades 10 20 30 years in some cases so You’re going to be faced with challenges Whether you’re already successful or Whether you’re young watching this video Whether you’re middle age doesn’t matter You can already think of some scenarios In your head where hey you know I just

Got this new sales role or I’m a real Estate agent or I’m a you know a Basketball manager or you know I work in Some sort of uh client-facing position Is my client going to take me seriously If I pull up in a rusty Toyota Corolla Or in a brand new Porsche right things Like that really do make an impact and That’s where you kind of get tested Right so I guess my whole point to this Ramble is that if you don’t already have A plan in mind in the beginning for what You want to do with this money you’re Never going to be content you’re always Going to be leasing the new car to Impress people that you don’t really Even care about you’re going to be in That never ending hamster wheel and There’s gonna be no point to building All this wealth is my point the the Beauty of it is if you already have a Plan in mind and you start to build this Money remember money is just Freedom Units it’s just Freedom points it’s just Buying you options in life that’s all it Is right if you don’t have a plan for This money ahead of time it’s going to Control you so money is a good servant But not a good master so my point to This is that have a plan stick with it Don’t change I know sometimes people Change in their careers sometimes they Change in life sometimes they get dealt A bad hand try to stay focused I know

It’s easier said than done but if you Truly follow these five steps you will Finish off better than 85 percent of Most people right and even the people That have more money than you sometimes They’re miserable and you don’t even Know the problems that they’re going Through because of the money they have So I guess my ramble my the point of This ramble is just to be content and Understand why you’re doing these things To increase your net worth or increase Your cash flows if you will as always I Hope you got value out of this video Check out the link in the description Below for whiteboard Finance University It is my private school private Community private live streams with me I Divulge everything I’m investing in Buying selling macro Trends teachers Everything I don’t do a good job of Selling that on here because I don’t Really care because I know once the School starts rolling the testimonials Will speak for themselves so thank you So much for watching have a prosperous Day hey real quick I’m not going to do Anything funny at the end of the video Even though I’ll probably time stamp This with LOL just so you watch down in The comments below I’m genuinely Interested about any success stories From people that you know that basically Started from nothing not necessarily

Inheriting a bunch of money or you know Being lucky sperm being built or born Into a really really rich family I’m Talking about people that literally made It from scratch let me know down below Uh leave a story I would love to hear Them thank you so much Foreign

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