Why Investors will win, and Gamblers will lose the Bitcoin game – Robert Kiyosaki

Enhanced Annuities Are Now the Norm – Talk to a Specialist to Maximise Your Retirement Deal!

The latest data from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) illustrates why it pays to talk to an annuity specialist or independent adviser. Failure to speak to a specialist means in many cases you will miss out. Here we seek to explain why.

Mastering Your Money Is Simple – Thoughts To Consider

Many people are searching for the light switch in what is perceived as very dark times. That belief is reinforced by what we observe. Here is an example, you thought about something you hadn’t known before and when you observed that thought you started seeing evidence that supported that thought everywhere.

Genesis Reveals to Pastors How To Assist Financially Wounded Flocks

The Old Testament possessed more answers to financial difficulties than you or I will ever know. Well, that is until we start searching for such answers. There is one answer found in the first book, called Genesis, that helps turn financially struggling saints away from empty wallets and churches from empty offering plates.

When To Introduce The Credit Card To Your Teen

Many parents rely on the credit card to help them get by with their important needs in life. For them, having the plastic is very convenient and useful particularly in times of emergency when cash is not readily available. In addition, using the card today has its benefits such as providing users with cash back and other great rewards.

April Is Financial Literacy Month – Does Anyone Really Care?

April is Financial Literacy month, but I have some serious doubts about the real interest in making the people in this country financially literate. With a few exceptions, the interest seems to be limited to lip service.

Are Stock Markets Rigged Against Us?

Financial journalists and advisers are always telling us that we should put our money in stock markets, either from buying shares or through unit trusts (mutual funds), because ‘shares always outperform cash’. But is this true? Can we really make money on stocks and shares? Or is it just insiders who make the money while we ordinary savers almost always lose out?

Spread Betting – How To Get Poor Quickly?

More and more, we’re seeing adverts encouraging us to try our hand at spread betting. But can you really make money? Or is spread betting just a way of becoming poor quickly while making financial services insiders rich at your expense?

Mortgage Debt Settlement Considerations

After a long battle over unlawful foreclosures and the mortgage debt crisis, a settlement agreement was reached just earlier this year. As this news came as a good sign for homeowners, some aren’t quite as impressed and many are even skeptical the settlement is sufficient.

When Your Finances Give You Lemons, Squeeze Them!

Sometimes financial difficulty can leave us with a bitter taste in our mouths. We can feel squashed under our the burden of our monetary dilemmas and sometimes it can be hard to see a way out. The temptation can often be to bury our heads in the sand. However if we do not address problems with finances, they could escalate. There are a number of common financial woes which many people face in their lives. This article is set to offer you some guidance on how to effectively address these problems and sweeten your financial situation.

Becoming Familiar With Annuity Options

There are numerous wide-ranging claims related to annuities, and whenever an individual states that “annuities are certainly not good,” they’re almost invariably speaking about variable annuities. Being a life and health insurance agent that actually works in the senior citizen world, I personally many times strongly recommend acquiring annuities in order to help guard against inflation and also reduce income taxes. But I’d in no way endorse variable annuities to a senior citizen.

Granny Tax On Pensions

Presentation is so important, and the UK Government have made a mess with the new Pension legislation. Whatever the rights or wrongs of the argument, they have lost the public relations war.

The Pensions Time Bomb

It may seem a long way off, but if you are 30 – 40 years of age with no pension you really should be panicking right now. Imagine if you lost half your income tomorrow how would that feel? Well when you retire your income could reduce by seventy per cent.

Losing Money to Debt, Losing Money to Opportunity Cost

Compound interest will be your best friend, however, it’s not just debt, but paying cash, that can deteriorate your overall investment potential. You may find that you are in a worse situation than you thought. Here is what you can do about it.

Personal Finance Categories for Simple Budgeting

If you’re interested in getting control of your financial life, you’ve probably already tried budgeting, you might even be using it to some success. However, one of the common issues people have when…

How to Build Good Personal Finance Planning Habits

Good personal finance planning and goal setting isn’t much good unless you can develop good habits. It’s been said that first you form your habits and then your habits form you. I would add to this that your habits form you and that you form…

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