3 STUPIDLY Simple FREE Traffic Sources You MUST Use! (Affiliate Marketing 2022)

In this video, I’m going to share 3 ”free traffic sources for affiliate marketing” in 2022!

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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

In this video i’m going to share with You three incredibly powerful free Traffic sources anyone can use starting Today to start to make commissions as Soon as this week as you follow me Throughout this video if you’re someone That maybe doesn’t have a lot of extra Money to invest in the paid traffic or You don’t want to go through the long Learning curve that often paid traffic Methods take and you just want to follow A simple proven strategy you’re going to Be able to do that inside this video now I’m going to walk through every step of Each of these three free strategies so Even if you don’t have a following even If you don’t want to show your face out There you’re going to be able to use These methods and start to create Results now you can see on the screen Right here this is actually one of my Affiliate dashboards to date i’ve been Able to generate over 29 000 I don’t share that to impress you but Rather impress upon you the fact that as You follow this step-by-step video You’re going to be learning from someone That’s made money using free traffic Sources most of that money was just from Free traffic okay so if you’re excited To learn that be sure to smash the like Button right now and without further ado I want to dive in to the very first Strategy now before i do dive into that

Though if you don’t have a product You’re promoting i want to include a Link directly below to that first link Is going to share with you my number one Affiliate program to actually promote With these free traffic methods it pays You 100 instant commissions okay so Really powerful but the first strategy Is facebook okay now a lot of people Think when they go to facebook they’re Gonna have to you know post on a fan Page or build up a big massive following And that’s not the case at all in fact If you’re watching this video chances Are you have a facebook profile and That’s all you really need to do this Method okay so if you don’t want to Actually mix your friends and family With your business that’s totally fine As well you can just create a new Facebook profile or when you go to post You can actually just choose the type of People you want to see that you can Choose you know a certain list or you Know you can exclude certain people but You want to go to your facebook profile And what you want to do you want to Decide on a niche okay so if you’re Already promoting a certain product you Can go ahead and choose that niche okay So if it’s in the health and fitness Niche the dating niche these methods are Gonna work for any single niche okay so Let’s say for the sake of this facebook

Profile we’re in the health and fitness Niche okay so the first step is you want To choose a cover photo that’s going to Represent that niche okay because that’s One of the first things people are going To check out when they hit your profile So if you don’t have a facebook cover That’s already in that niche you can go To google images type in a few words That have to do with the niche and then Go ahead and search that and i actually Found this photo here which i could Easily just download and then upload it As my facebook cover the next step is Your profile photo on facebook Specifically it’s very important usually To post a photo of yourself okay some of The methods i’m going to share in a Little bit later you can actually get Away with not showing your face faceless Profiles but for facebook specifically If you decide to use this source then i Highly recommend you have a photo of Yourself that’s warm and inviting Because people buy from people okay so It’s just gonna be easier now once you Do that you can also write a few words That have to do with the product you’re Promoting okay you’ll actually get more Sales people will be more curious if you Put a few words so i said you know get Paid 100 instant commissions that’s one Of the products i’m actually promoting Right now so if you’re promoting a

Health and fitness product you could say You know lose seven pounds in five days You know whatever the product helps People do you can write that in that Intro and then now what we want to do is Before we start posting before we start Doing anything we want to start getting Targeted friends on this profile so how Do we do that what we want to do is we Want to go to the search bar and we want To type in a few words that have to do With the niche we’re in so i’m going to Do health and fitness and then on this Left side we want to choose groups okay Because we want to actually go into one Of these big groups okay so this one has 24 000 members that’s pretty good we Want to go into this group we want to Look at the members okay so we can see People if we go to the people tab Sometimes it says members tab we can Look at all these people now it says Members with things in common okay now When you first start this strategy you May not have a lot of members with Things in common which is totally fine You can just go to new to the group but If you have some mutual friends with These people it’s going to work even Better so what we want to do is we want To start adding these people as friends Okay now why well if we add these people As friends a lot of these people are Gonna actually accept our friend request

