Why Warren Buffett Is Holding Cash & NOT Buying Stocks

Bankruptcy + Credit Cards = Good Personal Finance Strategy?

So, now you’ve filed for bankruptcy. Is life over for the next 10 years? Will you ever be able to obtain credit with decent rates again?

Balance Sheet Accounting – Keeping Records of Your Investments

Balance sheets have been used by accountants for years to indicate the financial health of a company. They are charts or lists that show assets, liabilities, and equity. Essentially, this type of accounting provides the financial state of a company at a glance.

How to Avoid Spending Too Much During Halloween

Halloween is one holiday that most Americans are willing to spend on decors and costumes. However because of this recent financial crisis going on everywhere, it is just right to cut down on your spending habits. You can try making your own without fearing there is a duplicate out there.

What Is the Difference Between A CPA and a Financial Advisor?

A CPA talks about the differences and similarities between a financial advisor and a CPA. When it comes to your money, you need to make sure you are talking to the person who can best meet your needs.

Saving Money – How Hard Can It Be?

We think that saving money is a task that cannot be done but millions of people are enjoying their current life without spending too much. Saving money entails a bit of sacrifice on your part but it will all be worth it. You only need to make good and wise decisions when it comes to money matters and here are some quick tips to help you make one.

Checkbook Covers – Add a Touch of Professionalism to Your Bill Paying

All individuals and businesses have one thing in common, and that is at the beginning of the month everyone has bills to pay. You can sit down and dash off your checks quickly, but because it is a routine and repetitive task, it makes it more pleasant to have beautiful checkbook accessories to adorn your briefcase, purse or desk. This helps to make the task much more enjoyable.

Men Who Constantly Overdraw Their Checking Accounts – 3 Insights

We have all had men in our lives who are great in so many ways, and yet they have some flaws, small and large. For example, a man you know may seem like the greatest, most responsible person you know. Then, as you get to know him, you find out that he has a problem with overdrawing his checking account. Here are 3 insights about men who constantly overdraw their checking accounts.

3 Steps To Getting An Instant Approval Checking Account

After having tried and failed 2 or 3 times to get a checking account of your own, you are probably very hesitant about making another attempt. If you are looking for an instant approval checking account, here are 3 steps you need to take right away.

The 3 E’s You Want On Your Report Card

Are you keeping score? In school we’re taught to keep score – the whole school system is made up of keeping score with grades A to E. Back in school no one wanted E’s and interestingly enough as soon as we graduate from school we stop keeping score. Keeping score was actually what we should have taken away from school.

Home Affordable Modification Program Guidelines

Obama’s Loan Modification Assistance was declared to help the unemployed home owners to deal with the financial crisis. There are many who are facing hardships to repay the loans and mortgages in US. Under this Loan Modification program, the Banks will be encouraged to alter and make some amendments in their Loan products to reduce the burden over the US residents and debtors.

No, He Would Not Be Emailing You

Sometimes dishonest people trying to get money from others use the names of famous people or companies in order to cheat people. Emails from such people should be disregarded as false when they can clearly be identified as frauds.

Tips on How to Create an Investment Portfolio

Money affects all aspects of the life of people and since this is so – it is that everyone should become familiar with the principles of financial success. Financial success requires everyone to have a plan for spending and revenues, allowing him to create a surplus that is required to invest wisely for the sake of his future and the future of his children and grandchildren.

Where To Get A Credit Check Facility

A lot of people should make sure their credit score continues to be as robust as possible for obvious reasons. Nevertheless a great deal of us increasingly need this kind of service to have the capacity to preserve us from the perils of internet crime in the process. This short article discloses a provider which can accomplish that.

Wills and Probate on TV

The recent BBC 2 documentary ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ focused on what should happen to your assets in the event of your death. Charitable donations can of course be organised, as highlighted in the BBC programme, but the most common decisions made by those preparing a Will are normally what to leave to which children – especially children from a previous marriage. This is particularly apt when only some of the children have been involved in a family business, or where the siblings have ended up with very different financial circumstances.

Balance Sheets for Investment Accounts – How to Set Them Up and Maintain Them

If you are an investor, you should keep track of balance sheets for each investment account you are involved in, particularly if you have put your money into more than one investment opportunity. Every account should possess an individual ledger for the purpose of officially recording your transactions.

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