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This is the Rich Dad radio show the good News and bad news about money here's Robert Kiyosaki hello hello Robert Kiyosaki the best time ready to show the Good news and bad news about money and Today we have a very very I mean Extremely important show I mean all my Programs are important But as you may not well know we're in This crisis this pandemic and they're Opening tattoo parlors which I'm happy About which are essential Industries I'm Sure they employ a lot of people but Anyway I'm waiting for the hair salons And the nail salons and the Spas this is A car this is a cartoon show as far as I'm concerned but anyway Um Kim and I are in the company we're Doing great it wasn't Rich Dad's doing Great is not that we could predict the Future But we're prepared for the future And our show today is a is the guy with The plan the man with the plan Brent Johnson and I think he has a clearest Vision Of the future so I want you to pay Attention I don't care where you live in The world because I think Brett has as Clear a vision of the future as possible And his stick is much like my stick it's Gold versus the US dollar that is the Thing and maybe some of you heard I was In Vietnam in 72 when Nixon took the

Dollar off the gold standard in 71. and I've been a gold bug I can see the Demise of the dollar but the dollar Never crashed And so Brett nauka said he's going to Predict he's going to tell you what he Sees coming so you can prepare for it You know for some of you the best Investment you can if let's say you live In Chile right now or Argentina your Best investment could be a US dollar Better than gold yeah so if you can Understand that that's why this show is So important because it's really about The future so Brent has a thing called The dollar milkshake Theory And I I feel for your brand because Every show you're on you have to explain That damn theory of yours you're not You're not labeled as a milkshake guy Yeah I do like milkshakes so that's good It's gonna be something worse but but I Want to not shine it on but I'm gonna Recommend everybody go to YouTube and Watch several of Brent's presentations On this dollar milkshake because it's Better in pictures That in words So that's why we're going to be talking About what you should do in the future Now let's post uh 2020. yes and and I Know nobody's got the crystal ball but Um we're all looking at you know what What if this what if that and uh Brent

My job will be just to uh keep the Vocabulary and all very simple for our Listeners because I've listened to Several of your YouTube and Um I've had to re-watch them several Times to understand it and I'm excited To hear your comments on what you see Coming in the future because that's That's what we're all asking right now Yeah and and Brent you know Kim's very Modest she was with me when we took Those silly companies public okay so we Understand the Vancouver and the Toronto Stock exchanges and you know the wild Wild world war that den of Thieves yeah Yeah so anyway Brett welcome to the Program and please give us a little Background Sure so I uh you know I grew up in a Little town in western Nebraska uh most Of my friends were either Farmers or Ranchers or there was a local power Plant so it was you know very kind of Typical All-American small town Childhood uh you know grew up went to School in Kansas I went to grad school In Arizona moved to New York because I'd Always wanted to work on Wall Street I Was there for about three or four years And then I moved to San Francisco Um with my with the firm I was working For at the time in 2000 you know and it Was the kind of the height of the.com Boom in about about a month after I got

Out there the the market crashed and so You know I kind of started to build up My business after that crash and then we Had the real estate crash in 2008 and Then you know now we've got this other Crash so it seems like every five or six Years I get a nice crash Um you know so the difference is you Know how to take advantage of it I'm Used to it at this point I don't know What I'd do if it was nice and calm Um but uh yeah you know I uh You know for lack of a better word I Kind of had a kind of a come to Jesus in 2007 Um when I was working for a big Wall Street firm and I just didn't really Like the way things were going Um I had kind of a fortuitous meeting With a potential client which kind of You know they asked some very good Questions that I couldn't answer and I Thought I should be able to answer these Questions and that kind of started me on This period of self-discovery that I Wasn't getting through uh the Traditional you know firm that I was Working for and I really kind of dug Into the the history of the monetary System and how the monetary system was Designed and you know how it changes and You know Fiat currencies and gold and Um how money gets loaned into existence Where it comes from all that kind of