And now they’re gonna start seeing our Posts and because these people are in a Group that has to do with the niche We’re in they’re gonna probably be Interested in the product we’re Promoting and we can go ahead and sell That product to those people and we can Make a commission earning us money okay So the reason you want to look for People with mutual friends ideally is Because you will actually be able to add More people on facebook if you don’t Have any mutual friends then there is You know going to be a lower limit of People that you can actually add as Friends when you start to do this method So we can go ahead and literally just Start adding these people okay now you Don’t want to go crazy especially if It’s a brand new account because you Know facebook could create you know put You in facebook jail where they limit Your access to your account for a Certain amount of days i recommend when You’re first starting just do 15 people A day okay just to start to get some Friends and then once you do facebook Will be more lenient you can start to Add more people now once you add more People the whole point is they’re going To go to your profile okay they’re going To say you know who’s actually following Me i want to check out the profile and If it’s branded well if it’s in a niche

That the people are interested in then They’re going to be able to accept you As a friend now that’s the first step You want to start building friends you Can see i have you know 3 600 friends That’s 3 600 people that i’ve added and Have accepted my friend request in the Make money online niche so when i post Those people are going to see that and a Lot of people are gonna decide to buy Okay so there’s really two main types of Posts you wanna do on facebook one of Them is inspirational you know quotes is What you can share you can share Motivation you can see right here okay i Literally just had a photo of myself With a quote okay or a inspiring post Shout out to all entrepreneurs going After their goals i’m in the Entrepreneur they make money online Niche i knew that would resonate and you Could see 184 likes okay so the first Type of post is just to get people Liking your post okay it’s a very Inspirational post most people are gonna Like that and then what you’re gonna do Is also okay if i refresh this you’re Also gonna be making a pitch post a call To action you can see right here you Know i said wow just found an instant Paying 100 commission opportunity to get Paid from your smartphone comment 100 For info so this is where we’re going to Generate leads so we’re basically

Building a following getting engagement And then every other day or so we’re Going to make a post like this where It’s like telling people to comment or Message us for information so that’s how You’re going to be able to generate Leads and then you can see these people You know 100 100 100 and then i can go Ahead and literally message them the Link to my affiliate offer because They’re asking for information so this Is the first free traffic source Very powerful very simple and it will Allow you to create results as soon as This week if you really take this Seriously now the second free traffic Source i want to recommend in this video Is tick tock okay now tik tok is Massively popular right now it’s only Getting more and more popular the reason So many people so many marketers are Loving tick tock is the algorithm is Designed for you to win okay because the Videos are very short you have a great Chance to have one of your videos that You’re pumping out there go viral and Once you do it only takes one or two of Your videos to go viral for you to amass A lot of followers and then a lot of Leads and a lot of sales so i want to Share with you this profile here you can See this is a faceless profile on tick Tock which is totally fine and it works Tik tok is one of the places you can

Actually have a faceless profile and Still generate great results okay so What they did was they just branded okay They had a photo um right here that has To do with weight loss they had a name That’s very relevant so you can see Everything is relevant you can see they Had a you know some words in their bio Follow for daily weight loss tips so if You’re in the weight loss niche you Could create a profile on tick tock That’s all around weight loss tips Inspiration you could do the same thing With dating okay you could give away Dating tips and start to get a following And then you can start to promote Whatever offer you want okay so you can See right here these videos are Incredibly simple to make all they did Was they just took a very short video Okay or probably a photo and some of These and they just put a piece of text On top of it okay so i want to open up You know one of these okay you can see If you could lose 20 pounds the next two Months would you commit this monday if You said yes quickly my bio and start Your journey that’s literally all they Did okay so they put a very simple video That you could find from youtube you Could find from you know pinterest and They just put a piece of text and then They gave a call to action you know hey Go to my bio now if we go to their bio

