24-Hour Affiliate Marketing Challenge (NO MONEY)

In this video I walk you through I challenge I did to see how much money I can make with affiliate marketing in just 24 hours.

The strategy I used is something I’ve never talked about on this channel and it ended up paying off BIG, enjoy.

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So a few weeks back I did a challenge to See how much money I can make with Affiliate marketing in just 24 hours now Since I was trying to bring in as many Sales as I could in such a short amount Of time I had to use a pretty unique Strategy to do this that no one really Talks about here on YouTube and I didn't Use any money for this promotion either So in this video you're gonna see how Much money I made in just 24 hours doing This and exactly how I did it what Product I promoted and all that good Stuff so hopefully you can apply this For your own Niche and affiliate Marketing business so the strategy I Used to make as much money as I could With affiliate marketing in just 24 Hours was using something called live Webinars now typically you don't hear About this when it comes to affiliate Marketing but live webinars actually Work really well for Affiliates if you Do them the right way so the way I kind Of did this was I saw a post from one of My old buddies John on how he was making You know anywhere from like 10 to 20 000 Per month making reviews on Amazon on Products all within the Amazon app so Anyways he had this really cool strategy On how he did it he had this new method That I've never heard of before and Within 60 days of him trying it he made Over eleven thousand dollars in profit

So that absolutely blew my mind when I Saw him do this and he's been doing this For around a year now he's made over a Quarter million dollars doing this and He recently decided to make his own Course teaching people how to do this so What I did was I emailed one of my lists And I asked them hey would you be Interested in learning this method I Have a buddy named John that does this Full-time should I ask them to put Together a training for us and once I Saw all kinds of responses the people Who were genuinely interested in Learning about this method John was Doing learning from John what he was Doing how he was doing it that's where I Decided to put together this live Training webinar where I can be an Affiliate for John's course for anyone Who wants to learn more in depth about This method and get mentored from John Personally so now that I kind of Explained the strategy to you what I Want to do next is I want to show you How much money I made in just 24 hours Doing this right so I'm going to log Into my Thrive cart affiliate program This is where John's affiliate program Has hosted for his program so what I'm Going to do is like I said this is a few Weeks back so I'm gonna go to a custom Range and we decided to do this webinar On the 10th of November so or it's

Actually the ninth right so I'm going to Click the 9th through the 10th right so This is basically that 24 hour period From the 9th to the 10th and as you can See right we did 6780 within just 24 hours so basically The commission was split 50 50 where I Get half John gets half it's a win-win For everyone and as you can see we Brought in thirteen thousand dollars of Sales and on the live webinar we had Around 250 people on there and obviously Anyone who is watching a two-hour Webinar was a really warm bleed they're Interested so we had around 221 clicks From that and from those clicks we had Around 19 people who actually signed up And bought and this is where that 67 700 In commissions came in and again this is Basically all within a two hour period On that live webinar now some of you may Be thinking yeah this all sounds great Doing these live webinars promoting a Product that your email list would want But I don't have an email list myself so I can't do this and to be honest this is The whole purpose of why I made this Video is to show you the importance of Having an email list if you're going to Do affiliate marketing sure when you're First starting out you're gonna start From scratch you're not going to have Any emails collected you're not going to Have any leads but that's where I

Started too that's where everyone starts And the whole idea of affiliate Marketing is to build up that email list So you can eventually do these Promotions like this and be able to make Around seven thousand dollars in just Under two hours now for those of you That are working on building your email List or you plan to in the future for Whatever Niche you're in now let me go Over the exact steps I took to prep my List for this live webinar to actually Sell on the live webinar and to make This promotion a success so as I said Before the first thing I did was email My list to see if they'd be interested In learning this new method from my old Buddy John so anyways this is the email I sent out I said hey first name hope You had a great weekend so a few days Ago I was chatting with my one of my old Buddies I used to work with and he Showed me a brand new strategy he's been Working on to give you some context he Used to have a successful marketing Agency but this new strategy has been Working so well he's putting all his Time into this and guess what this new Strategy leverages affiliate marketing And it's unlike anything I've ever seen Before it doesn't involve Tick Tock Instagram or Facebook no YouTube channel Or blogs no funnels or email marketing He's already making over 10K per month