Stuff and so you know I'd say over the Last 10 to 15 years Um you know I've spent a lot of time Energy and effort and understanding how The whole system works now whether I can Predict what happens from that I don't Know but I do I do know how the system Works yeah but what what really what's Happened in in my world of the investors You're really your name is God right now So anyway it's well again please go see Brent b-r-e-n-t Johnson YouTube melt Dollar milkshake Theory watch the video Because otherwise words will not do it Justice so without much of doing really Briefly explain dollar milkshake there Don't try and confuse anybody out there Yeah no I'll I'll make it very simple so It was really based off of a movie that Came out maybe 10 years ago about this Ruthless oil executive and he would just Do anything to beat his competitors and At one point he was explaining to one of His competitors that I don't need to buy Your land I'm just going to stick a Straw down into the ground and I'm going To suck up all your oil anyway you're Talking about the owner of the Dallas Cowboys I think yeah yeah He said I'm gonna drink your milkshake And essentially what I think has Happened over the last 10 years and what I think is going to happen over the next Few years is that the world you know

After the PO after the financial crisis The central banks just got together and Just printed and printed all this Liquidity And that went on for six or seven years Five or six years and In 2000 at the end of 2015 beginning of 2016 the U.S stopped I said stopped mixing the milkshake and We started raising interest rates And the raising of the interest rates From 2016 to 2019 combined with a number Of other factors it's not just interest Rates but interest rates were a big Factor and the fact that our interest Rates while they've come down a lot are Still higher than you know Japan and Europe who have negative rates that Along with these other factors of having The global Reserve currency system Having the the dollar payment system Having the largest U.S military having The deepest Capital markets all of that Stuff acts as the straw which sucks up All the liquidity that the world is Printing Now so Prince we call it a rich dad cash Flow the cash is yeah right but the Trouble and this is the big part about It is much of the world's debt is Denominated in dollars exactly that Means if I'm living in Argentina I've Got to come convert to dollars to pay The bill that's right so that's why all

Of this money is Flowing from all over The world right now and that's the Milkshake Theory and it's flowing back To the US into the U.S okay but it's Killing it's either flowing into the U.S Or it's just flowing into dollars that Are held outside the US so there's There's dollars in the United States and There's dollars outside the United States the dollars outside the United States are called Euro dollars it's Different than Euros so don't don't Confuse euros and Euro dollars but the At the end of the day whether you like The dollar or whether you hate the Dollar whether you think it's a good Currency or horrible currency the fact Of the matter is it is the currency Which the world runs on right and so Even if you hate the dollar if you live In Argentina or turkey or China or Brazil or France you still need dollars to operate On the world stage now I think there's a Lot of people who would like to change That but as of right now they haven't And I don't and I think it's I think the Efforts that they have made to do so are Too little too late and that's kind of What's setting up this whole dollar Milkshake Theory so and then uh you're Also like me a gold bug you had a goal Fund and all this and your question was If they're printing so many dollars why

Doesn't gold take you know why don't People just rush to gold right and I Think that's the question you were Asking is a question I'm asking myself Those gold bug guys are asking Themselves also is if there's so many Fiat or I call fake dollars why doesn't Gold go through the roof right yeah well Again I think it depends on where you're At and where you're where your what Currency you're denominated in like Golden Argentino pesos looks really good Right now right all right golden Turkish Lira looks really good golden just about Every currency other than the dollar is At its all-time high and it's getting Pretty close to itself in in the dollar As being the all-time high as well still A couple hundred dollars away Um but you know In many ways people think of the gold in The dollar as enemies or this at the Antithesis of each other I do think that We'll get into a period where they rise Together but I think ultimately gold Will win the battle the reason is Because I think gold is the Market's Money if we just had free markets and There was no government influence in Central banks and you know legal tender Laws then I think the market would Choose gold as money but we don't live In a free market we may want to but we Don't and because of the you know the

