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Foreign This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello it’s Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the Good news and bad news about money and We have some really good news for you Today I mean today we have the man with The plan the man with the on the hour I Mean I I cannot think of a guy I mean it’s just stunning which what Just stay tuned you’re going to be blown Away any comments Kim yeah we have a Very special guest and you know Everybody has podcasts out there Everybody’s forming a new podcast They’re all becoming Superstars but um We’ve got the expert here on Podcasts he’s Jeffrey Hazlett his Chairman CEO of c-suite network and just To be transparent we we are with c-suite On our podcast and they’ve done Tremendous things for us and we were Very excited to have Jeffrey on the Program because everybody’s got a Podcast and what makes one podcast stand Out from another podcast that’s one of The questions I want to explore as well As a a wealth of other information Because Jeffrey is quite the business Guy and we love our entrepreneurs and He’s been with our friend Donald Trump On the celebrity and he’s a he is a he Is the entrepreneurs entrepreneurs

Cereal he’s always going he’s he doesn’t Stop but I think most importantly of all That you know we used to do this stuff For free And not because of Jeffrey we’re making A lot of money You know and so that’s even the best Thing about the whole thing because We’re enriched as a pure education Company we don’t we don’t endorse or Sell you know vitamin pills and stuff Like that I mean personally But what we’re just doing those two Get the information out information and Now is one of our biggest Revenue Sources so the reason I’m absolutely in Love with Jennifer Hazel is because We’re a rich but now we’re richer that’s Even the better part so I watch I want You guys all to pay attention because This is the man with the plan right now Welcome to the show Jeffrey welcome Jeffrey thank you so much you know What’s even better about that you’re Getting richer so am I yeah there we go The cool thing is whenever you can have Mutual benefit it’s equal benefit we Both bring strength to the table I mean You bring great reputation great great Advice you bring a great following you Know you’re one of our our very top you Know Headliners in the CC Radio which is Our podcast Network and there and when You see that and then I’m able to also

On top of that make money oh my gosh I I Want more of that I want more so so Jeffrey tell it tell us your story tell Us the highlights well you know I’ve Been in the business world for a number Of years I’ve been an entrepreneur a Bond sold hundreds of businesses for Billions of dollars and I ended up being A Fortune 100 officer Fortune 50 officer In fact at Eastman Kodak and then went On to uh you know do my own television Show on Bloomberg and then and then Started the podcast Network at CBS they Got out of the business I took it and Said let’s create sweet sweet radio and Now we have c-suite TV c-suite radio CC Book club c-suite legal c-suite supplies I mean we over a hundred different Products that our product lines are IP That came out of just that inner inner Exchange and journey and now I sit on You know 14 Corporate boards uh three of Those are public companies the rest are All private most of those I have now Purchased a you know a significant uh uh Place in inside of them but you know I’ve served on boards like DocuSign and And other companies that we’ve taken Public which was a massive stock rise You know 21 billion dollars uh when it Went public so yeah just being at the Right my place at the right time but It’s you know it’s a little more than That it’s always been making sure you’re

At the right place at the right time Right so with c-suite’s Owned by CBS I mean it was C was a CBS Product no I uh so when I did my show on Bloomberg I started a show and called it The c-suite with Jeffrey Hazlett where I Took people into the boardrooms of the C-suite where they were making massive Decisions so you know why you know why Would Domino’s change its name from Domino’s Pizza to Domino’s and why would They run a commercial that says our Pizzas suck you know so I would go in There and say who made that decision and What was that about and what was the Result well their stock went from 70 Cents to now trading at over a hundred And twenty one dollars a share as a Result of just that campaign and so when You see things like that I want to know What that you know what made them you Know who who raised their hand and said No we suck and we suck so bad we should Change our name and we should read to Our pizza and we should do things Differently and so I took people in as a Result of that of that success of that Show on Bloomberg which became the Number one business show at the time now You know we say that how many people Rush out to watch a prime time business Show doesn’t happen right and what Happened was uh we started seeing people Who were watching it more online and

