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Moving from me to ask one of the biggest Things I learned was all the tax Benefits their mission is to make money Off of the medicine they’re going to Prescribe me or if their mission is to Actually keep me healthy and be Proactive about it when we’re stressed It’s it’s like an energy within us but It will actually that energy will start To accumulate in your body and that’s What starts to cause disease [Music] Hello everyone and welcome to another Millennial money today’s topic is Extremely serious and important Now whether you found yourself gaining The quarantine 15 or maybe your couch Has taken the shape of your body or Maybe you’ve sneezed and thought today Was your day and you finally got the Rona now today’s guest is Dr Nicole Shrednicki which will hopefully provide Some clarity amongst this Corona Craziness and some solutions to the side Effects that we’ve been witnessing after Being quarantined for six months Nicole It’s been long overdue I mean this topic Is heavily requested especially since The beginning of all this and so um Could you give our audience a little bit Of your background and how you even got Into medicine to begin with Sure so thank you so much you have a Very thorough introduction for me

Um so just a little bit about my Background and how I Um went oh started my practice and then Transitioned into becoming an Entrepreneur Um I started back as a nurse and quickly Uh wanted to take it further I started Working at Mayo Clinic hospital as an Employee and I noticed there were many Gaps in care there was a lack of Continuity and this was leaving patients Feeling stressed and disempowered in Their own health so I told myself you Know I want to create something better I Want to practice medicine the way it Should be practiced and so I decided to Further my career to become a nurse Practitioner and then a doctor and so I Went to Georgetown University I had Great clinical training but I realized I Wasn’t quite happy Um initially I didn’t understand why and Then I realized that we were treating Diseases and not health and what I mean By this is is we wait until disease These happen so when you go for your Annual physical Um you know they’re looking for disease They aren’t doing anything preventative Anything to keep you healthy or even Make you even more healthy Um you know so we wait until there’s Acquired baggage and this decreases Progress in any area of life

Um and so what I decided is I don’t want People to get to this point Um so you know we need to maintain a Pathway to success in order to keep People healthy Um so out of this thinking Um kind of came my Niche because I Identified a gap in health care and this Is how my practice was created Um so you know once I finished school I Kind of branched out and I found these Specialized areas in anti-aging and Natural medicine and I said I’m going to Bring it all to the table here and um You know do more preventative and when We can do natural things to empower Patients and you know the last last Thing I want to do is write a Prescription but if we need it we can Um so you know I this is when I started My practice Um called Ultra healthy human and I the Type of service that I provide is what I Call High Performance Health for high Performance people so for people like Entrepreneurs um you know you’re high Performance people and so you know take For example a client that comes in they Want to be Progressive and you know Something’s holding them back if it’s Stress or low energy or brain fog or Even an emotional conflict you know this Will slow them down in two different Ways physical symptoms such as

Sluggishness but more importantly mental Sluggishness Um because when we’re unhealthy this Then clouds our Clarity and thinking Process and you know in order to be an Entrepreneur you need to have a healthy Body and a healthy mind That’s totally right Nicole and I and I’m I think it’s very admirable and Inspiring what you’ve done because Instead of following the traditional Pathway you found a way to truly tackle What you thought was important which was Being proactive about it and I’ve seen The results within Robert Um and Kim Kiyosaki I mean they both had A world of difference after meeting you And being treated with you and actually Being proactive about their health and Like you said you found your Niche and So that’s what a true entrepreneur does As well Um and so in addition to being a doctor You’re also an entrepreneur so before we Begin discussing the importance of Health and Wellness you’ve been working On your journey to the right side of the Quadrant can you give our audience a Glimpse of what that’s been like for you Sure so Um that’s actually been a really Exciting part of my journey not only you Know professionally but personally Um you know learning so much about

Myself and Um I think you know right off the bat Like one of my biggest lessons or or Recommendations to people is letting go Of fear or that you know that voice in Your head that tells you no or or you Know you just have to learn to put this Stuff aside but Um uh and you know for me that was part Of my trajectory you know what was my Driving factor to start my own practice Well part of it was my spirit wasn’t Aligned with you know the strict Adherence of you know following Insurance and pharmaceuticals and you Know not doing what’s in the best Interest of the patient Um but so moving from you know the e to The S side of things Um you know this is this was the ability To start my own practice Um but with that I was still stuck in You know I’m I’m I’m there like all the Time working really hard so how do you Get now to the right side of the Quadrant so that you know I can grow my Practice bigger and serve more people And then be able to utilize my skills Um you know more effectively and Um but of note one of the things you Know as I’ve gone through each of these Quadrants moving from E to S one of the Biggest things I learned was all the tax Benefits you know so rather than just