Governments of the world and not just us Don't want a gold standard because they Like to be able to spend more than they Earn politicians get elected by making Promises and so I don't think the Governments of the world want to go back To a gold standard I think the market Might force it on them but they will Fight it and in that fight I think that That that's where gold gets kind of Tampered down from time to time yeah I Was listening to Harry dent and you know He's he's an anti-goal guy at times he Was calling gold to retrace to 400 yeah And I got sexually stimulated thinking About that Because all that is is a buying sign to Me right I mean because I'm I'm Accumulator I'm not a seller can can I Ask a question to Brent when you said That their markets are going to force The gold standard on governments how why And how is that going to happen well I Don't know if they'll force a gold Standard on governments but I think they May Force gold gold may go higher anyway Um and I think what will happen is I Think the system is going to have to get Reset in some form and I think in order For the the market or for all the people To accept whatever new system they put Forward I think gold will have to be Well I think it will likely be part of It at least in some form I don't think

We're necessarily going to go back to a Full gold standard uh maybe we do some Kind of a commodity-backed money of a Basket of Commodities or maybe it's a New Global Currency that's combined of a Number of different Global currencies But I think gold would have to be part Of it in order to say that there's Something real behind it because About every so often of these is of Course like it was a plaza a court and a Louver Accord and the world gets Together the Bretton Woods conference And they all get together and say well What is money right and so that was in 44 the dollar became money back by gold And then 71 Nixon took it off the gold Standard right and that's when I think Guys like Brent and myself started going Oh my God That means they're going to print as Much as they want But it didn't it didn't mean the demise Of the dollar now it's going to probably Be the demise if you're living in Australia of the Aussie dollar Really tied to U.S banks yeah they've Got to pay a lot of that debt back in U.S dollars not Aussie dollars So the reason I wanted to have read on This program would come back I want him To open up his crystal ball now post 2020 post coronavirus crisis what has Changed since I was I was watching you

Prior to this yeah but now that this Crisis has hit And uh the good news is tattoo parlors Are opening up So I think I think I think wait Brett Hold that so I want you to think about That I want you to think about you know When this tattoo parlors open up man All hell is going to break loose right I Mean the economists no but you're you're Forecast for the U.S is really Optimistic I mean the stock market's Gonna well finally somebody's helped him Well it's optimistic in it but it but it Ends horribly So Brett Brett save that save that [Music] When I when I first came across your Work you were sitting at some gold Conference and they're going God yeah This guy makes sense you know but now That the now that the coronavirus is hit I want you to say now why there's going To be this boom but what's going to be The demise that's really kind of this Whole purpose of this show is to prepare Not predict okay I think hang on hang on right back Take a break we'll be right back with Brett Johnson because he is the man with The he's got the clearest vision of the Future again it's not about predicting It's about preparing so Kim and I are Very happy because we're prepared but I

Want to know what to prepare for next so We're right back welcome back Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Kiyosaki the Rich Dad Radio Show we're broadcasting from Gorgeous Scottsdale Arizona which is Social distance so nobody here anymore But the weather's perfect and anyway I Can listen to the rich chat radio Program anytime anywhere when iTunes Android or YouTube and please leave a Comment when you review or what whenever You listen and all of our programs are Archived at richdadradio.com we archive Them for one reason Is we're an education show we don't we Don't sell anything we don't sell Investments I recommend and people buy This or do that or I should do with you Ten thousand dollars but listen to this Program again and you'll hear twice as Much as repetition is how we learn So once again go to the Rich Dad Radio.com listen to this this podcast Again it's a very very important podcast Have your friends family and business Associate listen to it and discuss it Because our very very special guest is a Person I have tremendous respect for Brent Johnson CEO of Santiago Capital But he is the I think he has the Clearest view on the future and I'll Just tattoo my own horn with Kim and I And the rich side company are doing very Very well because nothing we could