Were watching it on broadcast and the Sales team was giving it away and I’m Going what are you doing why are you Giving in the show away are you giving Away the inventory and so I said we’ve Got to create a digital Network and Bloomberg wasn’t interested so I quit And after one season I quit and I Started c-suite Network and I started C-suite TV and then started c-suite Radio and and and going to where the People were and capturing Behavior Because if you capture Behavior you you Capture money and you capture you know Great revenues and audiences and tribes And everything else that come with it so That’s how it came about and and to be Real blunt we were calling it the CEO Network Until the night before we launched and I Said you know we really should call this Thing a c-suite why should we just focus On CEOs why don’t we focus on all the VPS all the people in the c-suite There’s usually five of them as opposed To one CEO we can make more money it’s 5x and they said oh well c-suite’s Probably taken well we went on GoDaddy Looked it up no one had it And and I said switch it and we we redid The artwork in less than a half an hour We called our Ad Agency and said hey I Want the CEO networks switched out to C-suite network and they said why I said

Don’t ask why just do it and they did it And we launched it the next day that was A history and now we’ve got businesses Work multi multi multi-millions of Dollars what year was that you made that This was about 2015. geez so so we’ve You know now we have 350 000 you know opt-in members tens of you Know tens of thousand paid members and Then of course Millions who listen to Your show millions that listen to other Shows that we’ve got and of course we Our TV is hitting you know like 90 Million a month and you know we’re on United Airlines we’re in hotel rooms Where I’m I’m where I am going wherever Anyone can listen or see us or read us That’s that’s what I want to do so I’m Curious Jeffrey when you talked about Kodak because Kodak is kind of a classic Business story in the in the world of Digital and all this when you were at Kodak were you there to turn it around What what was the lessons you got out of Kodak yeah yeah I was there from 2006 to 2010. so I was part of the team that Came in to see what we could do to Salvage whatever was there because you Know for years they’ve built a product Which one of the best products in the World based on memories but they did it On film so they they believed they were A film company and they were never a Film company if you really think about

It they were in the emotional you know Emotional technology business is what They were in and they should have Transitioned that into digital they they Invented the digital camera they just Put it on a shelf and said you know Don’t mess with the film thinking film Was the one thing and so that hubris of That success was really tough you know And it’s tough to turn around a business When everybody says well our best days Are behind us if you believe your best Days are behind you it’s really tough to Change the mood of a company yeah you Know you can talk about culture but Really it’s mood and first you gotta Affect the mood and then you can affect The culture but and that’s a tough thing To do so yeah I was there and you know And what’s left you know is the stuff That we brought and changed and and put In which makes the company still viable It’s it’s a good buy right now quite Frankly it’s a really good Buy in my Opinion because they got more cash in The bank than what the company is worth [Music] Sounds like GameStop to me but anyway Anyway what you might not tell us how Big this Um podcast business is and what you see Is happening and well a lot of people Think you know right now they’re seeing So many which podcasts they say oh my

I’m not I’m I’ve already missed it are You kidding me if we were to look at Podcasting as a human being we’re still In the young teenagers right in terms of Where we’re at there’s roughly 230 000 Podcasts in North America Millions Worldwide Um and about about 150 million people Listening every single day so it’s a It’s a massive massive movement and it’s Going to only get bigger and so when you Look at that today there’s only about Nine billion dollars being spent in Advertising in this Marketplace that’s Going to have a massive shift in the Next couple of years and so for anyone Who wants to you know become a brand be A brand which is nothing but a promise Delivered and everybody should if you Work for the come company you are the Company the companies you that’s the way You want to be able to do this and and It helps helps you helps eye helps a lot Of people build that brand and this is a Really credible way because you’re on The phone I mean think about this the Most personal device in the history of The world is the phone I mean you know Where your phone is More Than You Know Where Your Children Are I mean think About it you know you lose your kids and Your phone at the mall at the same time Which one will you go looking for So so podcasting is massive and for B2B

Or B to C but B to B I mean it’s still In its very infancy days in terms of Being at the beginning you know the Average business podcast is between 22 And 25 minutes I can tell you you know Which devices they download them on Which ones are most popular and you know All of the things that are really Important that you can get because it’s A digital medium and it’s in it and You’re in someone’s head you guys know That people write to you all the time You know yeah so let’s start with Somebody who doesn’t have anything going For them right now I’m yeah I’m just With my cardiologist this morning Talking to him at breakfast and he says I said you know people would pay a Fortune for what you know oh yeah Totally and not only not only is he a Cardiologist he’s an acupuncturist so He’s East and West yeah and I said if You do the show on health he goes how do I do that All you needs a mic maybe a headset and An internet connection you know so how Does he get how do you how does somebody Like him his name is Radha how does he Get himself known because there’s so Much information out there yeah that’s a Great question because if you if you’re Not part of a network you’re in podcast Purgatory right I mean because there are There you know there’s 1800 different uh

