When Money Destroys Nations – Capitalist Manifesto – Robert Kiyosaki, Phillip Haslam

Stash Some Cash

Every day, Monday through Friday, after we had our lunch, I would put $23.00 in an envelope. At the end of the week, I had $115.00! I’m no mathematician but I quickly figured out that that was $460.00 a month! That’s $5,520.00 a year. That’s a vacation fund, a new used car, a credit card pay off and so on. Could you find a place to put $5,520.00?

How to Effectively Market a Garage Sale

Garage sales are getting more and more popular these days. There are several sales in the same neighborhoods on most occasions. Some neighborhoods even do a community garage sale where there is one big sale for the whole neighborhood. Here are some tips that will help you stand out from the crowd!

Saving: Choices, Not Sacrifice

Do you have a hard time saving? If you do, you are not alone. Most Americans struggle to save. In fact, until the financial collapse that bottomed in 2008, the national savings rate of the average American family was exactly zero percent.

Best 6 Tips to Save Money On Your Perfect Summer Season Cruise

Planning to reach the high seas this summertime? This is actually the best time to start off planning. Considering the national economy being stronger, a lot of the bargain rates cruise lines have been presenting are likely to dry up. Act by sticking to these popular 6 ways for you to save money on your summer cruise.

Basic Investing – Do You Need Help?

A friend of mine recently approached me and proudly announced, “Jesse, I’ve decided you are right. My teacher agrees with what you said. I should start investing. I went to my bank and sat down with the investment advisor. She said I could get started with Fidelity and only pay five percent in fees. What do you think?”

Get Out of Debt Now – Stop Your Impulse Spending!

Do you find yourself constantly in debt? Perhaps you have never curbed the habit of impulse spending. Here’s an article that may help you find ways to deal with debts caused by excessive spending.

How To Save Cash On Eating Out

Do you know how much you save on eating out every month? Chances are, you’re spending quite a fortune, like most people do. Here are some reminders that can save you some cash on eating out.

ChexSystems Report – What It Means to You and Your Options

Learn what your ChexSystems Report listing means, how long it will last and your options around it. You are not condemned to a life of cash or paying expensive check cashing fees and purchasing money orders, you do have options.

Are You Eligible For Equity Release?

For individuals aged between fifty and sixty, the financial providers have detailed plans and eligible criteria for each type of equity issue so that you can go through these schemes and plan for yourselves and anyone else as well for that matter. Here we shall only give you the information with regard to the benefits that come along with such plans.

So, You Want To Do Better With Money, But Where Do You Start?

Has the conversation finally occurred? You know the one: “we have got to get our finances under control!” “This time, I’m serious.” Hopefully, you have finally agreed to begin your journey toward getting your finances under control.

Keeping Your Money Safe

No matter where you bank, scammers are trying to take advantage of every opportunity to take our money. A recent wave of fraud is hitting small bank customers and credit union customers. Stealing from a bank vault was an early stage of this crime but criminals nowadays are making a big business out of stealing digital money. Stealing from bank accounts or credit card records, which is more trouble for you, the consumer. This doesn’t mean that your banking institutions are not safe, they are, this just means that we should be diligent in keeping our money safe.

Which Factors Determine the Profitability and Liquidity of Banks?

A commercial bank is a business entity that deals in banking with a view to make profits. Every commercial bank aims to make profits in such a way that it does not compromise on its objective of liquidity, which is vital for its own security and safety.

How to Land a Job in a Recession

Here are some tips on how to land a job during a recession for all you new graduates! If you put in your time and work hard, you will land that job you want!

Financial Pain

A visit to the dentist ignited thoughts of financial pain. Experiencing oral pain is correlated to being in debt and not able to pay bills. Many Americans have experienced lost of jobs, homes, and quality of life as a result of the current global recession. Stretching a dollar is difficult when you have a family, a mortgage, car payments and bills to pay. Minimizing debts and maintaining an average quality life can be difficult in these economic times. Much emotional attachment is connected to jobs, homes, and cars. When unable to meet financial obligations it becomes financial torture. Learn how I correlate a dentist visit to financial pain.

Where to Find Great Paycheck Stub Templates

Paycheck stub sample templates are available in a variety of formats from several online sources. From the do-it-yourself user to those looking to simply click-and-print, this article will help you navigate through the myriad of choices currently available.

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