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[Music] This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here’s Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the Good news and bad news about money and We have a very exciting show of all your Granny pencils and commies out there I really think capitalists are the pigs Of the earth and we have a very exciting Program to you because we’re going to be Talking about the green New Deal Which uh you know Sanders and Ocasio-cartes and all these guys are Talking about a problem the trouble with Most of these socialists they don’t know How to make money That’s the problem all they do is So this is a very very important program Because today we’re going to be talking About how you make millions as a grainy You know that’s going to be a very Exciting show any comments Kim well our Guest is Marin katusa founder of katusa Uh research and uh Robert’s been a big Fan of Marin’s for for quite a while now But he has a whole new plan and he’s Definitely not I don’t know that I would Call him a Greenie Definitely not a socialist but he’s Figured out how to well he’s going to Tell you how to combine green and Existing energies it’s it’s very Exciting and it’s a Cutting Edge and

That’s what he does and so all you Environmentalists socialist Kami Pinko Pigs out there listen up because this is How capitalists are going to make Billions while you and moan about Environments so this is a very important Show here and let me just say that Marin Is one of the most successful resource Resource Venture Capital fund managers Um all types of funding some of the Largest in the U.S some possibly largest In the world Um but he’s got the experience he’s got The knowledge and uh very very very very Brilliant young man and not bad for a Math teacher and a math teacher on top Of it so welcome to the show Marin it’s My pleasure guys so explain how Ocasio-cortez you know I don’t know if You follow American politics because You’re a Canadian But all these grannies bitching about The economy or the environment They’re actually on the right track Aren’t they They are but you see the problem with The champagne socialists is they don’t Actually want to get their hands dirty Right and uh the the the the hard part You know thinking is hard so judging is Why that’s what they do and it leads Them to not understand the actual Realities you know they want a green World which we all want a better future

For our children and descendants than we Have today but to have an electrical World you have to have copper you have To have rares you have to have all these Aspects and yet where are Apple and Tesla and all these uh Revolutionary technology companies Relying on well you know 98 of the Rarests are coming from China and They’re not coming from environmental Standards that meet the North American Level uh Cobalt is still being mined by You know children and and that’s not Being discussed about now those are the Details that the champagne socialists Don’t want to talk about and you know What I’ve done actually is roll up my Sleeves and and I have a track record of Doing it and I’ve learned the hard Lessons Robert it’s not like I’m this Perfect investor I have lost money in it And I keep going at it and you know I Funded the largest geothermal plant Built in America in 50 years and you Know how you learn how to be better is By doing it right like you got to keep Going at it you learn the mistakes and I Kept going and eventually we financed Became the second largest shareholder in Canada’s largest green energy producer So that’s kind of how you go about it The problem with with the the movement Is not understanding the actual Realities

The cost so like when let’s just say Biden hypothetically wins you know that Billions of dollars is going to go into The offshore uh wind sector but the Inflation that’s going to happen is Going to be very similar to what Happened when the first uh green deal Obama came in where anything with the Word green in it took off for example in The geothermal world in the uh by you Know the early 2009 anything with a Geothermal word and it was trading at Incredible valuation such that if they Built exactly what they said they would Do on budget and on time these things Were price per Perfection before they Even drilled a single well so I started Telling everybody this makes no Mathematical sense and the The Firm at The time is called geothermics they were Kind of the authority in the industry And they would slap on these things Called P90s or p50 and I couldn’t Believe all these Bankers flying around We’re talking about hundreds of millions Of dollars of financings were just Happening weekly like this based off of P90 so I stood up at the big investment Conference and I said P so what I’m Probably the guy in the industry that Understands the math better than anyone Else and I said you guys are using P90s And you don’t even understand the Probability of these things a P90 is not