You know out outlying broadcast networks To put it to how would you know which One obviously Apple obviously you know Stitcher all these different ones are Really important uh Spotify those are Critic difficult but there’s a lot more And you’ve got to go where people are so First thing is find another expert find People that you would admire respect or Find people that Robert admires or Expect you know uh respects because That’s how you know we all learn and you Know and you want to you know go to your Friends first and so see where your Friends are at and see where they’re at And then your domain in terms of you Know you might want to look more up for A medical but you know we would love to Have somebody like that on c-suite radio Because it’s a you know it’s lifestyle Health you know luxury we want all those Right and that’s and one of the beauties Of what you do is you connect people to Other networks correct without question You either connected other networks and We’ll help you get started so you know At c-suite Radio we have a startup Package we have teams that can do it we Have producers you have in-house Producers and because you’re so big and You know and so and so successful at What you do so you’ve got full-time team Members who do that and they’re the best At what they do I happen to know your

Team they’re really good and and and um Not everybody has that resource so Outsource the resource you know I had Dan Burris uh you know on the show here Recently on my show all business with Jeffrey isn’t on c-suite radio and um And I had him on my show and he he Talked about X as a service I said what The hell does X as a service mean and he Goes why do you have to do it you can Find others to do it for you got a heart Problem go to cardiologist you’ve got a Muffler problem call them call Midas you Know and you don’t you so go find those People to do it but it’s easy to do They’re startup packages it’s easy to Figure out how to do it and and by the Way the unlike you or I Robert in terms Of your show right you have tons and Tons of downloads I have tons and tons Of downloads we’re we’re in the top one Half of one percent of success in Podcast worldwide I don’t even know if You knew the extent of how how how Popular you are that’s how how good it Is this is not a game of of what we call Eyeballs and ears this is a game about Hearts and Minds this is a game about Building your tribe about you know Getting to people who really want to Need the information that’s great that Is fantastic thank you and then uh Naturally I got asked what’s the revenue Model

Well the revenue model is most people Want to use the business podcast let’s Use B2B because most people aren’t going To be famous that we want to go for Fortune all right if we’re going to go For Fortune how do you use the podcast Not as a destination All right because a lot of people think Oh I’m a speaker I’m an author no no no Those are just tools for you to use to Get what you want and so podcasting is One of those so the revenue model is to Have people on your show That you want to do business with or to Be able to educate and motivate and Inspire those that listen to you to get What they want and need which is a lot Of what you do and you know what I loved Like Jeffrey is in the old days we had To we had to promote and get on the Phone and play on TV shows and please Get me on and we get on for like two More minutes Robert’s on for like two Three minutes but here we get to educate We get to get our message out yeah um It’s it’s free publicity yeah we put a Nickel in and we put on a show I mean That’s basically what we’re doing and And we do it the way we want to it Doesn’t mean it’s right or it’s wrong But it’s what we want to do right Exactly and I think that’s what’s really Cool about this meeting so what’s up Guys Robert Kiyosaki Richard radio show

Our guest today is the man of the man With the plan the man of the hours Jeffrey Hassler the chairman and CEO of The c-suite network and for all of you Out there who want to be rock stars or Get your message out or I cannot I mean You have no idea how hard it was getting PR and a knowledge audience and eyeballs Or ears whatever you want to say from The old days so you guys please pay Attention this is probably one if you’re An entrepreneur or do you want to be an Entrepreneur this is the man you want to Listen to so we’ll be right back Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad Radio Show uh the good news and bad News about money and today we have some Some of the best news I’ve heard in a Year some of the very best news plus I’m Getting rich so it makes me even happier So you can listen to the Rich Dad Radio Show anytime anywhere on iTunes Android And YouTube and then all of our programs Are archived at richdadradio.com we Archived it for one in one reason we are A pure education company we don’t Recommend stocks or Investments and all This But we want you to learn more so if you Listen to this program again you’ll pick Up twice as much so listen to this Program with our guest today Jeffrey Haslet CEO and chairman of c-suite Network just go to richdadradio.com

