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How to Get Rid of Student Debt in Double Quick Time

So you went to a university, got a great degree, armed yourself with enough credibility to enter the job market, had the time of your life meeting fantastic people that will be lifelong friends and probably drank too much. In the hangover that follows you have suddenly realised your education has cost you a pile of cash that needs to be paid back somehow, and guess what your salary just isn’t going to cut it, if you are lucky to get one.

Discovering the Importance of Kids Making Money

Twelve months ago after finishing school and getting a full time job, Molly moved out of home and it was at this point, she discovered the importance of kids making money. At first she was so excited and loved sharing a place with her friends and having her own freedom. That was until she had to buy a car to get to work (since her parents weren’t there to lend her their car anymore) and started noticing all of her money going towards paying for everyday living expenses such as rent, electricity, food – not to mention car repayments…

Plan Now for Your Future

Apparently 65 is the new 40… personally though, I don’t want to still be working when I’m 90, so for me 65 is definitely an ideal retirement age. But I want to retire in style, and that means that I am going to have to plan it effectively.

Making Life Easy For Single Parent Families

It used to be that the norm for families is having two parents and the only reason a single parent household exists is if one parent dies. Now, for a variety of different reasons, there are more and more single parent families.

Consider Dog Walking As a Great Way for Kids Making Money

Looking for ways for kids to earn money? I’d like to share with you a story of some children whom I’m working with to help them generate their own money instead of taking from their parents, which you may be able to apply to your family.

The Struggles of Being Single Parents

Demographics alone will tell you that families being raised by single parents are fairly common in the society today. In latest statistics, it was found that there are actually 13.7 million single moms and dads who are trying to tend their families alone.

Survive Single Parenthood By Being Financially Prepared

Nobody says it is easy being a single parent. Moms who recently went through a painful divorce should know this very well. Although the terms have been settled, the emotional burden remains and who knows for how long?

The Facts of Being Single Parents

There are some hard facts that surround single parents. For example in the US, there are nearly 14 million single parents today that are raising more or less 21.6 million children. Of these single parent numbers, 83.1% are mothers and they are either divorced or separated in majority.

How And Where to Find Single Mother Grants

The statistics may be sketchy when it comes to kinds of families but it is almost a certainty that the number of single parent households has blown up in the last decade. Now, more than ever, there are a lot of single parent families striving to make ends meet and live comfortably. These are not easy tasks for a family where only one person brings in the money, but with the help of the government and other institutions, they need not be impossible ones.

How Your State Is Helping You by Giving Single Parent Grants

The United States government is recognizing that it is not easy to raise a child, let alone children, on your own. That is why, each state in the USA are providing single parent grants to those who are qualified to receive one.

Financial Assistance To Single Parents

Some families become a single-parent household for a variety of reasons: death of one of the parents, divorce, or abandonment, among other reasons. As every single parent knows, being the sole support of the family is sometimes a tough responsibility.

Healthcare Grants for Single Parents

Health is one of the constant concern of every parent in the world today. To provide good health for your family is one of the greatest goals of every family. It is hard enough to families that have both parents but it is extra challenging for single parents.

Giving A Chance To Single Parent Families

These days, there are more single parent families than ever before. It has become so common that barely anybody reacts to knowing about any such family. Gone are the days when it is frowned upon, despised even.

How to Become Effective Single Parents

It’s not easy raising a kid or a bunch of kids single-handedly. There are lots of emotional, mental and physical stress that one has to face while dealing with your life and your job as a single mom.

High Dividend ETFs – An Equity-Income Investment Fantasy

I took a closer-than-I-normally-would-bother-to look at three different equity ETFs in the “high dividend equity” category: PFM, FDL, and VIG. They had almost everything in common, except their Morningstar rating, which varied from two-star to five-star. Interestingly, the five-star rated fund seemed to be the most speculative. Each was constructed, or “marked-to”, the weighting of the securities in a specific index, such as the “Dividend Achievers Select Index.” These indices are comprised of mostly large capitalization US companies with a history of regular dividend increases.

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