In profit I'm in the process of testing It myself but he said it does take a few Weeks to get going which brings me the Whole point of this email would you like Me to bring him on to show you exactly How this strategy work he's pretty busy But it's worth a shot just let me know By replying yes to this email if I get Enough responses I'll go and ask them to Put together a free training for us so That was the email I sent and from that I got hundreds of hundreds of responses Of people who are generally interested In learning about this method so from There that's where I went ahead and Contacted John I let him know that my List is interested in learning about This and we went ahead and put a date on That live webinar which was November 9th So the next thing I did to prep for this Webinar to make it a huge success which Is something I do with pretty much any Product that I promote as an affiliate Is putting together bonuses if they sign Up to the product using my link so I put Together some massive bonuses for anyone Who bought John's course during this to Our webinar and some of those bonuses Where they get free access to my course Which I normally sell for a thousand Dollars they also got free access to my New chatbot training they got to see how I do faceless YouTube channels all kinds Of super valuable bonuses that they were

Gonna get for completely free if they Bought the product I was promoting which In this case it was John's new program And really after that all I did was send A few you more emails to my list letting Them know that the webinar is going down On November 9th getting them to register For the webinar getting them excited About what they're going to learn so Here's an example of one of those emails Where we invited them over to the Webinar so this is actually a day before The webinar started this is the email That got the most registrations people Signed up for it so as you can see it Says Hey first name tomorrow is the big Day why because I'm hosting a free live Training with one of my buddies John who Figured out an unheard of affiliate Marketing strategy no Tick Tock Instagram Facebook no YouTuber blogging No funnels or email marketing no Followers or audience required as you Can see I'm getting them really curious About what this method is so hopefully They click over and register for that Webinar and then I said all he does is Make simple faceless product reviews on Amazon that he gets for free from Advertisers in fact he made close to 200k last year doing this and since Hardly anyone knows about it yet it's a Fair game for everyone interested in Learning more join us tomorrow to find

Out here click here to register and save Your spot for the live event I'll see You there and as you can see if we click This link it goes straight over to this Page uh basically the headline going Over what the workshop what the webinar Is going to be about the exact date and Time that we're going to be hosting it You know who's going to be actually on The training as you can see if they Click this they entered their name and Email then they get put into a list Where they're going to be told exactly When the webinar is going to start this Is all automated and everything like That and after that that is where the 24 Hour challenge begun where we actually Did the live webinar John did a two hour Training and then after that he Introduced his program I introduced my Bonuses if they bought it we answered Questions on the live call for people Who are thinking about buying and Actually doing this method that John was Doing and that's where all the sales Started to roll in and that my friends Is how I made over seven thousand Dollars doing affiliate marketing for a Brand new product in just under 24 hours Now this promotion went on for a week so We went on to do way more than seven Thousand dollars but hopefully you can See from this video the value of Building your email list and hopefully

You can do this for your own Nick so Anyways to kind of recap this strategy If you want to do this for your own Niche and your own affiliate marketing Business eventually what you're going to Be doing is you're going to be finding a High to Mid ticket product you want to Promote in your Niche then you're going To see if your list is even going to be Interested in that product that you're Thinking about promoting to them you saw My example earlier of the exact email I Sent to my list to see if they'd be Interested in this product I was Promoting and once you do that you're Going to invite them to a live webinar On a specific date and time make sure It's an actual live webinar it's not one Of those fake pre-recorded webinars I'm Telling you guys the live ones convert Way way better next you're going to get Your list super excited you're going to Send some emails to them prepping them For the webinar what they're going to Learn get them excited get them prepped Up and lastly at the end of the webinar You're going to introduce the offer with Your own bonuses if they buy using your Link make sure it has some scarcity in There where they have to buy at a Certain date or at a certain time before Your bonuses go away and from there you Can let the commission start piling in Like I did during this 24 hour challenge

So anyways guys with that being said I Hope you enjoyed this video I hope you Can see the power of building your email List around a specific Niche around a Specific audience and if you want more Help with building your email list you Want to see how to put together a funnel How to find proxy remote how to pick a Niche how to get traffic so you can Actually build up your email list then I Want you to download a free copy of my Affiliate marketing book it's going to Lay out all the steps you need to take To actually start building your email List with all kinds of real examples and All kinds of different niches as well so Anyways if you want to download a free Copy of my book all you have to do is Click on the first link in the Description of this video or just go to This link right here so with that being Said guys if you enjoyed this video All I Ask drop a like And subscribe if You're new lets me know you want more Videos like this and as always I hope You guys have a great rest your day and I will see you in my next video

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