Why Andy Tanner Sold His Bitcoin – [Rich Dad’s StockCast]

SMSF Administration Tasks and Activities

An SMSF is a way of saving for retirement and is best described as a DIY superfund as compared to its other superannuation counterparts. It means the trustee who manages and does the superfund administration also the recipient of the pay out upon retirement.

When Can You Retire?

Do you have enough money to retire? The media and financial experts keep pushing the idea that everyone needs at least $1 million to retire. For some people this may be fine but many others it may beyond reach. For still others it’s not enough if they live a high life style. Before you can decide when to retire you need to know how much money you need to retire. This article shows you how to determine how much money you need.

How To Save Money By Couponing

In order to answer the question, “How to save money by couponing”, it is important to look at the range of coupons out there and the variety of deals you can end up getting with them. More and more companies are producing a coupon for their customers in recent years which means there is even more chance than ever before to get a good deal.

Definition of IRS Bank Levy and What You Should Do First

This article is about IRS bank levy. The author gives definition of it and explains where you should start in order to achieve positive results.

Pay Cash or Finance a Car? That Is the Question!

When it comes to purchasing that shiny new car, you might be confused as to whether you should pay cash or finance it. With all the talk about personal finance these days, most people are either on one side of the fence or the other.

What Is the Edge of Internet Banking Over the Traditional Banking?

We have seen a lot of companies offering a variety of customer services ranging from personal up to but not limited to phone transaction. With the growth of commercialized internet and electronic transactions, a lot of companies are beginning to take advantage of this method to provide customer service. More and more industries around the world have decided to add one service option to accommodate their internet savvy customers and that is online service.

Americans, On the Whole, More Fiscally Responsible in Lean Times

The credit bureau TransUnion is reporting that only .06 percent of credit card borrowers were delinquent 90 days or more in the second quarter of this year. Experts at the credit bureau are also reporting that this is the lowest delinquency percentage in 17 years. This number is down 35% from last year’s figure.

How to Save Money on Utility Bills – Use Less Energy and Save More Money

Energy prices are only going to continue to go up and up. If you rely on fossil fuels in any way you will be interested in knowing how to save money on utility bills.

What You Need To Know About Personal Finance But Were Uncomfortable To Ask

Don’t Let Greed Get You: As several of us in Diaspora wake up to grossly underfunded retirement nest eggs, many of us will sadly fall victims to schemes that play on this venerability and further deplete already meager account balances. Some will be so desperate to make up for lost opportunities that they take big financial risks that will cause them to lose the little savings they have.

Opportunity Costs for Recent College Graduates

Coming out of college in the current economic climate is a scary situation. Even assuming recent grads are lucky enough to be able to hit the ground running with a steady job, there are a lot of other factors to consider in order to maximize one’s financial situation. There are many important questions to ask yourself.

How To Borrow Money Like The Rich

Learn how to borrow money like the rich. Here are some simple and easy steps you can take to learn how to borrow money like the rich do.

How to Learn to Save Money – Understanding How to Budget

Most of the really rich people in the world were not high achievers at school. A lot of them didn’t even go to school as such. They got stuck into the real world and did things their own way. So you can with money. You want to know how to learn to save money? Think outside the box.

Can the Downfall of Companies Like Goldman Sachs Hinder You?

Are you familiar of Goldman Sachs? It is the multibillion dollar business that took a huge dive down the stock market last year. Some say that this fall didn’t affect anything else, some say they did.

Potential Homebuyers Move Swiftly to Secure Mortgage Terms

On October 1st, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be tightening the rules by which loan servicers can extend loans. This means that both current and new borrowers will be subject to more rigorous application standards, moving some “safe” borrowers into the margins of “risky.”

Why Offshore Banking Is Advantageous

Offshore banking is worth looking into if you are looking to open an account that is located outside of the country of residence in which you are living. Offshore banks are completely legal and pose no threat to your finances. They also have several benefits not available from domestic financial institutions.

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