5 FREE Side Hustles That Will Make You $500 Per Day

In this video I share the top 5 FREE side hustles that have the ability to make you $500 per day or more.

I know this because I personally do some of these myself and make money with them.

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7:55 – 10:10 – Side Hustle #4
10:11 – 12:33 – Side Hustle #5

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So it said over 63 of people are living Paycheck to paycheck which makes it Nearly impossible to get financially Ahead which is why I think it's so Important to have some kind of side Hustle that can make you extra money Every single month so in this video I Wanted to put together five free side Hustles that you can start today with Just a laptop and as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and a willingness to Work you can make extremely good money With these side hustles and I know this Because I do these side hustles myself And some of them have made me a Millionaire by age 24. now the number One tip I can give you when it comes to These five free side hustles that I Personally done and made money from is You really have to just focus on Choosing one of these and get really Good at it don't choose to choose one And the reason I say this is because I See so many people including myself five Years ago when I was 19. they'll go and Try two or three different side hustles At one time so they can have multiple Streams of income but in reality all of These five side hustles I'm gonna be Showing you today okay have the ability To make you a millionaire so choose one Do it consistently work your ass off and I think you'll be quite surprised on What happens

So the first side vessel is learning and Selling some kind of digital marketing Service now these aren't your typical Services like a pool cleaner a gardener A pest control now even though those all Might be good side hustles you can't do Them from your laptop so what you want To do and says you want to learn high in Demand digital marketing services that You can sell to people online and also Do online from anywhere in the world now Keep in mind this side hustle alone has Hundreds and hundreds of different Services that you can sell including the Thing you're watching right now right You can see there's all kinds of editing Going on in this video so one of the Digital marketing services that you can Learn and master is video editing and I Know this because I personally pay Someone over 300 for every single YouTube video that I put out which Includes this video right now so whether You want to learn video editing for YouTube videos short form content like Tick Tock reels Facebook or even video Ads that's something that's going to be Super in demand for the next five to ten Years to come I know other digital Marketing service off the top of my head Is starting an Airbnb marketing agency For example if you go on Airbnb you can See that some people have really nice Listings with awesome photos with

Awesome descriptions but you see other Airbnbs that still get good reviews have Horrible photos have horrible Description listings and they're Literally missing out on thousands of Dollars every single month just because They have bad photos for example just The other month I went and stayed in an Airbnb in Newport Beach and I'm not Kidding the photos were absolutely Horrible it made it look like a little Shack but I decided to book it anyway Just because there is no other airbnbs Available well it turns out the place Was actually really nice so if they just Touch up the photos I guarantee you they Would double their bookings which would Double their revenue so if you can help Someone do that they'd be willing to pay You you know a thousand dollars to do That one time for them and take really Good photos so if you're more creative Or more of a photographer maybe you can Consider doing a service like that or You can be a website designer and reach Out to business owners who have outdated Websites that aren't mobile friendly in Fact you can go on Fiverr and you can See all kinds of services that are in Demand that are online that you can do From your laptop and just about all These Services can make you pretty good Money and even replace your nine-to-five Job

Now this next side hustle is what Allowed me to buy the dream car that I'm Sitting in right now and this is called Affiliate marketing it's something I've Been doing for the past five years now In fact over those past five years I Made over 1.4 million dollars in Affiliate commissions and yes that is All profit by the way so when it comes To affiliate marketing as a side Hustle The main thing you really need to do and Really be focused on is building what I Call digital assets so these are things Around specific niches that you can just Keep on building up kind of like a Rental property where it's going to keep Making you money every single month you Can keep building it up so these are Things like Tick Tock accounts you can See these are a couple of my Tick Tock Accounts that I run and make money from These are things like Facebook groups These are things like YouTube channels You can see that this guy has an entire YouTube channel just around vacuums he Tests out different vacuums he demos Different vacuums he reviews them he Makes tutorials on them and obviously He's an affiliate it for these different Vacuums or maybe it could be a Facebook Group around the keto diet as you can See this keto diet Facebook group has Over a hundred thousand members and what You're able to do is you're able to

Promote related products to this Audience to this Facebook group that You're an affiliate for you can do this Around digital marketing software you Can do this around credit cards you can Do this around drones headphones or Maybe it's around traveling on a budget Side hustles maybe it's around credit Repair so the whole idea of affiliate Marketing is to build an audience build A digital asset whether it's the YouTube Channel Facebook group Tick Tock account Instagram account Facebook whatever it Is around a specific Niche and promote Related products to them and I think the Absolute best way to promote products to Them is by building your email list and Promoting products inside your email Marketing now we're not going to have Time to get into all that in this video So if you want to learn more about Exactly how I do affiliate marketing how To build an email list how to build a Funnel out how to pick your Niche how to Find good products to actually promote As an affiliate and ultimately how I've Made over seven figures with affiliate Marketing over the past couple years be Sure to download a free copy of my Affiliate marketing book it's by far the Best way that I've found to make money Online personally myself you can Download that for free all you got to do Is click on the first link in the

