48 Hour Instagram Affiliate Marketing Challenge (FROM SCRATCH)

In this video I do another favorite series on the channel which is a 48 hour instagram affiliate marketing challenge from scratch.


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Everyone chat here so we're going to be Doing another favorite series on the Channel today and this is going to be Another affiliate marketing challenge Now other challenges I've done on the Past on this channel most of them have Been pretty successful however this one I don't actually know if it'll work or Not it's a method I've actually never Tested out myself so I figured why not Just do it here on this channel today And document it for you guys so that Being said what this challenge today is Going to be it's gonna be a 48 hour Instagram affiliate marketing challenge Which means we're basically gonna be Starting from scratch on Instagram we Have no page or anything like that and Our goal is to make as much money as we Possibly can in the next 48 hours so if You're new to these challenges on my Channel the way this is going to work is Rule number one I only have 48 hours to Make as much commissions as I possibly Can rule number two I can't leverage my Audience or my email list or anything at All basically at the start from complete Scratch and rule number three if I don't Make at least a hundred dollars in these Next 48 hours then I'm gonna give away a Free copy of my affiliate marketing Bootcamp which normally sells for 9.97 So that being said super excited to try This method out and officially started

This challenge let's dive straight into It alright so as I said this method We're going to be using for this 48 hour Challenge I've never used it before Right so I have no idea how well it's Gonna work I don't really specialize in Instagram so we're gonna see right so Here's the game plan as far as how this Method works and what we're going to be Doing for the next 48 hours so step one Is pretty self-explanatory we're just Gonna be finding a product on ClickBank To promote and then step two we're going To be finding a viral video on Tick Tock That is around whatever that product is So for example if the product is around Manifestation we want to go find a Content piece on Tick Tock a viral video That's around manifestation and step Number three we're gonna make a very Similar video to that viral video and Then we're gonna go pay an Instagram Influencer who has a page around that Niche let's say it's manifestation for Example we're gonna have them post that Video on their page and have our Affiliate Link in the bio of their Instagram page so those are the three Steps pretty dang simple method so with That being said let's go and start the Clock the 40 hours has officially begun All right so the first step is I'm gonna Go over to a site called ClickBank this Is where I'm going to find a product to

Actually promote as an affiliate so all I'm going to do is I'm gonna head over To the marketplace at the top here and I'm gonna actually click on search so Since we're using social media I want to Find a product that's actually like Selling really well has high volume has High gravity score on ClickBank so I'm Gonna go ahead and look and I want to Make sure it's something that does fit On Instagram right so we're gonna keep Going down like something around the Dental Niche that's not going to convert Well on Instagram right it's just not The place um usually for this kind of Product where it's more about teeth or Um it's specifically about you know Fungus dropper right those are something People are going to be searching on Google for they're going to be searching On YouTube for Um so it's not it doesn't really fit Social media so just keep that in mind Whenever you're using a method make sure It fits the traffic source that you're Actually using so anyways I'm going to Keep going down we're going to find Something Um so let's see okay so we have this one Right here uh soulmate sketch Tick Tock And social media monster so I'm thinking That this would be a decent one it has a Really high gravity score of 238 uh Makes you around 20 dollars per sale so

Let's go ahead and look at this one I'm Just gonna get my affiliate link and We're gonna see what this sales page Looks like so I'm just going to copy This link okay as you can see this is The sales page um you know pretty simple It's basically just a soul mate drawing And if we click this okay it actually Asked some questions and then I'm Assuming it goes to a checkout after This questionnaire so let's go ahead and Use this one for the actual product We're going to promote and now the next Thing we can do is we can just go over To tick tock like I said we want to find A viral video that we can you know model Or even use to give to the Instagram Influencer so basically I'm just gonna Go on Tick Tock as you can see I'm just Going to type in relationships since This is what that product is a round Right and relationships is a pretty big Niche on social media so we're going to Scroll down here and and I'm gonna try To find a video that's kind of more of a Faceless video I don't want to take Someone's you know direct content that They made with themselves so I'm gonna Keep going down here and sure we can Remake some of these videos you know I Personally just don't want to make a Relationship video myself so I'd rather Find a faceless video so I'm going to Keep scrolling down here and let's see

Okay so I can see this one right here This looks more like a faceless video so I'm gonna click on this and let's go Ahead and watch this one okay so as we Can see this is basically just b-roll And text on a screen about a Relationship this video went pretty Viral got 2.3 million views and you know It's basically just talking about you Know the thinking about you stuff like That and what we can do it doesn't have A call to action to it so what I can do Is I can just add a call to action on The actual caption of the video so in This case we're going to do it on Instagram in their case they're not not Even promoting anything they're just Saying my forever with a bunch of Hashtags we'll actually be doing a Caption here like hey do you want to see Who what your soul mate looks like click The link in my bio right and we'll take Them over to this page so all I'm going To do now is I'm going to grab this Video link now I'm going to type into Google Tick Tock downloader press search And then I like to use a website like Tick mate I'm just going to paste in That video URL alright so as you can see The video downloaded to my computer so Now I can actually use this video or I Can make a similar one and use it as an Ad for the Instagram influencer that I'm Gonna find all right so now we're at the

