Why You Can’t Progress In Life – Learned Helplessness

Investing in Gold – Factors That Influence the Price of Gold

Invest in gold while understanding how to price it and what market forces are at play in determining the price of gold. Economic, investment and inflationary forces all contribute to the price of gold and whether it is a suitable investment. Learn how these forces work together to determine the price of gold on any given day.

Investing in Oil Wells

Investing in oil wells is something that can be very dangerous but at the same time very lucrative. However, by becoming very knowledgeable on the subject you can greatly enhance the chances of success.

The 6 Steps to Better Finances in 2013

What goals have you set yourself for 2013? Was being better with your finances one of them? Many of us wake up on January 1st with the hope and aim of making this year better, that this will be the year that I achieve… and then by mid- January many of us are back to our old ways.

Overview of Angolan Economy

Angolan economy benefits from its low external debt, its position as one of the leading oil producers in Africa, reduced political uncertainty post favourable election results, growing forex reserves, improving institutional infrastructure after starting a sovereign wealth fund in Oct 2012, and intact regional growth story. These strengths are somewhat offset by exposure of the economy to the volatile oil industry, persistent double digital inflation, and lingering political uncertainties owing to a short history of political stability post the civil war concluded in 2002. It is rated as Ba3 and BB- by Moody’s and Fitch respectively.

Beliefs About Wealth – Does Changing Beliefs Actually Change Anything?

Do our beliefs about money really affect our spending or saving behaviour? This article lays out a simple, three step process to identify and change negative beliefs about money. It also covers why changing negative beliefs about money is so vital and the consequences if that work is not carried out.

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