A good thing but from a sales pitch it Sounded like hey you got a 90 success Rate here that’s how they’re reselling It all right as an old guy you remember I remember when you put.com after Something it’s sold yeah that was the Equivalent exactly and what’s your but This is what I’m getting at and so what You’re saying is anything with green you Deal after it now is going to be the big Move got to be very careful and look at The actual costs so so what you did is You changed the accounting system on it Well what I did was yeah so I came out With uh after looking at all this stuff I became a very disliked individual in The sector because I talked reality Right and and the world doesn’t like Harsh realities you know and they like The concept of a of a future agreeing The possibilities butterflies and you Know flowers the problem is building These things are very difficult Geothermal Wells you’ve got to drill Deep and we’re talking big boreholes These are not like oil patch Wells we’re Talking 18-inch borewells and you go Down to about eight inches big very Expensive Wells every environmentalist Oh totally but you know they were doing It in the disguise of green energy right So they were they had a little bit more And the difference and the difference Between you and them is the question

They were always asked is how are you Going to pay for it oh we’ll we’ll Figure it out but they never could Answer the question you’re answering That question well today with mmt uh It’ll be uh there won’t be a shortage of Money for it specifically in this world Of ESG where you have environmental Social and governance there will be much More money because monetary Theory Pretty much exactly so With the modern monetary Theory or you Can think of it as the marxists uh Regardless they control the Taps of the Digital printing and the money will go Into the sector right the reality is What is es esto or something yes so ESG Stands for my environmental and social Governance right so it’s the new tag Phrase that all of the governments the Socials the ngos they want to make sure It meets this social license the problem Is who issues a social license okay so That’s why what Marion continues I mean He’s my man right now I mean because What he’s saying is the next.com is Going to be anything with ESG or MMG or Anything environmental just just like Obama he came up with solyndra well that Thing that exactly and there’s many of Those there’s billions of dollars wasted Yes Socialists they fund anything that Sounds great but they don’t know what

Makes them feel good is that true so That’s right when I was reading you a Thing on gboe green barrels of oil Keyword is equivalent Yeah so let me just take a step back how It was developed so when the big you Know the Seven Sisters Exxon Chevron all The big oil companies when they really Controlled uh the geopolitical world and The financial world the way that fangs You know the microsofts and the Amazons Do today in the Googles back in the day The oil patch they realized that they Were you know depleting their reserves So they needed to cook the books a Little bit that’s that’s the reality of It and they had a lot of gas but gas Wasn’t it was never as valuable as oil Think of it as gold and silver gold is Oil silver is the natural gas that’s Kind of where it was so the accountants All got together and they said hey if we Can figure out a way from a mathematical Standpoint to take Natural Gas put it on Our books as oil and that’s where Barrels of oil equivalent came from so That was this big Boon and now all the Oil companies had bigger reserves on Their books and they could pump their Chest and tell their investors they’ve Done this great job they’ve increased Their barrels of oil equivalent by 25 Percent over the last few years Executives got paid more the bankers got

Paid more everyone felt great about it So that’s where the industry went and I Kind of sat back and said you know early On I saw what was because I traveled so Much around the world I said you know I’m out of the oil game I was early to The Shale game uh luckily I had a Geology Professor named Dr Mark Bustin That ended up working for me and because Of him I got really early into the Shield game before it became a Catchphrase and we recognized early on That natural gas was going to be flared And would become worthless so the Natural gas basically one barrel of oil Was equivalent to 6000 mbtus which means It was a six to one price ratio so they Could cook their books at six to one but When oil was at a hundred bucks and gas Was going at you know a dollar fifty They were still using that Boe to look At their reserves from a financial Standpoint I said this makes no sense But nobody cared because the system kept Going everyone was getting paid so I was Is one of the early guys saying hey guys Pay attention to the math here and Nobody wanted the truth so I said okay When this all kind of comes unraveling These oil companies to survive are going To have to diversify and get into the Green energy patch and the nuclear patch And I came up with what was called the Green barrels of oil equivalent now to

