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Hello this is Robert Kiyosaki and um I’m Here doing this very very special Presentation for our Rich Dad coaching The reason I’m doing this is because so Many people are scared stiff or they’re Sitting at home and and while I feel Horrible for the you know if there is 20 Unemployment coming up because of this Coronavirus You know it’s it’s horrible you know Because I’ve been broke I’ve been home Kim and I have been homeless uh Kim and I’ve had no money no income no savings Nothing But yet that was back in 1984 and it was The best thing that ever happened to us Because we got smarter we prepared for This time so right now instead of Panicking well I just say I already Panicked I panicked back in 90 in 1984. So this is what you can do and the most Important thing you can do is your most Important asset is your mind You know and the reason most people are In trouble financially is they went to School they had people like my poor dad Who said you know go to school get a job Work hard save money invest for a Long-term a well-diversified portfolio Which talks about the reason for the ETFs and get a pension Well that’s the reason people are in Trouble is they followed my poor dad’s Advice so today we have a very important

Program for you and the program is why This coronavirus the problem with the Coronavirus is gonna is going to Accelerate a bigger problem And the biggest problem coming down the Pike now is upon us today is this Pension crisis it’s much much bigger and More pervasive than the coronavirus you See we can heal ourselves if we don’t Die of course from the coronavirus but This pension crisis is going to wipe us All out and it’s a global Pro problem Just much exactly like the coronavirus Is a global problem So I’m here to talk about our my latest Book is called who stole my pension and On the program with me as my co-author Ted sedal Ted is a former SEC attorney And he’s seen the workings of this Corruption and the pensions from the Inside and out he knows this stuff he’s The number one whistleblower And he he takes on these big Wall Street Firms who are ripping all of us off just Like they ripped us off back in 2008 With the subprime market crisis the Problem with this pension crisis it’s Attacking the old guys just like Coronavirus If you’re yeah You know Corona fires it hurts you but Not as bad as the old guys this pension Crisis is like you coronavirus let’s go Get the old guys bad

So I’m going to tell you about why it’s Worse than ever before That you know like I was just talking to Another friend of mine he said he was Playing tennis and Waikiki And people he’s a he’s a stock picker And he goes hey what stock should I pick What stock should I pick He looks at him and says hey don’t you Know This is not a time to be picking stocks He says we’re probably heading into a Depression and he agrees with me the Problem is our pension system So anyway it’s a very important program Most important is why you listen to this Thing this may be proactive and take Action now rather than later and I’ll Remind you your greatest asset is your Brain or your mind if you have one but Your mind and your brain could also be Your greatest liability especially Listen to My Poor Dad which was go to School get a job save money get out of Debt and get a pension Those are the guys that are in trouble So we have three three total of three Myself Edward Ted sadell And we’re gonna bring you live and in Person a person who has been screwed in The pension crisis you see I if I had followed my poor dad’s Footsteps I had to be screwed also I Would have been screwed because when I

Came back from the Vietnam War You know I could have gone and flown for United Airlines As a pilot if I had flown for United Airlines and I’d be handling baggage Today or you know looking for a job Someplace else because our pensions are Pilot Union pensions were ripped off and Most people don’t know that So it’s a very important problem and This we’re probably heading into a Depression Now for some I hope not but it might be But some people it’s the worst of times But if you’re prepared and you educate Your mind it could be the best of times Because there’s going to be a lot of Bargains lots of Bargains Ferraris Lamborghinis rolls royces houses stocks There’s going to be a lot of Bargains But you’re just not going to jump in and Bike stuff so anyway I’m very happy that You’re listening to this program I’m Happy to be working with Rich dad’s Coaching on the subject so I’d like to Introduce my co-author on this project Edward Ted sadell the SEC attorney he’s Been a whistleblower for years And I’m very happy to be my co-author And who stole my pension Ted focuses on Defined benefit pensions and to find Benefit pensions are the ones my poor Dad had you know School teachers Firefighters police officers and labor

