Why Now Is The Best Time to Start An Online Business

The US Economy – Minus Housing Over the Past Decade

With my writing I usually try to keep things practical (namely the topics of financial advising, financial management, and investments), but when I veer off of this I try to stay within “cocktail party” conversations – when topics that usually come up in your casual conversations I hope my readers are empowered with an understanding of things. Predicting the economy and capital markets is…

The Three Killers of Misunderstanding Investing

An annual delight of mine is reading Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders. Buffett has very much influenced me as a financial advisor and how I manage investments. In this year’s letter he writes…

The Quick Guide To Understanding Binary Options

Binary options offer a unique way of profiting from the financial markets. They are relatively new, having only been made available to the retail trader from 2008. However since this time their popularity has grown and now many individuals are regularly using binary trading to make regular profits from the markets.

Make Money On YouTube By Following Your Passion

There are several ways to make money on YouTube. If you want to find out all about them, this is the article that you need! 4 different techniques to make sure that you milk your videos for all they’re worth!

What Will Happen to the Global Economy in 2012?

Does anybody really know what the Global Economy will do in 2012? Can the experts correctly predict how it will all turn out?

Why Smart Investors Are Choosing Tax Liens

Don’t listen to the hype, Tax liens are NOT a way to get property for pennies on the dollar – almost all good tax lien certificates redeem. But tax lien investing is the best way I know of to invest your money safely and grow your wealth virtually risk free.

IRAs, Roth IRAs And Your Financial Freedom

Everyone should be saving and investing inside an I.R.A. or a Roth I.R.A. Which one is right for you? Here is what you need to know.

Benefits of Hiring Portfolio Management Services

The need to seek professional help for managing finances has always been around as far as financial planning is concerned. The main reason for this change is the rising interest of people and companies in the capital markets. Portfolio management companies have a crucial role to play read on to know more.

Making Money Online

Anyone can make money online. It is important to be savvy about your time spent online and your security on the net. If you wish to make $50,000 per year, then per work-hour, your time is roughly $17 an hour! Make sure that your profits reflect that. Also, be weary of posting your information online, as it is potentially accessible by anyone.

Why You Need Clearly Defined Goals to Achieve Financial Freedom

Financial freedom isn’t hard to achieve. It doesn’t require any more hard work than is required to struggle from paycheck to paycheck. It doesn’t require you to be any smarter than you are now when it comes to managing money. However, it does…

Expanding Life’s Experiences

In order to be successful in anything you decide to do, you must first change your thought process. A question I asked myself is “What is life?…

How To Get Value From Your Financial Advisor

There are two times in every business cycle where an Investment Advisor can add a great deal of value to their client. We can add value at the top of the market where euphoria rules and at the bottom of the market when panic and a desire for capitulation dominate. I think that euphoria is often mislabeled as greed.

Money, Investing and Time

Saving your money is a great way to store up cash for future needs. However, if you are looking to set up a nice retirement fund for your golden years, your savings will probably not be enough. In time, a good savings routine coupled with a prudent investment strategy will ensure that you will not run out of money before you run out of live during your retirement years.

Focus on the Bird in Hand

The old saying, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” may seem quaint and cliche, but there is truth in its simplicity when it comes to financial decisions. In today’s financial world, we are bombarded with choices.

In Trading, Ride Your Wins and Cut Your Losses

How to effectively trade forex and stocks. Control your profits and losses.

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