Predict the future but we're prepared For it so our cash flow is flowing back In we have lots of gold cash silver and We're fine but we prepared for it so our Guest today is Brent Johnson toilet Paper yeah we have toilet paper That's pretty sad I went I went to my uh Politically incorrect party last night Kenny shows up with toilet paper that Might be the next currency But anyway I guess today like I said Brent Johnson is he he's the inventor of The dollar milkshake Theory and it is Taking my little world of investors by Storm because I believe he can see What's coming next and again we're not About predicting the future but Preparing for it so please go to YouTube His name is Brent Johnson b-r-e-n-t Watch the you the dollar milkshake Theory and understand what he's saying Because it's better in pictures than in Words but what I'm going to talk to Brent right now is since 2020 which has Accelerated this whole Possible demise of the dollar or the Boom of the dollar but also the boom of The U.S economy in spite of a crashing World economy it's very important I want To hear what he has to say right now any Comments no I just want to hear what Brent has to say because as we said you Know we're here about preparing not Predicting unfortunately a lot of people

Have found out the hard way through Shock that they were not prepared when The coronavirus hit and who could have Predicted that but so now we have an Opportunity to hear from an expert on What you see Brent coming down the pipe And then one last thing if you're living In Australia your best investor might be The US dollar not gold and that's the Irony of it because Brent being a gold Bug like Kim and myself the big battles Between gold and gold and the dollar but It might not be a battle but eventually As Brent is saying the goal should Ultimately win out in the meantime the Dollar is going to Boom U.S economy May Boo I saw your predictions I mean you're Calling for Dow 35 goal at 3 000 and all That stuff yeah I I I I I'd say that the Main difference pre-corona and post Corona from from my point of view is the Extent to which the United States is Going to help mix the milkshake going Forward uh before I thought that we Might mix it a little bit and the rest Of the world would continue to mix it a Lot and we would suck it in well now I Think we're in there mixing it with them But I still think for a number of Reasons the U.S is going to be the Primary recipient of sucking in all that Milkshake all that liquidity that the Rest of the world has and that we're we Are now printing or the liquidity that

We're putting into the market so the World the world's printing money but That's going to flow to the US is what You're saying exactly and so and as that Capital comes into the U.S I don't just Think it sits in cash I think it gets uh Put into places that we yield a little Bit more than cash maybe it goes into Coca-Cola maybe it goes into IBM maybe It goes into Electronic Arts or Microsoft some of these companies that Have some growth potential that maybe Pay a dividend and to think think about It it really depends on where you're Sitting on how this works out if you're Sitting in Argentina and you have some Excess savings and you can put it in the Dollar and the Argentinian peso goes Down 10 percent you know you've just Made 10 but if you also put it in Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola pays you a three Or four percent dividend now you've made 13 and if Coca-Cola happens to go up six Percent now you've made twenty percent So you know now you don't get that same Thing if you're in the United States Because the dollar is your currency but My point is is that whether you like it Or not the biggest demand for currency Out there is the demand for the dollar And despite the fact that they're Printing a lot of it the demand for Dwarfs the supply and the reason for That is much of the world's debt is also

Denominated in dollars so they have to Pay back the debt in dollars absolutely Everybody knows that the US is 24 23 25 Trillion dollars in the debt but what a Lot of people don't know is that the Rest of the world has an equivalent Amount of debt Um you know a lot a lot of times the Number that's that's spoken is 13 Trillion that the rest of the world owes But if you actually drill down into Corporates and some other you know the Shadow banking system it's probably 25 Or 30 trillion dollars outside the United States that people that don't Operate in the dollar owe in dollars and Again when the demand for the dollar Comes for paying the interest on those Dollar loans and paying those dollar Loans back so the the demand for dollars Is kind of through the roof I I saw a Good chart the other day that showed the Um the size of the balance sheet for the FED versus our GDP and then it showed The the size of the balance sheet for The ECB versus the Euro area GDP Japan Versus Japan GDP and we are still the Lowest but That even that is misleading because we Are the world's currency and a big part Of the global GDP takes in dollars so if You actually calculate the fed's balance Sheet as a percent of global GDP it's Much lower than everybody else so if