Download it listen to it but most Important if you have friends family and Business associates listen to this proc Podcast again And discuss it your education what You’ll learn will go Quantum because you Know that’s it’s how we learn by Cooperating with each other so our guest Today is Jeffrey Hasley chairman and CEO Of c-suite network and cease what C-suite is for those of you who do not Know c-suite is the home of the fastest Growing business podcast Network so if You have a podcast if you’re thinking About starting a podcast this is the Show for you what quick question might Completely though so if somebody like Like my doctor Dr rodigo Collins a Cardiologist acupuncturist he’s very Much into the East and West medicine if He wanted to get started what could he Could he contact you guys absolutely Just reach out to me Jeff Hazlett uh There’s my and if you’re watching right Now you can see my email but Jeff C-suedenetwork.com see hyphen Suite Network.com We have packages for them to be able to Start a podcast or if you’re already Doing a podcast and you’ve got it on Another Network and you don’t want to be Lost in podcast Purgatory let’s bring it Over you know to a network where you can Be found otherwise you’re just going to

Be wandering in the desert I mean that’s Truly what happens you’re going to hope Someone finds you and you know we’re in Like for instance even your own show as Popular as you are we’re helping you to Increase we’re helping you monetize I Mean your your team has told me we made You more money the last three months Than you’ve been to last three years Even even more than that Jeffrey is it Was costing us a fortune doing it Ourselves and we weren’t reaching as Many people and we were losing money a Lot of money putting this out because we Wanted to get the education out as soon As we so even for it Yeah startup it’s it’s this less zeros You’re making more zeros there you have Less zeros but we’ll get we’ll get them There and that’s what it’s all about It’s you know c-suite radio and c-suite Network is a place for people to come And Trust an environment to be able to Take their content and grow the business That’s really truly what we are network And then I’ll for Testimony They do what they talk about I mean We’ve made more money with these guys Than anybody else and we were losing Money before and we were pretty popular In the real world and we’re still losing Money but until we went with Jeffrey Hazlett and the c-suite network it Changed our business model in it blew

Away it’s so much easier oh my gosh so Much easier yeah yeah so I want to go I Want to go into a Politically Incorrect And Hot Topic right now and I love that Yeah yeah and uh and you’re a friend of Donald Trump he’s one of my really great Friends and all this and um I want to talk about censorship and but More than censorship is in my opinion And this is my humble opinion those uh Socialists out of Silicon Valley took Down the president And well without without a question they Made an impact and let me tell you why While you know Trump’s a friend of mine Yeah okay I think he’s you know somewhat Batshit crazy I’d say that and I tell Him that when I talk to him right but Nonetheless you have no no one has a Right on this country to censor anyone Period I mean we’re we’re a network I Have c-suite TV I have c-suite radio I Have to look at objectional content from Time to time now I might call up the Show host and have a conversation all Right but I’m not censoring their Material okay I might choose in a long Term I might say hey look it just Doesn’t fit us or that but no one has The right in this country to censor Anyone that’s given to us and that’s the That’s the Hallmark the fabric of what We’ve got so no and when when someone Says yeah but it was him listen my

Friends let me ask you if for anyone That hears or says that right now let me Take away your Twitter account let me Take away your voice and then and you Can’t respond you can’t say something Thing and then you tell me that because That’s indeed what they could could do And if you look at it from that Perspective no one in their right Minds Would say that’s that’s you know that’s Acceptable in fact it’s it’s Real and um and I just think we Should be more up in arms about that Regardless regardless of who said what Or what they said or how nuts they may Be you know I might not like when a Football player takes a knee but I’ll Res I I will defend his or her you know Right to do it I might not like someone Who burns the flag but I will defend Their right to do it because that’s what This constitution says so let me ask you This question what’s the future then Because You know I’m afraid to tweet Because they come after me good well you Get some more publicity don’t don’t be Afraid to tweet right if nothing else Will get better publicity we’ll have Better things it’ll come out but so What’s the so what’s going to happen Jeffrey I mean you know you’re you’re a Demographics guy I think there’s anger Just building up like we’ve never seen

