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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello and welcome to the Rich Dad radio show and this is not Robert Kiyosaki this is Kim Kiyosaki Robert is away today and we have a very Very important show today very special Guest dear friend and one of the Smartest women I know when it comes to Banking the economy the Federal Reserve That the macro picture of what’s Happening in the world and our guest Today so please stay tuned and listen Carefully because there’s going to be a Lot of information this is going to be One of those shows that you’re going to Want to listen to again and again and Our guest is Nomi Prince she is a Financial expert investigative Journalist she has traveled all over the World talking to the central banks not Just writing about it but actually their Boots on the ground look learning what’s Happening what’s going on in the world And she is the author of collusion great Book collusion how Central Bankers rig The world and all the president’s Bankers and I don’t want to waste any Time Naomi welcome to the show so great To see you thank you it’s so great to See you Kim thank you so much for having Me back on well I so appreciate it Because you and I are so aligned in so Many ways and I just want to mention you

Had these women’s salons that you were Doing up until kovid hit and I attended Two of them and they were fantastic so You and I are very aligned when it comes To educating and empowering women on the Subject of money Finance all of that are You what’s your plan with your women’s Salons that’s an excellent question and On all the women at the salons were so Thrilled that that you were there Participating and and guiding Um a lot of them and in all walks of Careers and all walks alike and all age Groups and that’s the beautiful thing Um about this idea of a salon of Basically you know congregating people With all sorts of different levels of Knowledge and talking about any form of Financial question that comes up whether It’s in real estate or whether it’s in The stock market or whether it’s in Simply saving or 401K plans or you know How do I deal with my credit score or Whatever it might be and how do I Um you know sort of move forward and Have a plan keep a plan and stick to my Plan Um that said we also have to be flexible And what I decided to do over this Pandemic year because the the live Aspect of those salons was was Particularly key to me is not bring them On to zoom like we have done in so many Other avenues of our work and personal

Uh lives I am I’m looking to resurrect It more in 2022. hopefully live Hopefully you’ll be there alongside Again I would love to be there and we’ll Move forward yeah it and it’s great it Is great in person and to get women Together Um of course that’s my passion and Getting women together and they they They ask all the questions you know and They’re not afraid to ask the questions And they share with one another and so It’s always great to get a group of Women together who are passionate about Learning about wanting to understand Money and investing so I will be there In 2022 if not before if not possible Hopefully before we’ll see how it all Opens it’ll be great that would be great So Naomi um just for the few very few People who maybe don’t know your Background can you just give a brief Background about how you got into the World of of central banks and the fed And all of what you do Yeah so very long story short longer by The day Um I uh I started out in banking because I wanted to basically move to New York City from outside of New York City I had A math degree and a music degree I Wanted and I knew a lot about Programming and I got a job on Wall Street simply because it was in New York

City at a bank before I even had a Checking account or knew what one was at At the age of 19 which seemed so long Ago now Um and sort of worked my way into that Into that field from the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York to Lehman Brothers to Running and creating a research Department and at Bear Stearns in London Where we traveled the world with Analytics that that I created that my Team created on investments and then I Wound up at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street Back in New York and from there as Things were really changing in that Environment and really getting very Negative towards customers um and and to The world in terms of what the banks are Really doing behind the scenes and what I was seeing them do I left after 9 11 To become an investigative journalist to To tell people to educate people about What was going on inside there were so Few people doing that at the time and And even today it’s it’s Um you know it takes a sort of leap of Faith and some courage I think um Especially looking back at the decisions I made um then to to really dig into Things and explain them Um in a way that can potentially ruffle Some Wall Street feathers but Um is very important for the education Of of people

Um around the world and so ultimately I Did that through journalism through uh Talks through advisory types of roles Through Consulting types of roles and And writing a number of books including The ones you you mentioned so thank you For that Um that really talk about the Nitty-gritty of central banks and all of That and I have been visiting Central Bank since the 90s since I think one of The first ones I went to was in China Way back then when nobody really talked About it but I mean I had been all over The world with that experience saw how They’ve changed and how they’ve gone From are being born background players And to really being the markets really Really changing the very nature of Finance and that’s kind of what I’m Writing about now as well a lot so You’re writing a new book I am oh Um Do you have a working title yet So the working title is called permanent Distortion and permanent is obviously a Solid word it’s not like a sometimes a You know a temporary Distortion and the Reason that what I’m seeing now and so The macro economic environment is this Is this complete disconnect between how Markets behave like where money flows Into the financial community and into

