Why the World Needs Assets Such as Bitcoin – Robert Kiyosaki and Jeff Booth

How To Protect Against Identity Theft

The Internet has created countless opportunities that didn’t even exist in our imaginations 20 years ago, but not all these advances are good ones. Identity theft has thrived on the Internet; with predators lurking everywhere looking to steal someone else’s personal and financial information and uses it to create havoc.

Legitimately Build Wealth

These days, it all depends on the individual to carve out a piece of the pie and find creative ways to grow their own fat piggy. Recently, experts have estimated that more than half of Americans are in debt.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Financial Sector

Everyone does not want to lose their hard earned money on investment rather they want to make profit through investment. Majority of the people are not aware about how to minimize the loss of amount during investment, but here you can find some useful tips which will help to minimize the loss. Due to the bad financial climate and recession it is not advantageous to invest your money in banks.

Contractor Mortgages: The Best Way to Secure a Competitive Mortgage

Sadly, contractors and freelancers have always struggled to get a competitive mortgage. As the financial crisis deepens, this means that contractors will often miss out on the dream home as they face even more barriers towards obtaining a competitive mortgage rate from high street lenders. Whereas, people in permanent employment have attracted favourable rates due to lenders having an unfair bias towards them.

Why Use Fully Regulated Financial Advisors For Your Retirement Planning?

Your retirement planning is important, so you should always use fully regulated financial advisors to help you with your pensions or QROPS. Unregulated advice could lead you to the wrong products, which could cost you the retirement you deserve.

Top Things Beginners Must Consider While Investing Their Money

Choosing the right type of investment may be confusing for a beginner but knowing the basic tips to make the investment in the right way will be highly helpful to invest your hard earned money. Here below you will find some list that every investor must know before making their investment.

Reasons to Use a Power of Attorney Form

A power of attorney form is used whenever a person needs to authorize another to perform certain tasks for them. This type of form is commonly used with estate planning. It relays written directives regarding the kinds of duties needed and when authorization expires.

Keep Everything in Check With Your Personal Finance

Personal financing involves the sets of decision-making of an individual or a family unit which may include credit cards and consumer loans, checking and savings accounts, retirement plans, investments in the stock market, insurance policies, social security benefits, and income tax management. It is already common knowledge that people know (or at least should know) how to spend their money efficiently in order to maximize the benefits and still keep an apportioned amount as savings money. Unfortunately some circumstances in life tend to make them overspend and eventually end up in debt.

Rule Number One for Avoiding Hardship in a Recession

No, I’m not talking about hiding your money under a mattress or stocking up on ammo and canned goods before moving to a self-sustaining farm to live out your days. Those types of “alternative investments” may appeal to some but are not realistic or desirable options for most people. Nor am I saying that we will be in a recession; I am the first to admit I cannot predict the future and won’t try to.

Financial Management Tips for Young People

If you are a young professional, looking for information on how you should manage your personal finances for you to reach your short- and long-term financial goals, then this article is made just for you. Below, we have enumerated four tips that can help you handle your financial resources in the best way possible.

Inflation Beating Savings Bonds

In September this year, the government owned investment organisation National Savings and Investments (NS&I) withdrew its popular index-linked bond. So where can you go to find bonds capable of withstanding our current rise inflation and a guaranteed return on money?

Get Independent Financial Advice and Invest Your Money in the Right Plan

When you want to invest your hard earned money in the right way then it is good to seek the advice of independent financial advice so that you can invest your hard earned money on the best plan. Majority of the people do not have complete knowledge about the various financial products, they may choose a wrong financial product which could spoil their investment. When it comes to choosing the right plan and financial products it is daunting task as one could loss thousands of money by investing in a wrong plan.

Building A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business on Autopilot As a Supplemental Income

I am a “newbie” to affiliate marketing who is building an internet business on autopilot. In the current economy, my income doesn’t cover what it did eight years ago, when I retired from education. My perception is that I now have enough money for necessities, but not enough to cover leisure activities, such as travel. By successfully building an affiliate marketing business, I would have a supplement, discretionary income.

Avoid These 3 Major Home Loan Mistakes While Protecting Your Personal Finances

One of the biggest mistakes any homeowner can make when contemplating a refinancing is solely basing their decision on current interest rates. Of course, getting a lower rate can indeed save you large amounts of money over the life of the loan not to mention an immediate savings if it lowers your monthly payment. A low rate can be great news. But beware.

Personal Finance Planning – Benefits of a Savings Account

The TFSA, introduced in 2009, is a registered account in which investment earnings, including interest, dividends and capital gains accumulate tax free. There is no upper age limitation and no earned income qualification under this plan. Taxpayers over the age of 17 may contribute up to $5,000 each year to such an account, or their relatives and supporting individuals may make contributions for them.

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