Before I mean how dare they do that well I think it creates other platforms for People to go to I mean look at what’s Happening you’ve seen the ultra right Move over to another to parlor you’ve Seen other ones starting to pop up some Of the other French uh social media Platforms are gonna pop I think it’s Going to give us more Credence for for Not just shows like this you know where I’m actually thinking we should call a Show called No slant and it meaning it Has no slant on anything it just reports Things the way they are you know good Bad or ugly just like you do so let me Ask this question are are you concerned They’ll if they took off parlor yeah are They are you concerned that come after C-suite well Well give give it a shot but I’ll go Find another place another another way To be able to broadcast with if that if That were the case no I you know it Depends on where the bulk of your Content is of whether or not I’ll make You a Target in my opinion you know Anyone could be a Target obviously it’s A slippery slope uh I think I’m a little Bit more safe because I you know the Most you know most controversial thing I Might have is I got a cannabis show or Two and I’ve got 23 legal shows and I’ve Got a divorce show and you know those Are those are the extent of my of our

C-suite networks uh radical writer left So Um we tend to be more about business and You can’t make that too radical you know Other than driving change and aren’t Podcasts an alternative to all of this Other social media that’s going on People can say what they want to say Yeah I think most people are going to Have to find trusted media and I think That’s the that’s the thing that we’re In right now is who can I trust you know You see a headline where’s it coming From it was it a Russian hacker that put It out there was it was it the Chinese Was it you know or was it just my Neighbor who’s pretending like he’s Somebody that has those credentials That’s why I think trusted networks That’s why we believe the c-suite Network c-suite radio c-suite TV is an Important piece of that because we are Making sure we know the people who do That and how they do it the way they do It and they live by a certain code and If you don’t have that then we’re in Trouble and some of that’s broken down Some of that’s broken down I mean you’ve Got people are saying they’re Influencers on Instagram with two Million followers then she puts out you Know hey go buy this t-shirt and only Two people Buy the T-shirt that’s not an Influencer that’s a d influencer right

You got you got people who are going out There at 19 years old saying they’re Life coaches you’re not a life coach You are a team coach let’s be clear And and that’s what we have to go fight Through and I think you know we see and You’ve seen this Robert we’ve been in This business for a long long time and And we’ve been in the business of trust And there’s a lot of people out there Who are false prophets yes oh God yeah And and you you and I see them we see it All the time I see them oh how to make a Million bucks on stage how did you know And this guy’s never even walked on a Stage you know much less you know and we Know all the you and I know all the People who are making a million dollars Or more on stage we know that it’s a Very small group uh worldwide same thing With podcasters who tell me they’ve got Millions and millions of downloads are You you’re nuts no way you know because I can go see the numbers and know what They’ve got so so let’s let’s cut Through the the let’s cut Through the crap and let’s get to real Stuff and make you know and do it the Right way that’s that’s what I like to Do that’s a that’s a really good point About trusted because we talk about fake Teachers and real teachers and we only Want to deal with real teachers not fake Teachers so exactly yeah go to go to

People who’ve done it I mean that’s the Best is what you can do it and you know It’s like in the c-suite you know Billion dollar companies like to hang Out with billion dollar companies why Because they know what their problems Are you know it doesn’t mean you can’t You can’t transcend that you just have To show that the zeros that you’re doing Down here can go to those zeros up but There and and and so what we try to do Is look at the roles and then look at The way in which we apply those roles Inside that c-suite well the thing I Want to say to all you entrepreneurs or Want to be entrepreneurs or Entrepreneurs that started What Jeffrey Hazard is talking about with c-suite is A gift from heaven You know I mean I’m so old I remember Flying from Hawaii to New York hoping to Get an appointment in New York I get off You know we fly from Hawaii to Chicago I Have a pocket full of quarters I kind of Run out during the you know while They’re refueling whatever they’re doing I got to pump all these quarters into The machine into the pay phone and they Say he’s busy don’t talk to him now I’m Going And then I got to climb back on the Plane get to New York and then I gotta Pay a nine million dollars for a hotel And then nothing happens and so whatever