Giving like half of my salary away to The government or Uncle Sam I’m able to Reinvest it into my practice and Actually you know grow that Um and then you know moving then to the Right side of the quadrant to be in the Eye side Um I was able to what I learned in this Process is you know I can start to Acquire assets that will continue to Help bring money into the business and Kind of it’s this cycle that will help Pay for things so it’s not always just Money coming out of my pocket for Example you know I bought the building That my practice is in and my practice Pays for it and so not only is my Practice paying for this real estate but I’m also acquiring an asset uh and then I’m kind of simultaneously going into The I quadrant by uh you know investing In you know certain stocks or uh Precious metals you know physical gold And silver and so I’m slowly making my Way through these quadrants but um it’s Been you know I’ve been applying all of You know Robert and Kim’s principles Along the way and it’s I mean it’s like So so exciting Um so I feel like not only you know is My business growing I’m able to help More people Um but I’m also personally you know I’m Growing too and and you know learning

New things about myself continuing to Push myself and Um so it’s just a really really exciting Journey That’s incredible Nicole and yes Robert And Kim have both expressed their Excitement about how you’re on your Journey to entrepreneurship and I think It’s incredible too because a lot of a Lot of our viewers ask frequently how do I move from one side to the quadrant to The other from an e to an s or from an S To a b or an i and I mean you’re living Proof of being able to do it and like You said you’re acquiring these assets But with the purpose of serving Um more of humanity which is something We always teach here at Rich Dad and why I think Rich Dad as a brand has scaled Globally because that was our intention All along to to serve more people and so I I love that you’re sharing that part Of your journey for our viewers and Hopefully it’ll help them because it is Possible to move from one side of the Quadrant to the next And Nicole I mean you you mentioned Earlier you were developing your brand For Ultra healthy human I love that name And so many entrepreneurs don’t Understand the importance of building a Brand or what it takes to be successful At building a brand what have you Learned so far throughout this journey

Because I know you can bump into a lot Of hiccups or maybe just learn a lot of Life lessons So Um that’s a that’s a great question I Um it definitely takes Um you know keeping like staying true to Your mission Um you know learning to interact with Other people to create that Vision that You have to actually bring it into play You know as I as I’ve grown Um the business I’ve been you know Interacting with with different like Branding people like creating labels and Um you know just that aspect of things And you know it’s it’s very interesting With all the people that you interact With and kind of learning how to deal With different personalities and Um you know not sometimes not straying From where your vision is because people That are in different quadrants per se Have they have a different mindset and So I’ve dealt with this a lot recently Um as I’ve been creating a supplement And detox line of products and you know Know dealing with the lab and dealing With the people making my labels and you Know just trying to communicate with Them and and Um you know do things in a timely Fashion but also just having patience With the whole process and kind of you

Know Um I mean learning along the way so it’s Um I feel like I could talk about this all Day but I’ll keep it at that I love that And I think it’s crucial because there Are a lot of entrepreneurs that will say And some that even lose sight of this But I think I believe the mission is the Most important thing because Um your clients at the end of the day Will notice when the mission is at the Front of your project and Um you I mean and like you’ve mentioned Before if I go to a doctor I know if Their mission is to make money off of The medicine they’re going to prescribe Me or if their mission is to actually Keep me healthy and be proactive about It Um so I love that and I think it’s the Most important part of developing a Brand yeah I will say one other thing You know when you are I I think it’s so Important to have a strong team of Mentors around you and they have also Helped Um I think to help guide me a little bit You know people that have actually done It Um you know I wanna I wanna take advice From them not the people who haven’t Done it and just tell you what to do or Um but you know people like you know