Final all stages of getting this method Up and running which is basically that's Step number three which is reaching out To an influencer in my Niche right and Having them post that viral video that You just saw me download and obviously Also leave my affiliate Link in the bio While they have that video up so what You'll notice about this method is it Wasn't a lot of work right we're not Setting up a funnel we're not doing Email marketing and we really don't have To do a lot to get traffic now the Reason being is because this is a paid Traffic method there's usually less work Involved right that's the pro of it but What's the con of it it costs money Right so we're gonna have to pay an Influencer anywhere from you know 50 to 200 to actually post that video and put My affiliate Link in their bio for at Least 24 hours so anyways that's what I'm going to be working on today I'm Going to be going and finding some pages That I can use for this shout out for This promotion uh so I'm going to be Looking stuff up like relationship Pages Let me be looking up you know Spirituality Pages I'm going to be Looking up introvert pages right Introverts are probably people who want To seek a relationship more maybe Because they're scared to talk to people Whatever it is right we're gonna go do

Some research figure out the rates and With that being said I'll keep you guys Updated in the meantime if you guys Would like a free copy of my fully Marking book it'll show you exactly how I make over a thousand dollars per day In my affiliate business so if you guys Want free access to this book it'll show You how to pick your Niche how to find Products how to set up that funnel and All kinds of different traffic sources That I personally use myself all you Have to do is click the first link in The description below or just go to this Link right here and I'll send it to you For completely free so that being said I'm gonna go get to work and I'll keep You updated in the next 24 hours alright Guys so I got a little busy and now we Are back 48 hours later and I want to Give you guys a final update of what Happened because obviously by now the 48 Hour challenge is over so when I last Updated you I actually started running Into a few different problems the first One was it was just really hard to get In contact with an Instagram influencer Right so I probably reach out to over 20 Different pages around you know Manifestation around spirituality around Relationships around introverts and out Of all those 20 plus messages I sent out Only two people responded and both of Them shut me down because they didn't

Like the product I was promoting and This actually surprised me because a few Years back if you offered an influencer Money to do a shout out right they would Take it no matter what they didn't care About what product you're promoting or Anything like that so I think a lot of Them are starting to you know just Decline ClickBank products in general so I decided to take a little bit different Route so I tried a website called Shoutcard.com where you can directly buy Ads from influencers on Instagram right On their site alright so for those of You that don't know what shout card is Let me share my screen and as you can See this is basically just a website It's a third-party website that Basically hosts all kinds of influencers That are willing to sell shout outs on Their page you can see their followers You can pick which platform you want to Do the motion on and then there's also Different categories different niches That you can actually choose your page From so what I actually did was I just Unclicked all the categories and then Obviously since I'm doing more of a Relationship product I just went down Over here to love and romance and I Actually ended up using this account Right here with 494 000 followers so you Can see I placed the order right here And as you can see I basically purchased

A 24 hour post with a bio link right so Basically they're going to leave my Affiliate link and the bio for 24 hours To test this out this actually only Ended up costing around forty dollars Which wasn't too bad and once again I Ran into some more issues now if I go on Instagram you can see this is the actual Page right here and you can see that This is the video we posted right and Actually ended up getting a lot of views It got a lot of likes a lot of good Engagement so again if you recall back This is the video that we found off a Tick tock that we downloaded that we're Using for this promotion so as we can See the video got around 178 000 views Which is pretty good compared to some Other other videos that they're posting Now here's where I ran into some more Issues so once I saw they posted I Noticed that they didn't have my Affiliate Link in the bio like they're Supposed to and when I noticed that this Video already had 40 000 views so it Picked up views super quickly and so I Actually reached out to them I messaged Them on shout car on this website I was Like hey why didn't you put my link in The bio and then they're like oh sorry You know I'll do it right now right and Then they left it in there for like 12 Hours we got you know a decent amount of Clicks but if we actually go on

ClickBank let me just refresh my screen And as you can see right we got zero Dollars in sales Um over the past 48 hours this is from An older product I was promoting so Don't worry about this one but again We're just looking at the past three Days or so obviously we've got zero Dollars in sale so what I decided to do Once I saw that there was Zero sales Here I decided to order another ad from Shout cart maybe just try a different Influencer to see if there's a a better Audience and as you can see if I go to My orders right here I put out another Order as you can see it's still pending They were supposed to post it yesterday But they just never posted it right so I'm trying to get my money back from Shell cart it wasn't much so I'm not too Worried about it but overall I'm having A pretty bad experience with this Strategy so far so when it comes to the Strategy I really think using Instagram Influencers is really a hit or miss Sometimes you'll make a few sales Sometimes you'll see nothing like you Saw during this Challenge and me Personally as an affiliate I don't want To rely my sales on a hit or miss or Trying to find an influencer who will do An ad for the product I'm promoting it Just seems like a really unstable Strategy to continue to make money

Consistently so anyways guys I know I Didn't make any money during this Challenge so that means two things Number one I hope this saves you some Mistakes it saves you some money so you Don't have to go through what I did Because you saw someone else use this Strategy and maybe made a few sales if They're even real so hopefully I save You some money in that way and you can Just stick to a more reliable strategy That I like to use which is building These digital assets yourself whether It's an Instagram page a tick tock page Hiring a freelancer to do a tick tock Page for you a Facebook group a YouTube Channel I talk about all that inside my Free affiliate marketing book along with All kinds of Niche ideas products you Can promote everything like that so if You guys want to learn more about the Strategy that I use that actually does Work uh be sure to download my free book That'll be the first link in the Description below or go to this link Right here and number two we also Learned that I didn't make a hundred Dollars during this challenge so what That means is I'm going to give away a Free copy of my affiliate marketing Bootcamp we normally sell this at 9.97 So so anyways I am going to give away a Free copy of my book all you have to do Is follow me on Instagram and I'll be

Announcing the winner there so anyways Guys hope you enjoyed this video if you Did all you ask is drop a like And Subscribe if you're new let me know in The comments below what strategy what Method you want me to try out next for These affiliate marketing Challenge Series I do on my channel so that being Said as always I hope you guys have a Great week today and I will see you in My next video

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