Description of this video Now the next side vessel you can start For completely free is something garyvee Always talks about and that is simply Just flipping products now there's two Ways to do this the first way is what Garyvee talks about most which is just Going garage selling right going to Local garage sales in your area finding Products negotiating with them getting Them for really cheap and then marking Them up selling them on eBay for huge Profit so what you can do is you can Have a hundred dollars let's say go Garage selling this weekend go to five Ten different garage sales and the goal Of that is to turn that 100 into at Least 500 to a thousand dollars and just Keep doing that right now next time you Go the next weekend you have five Hundred dollars and turn that into two Thousand dollars and you just keep on Doing that I know people who built a Massive income doing just that alone now Another great way to do this is you can Go on for example the Facebook Marketplace and you can go locally in Your area and you can see all kinds of Products that you could potentially Resell for more so for example you can See this nice coffee table selling for a Hundred dollars we have a free Nintendo Switch games we have free desks right And a lot of people are just trying to

Get rid of this a free piano a 75 dollar Pool table one dollar for all this right So they're just trying to get rid of a Bunch of vacuums and different stuff Like that or you have this person They're moving they're trying to get rid Of all this different stuff or this Person has a bike for a hundred dollars They're selling so what you can do is You can go pick up that free stuff you Can go pick up the hundred dollar bike And you could clean it up right make it Look a lot nicer take nicer photos then Go and list it on eBay or you can even Go and list it back on Marketplace list On offer up and sell it for a markup of Whatever price you bought it and I Guarantee you you will make money now This side hustle in particular it's not Going to make you a millionaire I Personally used to do this and make Money from it back when I was in college Before I ever did affiliate marketing so I think this is just a great way to make A couple extra thousand dollars per Month if you're willing to hustle if You're willing to put in the work and You just want to play the flip game so Every side hustle I've shared with you So so far you can get started with less Than a hundred dollars whether it's Digital marketing Services affiliate Marketing or flipping products on eBay But the next two side hustles I'm going

To be showing you they do take a budget To start but I personally make money From both of them and I think they're Really good opportunities not only to Make extra money on the side but also to Completely replace your nine to five job For good Which brings me to side hustle number Four which is going to be day trading The stock market now keep in mind this Side vessel is not for everyone in fact Over ninety percent of people fail with Trading in the market but you also got To keep in mind almost every single Business model 90 of people fail just Because there's a low barrier to entry So if you really take day trading Seriously and you commit to it you're Serious about it you can make money I've Been doing it off and on for the past Year or so and just around a couple Months ago I started doing it very Consistently and it's something I Actually really enjoy it's like a game To me it gets me up early in the morning It kind of wakes me up it's like my Coffee right so as you can see this is The trading software I use this is kind Of tracks all my trades and as you can See if I go to the past 30 days so I'm Just going to click on last 30 days as You can see I made nine thousand five Hundred dollars so I'm making just Around ten thousand dollars per month

Trading in the stock market which is Pretty crazy because I only started Doing this consistently around three Months ago so keep in mind I do trade With a higher dollar amount if you're Wondering I do trade with around fifty Thousand dollars but there's no reason You can't start with five thousand Dollars and maybe make twenty bucks a Day right and just slowly build it up From there or you start with ten Thousand dollars and you're making a Hundred bucks a day and just slowly Build it up from there so anyways that Is day trading I think it's not for Everyone if you're more analytical You're more introverted and you have Some type of budget to work with I think Day trading may be an awesome side Hustle for you and also if you want to Learn more about how to train the stock Market personally how I do it I'm gonna Be starting another YouTube channel Called Chad trades around exactly how I Day trading the stock market where I Learned I'm gonna be showing my trades Every single day so if you want to learn More about how I trade in the stock Market be sure to subscribe to my new YouTube channel called chat trades if You want to check it out I'll leave a Link for it in the second link in the Description below this video All right now this is going to bring me

To the last side so which is going to be Something called YouTube automation now This is kind of similar to affiliate Marketing except instead of promoting Other people's productses and building Digital assets around a specific Niche Right what we're doing is we're building Faceless YouTube channels around a Specific Niche so as you can see if I Share my screen here this is my channel And as you can see the first couple Videos we had it went pretty viral you Can see 161 000 views a hundred and ten Thousand views and so far this channel Has made me around 500 now that's not Saying a lot because I have spent more Than that to you know produce these Videos but as you can see on the video Right the whole entire video is Basically just b-roll and voice over B-roll and voice over and I actually Have friends who do this as a full-time Business they manage over 20 different Channels and all of them make them Anywhere from five thousand to twenty Thousand dollars a month right you can See an example of this channel right Here it's all around history and they Just share about all kinds of History Topics and they've grown a massive Audience just around that so this Channel alone I personally know makes Over 20 000 per month so that's the idea Of YouTube automation I'm not gonna go

Too deep into it in this video just Because we are running out of time so if You want to see a full video on YouTube Automation I'll leave a card up above It'll show how I got served with my Channel it'll break down all the steps To actually get started with the side Vessel that way you can see if this one Is right for you now before I finish out This video just recall back to what I Said earlier in this video make sure you Only choose one of these side vessels do The one that best fits you your Personality type what just interests you The most do that consistently take Action and watch what happens in the Next few months I guarantee you you'll Be making some extra money and even to The point where you're making an extra 500 per day so anyways guys that being Said if you want to learn the number one Side hustled I do which is affiliate Marketing out of any side hustle I by Far made the most money from I'm Affiliate marketing so again if you want To see exactly how you do affiliate Marketing and get a free book along the Way all you got to do is click the first Link in the description below to Download that free book that being said If you guys enjoyed this video all I ask You drop a like And subscribe if you're New it lets me know you want more videos Like this with that being said guys as

Always I hope you have a great rest your Day and I will see you in my next video

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