Do so I had to bring back some of my Fancy calculus and I published this it’s All on my website I sat with all the Executives and chairman and they all Thought that’s a really good idea but The Market’s not going to accept it the Jibo concept now even though I was few Years early to this you saw BP just come Out and said you know essentially after A three-day investor conference we’re Not an oil company anymore we’re going To become a green energy energy provider And to do that gebos are going to play a Huge role moving forward and like we Talked about offline rather than having A Reserve Life index to say an oil well Or an oil field has 10 years then you Have to find more oil to replace it when You look at solar wind you’re talking About infinite resources so they can Cook these books in a way that investors Won’t understand and I created the math Formula for this so I understand it Better than anyone else and I’m saying This is where the industries go going And you know me and my subscribers have Made a fortune off of this so it’s kind Of a trend in motion probably making a Fortune off of a health insurance Yeah so what we did was we looked at the Valuations of the actual producers so Number one I told everyone you don’t Need to get involved in developing these Assets because the cost of capital is so

High these are very expensive like to Build a geothermal plant to build a run Of River Project to build a big like 200 Megawatt uh Wind Farm uh it costs Hundreds of millions of dollars and These small little companies their cost Of capital is just too high to compete With the big boy so that was the first Thing so for example a company like Altera which my subscribers came in and It’s Canada’s largest pure green energy Producer we were buying this at you know 0.20.3 nav and today the equivalent is 23 bucks we were in at three dollars and This thing spits out a dividend and it’s Just rock solid with the interjects Group of renewable companies another way That we did in March uh my favorite Company uh even though I was a big Shareholder of Altura uh one of the Reasons I did Altera was I wanted to own Brookfield now Brookfield is the world’s Think of it as the Exon of green energy And think about this like I’m one of the Largest players in my game and I Contacted the CEO and the chairman I Said I’d love to be able to interview to My my team and they’re like you know Mayor thanks but no thanks whereas most Companies would die to be interviewed in My little Network these guys are the Real deal they paid out when I wrote it Up at 31 for my subscribers Um we got a spin out of two companies

Out of it uh 31 is paying a nine percent Dividend lowest cost of capital in the Industry they’re the world’s biggest Producer of green energy they’re Rock Solid and we’re up almost 200 percent in Less than a year what’s on this thing What kind of uh Grand energy does Brookfield produce oh they they do Hydro So Hydro think of it as the uh the Ultimate Green energy because it’s the Most valuable when you look at the Hydro Dam so they’re the number one in Hydro In both Canada us and Brazil they’ve got Massive Diversified Across the platform they just found out They bought Sun Edison in the U.S Through default these guys basically Bruce Flats is the you know the the Brains behind the scene he has an Incredible team behind them And it’s such a well-run company they’ve Got you know as Warren Buffett talks About a moat around them they are the Most Diversified and strongest growth Platform energy in the industry do they Do solar they oh yeah they have it Across the board they have it so how do They have solar Farms well they just Keep buying assets companies that go Bankrupt because of the cost of capital They’ve Consolidated and they’ve been Running at this they’re gross since 2005 Is unprecedented in the industry they Are and like I’m a big shareholder I get

No compensation from the company Whatsoever I’m just saying me and my Subscribers think that this one is the Number one way to play it because it Costs the capital their dividend and you Know let’s take covet for example they They’ve their production and cash flow Hasn’t even seen a blip during this time It truly is pandemic proof Recession Proof this thing is Rock Solid and and Think of it as Exxon in the 40s or 50s Are they all using your equation the Gebos and no so Brookfield and so this Equation when I sent it to them they Don’t need to but what I was trying to Get with gebos is that this is what’s Going to be oil companies are going to Have to play major catch up into the Sector so a Brookfield doesn’t need to Do that because they don’t need to Juice their numbers let’s say but it was Already a green Energy company In the world they’re Rock Solid but what I was getting at with the oil companies Like BP Chevron Exxon they’re playing Major catch-up now and they’re stuck With this you know historical books of Boes barrels of oil equivalent and the Future for them is to go into the gebos Or the green barrels of oil equivalent Because that’s how they’re financials And that’s how their debt is set up So the way your followers made money was You added them into Brookfield that’s