Unions And Edward to Ed Ted sidel’s expert on That and I’m more on the 401K the IRA Side So Ted welcome to the program and what Do you have to say to all these people Listening to this uh about the pension Crisis Well thanks Robert uh well what we say In the book is that we’re on the In the early stages of the greatest Retirement crisis in the history of this Country and even the world because we’re Having about globally about two billion People are soon going to be above the Age of 65. And the good news is that people are Living longer than ever the bad news is That only like the smallest minority of That 2 billion group Um have adequate savings to survive Decades potentially 30 years or more in Retirement so that that’s the uh the Nate the the story behind the book who Stole my pension but of course now we’ve Got the coronavirus which is having a Devastating impact on the stock markets And will uh have a devastating impact on Pensions and pensions were already in Danger uh the average state and local Pension in the United States was only 70 Percent funded after at the end of the 11-year uh historic bull market uh last Week or so uh with this 30 drop in the

Market they’re going to be even worse Funded and I recently wrote an article In Forbes called coronavirus could kill Your pension so we’re we’re in a much Worse situation we wrote the book about The dire pension crisis before the Coronavirus hit now things of course are Much worse So you know just uh edification to Everybody else if I had followed my poor Dad’s advice And got a job flying for United Probably making about 400 500 000 a year With a pension What happened to the Pilot’s union Pension Well the pilots Union United Airlines Was the largest uh Uh pension failure in the history of This country back in about 2006 so United turned over all six or seven of Its pensions to the federal government And the pension benefits were capped at A very low rate and of course the the The group that was looking to get slated To get Or promise the greatest pensions were The pilots because they were getting Much more money the flight attendants Were never going to get the flight Attendants might have gotten 40 000 a Year the pilots might have gotten 120 000 a year as a pension benefit But once the government took over the

Pension the everybody’s benefit was Slashed down to around that forty Thousand dollar a year uh level and and Of course we’ll hear from Mark green uh Who’s a up 30-year UPS drop driver truck Driver on on this show and his pension Went from I think four or five thousand A month to 900 a month So Um pension benefits get the cut Dramatically if the federal government Takes over and the most highly Compensated people who would Who would be expecting the biggest Pensions get whacked the most And I was I’m sorry I hate to admit this But I went to my Pilot’s Vietnam Palace Reunion And I was talking to my friends who were Pilots for United and yeast and then on TWA and all this they’re all unemployed Driving Uber today You know so it’s quite an enormous Downfall you know from flying 747 to Driving an Uber car you know I mean and That’s what’s that’s what’s getting Worse So with that I thought we’d get some Reality on it and we’ve invited and so We wrote who stole my prep pension long Before You know the coronavirus yet And now it’s gonna get worse that’s our Opinion on it that’s a global crisis as

These pensions cannot meet their Promises paid you know to pension nurse So if I could bring on would you Introduce Mark green for us and he’s Part of the who stole my pension book Would you introduce him Ted please mark Yeah Mark Mark uh green is a uh Participant in the New York State uh Teamsters pension fund and he contacted Me a few years ago uh when his pension Was slated to be taken over by the Federal government he and the other People in the pension wanted to answers They wanted to know what caused their Pension which Only two years earlier had told them in Newsletters that all the money was there To pay their pension benefits fully not To worry suddenly two years later the Money’s gone so Mark wanted an Explanation and his membership wanted a An explanation one of my mantras is Robert as you know every dead pension Deserves an autopsy So anyway say that again every dead Pension deserves an autopsy that’s what You got called in for the autopsy yeah So Mark and his group wanted answers What caused this pension that was Supposedly uh you know fully funded uh Within two years to suddenly run out of Money and so with that let me introduce Mark green uh who is a 30-year UPS Driver

Thanks for having me So uh you know UPS drivers are much Smarter than the average driver aren’t They I don’t know about that I mean we work More hours than the average person but Yeah You know it’s uh It’s a distressing time you compare it To the United airline pilots right we’re Highly compensated yeah we expected A higher pension because of the Compensation level And here we are just a pittance of what We were promised so it’s a difficult Time and that’s before coronavirus right Right so You know we have a lot to talk about There’s a lot of worried people out There and uh I think we could have fixed this sooner If we uh had beggar you know better Regulatory checks and balances put in Place So I mean that’s a part of the Discussion we’re having here with Ted And you and other people is what led us To this point How could an employer who Put in 500 000 on my behalf for my Pension right That should be equivalent to nine Thousand dollar a month pension right So now I’m 900 a month Isn’t that something right what what

