Why the redistribution of wealth fails – Capitalist Manifesto – Robert Kiyosaki, Barry Mitchell

Single Parent Grants: Addressing the Future

When relationships or marriages break up, the number of single parents rises up as well. What is quite alarming is that everywhere in the world, regardless of nationality, race, tribe and religion, children are raised by either a father or a mother.

Looking For And Qualifying To Single Parent Grants

Everybody knows that it can be difficult living in a single parent household. Compared to two-parent families, there are more challenges that they face, especially with regard to finances. It is not unusual to find single parents who receive no help from the other one in providing for themselves and their children, perhaps because the other parent has passed away or has abandoned them.

Single Mother Grants for a Brighter Future

Single parents always encounter financial difficulties in their lives especially when they have more than one child to rear. Most of the times they have to get more than one job so as to cater to their family’s growing needs.

How to Find a Good Financial Advisor

When getting a financial advisor, there are some criteria you need to look into to make sure you are getting a good and worth-for-money advice. These include, but not limited to, whether the financial advisor is transparent. Is he biased? Is he licensed? And you also need to identify what suits you the best.

Nichols and Meyer Capital Partners Give Five Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Cash

Experts at Nichols & Meyer Capital Partners have imparted their sought after advice explaining a few bits of advice on making the most of your cash. Though this advice was given in regards to the United Kingdom, the advice remains sound regardless of your physical location or base currency.

Setting Up An Emergency Savings Fund

Learn how to setup an emergency saving fund. Practical tips on budgeting money and saving money.

Discover The Millionaire Next Door

Learn the secrets of The Millionaire Next Door. Discover what the most successful people do and don’t do, and how you can model their best habits.

Amidst Skyrocketing Prices You Can Save Money on Your Water Bill

If you’ve been to a supermarket, a clothing store, or a gas station lately, you already know how much prices on everything are rising. For most people, this is bad news, because wages are not keeping pace with inflation. Because of this, most people are looking for ways to cut corners. You may have already felt the bite from your municipal water company as they pass their costs for emergency water filters and other necessities on down to you. There are ways, though, that you can save money on your water bill.

Bank Turns Me Away – What To Do Now?

There are times some businesses do not qualify for a bank loan. At this point of time, what business owners need is an alternative business loan to acquire the needed funding.

Need-To-Know Guide on Stocks and Shares ISA’s

In effect, buying into Stocks and Shares ISA means investing in the stock market. While this tax-free vehicle offers returns free of UK Capital Gains tax, it also entails the value of your investment being subject to rises and falls. While Stocks and Shares ISAs are riskier and more complex than Cash ISA’s, they do however have the potential to provide better returns on your investments.

Learn How to Escape the Rat Race, Dump The 9-5 And Join The New Rich

If you are sick and tired of the grind of the daily commute, hate suits or whatever you’re uniform may be, sick of making other people rich by building their business for them with your blood, sweat and tears and getting paid peanuts as a result, then this article will be for you. For there is very much a way to escape the rat race and the most savviest have figured it out and are using the answers to live life on their terms.

The Ugly Truth About People and Money

Money is on everyone’s mind every single day and night. But what are the obstacles that stand in our way in achieving our hearts desire. Here is a thought provoking insight with the solution that might shock some and provide a solution to this most emotional issue!

More Evidence That Retirement Is Bad For You

An early retirement is often cited as one of the major life goals we should all want to ideally achieve. However, a greater amount of information is coming to light that suggests an early retirement may well be the LAST thing we need. Here’s more.

Single Mother Grants Possible!

The rent is nigh, the milk supply is running low, the baby will cry soon enough – one is completely lost about what to put first. The baby tops the list, surely, but the list does not end there, does it? Even if money has not always been a priority, but it has to be – especially now that it seems like one is called to the path of single parenting.

Cutting Back Is Good, But Making More Is Better

A standard piece of advice about getting ahead usually involves cutting expenses. While certainly important, is cutting back really the lone difference maker when it comes to achieving financial success?

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