Financial markets and how real people And the real economy is working for People Um and and how limited it is in its Growth relative to how well markets have Done and that was going before the Pandemic Um but it’s really increased and kind of Gotten to a point of no return after the Pandemic because economies are slipping So much further beneath where markets Are performing and central banks have Created this role for themselves where Not only are they the market they have Unlimited abilities to to Really Continually to artificially stimulate it And the more they do that the more that The people are involved run away with The with the ink increase in their Financial assets the more the real Economy is Left Behind and it becomes a Permanently distorted effect so that’s What I’m working on right now God great Great great perfect Um you know one of the things I did not Know that you pointed out in in I guess It was in your books or your articles That I’ve read Um there’s always been a connection a President has always had a connection to The banking World they’ve always been in There but now what you’re saying and and The last time we had you on the show was In December of 2019 wow before right

Um December 2019 and so much has changed It was pre-coveted it was pre-biden it Was pre-all of this and so much has Changed but now you’re saying that that That permanent Distortion that the Banking world has Kind of they’re in bed with with the Administrations and with the government And with everything that’s happening so What what do you see specifically today With after covid not after cover we’re Still in covid but with all the changes That have happened since December of 2019. I’m seeing and It’s true there’s there’s been the Relationship between bankers and Presidents and the administrations of Presidents and it doesn’t matter whether They’re Democrat a republican it doesn’t Matter whether the CEO of a Wall Street Bank is democrat or republican it Doesn’t matter because uh their Relationship transcends those sorts of Compartmentalizing you know those sorts Of labels but where it’s gotten really Really off the rails in this pandemic or Post-pandemic or wherever we’re in it Environment is that in the start last March of the pandemic the FED came in And basically increased the size of of Its Bond buying program it’s something Called QE or quantitative easing it’s a Really wonky term I’ve never liked the

Term because what it really means is Buying junk for cash what that means is That the Federal Reserve and other big Central banks around the world when they Deem an emergency or necessary or the Markets are wobbling or banks are Talking to them beneath or behind the Scenes because the lines are so open Between the Federal Reserve and the Banks saying look we’re going to have Some problems we need some quick cash Basically the FED artificially or Electronically conjures money as does Other central banks and that amount of Money has doubled From its peak during the financial Crisis period of 2008 to where it is now More or less very very quietly because If that doesn’t talk about it when it When Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell gets on Bloomberg or gets on CNBC He talks about we need to do this we’re Helping the economy we have you know a Poor employment picture we need to get To Full Employment you know and all of These things that we need to do we I.E The FED what he doesn’t talk about is in The backdrop what we are actually doing On a regular basis is we are providing Injections of money Directly to the biggest banks because Those are the ones that have the most Bonds or treasury Securities or Mortgages already on their books we’re

Giving them money we’re taking their Stuff we’re taking those bonds and they Can do with that money what they will And the result of that we see in what’s Happened in the stock market Um since since March of last year and That the stock market has not only Re-reached pre-pandemic levels it’s far Surpassed them in the Dow in the NASDAQ SP 500 markets around the world have Basically surpassed where they were they Didn’t do this because their economies Jumped back as we know some economies Are are barely you know reopening and And what’s happening if I understand you Correct Nomi is that the money goes into The banks the banks one of the things The banks are doing is they’re buying Back their stocks right and that money Isn’t going into the economy like to the Average person right Yeah that’s that’s exactly right um the The FED for like a minute Um in in the very wake of the pandemic The beginning of it Um suggested Um or basically said that Banks could Not buy their shares for a few months Basically a couple quarters period but Then they could again so so the FED kind Of created this this idea that they were Sort of in conjunction with the the Mainstream economy Main Street economy Um by saying all right you can’t for for

A little bit just you know hold off on The whole buying your stock thing it’s Not a good look right but now they can Again Um and also even before that even before The FED produced an extra nearly three And a half 3.8 trillion dollars of money From nowhere Um to basically funnel through the Banking system Um in in crime we would call it Laundering Um but but you know they don’t call it That but the ideas they’re basically you Know sort of the money is going directly To Banks and to wherever without strings Attached to it without it having to go Into the real economy now the government Did set up under the Trump Administration and expanded under the Biden Administration these things called PPP loans or loans that could be given To small businesses that were shut and Suffering Um with with real employees that really Were not getting any money that really Needed to get you know there there’s Some their theirselves together during This period and the idea was some of This money would go through these same Banks but the banks made money off of That money Um from the government so not all of it Actually went to people they took their