Happened there and that’s before Coronavirus You know we were talking this subject Matter a month ago or two months ago So can you imagine where we are now Right so I think uh that’s ongoing discussion of What went wrong and How how we’re going to pick up the Pieces after this you know as as the as The pension Time Bomb has exploded we’re Waiting for everything to to crumble Right now this is going to be the Second Great Depression as as you said Um I agree with you So we’re just gonna have to figure out How we come together and and uh use our Minds to come out of this you know That’s the best asset we have So how to give us a little about your Background are you still a relatively Young man and all this but when did you Start driving for a UPS and then what Did they tell you then when did you Realize that uh you’ve been lied to or You’ve been your pension was stolen when Did you realize that So I started in 1989 The paperwork I received in the mail was You work for 30 years and you’re out That’s an N Out Clause they call it Doesn’t matter what your age was I I Only committed to 30 years So my 30 years was last year

Right in 2019. I was supposed to leave With a 5 000 400 a month pension and then I was going To run our family farm That’s where I’m supposed to be today Running our family farm where do you Live Upstate New York yeah So In 2010 we started receiving letters in The mail that the the pension fund was In trouble We were 62 funded a law had been passed Um requiring Trustees of a Multi-employer pension plan To put in place a funding Improvement Plan we were supposed to be 84 funded Within 10 years okay so we’re in 2020 Right And we are around 37 funded Okay so the funding Improvement plan did Not work The guidelines set out in a funding Improvement plan did not work so all These people all these workers like Myself were taking pay cuts wage Deferrals you know low accrual rates Uh on future benefit uh promises for not So 2016 comes just to backtrack just a Little bit Um They said look the funding Improvement Plan is not working We have to take further cuts That’s when we said enough is enough

Okay we have to get some intervention Here Um I found Ted who’s become a friend of Mine basically I mean Ted right we have Hundreds of hours on this Um And we said what the hell is going on Here basically you know they’ve promised Us our fund was going to be 84 funded Within 10 years And here we are 37 percent funded we’ve Given up all our wages from our Take-home pay And so we hire Ted to do a forensic Investigation and uh You know we found some things that were Disturbing Long story short We should have been 90 percent funded Now we could have withstood this Coronavirus Situation or or you know an expected Downturn in the markets like we all Expect every 10 years is going to be a Recession right we know that as Investors right We cannot handle this Fallout this fund Will not make it That I’m part of the New York State Teams are fun so we should have been 90 Funded we went into this crisis uh 40 50 Funded And um it’s a shame You know it’s it’s just it’s a disaster

For us and it’s I there’s Probably millions of other people out There experiencing this with us So well that’s why you know Ted’s a Former SEC attorney and uh I’ll let him So you guys raise some funds to hire him And he came in and went after the UPS Teamster Union so if I may ask Ted Ted When you came in what did you find Well what I found was a In I put it in the title of the of my Report which was called uh Trifecta of Imprudence And what I found was that as the pension Was heading towards collapse Three things happened Transparency Plummeted The fees they were paying to Wall Street Skyrocketed And the risks they were taking in the Highest cost highest risk Investments Ever devised by Wall Street increased Dramatically so three things happen all Of which made the problem much worse And you know what Mark was saying was They they came up with a plan to Rehabilitate this pension years ago and These were the supposed best Minds on Wall Street all these guys got paid A lot of money and every time one of the Things I always tell people is when I do A forensic investigation there’s never Been a pension that failed that didn’t

Have a room full of hired experts saying It would So that’s what Mark and hit Mark and who Paid for those experts Mark the workers Paid for those experts Wall Street Experts came in and said we can fix this And here’s how we do it pay us more Money Let us operate in secrecy and let us go To Vegas gambling and that’s what they Did and the big gamble failed miserably So now if we have a 30 percent Fall in the market I think Mark was Saying the pension is only 30 percent Funded now So a 30 decline in the market will Devastate clean this fun out So if I could ask Mark again uh Mark When you guys What did they what did they say to you When they brought these experts in I Mean Did you smell a rat or did you feel Confident or what was the process after They brought the experts from Wall Street in So in 2010 we formed a committee we were Not a legal entity at that point like a Non-profit but we formed our own Committees Um I would love to read out of a Newsletter what they wrote Um You know we got famous from day one

