Why You’ll Never Stop Working for Money – Andy Tanner, Tom Wheelwright, and John MacGregor

The Master Key To A World Of Prosperity

Prosperity consciousness is a key to prosperous living. The mind and thoughts are the gateway to a world of prosperity.

How Can Men Learn To Better Their Finances Through Racing Tips?

Debt does not play gender favorites. Lots of reports can say that women do this more while men favor that, but when it all boils down to is how well does anyone deal with debt? How genders deal with debt may also vary. Man vs. Debt speaks to men in general. Some of the articles are quite specific, especially the one that teaches finance through the language of car racing.

Put A Stop To Harassing Debt Collectors

Tired of the endless phone calls and mail attempts to collect on default debt? You don’t have to put up with any rude or harassing behavior by anyone, especially a debt collector. It is important that you know your rights and put a stop to any establishment that crosses the line.

Make Your Money Work With A 5 Step Outline

In order to make the most of your money, there needs to be clear defined goals and a budget plan to steer you in the right direction. When financial budget links are missing, money leaks or debt traps become obstacles in the road. How do you prepare your budget to doge the mess?

Investors Call in Comcast Stock Price

Comcast has shown that giants can certainly throw their weight around. Strong earnings and revenue figures seem to boggle the mind. Investors seem to be willing to throw more and more money into it to fuel it’s growth by investing in newer acquisitions. All this speculation seems to be adding more fodder for growth for CMCSA’s stock price. Analysts suggest that the investor should be cautious and realistic because even though the company looks good on paper, no one knows how the market will actually play out. One of the biggest threats to Comcast size growing is the US Justice Department and the FCC, which haven’t expressed much too joy out of the fear that Comcast will become a monopoly thus hurting the economy. It’s all about the money it seems when it comes to the minds of investors of Comcast. But we must remember that excess of anything cannot only be dangerous but also potentially cancerous.

You Do Better Business With a Reliable Coin Dealer

It is not difficult to locate a local coin dealer, just search the net or browse through the yellow pages to find dozens of them. What matters the most is locating a reputed coin dealer close to your area. The others in the same field should hold your chosen dealer in good esteem and he or she should be skilled in identifying rare coins that might worth becoming part of your collection.

What Does the Crisis In Ukraine Mean For Your Wallet?

No matter how you shake it, this is going to be a big one for you, the American consumer. There are serious ramifications at home, regardless of how the crisis plays out. One can only hope that that resolution comes quickly and is enough to help quell worries at home and abroad.

How to Invest in Real Estate – Add to Your Income

You could also consider flipping a house for profit by taking advantage of the record low in current home prices. If you think you are a suitable candidate to buy a house, make improvements and renovations, then resell at a profit, then seriously consider this possibility.

Credit Card Use to Your Advantage

Can you think of a good reason to have a credit card? There are many people who refuse to use them. They may have had a bad experience with a debt trap or want to rely on cash. With credit cards more readily accepted in many places over a cash option, it is good to have at least one card on hand just in case. Contrary to what most people think, there are perks to having a credit card.

Ten Money Rules of Thumb You Must Know (And Follow)

Given the busy lives that we all lead, rules of thumb are a great tool to save time and yet make right decisions. So here’s a list of ten key short-cuts pertinent to your personal finances, that can be easily learnt and applied.

How Personal Debt Can Affect Your Job

While knee deep in debt troubles, it is common for debtors to fall into a depression. Forging through bills month after month while never getting ahead is stressful and tiring. It’s surprising that more people have not already sought medical help. Financial problems take an emotional toll on both people and relationships.

7 Retirement Mistakes

No one wants to confront their mortality and deal with these difficult issues. But it is simply irresponsible not do so. It could also cost your heirs a bundle in avoidable estate taxes.

God’s Take on Money

According to God’s word money is neither good nor bad, but simply a “neutral medium” of exchange. As you look throughout the Bible you read about money being earned, borrowed, and spent. Also, money represents wealth, power, and status; where it has a tendency to have extraordinary “power” over our lives. The Bible has much to say about the love of money. Jesus in scripture goes so far as to identify money as a potential rival to God (Matthew 6:24). The Bible goes on to teach us that money, like “natural resources,” “material goods,” or “time” itself, is ours to be used for the glory of God and not to take the place of God.

Gold Coins and Rounds

Since there is a difference between silver and gold coins, this article will take it upon itself to answer some of the most common questions, like, are all gold coins made of solid gold? What is the difference between gold rounds and gold coins? What is the investment standard for gold?

Control Purchases and Spending With Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Research stated that in most cases, consumers took great pleasure in the shopping and buying experiences and felt depressed afterwards. The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery said that shopping and spending were associated with happiness. The guilt and remorse can cause the person to go back to experience another intense moment of happiness.

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