Cut Um and the FED also provided them Separate money and didn’t say that they Had to do anything else with it to their Existing customers so so that brings up The point of okay we’ve got this economy We’ve got all these unemployed people We’ve got businesses shutting down right Left and Center we’ve got people Suffering the economies in a mess but The stock market said all-time high Right how it’s it there’s no Reality between the two Right and and part of it is is this idea Um you know and I’ll say this because we Are in Cova times that you know you can Kind of think of money sometimes um as As a virus in and of itself Um not that money is inherently a virus However it it likes to multiply like a Virus it likes to find the easiest host And these are all new analogies we’re All in a pandemic uh era but it likes to Find the sort of host uh in which it can Multiply the fastest and and the host That this money which has been again Fabricated in in many ways by the Federal Reserve and gone out through Wall Street and the same thing has Happened in other large economies for Their central banks and banking systems Around the world is is its easiest And quickest for that money to find a Host in financial assets that includes

The stock market that includes the bond Market that includes certain areas of Real estate but the stock market is Almost the fastest place for it to Replicate itself for it to basically Create Returns on itself and so if banks Have a whole ton of extra money Announced at zero percent interest again Plus they’re getting extra money in Return for bonds that they don’t want Anyway that that they have sitting Around their books they can also lend That money to hedge funds and they can Lend that money to private Equity Funds Or funds that basically take very cheap Money from wherever they can get it and Also get involved in multiplying that Money virus effect and so if they also Get behind investing in or speculating In the stock market there’s all this Extra Extra money coming in that that the Sheer force of its presence just by Being there Has this effect of lifting the markets Now in the real economy it doesn’t work That way if you’re if your restaurant Was closed if you could not afford to Pay the rent in your landlord Um after whatever you know be a Potential forgiveness or or you know Temporary halting of payments um that They provided Um is still not able to say reduce their

Costs enough to reduce the rent for a Restaurant or a bar owner or they simply Don’t have enough customers or they Simply can’t afford a wait staff you Know all these extra people can’t just Snap back that way they they’re not Lifted by this like you know Force Beneath them of that sort of money right And one of the things that drives me Absolutely Just makes me mad to me just makes me Mad is you see that Banks oh this year Was their best year ever highest profits Ever and all of these people are Struggling and can’t survive so um we Got to take a break but when we come Back know me I want to talk about more What you see happening from your Viewpoint macro level and and what can People do Because of this Um are we looking at the government Having taking on more and more Individuals and the government all these People are going to be dependent on the Government for for paychecks and Stimulus forever what’s going to happen And as an individual how can we take Control and what can we do to better Prepare ourselves and take on this Journey so when we come back more of Know me Prince thank you No here’s Kim Kiyosaki welcome back to The rich the Rich Dad Radio Show Robert

Is out of town and uh we are talking About the good news and the bad news About money and you can listen to the Rich Dad Radio Show anytime anywhere on ITunes or Android and YouTube and please Leave us a review whenever you listen You can go to richdadradio.com and hear All these podcasts because we archive All our podcasts because we want you to Listen to them again and again so for Example today we have the wonderful Wonderful dear friend Nomi Prince and She is a wealth of information and I’m Gonna actually listen to this show again And again because there’s so much Information I can’t get it all at one Shot so again listen to Rich Dad Radio Again and again they’re all of our shows Are archived at richdadradio.com so we Our guest today is Nomi Prince she’s a Dear friend she’s also very passionate About educating women as I am and she Educates the world about the world and About the Federal Reserve and about the Banks and about the economy and the Macro picture and so much more and uh She’s also an investigative journalist She had quite the history on Wall Street Decided that wasn’t her game anymore Because she saw too much and now she’s Sharing with us what she has seen in the Scenes behind the scenes and uh welcome Back Nomi I’m just so honored to have You on our program I learned so much