Everybody else is printing and we're Printing but there's demand for our Currency and there's no demand for other Currencies that's a that's a formula for The dollar to rise despite the continued Stimulus that the government's providing Plus the U.S stock market like I was This one woman uh she was talking about Procter and Gamble maybe the best Bond There is you know because yeah no that's A very good point yeah absolutely yeah Absolutely so there's always good and Bad news about everything and so for Those that like I was watching a Presentation in Canada boy you trashed Them holy holy unfortunately yeah yeah I Like Canada but they're in a lot of Trouble tell me about it yeah We went public twice in Canada three Times in Canada and we love that place Yeah they're a bunch of cowboys up there Too but yeah yeah well you know I was up There in January and uh when I was Giving my presentation and I went out to Dinner with a number of Executives and Um I kept talking about Canada and they Kept saying you need to start talking About western Canada and Eastern Canada Yeah yeah yeah yeah so a quick question Uh so your thing is the dollar is going To get stronger it's going to lift the U.S economy and all our our tangible Assets here But what is the demise

I think ultimately I mean the the dollar The the monetary system is just not Designed for the dollar to get stronger Uh and what in it and as it does so it's Gonna just wreck the global economy I Mean I think the rest of the world is Going to just go through really really Really you know difficult time and Ultimately that's not good for the us Either so as the dollar continues to get Stronger despite the fed's efforts to You know bring it lower I think Eventually the the world will have to Come together in another Bretton Woods Type conference or another Plaza Accord Type conference and I think they'll have To either write debts down or introduce A new currency or reset the system in Some form or another and I think when That happens that will be the point at Which the the dollar will start to lose Value that would be the point at which People no longer are rushing into the Dollar and rushing into the United States though you know maybe that's the Time to go buy things in Canada or buy Things in Australia or buy things in Argentina or buy things in Turkey right Because their assets will be very Discounted and I think as capital then Leaves the us to go invest in those Other places that will will cause the Dollar to go down The capital is running out of the

Dollars exactly you know you were Talking about cash flow nothing is more Important than cash flow if cash is Flowing in you're in good shape and if Cash is Flowing out that's a bad thing And so you know as as capital rushes Into the U.S I think that'll be good for The US eventually when it runs out of The US I think that will be bad for the U.S I just don't think we're there yet And so with the with the coronavirus Because we don't know what is coming With that Um how do you see in your world what Impact does that have yeah in the future Well it It it has a two impacts that are Absolutely opposing each other so so and It's a progression so what I mean by That is The the whole covid virus has caused uh Global trade Global Travel Global Movement to you know to to stop And that means the same for the velocity Of money so you know there's never Enough money in the system to pay all The debt so money has to circulate at us At a certain level of speed in order to Service all the debts that out there When money velocity Falls money doesn't Circulate people miss their payments Debts have or defaults happen and you Get a contraction that's that's a credit Contraction

Um and so what the the central banks do Is they pump liquidity in to try to Counteract that lack of velocity And so what I think what this this covid And the lack of the the flow of money is Making the global economy come in under Even more pressure than it was before it Makes it even harder to get those Dollars to service that dollar debt and So I think it's kind of accelerating the Downside of the milkshake but here's Here's the flip side is they're going to Print all these dollars and all this Currency right and so when the the kova Does leave And money is start to flow again now You've got a lot more money out there And now it's flowing so that's a that's A recipe for inflation But first you get The deflation you you print all the Money and then when the money starts to Move you get high levels of inflation Because there's so much liquidity now so Again I don't think we're there yet but That's what's setting up so I think we Have deflation you know for the next Year 18 months and then we have Inflation after that as as capital Starts to circulate again he'll have to Borrow money to buy toilet paper Probably so yeah because it goes to the Roof yeah anyway uh not to I know you're In San Francisco but yeah gym records Uses the thing about the shots you know

The little Tremors yeah so what would The Tremors be in the future saying that The dollar has reached his Apex yeah Well I think there's several things if The if the world got together in the Next U.S and just said you know what We're sick of the dollar we don't want To do anything else with it we're all Going to go to this instead of the Dollar that would be that would be a Monster trimmer right that would be the San Andreas fault just rupturing uh but You know if if there was if if more and More uh bilateral trade agreements Happen between countries where they stop Using the dollar if a if if a if a Dollar not a dollar if a non-dollar Payment system Existed that countries can send money Around the world and it doesn't go Through a U.S bank then that would help But that system doesn't exist right now Uh you know the other thing is that the The US military enforces the the US Dollars the global Reserve currency Right you know people I don't people Don't like me saying that but it's the Truth it's true you know if you if you Doubt it look at look at uh you know uh Panama look at Grenada look at Libya Look at Iraq I mean that is what we do Yeah um and so until somebody can really You know take us on on that level I I Don't see it either so a couple of