Robert and some of the other Rich Dad Advisors Um you know these these people have done It and so sometimes you know you can Apply you know even you know Robert’s Area of expertise is in you know real Estate and you know I’m able to apply His principles to Health Care Um it’s interesting how you know wealth And health are so like interchangeable You know how we how we handle it but Anyways you know just like a quick story At the beginning I had my mission and I Actually named my practice Cura Personalis which in Latin means care of The whole person and I was like fixated On this and I had my brand now and I Invested money into you know having cure Personalities you know make its name and Um several people were like Nicole Nobody knows what that means how many People speak Latin you need to make it Easy and so in that regard like I I was Learning and so that was part of my Growth and then look what came of it you Know when I finally let go and it was Like okay I should probably listen to These people who know what they’re Talking about that’s when I came up with An even better name that everybody Understands and pure personality sits in My mission so Beautiful that’s beautiful and it is a True essence of an entrepreneur a spirit

Of being able to let go and just like Learn throughout the way so I love that Nicole thank you so much for sharing That and well clearly your passion is Medicine and inspiring people to become An ultra healthy human and one thing we Teach at Rich Dad is that health and Wealth are related so let’s talk about The importance of Wellness I mean right Now people across the world are finding Themselves in very stressful situations Due to the impacts of the pandemic Millions of people are out of work and Many people have become teachers I mean Homeschooling their children and the Economic Outlook is sort of grim so what Are the some of the effects that stress Can have on somebody’s body So Um yeah stress is it can be a killer I Mean stress is horrible and Um you know not only for entrepreneurs But everybody especially in right now Everybody’s dealing with stress at some Level and you know even you know I’d Venture to say even when people are Sleeping so it is totally affecting us So how do we how do we combat it Um and you know and recognizing it is Probably like step number one you know a Lot of people will start developing like Mild Um like they might have some clouded Thinking

Um you know which can lead to making Wrong decisions and as an entrepreneur We know that can be a major issue uh Amongst you know other other entities Um but you know if you start feeling Anxious or depressed or you’re finding Yourself emotionally eating you know all Of these things Um it’s ultimately going to start to Develop into disease you know when we When we’re stressed it’s it’s like an Energy within us but it will actually That energy will start to accumulate in Your body and that’s what starts to Cause you know imbalances and then Ultimately leads to disease and you know Based upon this you know what science Has told us is that stress will lead to Inflammation in our body and Inflammation is the foundation of like Every disease so as part of you know What I do in my practice is I attack Inflammation and part of this is you Know teaching stress management Techniques but also you know internally What are we doing to keep that Information down Um you know what I say and there’s There’s the analogy of you know do you Want to control the sail or the ocean And you know we’re the sale we can Control ourselves but we cannot control The ocean or all those external factors Around us so what are we going to do

Um you know health-wise internally what Can we do to keep ourselves healthy and And then mentally what can we do to keep Ourselves healthy uh and de-stressed Yeah thinking Nicole and I mean that Hits straight to home because even During the quarantine I did realize like Why am I feeling foggy why am I you know Not feeling motivated to do things Anymore and I started to realize that I Was getting anxiety and it’s something I’ve always struggled with but it was I Mean more prevalent and just there every Single second of the day and so for Anyone like me that’s been feeling this Emotion lately Um why like how can someone take a step Back from all this craziness that’s Literally surrounding us and de-stress In a time like this So obviously this is like a Multi-faceted effort but you know There’s really simple things that you Can do and you know being like having Reflection time like taking you know 30 Minutes a day and and just you know Thinking through you know what’s going Through your mind what is that internal Dialogue and work through those things Um you know and you can also Implement Things like yoga or meditation and if You’re not used to it there’s great Tutorials out there Um you know and even if you want to

Start with less time but actually you Know making a commitment and starting to Do these things Um you know regular exercise Um you know it’s recommended that Cumulatively you want to exercise for at Least 150 minutes per week which would Be like three to four days that’s at a Minimum but you know with regular Exercise you want to get your heart rate Up you want to be sweating you know These are what’s going to help to Regulate your system help regulate your Mind your endorphins your adrenaline you Know your your adrenal glands which is What regulates your stress response um You know so exercising but remember that When you do exercise you want to sweat Um you want your heart rate up Um don’t just count your sex that’s not Physical exercise it’s of course it’s It’s a step in the right direction but To truly like reap the benefits of Exercise you need to like really be Moving Um you know physical Um I’m sorry nutritional balance you know We want to make sure we’re eating right This is another thing I could talk about All day and it can also get very Personalized Um but you know doing you know different Things like intermittent fasting