From you every time we talk thank you so Much Kim I’m I’m so happy to be back and I I really So am grateful for um everything that That we’ve discussed on the show outside Of the show that that we’ve worked on Together Um yeah you and Robert but you know I I Do feel with respect to what you’re Doing educating women Um that is that is so key now women know Details not the men don’t but but but It’s very important particularly when Trends and patterns change Um in markets in the economy and we’re In the The Vortex of a major change Right now Um women like to dig into the actual Details of what’s going on and I think Particularly now Um is is a very important time to to be Doing just that so yeah thank you for All the work you do and and I think you Value our friendship thank you thank you I appreciate that and you know for I Think for a lot of people Um this whole covert thing has been an Emergency and a wake-up call and the Root word of emergency is emerge and This actually is an opportunity I think For a lot of people to start questioning What they have been doing because Many of them are not doing it anymore Simply because they were forced out of

It but it could be a wake-up call to Really start learning what you can do What we’re going to talk about in this Segment is what you can do to take Charge with all this craziness going on Where can you gain control and take care Of your own Financial life so I want to Just talk about this article you wrote Nomi was called War of the financial Worlds great great article War of the Financial worlds look it up and you said That there was this that the Fed Focuses Um is is basically distorting the value Of the real economy compared to Financial assets and that the reality is That more Than the reality is that the more those Fed and fellated assets grow relative to Real ones real assets the greater the Inequality Gap what what do you mean by That yeah so I mean Sometimes in just simple math terms and It’s like so I said tables like at a casino you got Blackjack table one you got blackjack Table two blackjack table one has a Bunch of people around it and all of the Money they are betting on every single Hand is not theirs and every single time They lose a hand they get more money to Do another hand how easy is that at some Point at some point they’re going to Have a winning streak if you do that

Long enough that money is going to Multiply in that game and that’s what’s Gonna happen and then you have another Take money that’s your fake money that’s Your fake money because it’s not it’s Not money that’s coming from their Pocket individually their job their Savings we are calling it fake money Those people are getting money just Coming into them and into that game onto That table no matter what happens to Each hand no matter what they do it’s Just gonna keep pouring in then you look At another table with people who are Like you know what we’re gonna play a Hand but we’re gonna play it with the Money that we have made our actual real Money the money that we can choose to Either pay bills with or or try this Hand now if we lose a hand and it’s our Own money And we lose too much of our own money in Any one hand or even try again on the Second hand we’re gonna stop That’s that’s generally what will happen Because you’re not allowed to normally Bet money you don’t have At a casino It just doesn’t work that way all that Fake money does actually create a bigger Gap between that’s right so all these People are like you know cheering this This whole fake money blackjack table It’s doing really well and this really

Quiet table Lost a couple hands doesn’t have extra Fake money to play with at that point Anymore they’re very quiet and it just Doesn’t look the same this is kind of You know the visual of what’s been Happening in the markets relative to the Real economy the real economy got Hammered obviously when when when Businesses were closed and restrictions Some of which were still uh you know Around or just kind of changing in in Marginal ways um we’re levied on so many People’s livelihoods Um and and knock on effects of those Livelihoods if you have you know a Restaurant or even a bar that doesn’t Serve food so you have to close so You’re not paying you know your wine Distributors you’re not paying your beer Distributors not paying the you know the Guys are either the people that are Lugging you know the boxes of those Bottles with you know stuff in them to Your your place your your staff all These people are also not getting any Money so you have this really Major Impact on real people throughout Multiple levels of the economy Um but they’re not getting that fake Money they they are literally having to Figure out how based on whatever they Might have saved whatever they might Have invested whatever they might have

Put in an emergency situation how they Will use those funds to get through a Tough time and yes the government had Come in and offered some of those Businesses the Avenue through PPP loans And some of the people that were Unemployed through additional insurance And and help some money to make ends Meet during that period but the problem Is that if that period goes on for too Long and you have to dip too far into The red zone that money can only help For so long and it can’t necessarily Create the kind of lift that for example That reserves money has done for the Banking system and the stock market I Think that’s one of the biggest losses Is all these small businesses going out Of business I mean that is the heart and Soul of America that’s the heart and Soul of the world it’s small business to Keep the economy running so so we have Fake money Um we have real money in gold and silver We still talk about gold and silver as Real money real assets Um what else what can p what are you Seeing people are doing or what do you Recommend people do today I mean we’ve Got we haven’t even touched on the real Estate market that’s changing Considerably here in Phoenix we’re Booming because we had all The Californians