Jeffrey Hazlett does for you guys I mean Just think of him as Christ coming to Earth for all entrepreneurs my goodness You have no idea you have no idea I have I have homeless in my hands and and Holes in my feet from hanging on the Cross politically correct So many times save this clip I need to Save this clip right now Remember that wristband what would Jesus Do it now is what would Jeff do So Jeffrey let’s let’s talk about Podcast versus YouTube yeah that’s a Good one how do they work together you Know a lot of people go to go to YouTube But you go to YouTube you know quite Frankly if you’re talking about business Let’s focus on business because that’s What I focus on and that’s a good good Portion of what you do as well when was The last time you rush to YouTube to Watch a business show Or why he ran to YouTube to get business Advice and that typically doesn’t happen You don’t capture the the audience there It’s a good place to park your stuff and If you want to get tens of views or tens Of listens knock yourself out you know But if you want to add zeros to that You’ve got to go to where the people are And the people are in podcasts the People are in in an apple Roku they’re On streaming and so that’s indeed what C-suite TV and c-suite radio does we

Take it to where the people are so you Know like I have we have television Shows that are ununited on swoop air on On Um on um the numerous other airlines Around the country and cruise ships and We’re we’re going to where people are Right and we’re on Apple and Roku and Amazon Fire and we’re on Smart TVs for The TV side because that’s where you’re Watching you’re not I don’t rush home to Watch a Prime Time Business show okay I’ve got to be in those engines or Streaming devices and the same thing With podcasts you know we’ve taken Numerous cotton lots of content off of YouTube and put it in the podcast world And watch it just explode which is what You’re doing with with Rich Dad yeah We’re doing with your show as well and You and you’ve had some great content Because people led you down that path And said this is where you got to do it This is where you got to do it and if When you didn’t know the alternative Well it looked like a great idea but Once you know the alternative and you Get smarter and you can like just like You move your money from here to Something that will gain you money over Here that’s what we do with content so It’s about getting the content to the Right people and again not worrying About oh I’m going to have a you know

Like oh I’m going to be as funny as a Cat video right you know that’s not Going to happen you know You’re not going to get those kinds of Of numbers but you’re going to get the Numbers you want and in term terms of Content Jeffrey is there some content That’s trending more than others in the Podcast World well you know that’s a Great anytime you can be of value to Someone that’s what trends and the other Thing I’m going to jump in on because a Lot of people say about about TV or Video or about podcasts oh it needs to Be short it needs to be more condensed And that’s not the case you know oh it Needs to only be two or three minutes Because of this listen when was the last Time you binge watched Downton Abbey or Uh Yellowstone or whatever it might be You’ll sit down and listen to an entire Season just like they will do for you if They come upon you and say oh my gosh I Love this show they’ll go back and Listen to all 255 episodes okay over Time and that’s what you want one Question what’s going to happen to major Networks ABC NBC CBS going away I mean Look at look at what major networks used To be let’s take ABC for instance great Example back in ABC’s Heyday let’s take Uh Happy Days A great night on Happy Days was how many viewers in one night 60 million now let’s fast forward to

Today one of the most popular shows ever The Big Bang Theory right I love that Show everybody loves that show do you Know what their biggest night of Viewership was for that show 6 million Six million so it’s the numbers aren’t Going up for them they’re going down and That method of being able to go and Watch it during this time and that time It’s just done it’s over and it’s just a Matter of time it’s just a matter of Time so there’s power in these micro Networks there’s power in these subject Matter networks that we’re creating and Getting people to the right things the Way they like to listen so this is this Is similar to Eastman Kodak oh totally This is so it’s so apropos and I saw That then and we tried to do what we Could but it’s tough to move you know a Massive ship like that to get it to and Then of course we hit 2008 and it was Like oh my gosh uh we just walked into The you know into massive headwinds at That time but as you said it also the Culture of Kodak was our best days are Behind us really hard to make Headway When that’s what I’m saying you know and Quite frankly I mean here’s a good Saying with that too I used to tell People that you say hey they actually Say this to me Jeff make us cool again You know and you can’t be cool and dress

Like Elmer Fudd I mean Hey Jeffrey I Worked for Xerox oh yeah and and there Was they were both in Rochester yeah We met yeah we made so much fun of the Kodak guys yeah they did dress like Elmer Fudd yeah you know it’s amazing Robert when I walked into my office you Know I had a suite of offices mahogany Offices you know I had my own Jet Plane The whole bit area everything right all The trappings of corporate and my my Office had shag carpet literally I swear To God it was green and orange it was Green it was Green Hey Jeffrey nobody understands what We’re talking about We’re so old to have no idea what you Guys are talking about by the way By the way carpet because that’s the Kind of guy I am and I found marble Floors underneath oh my God in the Hallway so I ripped up all the entire Carpet of the entire floor one weekend By myself stacked it and then I got a I Went I went and bought a buffer and I Buffed the floors okay and beautiful Marble Force I mean you know I’m a take Charge kind of guy so that’s what I did And and I I and I it was there’s a whole Long story behind that but yeah that’s What I did Hey Jeffrey we’re out of time But man I tell you what a good this has Been fantastic you’re creating so much Opportunity for people especially in