Correct and we got in when it was cheap Uh and now that it’s Um look we’ve taken a free ride it’s Called The katusa Free Ride where you Reduce your risk and you hold this Company like I told my subscribers Forever for free collect industry top Dividends it’s that’s how you want to Play this game reduce your risk and Collect dividends so we’re going to talk About how to become a subscriber when in The next section Okay so Thing I love about this because what Marin did change the accounting I was a Student of Dr R Buckminster Fuller and He talked about where our accounting System was all off And for those of you who Know Rich Dad Poor Dad rich dad is about accounting And where rich dad is going is into What’s called Cosmic accounting so at Marin is you know We’re translating Right now Marion katusa is talking about Is this translation Transformation into Cosmic accountant in Other words free energy we come back We’ll be talking more to Marion katusa About the future and with the biggest Investment going because energy is the Biggest energy and is the biggest Product in the world except both of us Being wasted it’s furry Let me come back talking more to Marin Katusa on the Rich Dad radio program

Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki and Richard Dad radio show the good news and bad News about the money now the good news Is we’re going to tell you about the Best investment you can get into the bad News is you can’t get into it I think that’s kind of funny personally But that just shows you how important Our Guest is today and uh you can listen To the Rich Dad radio program anytime Anywhere on iTunes Android and YouTube And please have a comment anytime you Listen to it and all of our podcasts are Archived at richdadradio.com we archive Them because we’re an education company We’re going to be talking about Investments but we make no Recommendations we make zero Recommendations although According to our gas mayor in katusa I And I believe it is the best investment You can make today except it’s closed So really that’s what it’s about but Anyway we don’t make recommendations you Know we’re purely educational please we Go to go to Richdadradio.com listen to this program Again you’ll get twice as smart and then Most importantly I have friends family And business associates listen to it and Then discuss it in your you’ll go Quantum on intelligence here about the Best investment in the future that’s Today

So um our guest today is Marin katusa His company is katusa research And I’ve been a fan of his for years He’s in the is in the um They call it the resource sector Kim and I have taken several companies public Oil gold yeah uh silver we’ve also had Many Shale projects In the South and in Dakota So anyway it’s it’s near and dear to our Heart but when he’s talking about gboe Green barrels of oil equivalent That is kind of why the Rich Dad company Was founded Is because we’re using the wrong Accounting system And my teacher was Dr R Buckman sir Fuller and he talked about Cosmic Accounting at our biggest most important Asset is energy and most of it is free That’s the hard thing for people to Understand is free And Fuller says if they just let you Know it says back in the back in the 80s When I studied would follow there was Four billion people on planet Earth And he says there’s four billion Billionaires on planet Earth Except that somebody doesn’t let them Put them you know they want to put a Meter between them and the Sun or a Meter between the oil and them and all This energy is god-given and energy is The biggest biggest industry in the

World civilization runs on energy so That’s why this program is extremely Important yeah well the bad news is the Fund may be closed but the good news is Marin does have a great newsletter Called katusa’s resource opportunities So go to katusaresearch.com and you can Get his all of his Um buys and what he’s doing and what his Subscribers are are benefiting from so Uh katusaresearch.com and sign up for That newsletter because I’m signing up For it and so what you said Maron was That the oil companies should Define Themselves as energy companies not oil Company they’re they’re going to have no Choice but to do so if they want to Survive and more importantly to get the Capital you nailed it on the head where You called it you know the cosmic Accounting I call it quantum economics And we’ve gone from a linear world to a Quantum economics and it’s going to be Fueled by mmt and to get access to be Able to keep going with their bonds and Their debt and their projects they’re Going to have to be certified under ESG They’re going to have to meet the Environmental and the social governance And all those aspects and the only way The oil patch is going to survive is Using my formula which is the gebos Because they’re not oil companies Anymore if they are they’re going to be

Depleted And people forget like you know OPEC They keep focusing on oil for years in My book I talked about you got to focus On the liquids you know what are they Doing it’s not just oil what are the Products that within the oil that they Have and you know I call it the liquid Sector uh that’s going to be government Funded from like you know China and Russia that aspect but for the North American companies Exxon Chevron BP Which is the big you know the Queens Oil Company Royal Dutch they’re going to Have no choice But to tap into all that new Quantum Money being printed by the government They’re going to have to meet the Environmental standards and they’re Going to have to change the way their Accounting has been done and they’ve Done it already with the natural gas It’s just a Natural Evolution to green And are you ready to really get all the Champagne socialists angry at us uh Robert you and I think very alike Nuclear is a Jibo also and although the Environmentalists haven’t accepted it Yet You know I’ve debated the founder of Greenpeace and then another the other Founder at Greenpeace became a close Friend his name is Patrick Moore they’ve Come to accept the science of it and