Um the the Florida South Carolina North Carolina they’re booming because all of The northeasterns or easterners are Coming down from New York New Jersey Boston all of that so there is Opportunity but what tell me what you’re Seeing So that that’s definitely been a pattern Change that that we’re looking at Obviously people who have realized they Can work from home they can find homes That are bigger outside of urban areas They don’t necessarily have to come into Those offices all the time and they’re Going into other places the other effect That’s happening Um is that these you know some of these Private funds um and hedge funds and Equity Funds and sort of programmed Funds are kind of aggregating money Together and buying some of this Property and sort of bidding up prices As well without even setting foot Um in those houses so there’s a lot of Different elements to that market and Um and so what I tend to do uh is look At the financial markets um as well for Example the stock market and look at Some of the behavior patterns that have Changed there Um so one of the things that we you know We’re talking about is that a lot of Money flow has gone into the markets Through really big players that have had

Now access to all this cheap money and All the FED support directly and that’s Elevated a lot of different um companies To to weigh more than they should Potentially be worth Um it’s also created a scenario where a Lot of of people who were at home Looking at this happening wondering how Wait a minute my economy looks nothing Like what’s going on on CNBC and like The NASDAQ right now how do I play Um and one of the things that that Created is this emerging group you know Use the term emerging that’s great like This emerging group that actually had Been there for a while but grew Um of retail investors finding different Places to get involved in in this market Um because it seems to be the only place Where money can potentially accumulate And that happened through Reddit Basically with with groups called Wall Street bats and there are a lot of Stories out there about GameStop and Different companies being bid up by or Elevated by interest from retail and Then slammed down by by Short Selling From large investors and all sorts of Back and forth play across the board but But there have also been some Opportunities where people have been Able to get because of seeing that hype Into the Similac tronic platforms where They can basically monitor their own

Money and even if they don’t have a lot Of it they can tend they can start to And have been starting to look at ways To take control of it individually and One of those ways has been through for Example the small cap Market which is The part of the stock market that isn’t Apple that isn’t Google that aren’t These companies that basically offshore All of their jobs and all of their Profits and don’t really pay taxes no Matter what the corporate tax rate is Um and and channeling that into some of The smaller companies which are say Between instead of a trillion dollars in Market cap like apple Um more like a billion to five billion So still companies that are that are Operating and viable that have been able To sort of survive through this period Um but their their share prices aren’t Hugely expensive their Market values Aren’t so high that there’s no upside And so what I’ve been looking at just From that standpoint is finding areas to Be involved in the market in a way that The upside actually is related to the Business plan of the smaller business Owner and the employees involved in that Yeah I like you know what I like about That too is we always say whatever You’re going to do and I think people Are realizing they have to change There’s no choice they have to make a

Change and when I talk about the Opportunities I mean there’s Opportunities and we’re going to talk About more about the small caps there’s Opportunities in real estate there’s Opportunities online businesses to start An online business but you start small You take small steps because I think There’s a lot of fear out there we still Are in a lot of unknown we don’t know What it’s what this is going to look Like a year from now but you take small Steps and you but you start and yeah the Most important thing is you start don’t Be paralyzed by fear because I think a Lot of people are right now and just Take because so small caps it’s not a Lot of money you can buy a few shares Right to get in the game right same with Real estate you can start small or an Online business I think this is an Opportunity for a whole there’s there’s You mentioned in in our um off the air About Trends because I love Trends yeah If you watch the trends that are Happening now you know you’d mentioned Zoom okay we’re all on Zoom I don’t have To get on an airplane fly all the way to Well not all the way to Ojai California I would do that anyway because it’s a Beautiful place I don’t have to fly to Let’s say Florida or Boston and get in The studio and have this interview with You I can just we can zoom it

Um there’s a lot of opportunity how do You repurpose all this office space Right all this office is sitting empty If you can figure out how to repurpose It Um there’s opportunity everybody wants Everything delivered There’s an Opportunity so even in your own backyard You can look in your own backyard and go Where what is what are people doing Differently what is needed and wanted That’s not happening and if you can Answer that question just start small as You’re you’re talking about small caps So I think that’s a key what what do you What do you see with people out there Today Um with the fear and how do you get them To start taking action Well I think you know going back for the Small versus you know how to small Become larger I I like watching Squirrels Um and and I have for a long time Because I I’ve maintained in in various Different places in all of my books There’s some squirrel reference but it’s Because they know what you’re doing they Have this ability Um to figure out ways if you if you had Like a bird feeder from any branch Anywhere and you try to protect it from A squirrel you’re ultimately going to Fail because the squirrel is going to