These times when they’re tough times and People are having wake-up calls you’re Giving them so much opportunity to move Forward in the world and I and I thank You for that In the end it’s all about giving the More you give the more you get and Correct for all of us it’s about how we Come together and help each other and From that we can do something a lot Bigger right Jeffrey thank you you’re The best uh everybody will let you know He’s turned our our podcast business up I mean profitable profitable profitable So please contact c-suite once again We’ll be right back and we’ll find out Words about from Rich Dad Radio Jeffrey Thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you I will have I really have had A lump in my stomach thinking about the Loss of our freedom of speech let’s Change that we’ll fix that yeah thank You thank you Welcome back Robert kiyosaka today radio Share the good news and bad news about Money and I really want to thank Jeffrey Hazlett chairman and CEO of c-suite that Was one of the best shows I mean I I’ve Had a knot in my stomach ever since this Thing on censorship you know it’s just a Freedom of speech that is a basic Freedom and it’s been taken away so to Talk to him just now I just feel like a Relief is

You know it’s just a relief And so uh once again listen to Richard Rich Herbert anytime on iTunes Android YouTube and now c-suite but anyway Because I don’t know anything I you know I’m an old guy you know I still remember Shagging carpet most people don’t know What that stuff is but anyway and you Can listen to this product again on Rich Dad Radio we archive it it’s a podcast And then you can review it listen to it You listen to it again you’ll pick up Even more but most importantly if you’re An entrepreneur you know I would look Into the offerings at c-suite has for You because it is the future he is Talking about the future bypassing you Know ABC NBC CBS MSNBC and all those Other criminal Nations which I’ll Probably do listed for that one but Anyway I want to thank Jeffrey house any Comments Kim yeah I I love What Jeffrey Said too because this whole censorship Has been so So frustrating and and even more than That but what he said is the media That’s going to succeed at the media That’s trusted and and the podcasts give People an alternative to all these other Networks out there gives you an Alternative and it actually gives you a Way to grow your business in a in a Fantastic way where you can get your

Message out and he said the content that Makes that works the content that wins Is the content that adds value if you Can add value to your audience then you Will win so I I mean those are just Basic basic values of life and tenets of Life and I like that and luckily said Also we need to be you know he needs to Be responsible what the what is being Said on the air and all this but don’t Censor people there’s a big difference You know if you’re you’re showing porno Doggy shows or whatever you’re doing you Know I mean your audience will tell you We don’t like it you know then but I Don’t the censorship’s up any comments Sir yeah I think to that point he was Saying Um you know he may not agree with Kneeling or burning a flag or whatever But he will defend everybody’s right to Do so and I think that’s I think that’s Missing in America right now is Defending our right I think maybe Because they’ve gone so far and people Are really really getting fed up we are Going to start looking for Alternatives And we’re going to start creating ways To get our message out there you want to Tell them about the game why it was Censored our cash flow game is censored Yes One of our platforms we have a cash flow Game advertising and we put ads out for

It and all of a sudden it got taken down And we’re like how did the game get Taken down and it was for offensive Language and we’re like offensive Language we’re selling a board game so We went back to the company and we’re Going through it and why they took it Down is because in our copy it says as An investor some investors are Conservative and some investors are Risk Takers because we use the word Conservative They took us down that is censorship and That is stupid because it wasn’t even The meaning of the word I mean it is Getting so ridiculous that yeah time to Time and that’s when my stomach comes as A you know conservative what else am I Saying that’s offensive to you I mean I Just can’t believe it anyway I want to Thank uh Jeffrey Hazard great job there Sarah getting them on and uh Rachel if You have a chance please contact c-suite Not and find out what they offer for you So anyway thank you all for listening to Richard radio show see you next time Thank you [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right [Applause] All right [Music]

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