It’s still early days in the Green Revolution and they’re sticking to Things that make them feel good but After billions of dollars gets wasted They’re still going to need to feel good But they’re going to need things that Make sense and nuclear is part of the Diversified energy Matrix As is hydro there’s a place for wind There’s a place for solar But it can’t just all be wind it can’t All be solar it can’t all be nuclear and This is you know what I talked about in My book Diversified energy Matrix and That’s what the end result will be but The people that can see that and Position themselves are going to make a Fortune here and those that don’t are Going to lose a fortune we’re all simply What what Marvin was talking about is Kodak didn’t read and find themselves Yeah they Define themselves as a film Company when when uh digital was coming Out and they invented digital And so what you’re saying these oil Companies are sitting there but they’re Defining themselves as an oil company But they really are defining themselves As an energy company And to do that they need the conversion Of your gbos equivalent which is you Know it’s calculus and I understand I Understand especially the pluses and Minus but I don’t understand the rest of

It anyway Uh so the integrals look fancy but you Know it’s pretty sound and the Accountants will understand it and you Know once they get to that point and Here’s the reality BP just had three-day Investor conference and they basically Came out and spelled the future They flat out said we cannot survive any Other way we have to get into the green Energy our other big uh oil companies do The same all of the North American and European companies are going to accept That now will Saudi aramco do that no Well uh you know the Russian oil Companies no so they’re going to do What’s best for them but the North American and European companies have to Uh meet their criterias of also making Money but also meeting the needs of the Environmentalists the politicians and Like I said the flow of money won’t come In unless they accept this new the new World that we’re in so how do you how Does an investor make money with mayor And the two Center so what we’ve did is Very simply we’ve played I don’t do many Stocks number one you don’t need to buy That many stocks don’t like if you don’t Have think about it this way you know Everyone thinks that you need to have 25 Gold companies or 25 energy companies That’s a total BS just pick the best you Know I I don’t believe in having too

Many of anything you don’t also need to Go to risky parts of the world Geopolitical risk is going to be bigger Than ever before and again the bankers The analysts they’re mispricing risk for Example they’re giving a discount rate For something in a DRC in a Congo in in Zambia and Zimbabwe the same discount Rate is something in Nevada Doesn’t make sense it’s not but it’s They’re there to sell it now over 55 55 of all the capital raise for Resources is in those risky Parts in the World like Zambian Zimbabwe so the Bankers if they say hey Robert We only want you to invest in the good Places where the rule of law is the rule Of law They’re going to have half the income They don’t care about you they care About making fees and B’s the banks are All about fees and B’s they don’t put Their risk out on the table they put Your risk at the table well I’m a major Player in this I’m saying don’t go there They’re going to steal your assets You’ve lived it I’ve lived it so number One you don’t need to go up the risk Curve to get doubles and triples I’ve Proven it with Brookfield and and again I’m not telling anyone to buy it I’m Just telling you what I did and my Subscribers did in March and Brookfield Is almost 200 percent gain and it pays

An incredible dividend the biggest Dividend in the industry it’s only going To get bigger and better they have the Lowest cost of capital And every single asset they have is in a Positive swap line Nation so you sit There and go and I don’t have to worry About nationalization I don’t have to Worry about uh a coup happening in the Country and the new warlord demanding New terms you don’t have to deal with Any of that so my whole thesis is stick To the best the lowest quartile Producers management teams that have a Lot of skin in the game and Sound Business and and that’s an example of What we did in the energy patch and is This an example too of what you talk About in your newsletter yeah so that’s Exactly and it went real time I send an Alert I say this is how much I’m buying At this price here’s the reason why Another great one would be uh Equinox my Good friend Ross Beatties the chairman I Became one of the largest com Shareholders in the company I said I’m Buying at this price you can also get in At this price whether it’s through Financing or the open market and we’re Sitting on three four hundred percent Gains and the company’s future is only Going to get better and yet the larger Shareholder in the company is the Chairman