Find out a way to go upside down around A thing hang by the tail and they don’t Find a way to get food and it will also Um the other thing squirrels do is they Gather acorns and one of my big sort of Mottos now in terms of what I’m seeing In these Trends and in general is that You know big Oaks from Little acorns Grow and there’s a reason for that mono Squirrels actually spread acorns so Getting out of the animal like aspect of That the the concept behind that’s Really brilliant because it’s like if You invest or if you are involved in Different little things there’s a Potential for all of them to grow or Some of them to grow in a way that’s Quite massive and so one of the things That I’m seeing now is definitely these Online Trends but also some of the Physical trends like if we look at for Example areas of the economy that we’ll Be getting focused from a combination of Core of companies small and big as well As some government subsidies as well Some tax subsidies unlike in the Sustainable energy space like in the 5G Data space where everybody wants Everything they’re downloading to be Faster and quicker and and brighter and Cleaner and more reliable there’s a lot Of small Companies that are getting involved in Those spaces to do one thing and do one

Thing well and whether that’s designing Protection for some component of the Cloud from a security perspective you Know sort of on the more geeky side you Know whether that is delivering um or Creating some sort of a food app that’s Different that hasn’t been sort of Created yet because that engages in People that aren’t in their offices but They’re all around and they want to Create an office environment from their Homes where they have like a schedule But the biggest thing that I I see Um is that the sphere that you’re Talking about that keeps people from Starting Um to do anything in the investment Realm Um really has to be something that you Know you look in the face like the Squirrel does to the bird feeder and Says you know what i i s i get it but I Need to go from here to there so I’m Gonna take that jump I’m gonna go upside Down I’m gonna do whatever little steps And I’ll figure out a way and sort of Put the fear aside because the thing About money Um as I was talking about in the earlier Segment is that money will multiply Um if it is consistently Um involved in whether it’s a market or One small cap name or a real estate Investment or whatever it might be or

Merely um interest in your savings Account um whatever which is Tiny right Now and insignificant but the process The behavior that overrides the fear Especially when you have been knocked Down and you’re saying you know what I Don’t have money for you know extra Groceries this week you’re telling me to Buy a stock are you insane and it’s like No what I’m saying Um and what I think is a really Important Behavior pattern to adopt Especially after all that we have been Through is to start as we’re talking About tiny Start with ten dollars a week and and And find an app and there’s many of them That’ll just take it out of your bank Account and that you can divert it into A slice of a share a slice of you know a Real estate Um Endeavor or whatever it might be and It will grow because the process of Taking that Little Acorn and putting it Aside for later into your Acorn pile Well ultimately produce results and do And not doing it yep I love it it will Really leave you behind I love that and You know one of the one of the trends That is definitely going to be changing In the future is education the education System is upside down and people that Can figure out how to benefit and Educating people and and the key when we

Talk about starting small know me you And I both talk about the key is you got To get some education before you before You part with that money get a little Education it doesn’t need to be massive But a little education that’s what the Rich Dad company is all about we’re About getting some Financial education Before you make that investment before You buy that 10 Stock and you actually Have a great education piece that you Just came up with Um I love it it’s it’s about finding Small cap stocks right right it’s called Um rapid growth rapid growth Opportunities right and how do people Find out about that Um so I I think um we we can give you a Link for people to to follow or Something like that to find out more About it Um but it’s it’s it’s a new product Um I’ve developed with it with a really Awesome team and um the idea of it is to Um look at the small cap environment Consider the fact and we give a lot of Research and education for this for People to disseminate and and examine as As they should in their own time Um but there have been a lot of Trends In these sorts of um dislocations where The economy has been jolted or the Markets have been jolted but Particularly economy where ultimately

These smaller companies that that can Survive that have a cash flow that have Really good management and a lot of Other factors that we look at and that We explain over this this next period a Year or two years or so forth really can Outperform Um not just other small cap stocks but But also the broader Market because of All these factors that we actually Discuss and all the names that we look At that we recommend and that’s what I Love I don’t because I don’t know I Don’t know much about stocks it’s not my Kuleana as I say in Hawaii but Um I love that you’re you educate people On what to look for I won’t always know What to look for like in the global Economy what am I looking at to see Where it’s going to go where these Trends are going to go so I think that’s A great service and I wish you well with It rapid growth opportunities and thank You there’s a link here so no me we Could go on and on I miss you yeah I Look forward to doing more work with you And with women and educating them about Money and investing Um well we’re going to take that on and It’s just really a pleasure and an honor To have you on the program so do you Have a final last word Um lots of them but I’ll I’ll be Briefing thank you so much um you you

