Why Hope is Not a Retirement Plan – Robert Kiyosaki, Ted Siedle, John MacGregor

Payment Protection Insurance Judicial Review Verdict

This article provides background and insight into the verdict of the recent BBA V FSA Judicial review into payment protection insurance. The recent BBA V FSA Judicial Review was in respect of advice by the FSA on best practises in dealing with PPI. The advice was that the banks should have had proved why they had sold the PPI policy and if they were unable to do so they were under an obligation to contact the customer to inform them of a potential claim. This practise was to come into effect from 1st December 2010 but was to apply retrospectively ie it would apply to sales prior to 1/12/10.

Preparing For A Personal Finance Disaster

We all prepare for natural disasters by packing an escape bag, putting away supplies and buying insurance. Natural disasters are just a part of the cycle of life. Just as we prepare for them we must also prepare for those times in our lives when disaster strikes our personal finances.

Personal Finances – Creating a Budget – Part 1

Your personal finances are the lifeblood of your bank account. This article will help you begin the process of getting financially in shape. Make sure you are in control of your money. Not the other way around with the lack of money controlling your life. Take control today of YOUR money!

Building Your Financial Foundation: A Guide for Young Professionals

Finishing up school and heading into the workforce is nerve-wracking enough as it is, so I wanted to put together a quick guide on the how to get your financial life in order. Not only will these steps help you to save money, build your savings account and get on solid financial ground, they can even provide you the buffer you need to get through life’s ‘surprising’ moments.

12 Pillars of Boglehead Wisdom

Living life as a boglehead can be a tough road if you don’t know the boglehead guiding principles. Use these 12 pillars of boglehead wisdom to help you today!

The Biggest Lie In Personal Finance Matters

I’m broke and I can’t afford to… (fill in the blank…save, add to my retirement, go on a vacation, and pay my bills). The truth of the matter is most people are only broke in the way that they spend money and the great news is that can be fixed. So stop complaining and let’s get started.

My Uncle Moto – Living a Simple Life

A visit from my Uncle Moto was a lesson in living a simple life. No cell phone, no car, no cable tv and no debt! How can you simplify your life to save money?

How To Set Financial Goals – Part 1

They say the best things in life are free. I say that sometimes you have to work hard for what you really want. Many people are content to float through life, taking the path of least resistance. Others are out there cutting trails and making paths and going after what they want with incredible energy and focus. Sometimes there is no other way to accomplish your goals than to go for it with everything you’ve got. This is especially true when it comes to getting out of debt and securing your financial future. It will require patience, perseverance and knowledge. But, it can be done.

How to Set Financial Goals – Part 2

If you have a plan with defined steps, a timeline, and deadlines to reach your end result-and you follow through on your plan-there is an excellent chance that you will succeed. On the other hand, without a real plan and with no measurable and scheduled deadlines, I can pretty much guarantee you that your dreams will remain just that and never materialize. Goals should be realistic, specific, measurable, and have a due date.

How to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud!

Many people find themselves victims of credit card fraud. Credit card fraud is on the rise due to bad economic conditions. Unfortunately, it costs consumers and credit card companies millions of dollars every year. Here are some ways to help to prevent credit card fraud.

Having A Hard Time Paying Your Bills? Find Out What You Can Do To Get Free Money Today

With the current economic slump, many people are in need of assistance to help with things such as paying the bills. Unfortunately this is becoming the norm as more and more people find themselves struggling financially. People are getting laid off. Those who find jobs are having a hard time finding ones that pay well enough to cover all their expenses.

Best Checking Account: How to Choose the Best Option

Checking accounts are generally simple financial products used for using and spending money. In some instances, they may be used as investment tools, although they offer generally lower rates than other vehicles, such as savings accounts and CDs.

Personal Finance Saving Money on Gas

Are soaring gasoline prices with no end in sight causing panic in your household budget? Today’s lifestyle requires most of use to have affordable, dependable transportation. We cannot control the cost of gasoline but we can do a few things to keep it from wrecking our personal finances.

2 Tips On How To Protect Yourself Against Inflation

In these economic times it is very important that you make the right investments to protect yourself against inflation. Lets face it, the Government has spent itself into a deep, dark hole. Not just on the Federal level, but on the State level as well.

How Do I Start Investing? A Quick Guide

“How do I start investing?” is one of the most common questions that new investors ask. They know having investments for a better future is a good idea but what they really want answered is “how do I start?”. Investing like anything else is a skill which has to be learned and the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to learn it.

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