Um you know just watching your your Caloric intake Um you know balancing what what you’re Eating limiting your you know alcohol Soda juice things like this Um so much in the diet can um I do a lot Of uh detoxification with my patients Where we make a lot of nutritional Changes and it’s kind of a committed Process but it’s it’s amazing to see the Results I’ve had a lot of people during This quarantine actually say okay let’s Do this this cleanse now which is Um 21 days which is where uh I do this For 21 days because there’s something Called neuroplasticity that kicks in and That’s when your brain actually starts To create new habits so initially it’s Like this this torture but then but then It becomes easier and as we start to Feel good feel more energized less brain Fog sleeping better less joint pain Um then you know then we start to accept These habits and it becomes a new Lifestyle and it’s also empowering to Make a commitment like that and be able To stick with it and then I mean you you Actually get so many benefits from it so Um those are kind of some basic things But if you want to you know take it a Step further you know if you’re still Having feeling that anxiety or Depression Um you know you can do

Um emotional cleansing so you can Actually speak with somebody about ways To like let go of this baggage you know Whatever’s going on in your head or at Least train you and how to manage it No thank you nikona it’s funny because I Have um Robert has done the the cleanse And you know the detox and he has stated That it is torture for him but then when You see the effects and just how much Better he is glowing not only outwardly But in early also Um it’s a true testimony and it’s Motivating and so even I in the past I Wasn’t into health or Fitness at all and I started listening to some of your Radio shows and interviews and I Actually started implementing some of These tips I mean you give easy tips to Do for everybody and Um I’ve seen all the difference in the World and like you said I think it’s Been more of an as opposed to an Addiction of to like the habits that I’ve been implementing it’s like an Addiction to the feeling I’ve been I’ve Been experiencing on a daily basis Um so it’s been motivating it’s like a Vicious cycle of like now I don’t want To let go of spinning or like eating Healthier or you know now I work um Since we can work from home I take a Couple minutes of my day since it’s hot Out in Arizona

Um maybe half an hour or an hour and I’ll alternate I’ll work on the balcony And so you realize that these things Truly do influence how you live your Life and how you feel so that’s been Incredible too it’s awesome yeah and so Since this is Millennium money our Audience is primarily Millennials and a New survey found that investing in Long-term health and wellness is not a High priority for many millennials and Research from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association found that malios are less Healthy than the members from the prior Generation at the same age and according To the survey in 2015 54 Millennials Admit to delaying or avoiding medical Treatment due to high costs what do you Have to say to our Millennials out there About their health practices So there’s two aspects to this uh one is How money and wealth tie into health Uh and the other you know how younger Generations like myself believe that you Know if we’re young we’re healthy and uh You know that’s kind of the furthest From the truth you know we wait for Disease to happen to then focus on our Health and by that time you know our Health is already suffer once you get That diagnosis doesn’t mean the disease Just started it started years ago which Is a perfect example of why when we’re Young we need to take care of ourselves

Now so that we can have that longevity So we can prevent premature aging don’t Wait until symptoms start Um so you know it’s kind of like a mess I’m young so I’m healthy Um you know I you know I guess as bringing covid-19 Into it as as a parallel you know when People lose their jobs or they don’t Have money coming in they have to start Taking from their savings and they Survived but now their savings is down The same thing goes for our health you Know we’re we’re healthy but you know if We’re doing bad things we’re eating and We’re drinking and partying all the time Then you know we’re using our own health Reserve so those health savings that we Have in our body were depleting them and So that’s going to accelerate our aging Versus continuing to replenish our Health scores Um so and then regarding you know not Spending money Um it’s you know it’s great within my Practice I’ve actually seen a little bit Of a younger population starting to come In because they are realizing you know How Um they need like a health Advocate Somebody that’s helping to like take Them through the way when they have you Know there’s so much like health Information out there that’s like