Skin in the game where me and my Subscribers got in at a lower cost base Than the guy who’s running the company And that’s all there in the report I go To the site visit I bring my film crew And and I get it lots of construction Workers teachers dentists businessmen They can’t do what I do but I break my Film crew and then you could see what I’m doing I videotaped me talking to the Geologists on site the Drillers the Engineers the management team we go to The core Shack we do I try to write and Show you visually what I do and then I Say this is the money I’m putting up and No not a single company we don’t get a Penny for any of that it’s my money at Risk my subscribers money at risk and we Have the top track record in the Industry by doing it that way and it’s It’s a philosophy where you know it Might go four months five months that I Won’t have a recommendation that’s just The way it goes but our industry is Based off of The first Wednesday of every month you Have to buy this stock that makes no Sense it’s actually backwards so my Style is different Um but it’s worked really well so Marilyn the reason what you’re saying is Important is what you’re saying there’s Going to be this big shift coming in the Financial services industry it’s here

It’s already here it’s already here it’s The column is how do you know if they’re Real or fake that’s exactly because They’re going to use the same jargon the Same terms But you don’t know how real they are Because they’re they have one goal that You know the basically Wall Street is to Make money they’re not they’re not you Know the only way they make money They’re going to sell you something And you’re not doing that the bankers The analysts the lawyers the accountants They all take money out of the companies That you’re investing in they don’t Invest in them they’re they say we’re Not allowed it might be you know Judicial but they want you to take all The risk so think about it a banker the Brokerage firm the analyst the uh the Lawyers for every let’s say for every Dollar invested in a company before the Company even gets a dollar about 15 to 20 percent is already taken off for Regulatory oversight whether you know Management accounting legal banking fees All that stuff so the investors already At a 80 20 Higher risk than those guys they’ve Taken their money and they’re gone to The next deal so you really got to pay Attention to what is going on in the Nitty-gritty details and this is yes Where it it it’s important to become a

Math nerd at looking at the financial Balance sheets the number members and Understanding numbers can lie if you Don’t know how to look at the financial Statements and see what it makes sense Who’s writing these third-party Engineering Reports look at their History are they just about like losers Lose and winners win look at the people Who’ve signed off on this other last Five deals also crappy are these guys The rock stars and the toughest in the Industry those are the details you have To look in and looking at a company PowerPoint or an analyst firm that’s Getting paid by the company to write it Up makes no sense so that’s why people In the industry think I’m an or Thinking that I’m a jerk but I don’t Take fees from these companies and I’ve Raised more money than any brokerage Firm in Canada I want it all going into The company and why should I pay some Banker who’s wearing a slick suit nice Hair flies on a private jet for doing What taking telling me where to put my Money I think I’ll stick to my own way Okay so so we’re running out of time Here but I have a personal question to You that we discussed first before this So you can say what you want because We’re dealing in dangerous territory Here And it has to do with this company

Called uranium one And You know That’s the clintons foundation and all Those guys were in that one And Um that’s what I mean it’s dangerous Because a lot of times because Kim and I Raised a lot of money a lot of capital And we all we always knew the people we Invested for we explained the risk of Front But in this line of work Financial Services work there’s a lot of smoke Screen And so uranium one was really a Russian Portrayed as kind of a Canadian company And so that’s what what Marin does is he Looks into those things so without Getting yourself in a world of trouble What went on behind the scenes that the Irish guy didn’t see you know it’s like My friend Jim records he he just loves Going after uranium one Okay I know Jim while he’s a good guy let’s Go back to the Inception of what Happened uh there was a company called Eurasia it was financed by Frank justra And I was not there so I don’t know the Exact details but the story is that you Know they somehow got contracts in Kazakhstan which had incredible Potential in Eurasia then it merged

