Why 2021 HAS to be your year – How To Get The Most Out Of 2021

5 Expensive Mistakes I Made Before Age 25

These money mistakes ended up costing me over $10,000. Although experience is priceless, it would have been nice to avoide these and have some extra money in my pocket.

Tri-Risk – The 3 Forms of Risk for Salaried People!

Tri? No, this is not some fancy jargon, but, just means tri as in three. This article will give you an insider’s perspective of the three major risks involved in personal financial planning for salaried professionals.

Rising Above Risk

The word risk evokes a negative connotation in almost everyone’s mind. In Personal finance the word Risk need not necessarily mean negative. What is risk? Risk is that part of our life that we are unsure about, which cannot be predicted accurately, an unknown or an undefined phenomenon.

Use Annuity Calculator to Improve Your Future Financial Condition

Read this article to know about the necessity of the annuity quotes for securing your future financial condition. This article will also let you know about the importance of the annuity calculator to enable you for selecting the best deal for your annuity schemes.

Mickey Mouse Checks to Brighten Up Your Life

All Disney characters are lovable. They are beautifully animated. They are amazing and attract people of all ages. Even adults love to watch Disney shows on TV and Disney movies. The most loved Disney character is Mickey Mouse and it has fans all around the world. They were created years ago and are the favorites of children of today. I am sure Mickey Mouse brings back a lot of pleasant memories of the past for many.

Disney Checks – The Favorite Checks for Men and Women

If you’re one of the many who is fond of checks and still paying your bills using checks then consider replacing the plain blue checks with Disney checks. Make the full use of your checks and add value to it.

Single Moms: Rip Off Tip Offs for Single Mom Savings

Single Mothers and everyone else are looking for ways to get ahead of the bill collectors. Scam artists are no exception. If we look in the newspaper, online, on television and even in the mailbox, we find that rip-offs are multiplying like bunnies these days. Being vigilant in protecting your finances is imperative for single mothers.

Short Sales Gaining Popularity

It wasn’t until the recent mortgage crisis that homeowner or lenders were very accepting of the short sale process. Traditionally thought of to be an equal to foreclosure, many homeowners never considered pursuing a short sale as an alternative. Having viewed the ultimate goal as keeping the home, many saw short sales as an equally negative outcome of mortgage debt.

How to Pay Yourself First When Your Income Does Not Seem Enough

The concept of paying yourself first seems to be a difficult one for many to grasp. This arises mainly from the fact that one is trying to wrap his head around the numbers. If your income is not sufficient to start with, you wonder how will paying yourself make a difference? For most, their mindset is that more money will solve their money problems. There will be enough to go round, and hopefully some left over to save some day. The idea that someday your income will be enough to meet your needs is a myth. That day will never come. You may notice that your income was not sufficient ten years ago if you have been working that long. It is not sufficient today and i can guarantee you it will not be sufficient ten years down the line. If you spend before saving, enough is a moving target which you will never catch up with. Your expenditure will always rise up to meet your income whenever you get a raise. Your tastes will go up as your income goes up.

Build Affordability in Your Spending Decision Process: Part 2 of 2

Affordability to buy a home means your ability to buy your home, with or without a mortgage, so that the total estimated costs do not compromise current and projected household budgets, plans and commitments. Be patient, rent until you can afford to buy. Then you will build a solid financial base and lower financial stress.

Why Personal Loans Offer Better Rates and Fees Than Most Quick Cash Advance Centers

When you find yourself in a position where you need money, you may find that getting a loan is the simplest option. The tough question is where to borrow and what type of loan should you get. There are a ton of avenues for consumers these days when you’re looking to borrow money, but not every loan offered is beneficial to you as a consumer, so it pays to do some research upfront to find out your options, qualifications and rates you might qualify for.

Get Annuity Rates by Different Companies Before Opting for One

There are different kinds of annuities and each one has different rates of interest. Hence get quotes from different companies for different kinds of annuities before opting for one.

Pros and Cons of Fixed Annuity

There are various kinds of investment programs that people choose. Investments in annuities are one of the popular ways of saving money for the future, particularly for life after retirement.

Proper Explanation About Annuities As an Income

An annuity can be considered as an alternative source of income after the retirement. It can impact the income you receive after retirement.

Insurance – A Helping Hand With Unforeseen Events

Human life is full of risk and uncertainty, which may involve various unforeseen events like physical injuries, threat to life, financial losses etc. Insurance gives you the confidence to deal with these unexpected situations and bear these emergency losses and expenses against a set of payments called insurance premiums.

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