Questions what's your forecast for the Euro Europe European Zone with the Euro Yeah and you have the English and they Have the Japanese what do you see in Each country So I think the euro is probably going to Go away or it's not going to continue to Exist in its current form I think on a Price basis it goes to at least 80 it's At 108 now so it probably goes down 25 Or 30 from here Um I think the yen The Yen might be I think the yen is Going to go to at least 150 maybe maybe the two It's going back to where it came from Yeah exactly I mean essentially I think I think the dollar is going to go back To its all-time high and I think the Rest of the world's currencies even the Big ones are going to get cut in half so If you're living in Japan that means Life will get more expensive absolutely Yeah the same as Euro absolutely and so That's what I say about gold if you're Not a US dollar investor you could Probably back up the truck on gold right Now I think gold may still have a tough Time in U.S dollar terms and you just Look what happened a month ago in the Middle of March when everybody needs Dollars you sell whatever you can to get Dollars you know outside of Japan nobody Needs Yen outside of Europe nobody needs

Euros you know outside of Argentina Nobody needs Argentinian Pesos but the Whole world needs dollars I'll tell you Something interesting I was in Japan not Too long ago and they were searching me For gold is that right yeah and then uh Wow and then I was coming out of Zimbabwe you know that Zimbabwe dollar Is good for yeah yeah and they were Searching me for dollars wow you know so It's such an interesting uh world today And travel the world you see it I mean Essentially there's two games going on Right there's the Fiat game and there's The gold and there's the the the the True currency game and the point I like To make is that Fiat currencies trade Relative to each other so even if you Look at 10 Fiat currencies and you Realize they're all Fiat they're all Horrible one of them is going to Outperform the other nine and that's What I say with the dollar now gold Might outperform the dollar But the dollar is going to outperform All the other night and you can make a Lot of money Playing the the dollar versus all the Other Fiats so if you don't want to put All of you I understand only gold Everybody should own gold but if you Don't want to put a hundred percent of Your money in Gold then put whatever you Don't have in Gold into the dollar or

Dollar assets because the dollar is Going to just Crush I think all the Other Fiat currencies and and how does Uh or does it does Bitcoin play into all This Bitcoin's an interesting one I own Bitcoin I think if you if you have the Ability and you have some space in your Portfolio for a speculation Um you know you should own some Bitcoin I I don't think it replaces gold I think It's you know you know in addition to Gold Um it's a very asymmetric play I think It probably either goes to a thousand Dollars which is be down you know eighty Percent or it goes to a hundred thousand Or a million and that you know so it's It's it's it's either All or Nothing Kind of a thing okay and then your your Last forecast you said you said gold Gold three three thousand which makes All the gold bugs happy yeah yeah yeah I I don't know if we go straight there I Think it probably you know stays under Pressure in US dollar terms for a while But eventually it's going to at least Three thousand and I think it'll Probably go to five thousand at some Point yeah okay Yeah you make all the gold bugs happy You know no I know they well they don't Like it when I say you could go to 1500 In the short term but you know

You can't make everybody happy no no Those guys trading both ways yeah Hey Brett really really thank you very Much you know absolutely thank you for Having me happy to come back anytime Yeah you're the you're the guy with the Vision right now and that well we'll see We'll see I wish everybody luck no no Thank you man you take care all right Thank you bye thank you Welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Rich Dad radio show the good news and bad News about money once again I want to Thank um Brent Johnson b-r-e-n-t Johnson Is the milkshake theory of money and if You didn't understand parts of it you Know please watch his YouTube videos Because he has some illustrations and All this it's a very important show Because he's talking About the future and if you don't want To get caught with your pants down again This is very better go and look at the Future now because not to brag but Kim And I and I wish that company doing Extremely well because we prepared for This And uh Marcus go up Marcus go down but We're preparing for everything so I Think Brent has the key to the Future Right now so please watch it once again Listen to Rich chat radio show anytime Anywhere on iTunes or Android and YouTube leave a review whenever you