Okay and we open this what it leads to Eventually is an affiliate offer what They’re doing is they’re actually Creating traffic by posting on tick tock They have a capture page but you could Send it directly to an affiliate offer If you don’t have a capture page and That’s all you have to do just put out These little videos okay if you could Stick to you know one a day that would Really help you grow and you can see They range you know some of them are Getting fewer views some of them are Getting more views and they’re telling People to go here to their link you put A link in your bio and then you can send Them to an affiliate offer you can see Right here okay i’ve done that you know 28 000 followers i started this just a Few months ago i don’t post that often On tick tock but you can see that you Know some of these videos get you know More views some you know get less views Okay but i’m just you know this one very Simple you can see right here all i did Was you know i just literally do edit Someone else’s video okay or this one Right here you know it’s very very Simple you know i’m dancing there but It’s really really simple you know if You want to put your face out there if You don’t you have a link in your bio And then you just lead people to your Offer okay now the last free traffic

Source i want to share inside this video Is instagram now instagram is incredibly Powerful you probably have an instagram Profile but if you’re not you know Making money from it you know the Question is why not right because it’s Very powerful so what you want to do is You want to do this very similar to Facebook okay so you could even use you Know the same profile photo you know Similar bio okay so you can see right Here did i say you know six figure Affiliate marketer world traveler so With the bio the first few lines you Want to have a little bit about your Page okay so you could say you know Weight loss tips daily inspiration um How to get back your ex boyfriend you Know simple tips to do that right so Just a little bit of words that have to Do with what your niche is and then the Last thing i like to include in the bio On instagram is a call to action so i Say discover my number one way to make Money online at the link below and then I have my affiliate link so you want to Put a call to action discover my number One way to lose weight fast discover my Number one way to you know trade forex Successfully right whatever you want to Promote you can do that now what we’re Going to do is realize that the main way With this strategy for free on instagram If you want to do this fast and easy is

We’re looking for people to impulse buy Meaning we’re looking for people to see Our bio click the link and then decide To buy right away so you can do this More long term you can post photos and Things like that but for this to keep it Simple once you have this set up now we Just need to attract the right people People that are interested in solving The problem that our product solves and We want to attract those people quickly To our profile so how do we do that once Your profile and instagram is set up all You have to do is go up here and start Typing a few words that have to do with Your niche okay so i can do you know Health and fitness and you’ll see these Bigger profiles start to appear now we Can just click you know one of these Let’s say this one right here and we can See you know this has 11 000 followers So what we know is that anyone who’s Actually engaging in these posts are Number one interested in health and Fitness because they follow this type of Page and also they’re active okay so you Want to make sure these people are Active so you just go to one of their Latest posts and you go to others okay And this shares with you all the people That liked this photo and what you can Do is follow okay follow follow follow Again you don’t want to go overboard Especially if it’s a new profile you

Know anywhere from you know 15 to maybe Max you know 30 i would go slower rather Than faster and then you can build but What happens is once you follow these People they’re going to get a Notification and if you’ve set up your Profile properly you have a good profile Photo this is branded to the niche the Person is interested in and you have a Good call to action with the link a lot Of people will actually go to your Profile check it out get interested Click the link and then if you’re Promoting a good product they’ll check It out and decide to buy and you can Start to create income that way now like I said with instagram you can really Build out a big page you can pay for Shout outs if you want to go the paid Traffic route i have a lot of other Videos on more instagram strategies but As a very basic free source and free Strategy this method would work Incredibly well so there we have it my Friend i really hope you enjoyed Learning these powerful free traffic Sources also again be sure to go to the First link below if you don’t have an Affiliate offer to promote with these Free traffic sources and you want to get Paid 100 instant commissions i really Think you’re gonna love that anyway Until next time be sure to subscribe the Bell icon so you never miss out on my

Latest training and i will see you very Soon take care You

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