Our group because they sent us out to The news you know to 34 000 families This newsletter and they they didn’t Mention Us by name but they mentioned us Um as sort of troublemakers Um You know it said while the New York State fund faces these challenges there Are some who set it as an opportunity to Criticize the fund or for their own Purposes try to scare participants this Is unfortunate and misguided now that Was in 2013. that was us that was my Group in 2013 we were trying to warn People set up town hall meetings that What they’re telling us is a bunch of BS Okay We knew that the fund needed 14 Investment return just to break even so In other words they were paying out 280 Million in benefits Taking in maybe 100 million in Contributions that’s a shortfall of a Lot of money so we needed 14 but they Were telling people hey We’re going to hit 14 year after year After year for the next 20 years we knew That was BS Okay we knew the actuaries were uh Setting assumptions way too high 8.5 Percent which is off the charts Ridiculous who can hit 8.5 every single Year right And

That’s when the real uh fight began And I think we were three years into That or four years into that and we Hired Ted And um We sent that Trifecta of imprudence our Our investigation to the treasury the U.S department treasury who had to Authorize the cuts in Upstate New York Um they didn’t seem to care too much Honestly they just said well We have no money in treasury to bail you Out there was no no legislation to bail You out and we’re just gonna roll what The trustees say we have to cut benefits By 30 to 50 Okay so I’m just telling the audience right now I’ll tell you uh Rob we’re not done with This okay We have every intention of taking legal Action against our employer the Union To pull us out of this multi-employer Plan we do not have to accept You know the way this is unfolding the Employer can pay the unfunded liability They can pull us out of this so that’s Sort of the legal Um angle we’re going to take right now And we’ve notified ups that we’re going To take legal action to pull ourselves Out of this plan But um 10 years is long enough that’s The bottom line 10 years of fighting us Is long enough they’ve had 10 years to

Pull this fund around And we do not want to be part of a Mismanaged pension plan a pension plan Any longer so there you go Um we’ll have to see what happens with The coronavirus and all this other stuff But uh We have challenges ahead right So Ted uh thank you Mark but by the way Mark how many members are your in your Union In the union that’s part of the the New York State Teamsters Pension Plan thirty Four thousand So Ted uh first of all As we wrote about it who stole my Pension This is a global crisis right and that’s What you found out because because this Is what you do Yeah it’s a global crisis and it’s uh You know one of the things that when I Was researching Part of the book was I was surprised to Learn that we are not even the United States is not even at the top on the top 25 list of countries with the greatest Elderly population so there are other Other countries like Japan and Italy and Australia and most of Europe have much Greater elderly population than we do Here in the United States which of Course will uh also impact the Coronavirus issue because there’s so

Many more elderly people over there but So pensions all over the world are Struggling to meet promises they made to Older workers over 65 year olds who are You know headed towards retirement and The other thing that we note in the book Is that many of them are poised to just Now Begin investing in toxic assets that Were made in America made on Wall Street We are the premier America is the Premier Uh Financial innovator We are also the premier creator of toxic Investments So Investments that we’ve created in This country Wall Street is created like hedge funds Hedge fund of funds private Equity Funds These are all high risk high costs Highly secretive Investments they are Now for the first time being bought up By the Japanese Australians and so these Toxic Investments that have proven to be So devastating To struggling American pensions that Were sold to American pensions as being Thus solution To their underfunding are now being Bought overseas and it’s going to be bad It’s going to be an out bad outcome for All these overseas pensions as well for The world you know yeah so as I as as I Say on the back cover who stole my

Pension was America’s number one export And it’s toxic assets all these pensions Let’s say it’s the same thing that Brought down the stock market or the Real estate market in 2007 2008 it was Things called derivatives And what what uh Buffett calls weapons Of financial mass destruction we’re Still producing them And when we had coronavirus to this Whole thing These weapons are going off even faster So so let me ask Um Mark so what are you doing now given That you’re supposed to be retired but They’ve cut your pension what options do You what do you take what what actions Are you taking now besides going after The union and going after employer like UPS So this is a changing game uh it’s all Evolving uh we were put in lockdown in New York state well this is the Coronavirus because of the coronavirus Yeah there’s a lot of people panicking I Get a you know obviously uh I have a lot Of connections I have a lot of contacts That um are looking for leadership They’re looking for direction they’re Scared And so I have to be stoic Um and and sort of give some uh guidance