Listen and all our programs are archived At richdadradio.com we archive them Because repetition is how you learn Listen to this program again you'll Learn twice as much But more importantly at friends family And business associates to listen to it And discuss it and you'll have a better View of how to prepare for the future Yeah I really liked what Brent was Saying because I've watched some of the YouTube videos and he's talking to Investors and he's talking to people who Are very much involved in the stock Market Um here he kept it very very simple and And I learned a lot in terms of how Dollars and currencies play throughout The world his prediction of we're Probably going to go into deflation and Then inflation but it was eye-opening For me and stimulating and given the Whole coronavirus deal that's happening Right now Um I think it's really really timely and Really important to listen to the show More than once Right man that I just like guys who can see it and he Was a gold bug like Kim and I are gold Bugs and silver bugs But when he didn't see when when the Fed Was printing and they printed trillions Of dollars and all the most of the debt

In the world denominated in dollars so It's a dollar shortage so it's a short On dollars there's not enough dollars Out there But he couldn't figure out if their Fed Was printing all of this money why Didn't the price of gold goes up Well it's because the rest of the world Is in debt to the U.S dollar So how long will this last as a question And I couldn't wait you know I've been up Early this morning couldn't wait to talk To him because I want to know what is The Apex you know when does this thing When is the dollar Peak is that the Coronavirus Peaks and then goes down Hopefully but anyway it Peaks Then what will happen after that that's The question and I do like what he Talked about that there could be a Global reset going like another Brenton Woods or we've got a We've Got to Now Plaza yeah we've got to re-look at this Whole thing globally which Um I think is refreshing could be could Be refreshing I think it's gonna be a Little scary before we get there but it Will be what it will be and one of his YouTube videos he was he's such a smart Guy he went to Thunderbird here at Arizona which is a great graduate school But he was talking about You know if

There's like there's 23 chairs And there's let's say 10 million in debt So everybody's running around but There's only 23 chairs that people can Sit at so it's like musical chairs it's Everybody's happy as long as the music Is playing and people are moving But my question is when does that music Stop and who's going to get a chair And I think that's the question you know I mean Kim remember our teacher Frank he Was the best right he was a Goldberg and He took us through all the machinations Of that industry he took us through a Public company in China We saw the world through Frank and gold Yeah we saw and we saw behind the scenes Behind the curtain behind the veil Because it is a veil there's a curtain And there's a lot that goes on behind The curtain that nobody ever sees and Nobody ever is told about Yeah Frank's Frank's game was um The stock market and the more I learned About the stock market the reason Kim And I don't invest in this stock market Guys like Frank are back there and They're Ted Thai smarter than we are and They could smell us coming so anyway so We stay out of the stock market and we Don't save We have lots of dollars because we have Cash flow but we save gold and silver And that's where we sleep well at night

So that's that's the big difference Because eventually it's going to blow I Believe it's going to blow off every Gold Blood I believe it's going to blow Off or the dollar is going to be toast But that's what Brett was saying it says The structure is broken it cannot handle So much longer anything else than that No I just um you know he talks about That buying buying US Dollars and I Think anybody can buy US Dollars oh it's So easy today I mean think about you Just open an account and if you're Living in Singapore you can open a U.S Account yep or in Singapore you can buy US dollars through your own brokerage Accounts easily So there's so much you can do but it's a Matter of financial education and Learning what what game is most happy For you so anyway I want to thank Brent Johnson it's a fabulous show he is the Man with the plan man he can see right Now better than anybody else so please Check him out on YouTube because his Dollar milkshake theory is worth Watching especially today thank you for Listening radio show [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

Thank you [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] The Sun [Music] Foreign [Music]

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