[Music] There you go so these incredible Assets In Kazakhstan under Eurasia merged with Another company called EMC Metals which Had a bunch of North American or mainly U.S assets at the time uh in Wyoming ISR Projects now when those two companies Merged that became the uranium one that We know of today Then the uranium Market hit the tank the Russians bought it at a big discount This is something that people forget so The North American investors didn’t do That well in it when you look at the Average cost of capital that it traded In the North America markets during the Peak of the uranium Market versus what The Russians ended up buying for it and That’s where guys like Ian Telfer were The chairman so that’s where the big Controversy came about how could U.S Assets critical assets strategic assets Like uranium be held by Russian foreign Owned sources right and that’s what Uranium one was so at that time I know This is going to sound crazy but more Uranium production in America was owned By Russians then all the American-owned Production in America at that time so That became a big sticking point plus The clintons were involved so it’s easy To poke in the story so the company that Owns that today is called uranium one They’ve only done one interview in North

America uh the new CEO his name’s Fletcher Newton it was with me because Of my background in uranium and I’ve Been to all these assets he did a good Interview eventually what I see is you Have the uh RSA the Russian suspension Agreement just came out the Russians are Going to have less of a field to play And I think they’re going to probably Eventually sell off their U.S owned Assets because their bread and butter is In Kazakhstan now uranium one is Russia’s largest uranium producer Outside of Russia so it’s a very Important vehicle and is it backstopped By the Russian government of course it Is you know think about was Amer was Exxon backstop by America in the 40s and 50s and 60s of course it was right Nobody wants to talk about those aspects But you know these are smart people like Clutcher Newton’s a good guy he’s a Smart guy and he’s not Russian okay so They have that whole aspect and and They’re moving away so I think this Smoke and fire that they deal with in in America is kind of a a Distraction for them and it’s not their Future source and I think if they would Go back in time they probably wouldn’t Have done the transaction because it Didn’t make mathematical sense for them So there’s obviously other reasons that It had yeah so the reason that’s

Important is because like records is a Friend of mine who’s working with the CIA And uh what he said was that all of a Sudden something got smoke screened And uranium one slid through and he Looked into us because of the clintons And they got past something called Cepheus sounds like syphilis but it was Syphilis but well there was definitely An FTD for shareholders that financially Transmitted disease so Um like I’m not looking for trouble I Like Russia I like Americans I like everybody but And I was never a shareholder of uranium One so I’m just throwing it all at the Table anyway that’s why I’m so closely You know I I like studying it because What it’s not the stock it’s the story Going beyond the stocks That was going on behind the scenes the Point here is this is energy as as a Full Bucky Fuller said my teacher on Cosmic accounting he says back in the 80s this is four billion billionaires What God gave us is energy for free And what cap what not capitalism but the Greedy capitalists have done is Basically took what was given for free And charge people for it I kind of like It I mean personally but Nikola Tesla Said the exact same thing in 1908 and um You know the reality of where we are is

This is the system we live in and I’m a very because I’m Canadian I’m very Pragmatic and the situation I’m in uh I Like making money it’s what I’m good at Doing and that’s what my subscribers Want I can’t change the world like how Champagne socialists think they can have Some fundraiser put on their cocktail Dresses and just on people like me And you who are out there doing it but We’re solving the problems right so That’s number one number two is there’s Some serious big money to be made in This trend and there’s going to be a lot Of mistakes there’s going to be a lot of Scams there’s going to be a lot of Wasted government money just like you Mentioned cilandra and other deals from Obama’s green dream But just like I proved it with Altera And Brookfield there’s going to be Incredible assets here that there’s a Way to play it and and I do believe what BP and some of the big oil companies They’re going to transform themselves And come out of this stronger and better Than ever before because remember they Are in the energy business and it all Comes down to cost of capital that’s why A startup their cost of capital will be You know 15 16 17 where someone like a Brookfield the biggest in the industry Is maybe two or three percent so how Could a startup their cost it’s Visa