Where we’re going to go with this uh People have an awareness that their Pension is gone right now okay That’s just one issue just the pension Is one issue now there’s just a survival Issue because if you don’t go out to Work you know you can’t buy basic Necessities it’s It’s like something we haven’t seen in This country ever Okay So I’m telling people keep their cool Uh we’ll get through this in 30 to 90 Days more like 90 probably And there’s going to be I think a Renaissance I think there’s going to be A great Revival Um after that Um by then the pension fund will still Be desecrated you know but we’re going To have to use our minds We’re going to get off our couches get Off of social media because if all these Pension plans go bankrupt it’s going to Affect the economy for the next 10 years Right well so uh we we have to figure Out a way where there’s some sort of Skin in the game with everybody shared Sacrifice I’ll call it And the big banks are going to be part Of that make my word that’s that’s a Message I’m going to be promoting in DC That the big banks are going to have to

Put some skin in the game And help recapitalize these markets so We can you know move move on so that’s What I’m doing Um I’m not going to DC in person anymore You know in in my lobbying efforts it’ll Be through email but I have great Contacts down there And my message number one is the big Banks are going to have to help Recapitalize these markets that have Walked away with these trillions of Dollars over the last x amount of years Thank you Anyway I I feel for you I thank you for Sharing your story so so Ted what advice Do you have for people who Might be in Ted’s um Mark’s position Well one again I get back to that Mantra That every dead or dying pension Deserves an autopsy and so if In the last 11 Years the greatest bull market in History Pensions benefits were not increased Pensions did not become more solvent It is uh Extremely likely that in the near future As pensions lose a lot of money in the Stock market that there will be Additional benefit Cuts By the way since 2008 it’s a 2008 recession half of all State and local pensions in the United States have cut benefits even during the

Greatest bull market in history I think So now that we’re looking at pensions And the market taking a huge hit there’s Going to be further benefit cuts But what I would tell people is to get Prepared and start looking closely at Your pension now because guaranteed There’s going to be bad news in the next Year or two as the returns start coming In so we talk about in the book uh start Uh if if you can Go to meetings Of the of your pension board look at the Financial statements look at the Performance reports uh one one of the Things we talk about in the book who Stole my pension is every pension lies About its investment performance every Pension claims to be above average well Just Watch What Happens post coronavirus Every one of these damn punches is going To claim they did just great so we lay Out the common ruses lies at these Pensions uh make and scams at Wall Street uh uh perpetrates on pensions how They loot pensions so this is the stuff You need to know now because you’re About to hear about some of the greatest Lies ever told in the next year as these Pensions try to explain why losing 30 Percent was really good Okay and you’re gonna hear and all the Fees they say well we paid massive fees To Wall Street the highest fees we ever

Paid in our lives but we lost 30 and That’s just terrific couldn’t have gone Better so that’s what I’d say is read The book now because uh like state and Local pensions generally work on a Fiscal year basis so after uh June 30th You know Reports will start coming out about how These pensions have done so get ready Now for a battle you’re going to be Fighting soon because it’s inevitable That when if pensions did terribly in The biggest bullmark in history in the Greatest depression Or recession of the last whatever 10 15 Years they’ll do even worse So uh and you specialize in to find Benefits and unions and those types of Plans how does somebody hire somebody Like you to Call represent them I mean what do you Recommend well what we what we’ve done In the past is we’ve done uh Investigations that have been Crowdfunded over the internet where each Participant in the pension maybe Contributes 50 to 100 so it could be Done through crowd funding over the Internet or in Mark’s case there was a Group already formed that was Communicating with each other some some Of these groups are on Facebook Uh so it can be crowdfunded over the Internet or it can be uh funded through

Word of Mouth through organizations like Mark’s Organization for history but the Funny thing is didn’t Facebook ban you Yeah Why why is Facebook against you or the Book I don’t know they they provide an Explanation but one of the things I Learned since we wrote the book was that There are hundreds if not thousands of Facebook groups dedicated to let’s say Uh retiree groups like at T retirees IBM Retirees caterpillar retirees and then There are also all these groups Dedicated to Teamsters retirees and to State and local pension there’s uh Iowa And Nebraska protect our pensions that’s A Facebook group so I went to join them And after joining a couple all of a Sudden Facebook shut me down they said That I would not be allowed to join any Of these groups and uh they have a Little they tell you this in a little uh Window on your computer and it says Click here if you want to appeal so I Appealed never heard what happened after 10 days the the block or censorship Ended but I was never told why I had Been blocked apparently someone Complained about the message of the book Which is that you know pensions are Being looted So it’s very strange and and like our Buddy The Seattle Times he he trashed me