Are awesome I love you and I also think Um just to tie it out on education Because If you don’t know what you’re doing That’s when the fear comes in as well And so the more you know The more you learn the more you get Educated in whatever you are doing and Particularly with respect to your Financial World Um so just feel confident you’ll feel About your finances Um but also about you know the Uncertainty that that these times Actually Um do put upon us and so I I just want To convey that Um the key thing to anything anything is Learning first yes perfect perfect we Say when education goes up risk goes Down So think you know me really a pleasure I Can’t wait to reconnect with you again We’ll do it soon thank you so I’ll be Right back with final thoughts on our Show with Nomi Prince Hello and welcome back to the Rich Dad Radio show this is Kim Kiyosaki and the Good news and bad news about money the Good news and bad news about the FED About the economy about oh my goodness We covered so much today and I really Want to recommend again there’s an Article you can find it online called

War of the financial worlds that Nomi Friends wrote and she says basically That you know as covid-19 grew worse the Stock markets were at an all-time high And they and this is what I love the Federal Reserve policy that they do with All of this buying of the bonds and the QE quantitative easing the federal Policy was once again deployed to save The rich under the auspices of saving The economy and if you look at the Economy as Nomi was pointing out the Economy is a mess people are struggling People have lost their businesses lost Their jobs yet the stock market is at All-time high that’s why I really want To recommend Nomi Prince she has a book Called collusion that talks about this She has a book called All the President’s bankers and she’s coming out That was nice that she said that on our Show she’s coming out with her new book Called permanent Distortion and so the More you know people go well why should I why should I pay attention that that Doesn’t affect me but it does it affects Everything and the more I learn about This the better control I have over my Own Financial life because I do know I Don’t want the government taking care of Me I do know I don’t trust the Government or the FED with money so it’s In my hands it’s up to me and it’s up to You and that’s why the Rich Dad radio

Show was created to put control of your Financial life back to you where it Should be so um Sarah any comments from Our show today lots of comments but First I’d like to say love know me great I I feel like women in general are just Under represented in the financial world And so to have someone like her on our Woman team I love it um because she’s Incredibly smart Um but I do want to make one point we Talked a little bit about the feds Injecting money in into the economy and To these big Banks and then you know the Intention is then that the banks are Lending it out and making money and then People who are borrowing money then are Growing things okay that’s how we expect It to work but we’ve also been studying Here at Rich Dad that that money Actually doesn’t really make it to the Bank it’s like pretend money so what I’m Realizing is this is all fake There’s a lot of fakes or just like miss You know Miss direction is kind of what You know what we are taught to believe Isn’t what really happens and I think That was some of the questions that came Up in this interview that then is going To force me to do more studying and Research and I I really love that about Our show yeah well it’s perfect because You got two sides of the coin you’ve got Three sides of the coin you got head

Tails and you got the side so as Sarah Was saying here at the company we study As well and one of the videos that we Studied recently talked about where the Where the FED buys these bonds from the Banks and the money doesn’t actually go To the banks it sits in what’s called Like a collateral account it’s like your Parent when they open a kit an account For their kids but their kids can’t Touch the money until they turn 21 well That’s kind of the way it was explained To us on this other video so what it Does is it opens up more questions what About this what about this and it takes Us into learning more So I think that’s the purpose of Education is to start you asking the Question so you can explore and figure Out what really the heck is going on I Don’t know if we’ll ever know what’s Going on here really I don’t know if We’ll ever get to the truth there is so Much fake everything going on and of Course Robert’s Book fake fake money Fake assets fake teachers Um but it’s a fake world and so I want To find out what’s real and And I don’t know how to do that So it’s it is So it is a fake world and I just want to Do the best I can to find out what is Real so thanks again for listening great Show thank you Nomi Prince you’re an

Expert and a wonderful friend and a Colleague and and I appreciate all your Knowledge and I appreciate all of you For listening to the Rich Dad radio show Thank you very much Thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Thank you Foreign All right Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]

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