Rates they have to build this thing on a Visa versus someone who’s getting like Preferential agreement by two percent Because they’re a lower risk function to The bankers you can’t win that game and That’s what I’ve been trying to avoid People because the startup sounds sexy We’re gonna build this billion dollar Project at 17 interest good luck like I Know this industry well it ain’t gonna Happen Eric you just made my whole day You know we talked about my favorite Subject with Cosmic accounting that God Gave everything that question right and So because Fuller said you know God’s Giving’s all the Sun Life for free but Somebody has to figure out how to put a Meter between you and the sun you know And that’s what that’s what pisses off Alexandra Court ocasio-cortez and all The Socialists out there but the problem With socialists is they don’t know how To make money and what they’re not They’re not problem solvers yeah and What you’re talking about is the biggest Business In the universe so I want to thank you Mary it’s always enjoyable talking to Your great friend and very smart guy not Bad for a calculus teacher Thanks guys stay healthy thank you very Much back for the summary thank you Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad uh radio show the good news and bad

News today about energy it’s the biggest Industry in the world I want to thank Marin katubice a dear friend of the Rich Dad company and there’s a few guys I Love more than him because you know Definition of intelligence is if you Agree with me you’re intelligent and What he was talking about you know my Term is Cosmic accounting he called it Quantum accounting is that God wanted Humans to be rich and people figured out A way to put A a money between you and what God gave You for free and so the Rich Dad company Was actually founded on that principle Cosmic accounting I originally is known As accounting people think we’re we’re Real estate we’re not really about Accounting but we’re taking this to a Whole nother level it’s called Cosmic Accounting how much money is God sending To you every single day that you have to Pay for any comments Kim well this was Really refreshing because you know I you And I both we’ve always been I’ve always Been a fan of green energy I’ve always Supported solar and clean oceans and Clean air and all of this um wind wind And and geothermal all of it but you get You get boxed into this little thing That says oh you’re you’re one you’re a Greeny oh you don’t know what you’re Talking about you just want to destroy All capitalism well what Marin’s talking

About is a capitalist need for these Energies these oil companies to convert To be green energy companies it’s going To be it’s diverse I mean it just makes Sense he’s talking about the biggest Industry coming yeah and and you know Thank thank you God for Alexandria Ocasio-cortez and Russell’s Green Tommy Pinkles out there because when they’re Talking about the green New Deal we’re Gonna get rich they’re not going to get Any richer because they’re going to say We should give it to them well they’re Going to say the government’s going to Take kind of pay for it or we’re going To give contracts to all these companies They have no idea what they’re doing Who’s going to pay for it taxpayers and There’ll be a lot of rip-offs just like You know during the.com boom everybody Was jumping into.com everybody’s going To be jumping into the new deals please Keep governments so Marin katusa is the Guy with his GB always green barrels of Equivalent oil equivalent and I really Appreciate any comments there sir Um this show I felt like it kind of Expounded on our conversation with Jeff Booth about the creative disruption in a Sector and I felt like this kind of is That with with BP changing from an oil Company to now I mean they’re catching On and his equation is calculus is kind Of that

Thing that they needed to to move it Forward to prove to prove it right so I Just it kind of reminded me of that but Um Marin’s a great guy great guest and I Always love having him on a calculus Teacher A teacher turned investor that doesn’t Happen but the thing is he’s talking About Cosmic accounting God wants you to Be rich The problem is there’s stuff in between You and God so it’s a fantastic program Plus that he’s a resource guy and Kim And I I especially have traveled the World looking at Gold and Silver and oil And all this all over the world And he’s done the same thing or we’re Coming back to the same place it’s Really as energy because civilization Runs on energy and if we can get the Price of energy down not only the price Down but less polluting the world wins So that’s electrically champagne what Socialist campaign socialists that’s my New phrase I’ve got the world full of Champagne socialists you know as long as A good drink good drink good Champagne Okay final words cap that’s it I’m I’m Loving it and Katusaresearch.com I’m definitely going To make sure I get his newsletter Resources options once again we don’t Recommend anything we’re purely

Educational company so thank you for Listening to the Rich Dad radio show and Cosmic accounting thank you thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Applause]

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