On the book and all that you know They’re all financial planners too Yeah I mean there and a lot of these Facebook groups management company Management sneaks onto the into the Group moles for the company so it can be That the people at the union or people At the company didn’t like what was Being talked about on these groups uh And then they report it to Facebook and Facebook Whatever has some process that That they respond by blocking people So that last question is this you know The the stock market has a stock market It funds both defined benefits teaches Firefighters and police officers and Unions but it also funds 401ks our 401ks And IRAs are they safe Are they any better off No 401ks and IRAs have a lot of Structural problems first of all you Know they have generally retail mutual Funds in them so these are high cost Retail products that shouldn’t belong in A in a retirement plan at all and the Employer gets to pick the quote-unquote Menu so the employee only gets to pick The best from the bad Bunch that the Employer has chosen for him so there are A lot of problems with 401ks and they You know the premises that every Employee can be in astute stock picker And that just can’t happen I mean uh

There are very limited number of us who Can be who can you know scour the Financial markets read financial Statements and and pick stocks so that’s Why some of the the uh investment Programs you Advocate like uh rental Property or can be a much easier uh Way to invest because you can understand It you can control it you can see it Whatever but the big premise of of flaw 401ks is that every American will Someday become an astute portfolio man [Laughter] So anyway uh What was the average dollar amount in a 401k in America The average 401K for like a 65 year old Is like 50 to 60 000 so the the four the Great 401K experiment did not work People can’t retire on 50 60 000 uh but That’s what has happened over the last 30 40 years so if that’s a good outcome Then uh than the 401K program was a Success but it’s not a good outcome and So people are basically left with Social Security So that’s so that’s pre-coronavirus too Absolutely absolutely and you can knock 30 off that today and hopefully it won’t Get any worse than that but as of today Yes so in closing people say well how Come there’s two authors you know Ted Sedal and Robert Kiyosaki well two Raisins is because Ted represents

Defined benefits you know teaches Firefighters and police officers And I represent the independent 401K i o Release and all this and this is global But the but there’s something else that Drives Ted and I to be in this business On pensions and it goes back to our Fathers so what what is the story of Your father and pensions and Social Security and all that Yeah well my father was worked with in The CIA back in the 1970s and he he was He disappeared when I was 17 years old Just and he was in his early 40s uh in East Africa and uh So it was ultimately discovered that he Had been captured and tortured and Murdered by Idi Amin the brutal dictator Of Uganda who killed I think over half a Close to half a million of his own People but so my father never was able To get his a pension and uh even his Social Security and Um Uh it’s probate probating his will and His life insurance wouldn’t pay because His body couldn’t be found for two years So it was a it was a real lesson to me That um You know I realized at a very early age I was Going to have to take control control And responsibility for my own uh Financial well-being because even even

The best of plans uh can be you know Destroyed with one Horrific event right and for the for Those who have read Rich Dad Poor Dad You know my my story is when I came back From Vietnam In 783 My Poor Dad PhD in all this was Unemployed And um he had to have a pension no Paycheck and although a PhD he had he Had he wasn’t prepared for the real World And yet he kept telling me to go back to School and then and then get my Master’s My PhD and then fly for the airlines as A for United which thank God I didn’t Because I’d be driving Uber with my Class with my fellow sections uh Squadron mates but one of the reasons I Took my own Financial retirement into my Own hands Well simply I don’t trust the government I don’t trust them and I don’t trust Wall Street and I don’t have a pension My wife and I don’t have pensions and Would be we invest in our financial Education so really that’s why Ted and I Are co-authors in this book called who Stole my pension so in closing I want to Thank Mark green you know for telling His real life story it’s going on today Not in the past And all of you I want to thank Rich dad’s coaching for

Supporting this Because your greatest asset is your Brain but if you went to school they Told you to give your money to Wall Street Or the banks which is or save money into Printing money I mean that makes no Sense at all So I would say this much your greatest Asset is your brain your mind and your Time what you do with your time But your brain and your mind need a tank Of your biggest liability if you’re just Sitting at home hoping Coronavirus Clears up because as a bigger Crisis Coming right on the heels of coronal Virus and that’s our Global pension Crisis so I thank you all thank you Ted Thank you Mark and thank you Rich dad’s Coaching for helping support this Program thank you thank you Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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