Conflicting and you know they’re just Kind of like confused so they’re like I Need somebody to help kind of uh you Know guide me through this and and take Those extra measures that are just you Know not available in traditional Medicine but you know I already kind of Touched on some of like those you know Simple techniques that you can use but You know making a little bit of an Investment you know anybody can uh most People can afford to you know do a detox I mean this is actually you know a Foundational therapy to clean up and Reset your organs it’s cleaning up their Your tissues helping to get rid of some Of that inflammation and you’re gonna Feel great after I mean that’s something That’s inexpensive that you know anybody Can do Um and You know like it in my practice that That’s like one of the first things I Have everybody do so even if you can’t You know Robert and you know I have some Athletes and celebrities that can Actively invest in their health and you Know do all kinds of things to Accelerate Rejuvenation and Aid in Peak Performance and anti-aging but even if You don’t have those excess funds you Should budget for it so just like you Budget for your your health insurance Your car insurance your mortgage payment

You should also budget for health a Certain amount Um you know so if if you are an Entrepreneur Um or even an employee just you know get In the habit of making Health a priority I love that Nicole and it’s and it’s True it’s Robert always mentions how Like you have to invest in something That’s going to give you a return and What better example than your health Right so like if you invest now and You’re proactive about it like what you Stand for and what you mentioned so Frequently being proactive Um you’re going to be able to see and Reap those benefits later on in the Future when you really want them also Because we all we obviously all want to Live a very long and healthy wealthy Life yeah And so here at Rich Dad we believe that Health is wealth and wealth is health so We know that a top-notch care like yours Is expensive would you say that Increasing your wealth can also increase Your health So absolutely I mean if you can if you Can make that if you are aware of it and Um you know even if you feel like you’re Healthy right now Um you know one of the things we do is Some very very Advanced Diagnostic Testing so I call this your internal

Body mapping where we actually Um do blood work that looks at Inflammatory markers we’re looking at Vitamin levels heavy metal levels the Entire hormone Cascade in our body Because we have when sometimes when We’re just checking minimal Um numbers we have other uh numbers that Will actually compensate and make those Look normal when they really aren’t so What we do is you know we try to give You kind of a biological age so we have A chronological age which is like I’m 35 And next year I’m going to be 36. Um product I’m sorry biological ages how Old are we internally are my 50 Internally or am I like 20 internally so Um you know as I said Before yes if you do have you know a Bigger budget to spend Um towards your health there’s amazing Cutting Edge technology that we have you Know utilizing stem cells I have a Procedure called Um uh V cell procedure which is I mean It’s like the Fountain of Youth of Um stem cells and we you know laser Technologies and Um you know it we can go on and on about That but there’s definitely you know for People that are interested in that it’s Um really really cool technology and Everything that we do is science based Which makes it you know

Um it’s it’s it’s awesome I love that Nicole and hopefully soon I can get that Test done to kind of see how how old I Am I guess um health-wise and um and I Really do think that’s something that we Can all take away I mean it’s another Motivation or factor incentive for us to Really be proactive about our health but In order to do that also achieve our our Goals like becoming an entrepreneur Building businesses and Brands and Started investing so we can afford a Care like yours because what better way To see a return on your investment than To become an entrepreneur and be able to Pay for the lifestyle and the care you Deserve so thank you so much Nicole I Know our audience will really appreciate It especially you know during this Craziness because you really do tackle It in a way where it’s simple digestible And not so frightening like the other Outlets that we see on here Foreign Thank you Nicole and I hope um I hope we Can have another interview with you soon As well definitely yes thank you so much For having me and hopefully everything Um you know that we talked about was Helpful and you know if anybody wants to Reach out I can be you know reached via Instagram or you know through my website Or just call the office Um but thank you so much Alex for having

Me and it’s been a pleasure thank you Nicole we’ll be we’ll be linking all of Nicole’s resources her social media Website Um office everything in the description Below Um so you guys can contact her and start Investing in your help all right Millennials I hope you enjoyed this Interview and to find out more about the Top-notch care you deserve click the Links in the description below And remember health is wealth and wealth Is Health if you enjoyed this video Remember to subscribe to our Channel and Hit the notification Bell to keep up With everything going on here at Rich Dad And with so much negativity going on in The world let’s spread some positivity And share with us in the comments below Something positive you got out of this Pandemic alright everyone take care stay Safe stay healthy and see you very very Soon bye Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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